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March  10 - 11, 2014

March 11 - Sturgeon Bay shipyard - Mitch Custer
James R. Barker out of the dry dock and Edgar B. Speer in.
Barker-Moving-3-8-14---2-12-(2).jpg (69315 bytes) Barker-3-9-14-backing-into-new-slip-1.jpg (84936 bytes) Barker-3-9-14-backing-into-new-slip-2.jpg (94929 bytes) Barker-3-9-14-backing-into-new-slip-3.jpg (112997 bytes) Speer-going-in-6.jpg (94772 bytes)
Barker-Moving-3-8-14-23-(2).jpg (99746 bytes)        

Historical Perspective - Dave Benedet
D. C. Everest - 1978-1989
My thanks to the people who gave me some of these photos: Jim Charleton, Gene Onchelenco and others I cannot remember.
1978-Nov.Dry-Dock(4).jpg (302272 bytes) 1978-Nov.Dry-Dock(5).jpg (229331 bytes) 1980-Thunder-Bay.jpg (111379 bytes) 1981-Jan.Toronto.jpg (117846 bytes) 1981-July(1).jpg (95538 bytes)
1981-July(2).jpg (86356 bytes) 1981-July(3).jpg (91883 bytes) 1981-May.Toronto.jpg (101303 bytes) 1986-Jan.Toronto.jpg (87997 bytes) 1987-Funnel-Logo.jpg (74379 bytes)
1988-January,Hamilton.jpg (101966 bytes) 1988-June-,Hamilton.jpg (77681 bytes) 1988-Sept,Hamilton.jpg (78002 bytes) 1989-March,-Hamilton.jpg (71432 bytes)  

March 10 - Algocanada departs the Soo -
Bonnie Barnes
1.Algocanada-S.-of-6-mile-point.3.8.2014.blb.jpg (68795 bytes)
Algocanada passing Six Mile, St. Marys River.  
2.Algocanada-passing-Ironmaster.3.8.2014.blb.jpg (57929 bytes)
 Set to pass ice bound barge Ironmaster.
3.Sugar-Island-ferry-trying-to-get-through-ice-to.jpg (112094 bytes)
  Sugar Island ferry trying to get through ice and approach the Island landing.
4.USCGC-Neah-Bay-approaching-Sugar-Island-ferry.jpg (97464 bytes)
Neah Bay passing Rotary Park.
5.USCGC-Neah-Bay-by-SI-ferry.3.8.2014.blb.jpg (106130 bytes)
 Neah Bay entering Sugar Island ferry crossing, ferry in background.
6.Ice-around-SI-Ferry.3.8.2014.blb.jpg (92704 bytes)
Ice around the ferry.

Welland Canal Port Colborne March 7 - John M.
1-bcwb-3-7-14-jm.jpg (141430 bytes)
Trillium Class Baie Comeau and Whitefish Bay being painted
2-bc-3-7-14-jm.jpg (106855 bytes)
Shore side crane positions painter on far side of boat
3-wb-3-7-14-jm.jpg (85724 bytes)
New paint line
4-wb-3-7-14-jm.jpg (114395 bytes)

Milwaukee Winter Lay-up - Lou Gerard
DSC_0507.jpg (94988 bytes)
Burns Harbor and Indiana Harbor fitting out at Jones Island in Milwaukee.
DSC_0518.jpg (105867 bytes)
Stern view of the Burns and Indiana Harbor at Jones Island.
DSC_0530.jpg (116039 bytes)
Roger Blough fitting out at the Heavy Lift Dock.
DSC_0540.jpg (104947 bytes)
G tug Arkansas and Roger Blough at Jones Island.
DSC_0547.jpg (95219 bytes)
 Lafarge Integrity and Innovation at the Jones Island Terminal.

Ships anchored of Sorel-Tracy on Thursday - René Beauchamp
(6)-Sorel-Tracy-6-mars-2014-René-B.-(2).jpg (98203 bytes) (4)-Sorel-Tracy-6-mars-2014-René-B..jpg (71452 bytes) (5)-Sorel-Tracy-6-mars-2014-René-B.-(1).jpg (118388 bytes) Catherine-Legardeur-(Sorel-Tracy-6-mars-2014)-René-B.jpg (119701 bytes) (1)-Alamosborg-6-mars-2014-Sorel-Tracy-René-B.jpg (101090 bytes)
(3)-Vectis-Isle-(Sorel-Tracy-6-mars-2014)-René-B.jpg (90469 bytes) (2)-Federal-Hudson-(Sorel-Tracy-6-mars-2014).jpg (129187 bytes)      

Historical Perspective - Marc Dease
Algosoo undergoing repairs at the Welland dock after her unloading conveyor belt fire March 7, 1986.
1-algosoo-04-86-a-md.jpg (111894 bytes)
Bow shot at the dock.
2-algosoo-4-86-b-md.jpg (129185 bytes)
 Stern shot of damage.
3-algosoo-04-86-c-md.jpg (75161 bytes)
Renamed "Algosoot"

Historical Perspective - Dave Benedet
D. C. Everest - 1973 to 1978
1972-Marathon.jpg (97202 bytes) 1972-Thunder-Bay.jpg (109756 bytes) 1973-April,Thunder-bay.jpg (101389 bytes) 1973-Manitowoc.jpg (148624 bytes) 1973-June-Marathon.jpg (90571 bytes)
1973-Funnel-Logo.jpg (72339 bytes) 1977-Calcite(3).jpg (96675 bytes) 1977-Calcite(1).jpg (103680 bytes) 1977-Calcite(2).jpg (93839 bytes) 1977-Marathon-Unloading-Stone.jpg (101280 bytes)
1977-St.Clair-River.jpg (138272 bytes) 1977-Nov.-Green-Bay.jpg (87878 bytes) 1977-Lake-Superior(2).jpg (77896 bytes) 1977-Lake-Superior(1).jpg (82218 bytes) 1977-Lake-Superior(3).jpg (77032 bytes)
1977-Thanksgiving-Dinner-Crew-Side.jpg (142243 bytes) 1977-Thanksgiving-Dinner-Officers.jpg (153961 bytes) 1978-Feb.-Thunder-Bay.jpg (64551 bytes) 1978-April-Marathon.jpg (92666 bytes) 1978-July-Cornwall.jpg (93641 bytes)
1978-Green-Bay(1).jpg (76282 bytes) 1978-Green-Bay(3).jpg (61022 bytes) 1978-Green-Bay(2).jpg (88280 bytes) 1978-Menominee.jpg (100006 bytes) 1978-Aug.Thunder-Bay-Laid-Up.jpg (113233 bytes)
1978-Nov.Dry-Dock(3).jpg (77437 bytes) 1978-Nov.Dry-Dock(2).jpg (109806 bytes) 1978-Nov.Dry-Dock(1).jpg (76664 bytes)    


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