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March 5 - 7, 2014

March 7 - Getting ready for the 2014-2015 season in Duluth / Superior -  Bob Hom
IMG_8628.jpg (67428 bytes)
The Alder breaking very heavy ice in the Superior Front Channel.
IMG_8647.jpg (79441 bytes)
Breaking ice up to five-feet thick.
IMG_8652.jpg (114124 bytes)
The Heritage Marine crew getting ready to go.
IMG_8651.jpg (102452 bytes)
Four-feet of ice next to the Nels J.

Historical Perspective - D.C. Everest - Dave Benedet
1973-Goderich.jpg (172956 bytes) 1971-April-Thunder-Bay.jpg (101638 bytes) 1970-Green-Bay.jpg (227765 bytes) 1970-Menominee-Unloading.jpg (106135 bytes) 1970-Green-Bay-unloading.jpg (167028 bytes)
1970-Aug.-Milwaukee.jpg (270739 bytes) 1970-Marathon.jpg (207097 bytes) 1970-Aug.Thunder-Bay.jpg (99176 bytes) 1952-Oct-15-Kingston-(3).jpg (292713 bytes) 1952-Oct.15-Kingston(1).jpg (272997 bytes)
1952-Oct-15-Kingston-(2).jpg (230152 bytes) 1952-Oct-15-Kingston-(4).jpg (348213 bytes)      

March 6 - Algocanada reaches the Soo - Bonnie Barnes
1.Algocanada-south-of-six-mile-pt.3.5.2014.blb.jpg (62927 bytes)
Algocanada south of Six Mile Point
2.USCGC-Katmai-Bay-leading-the-tanker.Sugar.jpg (96498 bytes)
Katmai Bay approaching Sugar Island ferry crossing.
3.Katmai-Bay-breaking-through-to-Sugar-Island-Ferry.jpg (111327 bytes)
USCGC Katmai Bay breaking through the ice at the Sugar Island ferry crossing. (80786 bytes)
Ice from paths cut by Katmai Bay flow into Sugar Island ferry path.
5.Algocanada-approaching-Sugar-Island-ferry.jpg (106045 bytes)
Algocanada approaching Sugar Island ferry path
6.Algocanada-enter-Soo-Harbor-headed-for-Purvis-dock,.jpg (52957 bytes)
Algocanada entering Soo Harbor.  The Katmai Bay had spent time opening a path to the dock in Soo Ontario.
7.Algocanada-moving-to-dock,-sun-setting,3.5.2014.blb.jpg (59931 bytes)
Algocanada moving in along the Purvis (Marine Ltd.) dock to unload fuel oil. End of a very long week on the river.
algocanada-bb.jpg (86568 bytes)
close up
Power-Station.jpg (159041 bytes)
Waiting at Alford park by the power station.

USCG helicopter from Coast Guard Air Station Traverse City recovered from Washington Island, Wis.
615088_271768586323147_1628464146_o.jpg (71692 bytes) 1962543_271768589656480_936378275_o.jpg (129722 bytes) 1617589_271764936323512_1291028024_o.jpg (166155 bytes) uschhelcopterwisl.jpg (104504 bytes) 1965618_271765036323502_1134380691_o.jpg (134311 bytes)
1800045_271764999656839_1288052322_o.jpg (126620 bytes) 1278867_271768699656469_988650369_o.jpg (108799 bytes) 1801287_271764932990179_347013615_o.jpg (132675 bytes) 1836959_271768716323134_1656194062_o.jpg (108886 bytes) 894766_271768732989799_1001144009_o.jpg (89495 bytes)
1900644_271764929656846_1903296429_o.jpg (119628 bytes) 1799914_271768629656476_673031498_o.jpg (113866 bytes) 1888873_271768639656475_761144520_o.jpg (147569 bytes) 1781095_271768662989806_313063687_o.jpg (166371 bytes)  

March 5 - Winter Lay-up at Bayship Building
Sorry Bay Shipbuilding did not approve these images and we were forced to remove them.        

Recent Goderich and Owen Sound pictures - Shane R.
1920435_602560493161750_1624960178_n.jpg (54854 bytes) 1912113_602560526495080_2066242432_n.jpg (144089 bytes) 1899902_602560456495087_1361928695_n.jpg (55792 bytes) IMG_5503.jpg (39646 bytes) IMG_5505.jpg (32122 bytes)

U.S. Coast Guard at work
1178921.jpg (84080 bytes)
Crew members assigned to Coast Guard Cutter Bristol Bay assist a dog they found stranded on the ice of Lake St. Clair, March 4. The crew transported the dog to the ship and hoisted it aboard, where it was provided food and first aid before being transferred to an area animal shelter for further care.
1178923.jpg (121336 bytes)
The owners were located after local media picked up the news story.
1178748.jpg (83152 bytes)
A Dolphin helicopter from Coast Guard Air Station Traverse City sits on the snow-packed shore of Washington Island, Wis. as preparations are made to recover the aircraft, March 3, 2014. The crew of the helicopter made an emergency landing safely on Washington Island Sunday morning after experiencing flight control malfunctions shortly after takeoff.
1178768.jpg (104123 bytes)
The helicopter arrives at Northport Pier in Door County, Wis. on a flatbed trailer following a brief ferry transit from Washington Island.

Historical Perspective - SM Douglas - Peter Glazier
SM-Douglas-pg-(2).jpg (46634 bytes)
The Douglas operated in the Thousand Islands region during the 50-60's.
SM-Douglas-pg.jpg (67298 bytes)
Later she was sunk as a breakwater for the Brockville Yacht Club in the 70's.

Historical Perspective - D.C. Everest - Dave Benedet
Original and builders photos as well as one of the original crew. Captain was George Matheson of Marathon and Chief Engineer was James Fowler also of Marathon. Both stayed with the vessel for most of its career. James Fowler retired in 1972 or 3 and Captain Matheson Died on board in the Fall of 1976. This vessel was the last original sized canal vessel mostly unaltered, currently being scrapped at Port Colborne.
DCE-8.jpg (132585 bytes) DCE-7.jpg (98317 bytes) DCE-9.jpg (106327 bytes) DCE-10.jpg (90574 bytes) DCE-11.jpg (139687 bytes)
DCE-12.jpg (126698 bytes) DCE-13.jpg (143804 bytes) DCE-14.jpg (138246 bytes) DCE-15.jpg (103959 bytes) DCE-16.jpg (136887 bytes)
DCE-17.jpg (172182 bytes) DCE-19.jpg (174415 bytes) DCE-20.jpg (148390 bytes) DCE-21.jpg (138272 bytes)  


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