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March 12, 2014

Sturgeon Bay breakout - Mitch Custer
Mackinkaw-in-SB-7.jpg (108328 bytes)
Mackinaw came to Sturgeon Bay Tuesday.
Mackinkaw-in-SB-8.jpg (92883 bytes)
Along with the Mobile Bay, the cutters broke ice out into Sturgeon Bay so that the lay-up fleet at the ship yard can turn around before going out the shipping canal.
Mackinaw-passing_.jpg (84744 bytes) Mackinkaw-in-SB-12.jpg (120163 bytes) Mackinkaw-in-SB-13.jpg (76936 bytes)
Mackinkaw-in-SB-19.jpg (50799 bytes) Mackinkaw-in-SB-14.jpg (78672 bytes)
Mobile Bay
Mackinkaw-in-SB-17.jpg (54649 bytes) icebreaking.jpg (121912 bytes)
Ice breaking path as seen on AIS.

Roger Blough departs Milwaukee - Steve Bauer
1-Slvk-3-10-14-sb.jpg (211589 bytes)
The tug Steven Selvick gets in position to assist the Roger Blough out to Lake Michigan for the start of its 2014 season.
2-Blgh-3-10-14-sb.jpg (96055 bytes)
A crew member watches over the port side as they get ready to bring in the lines.
3-Blgh-3-10-14-sb.jpg (121664 bytes)
Slowly moving away from the Heavy Lift Dock with the help of the Steven Selvick and the bow thruster.
4-Blgh-3-10-14-sb.jpg (141196 bytes)
Away from the dock, backing out into the channel with little resistance from the ice.
5-Blgh-3-10-14-sb.jpg (141394 bytes)
Taking the bend by National Avenue with the help of the Steven Selvick.
6-Blgh-3-10-14-sb.jpg (105605 bytes)
Steven Selvick pulling on the stern approaching the 794 bridge. Both crews were happy to see so much open water on the river.
7-Blgh-3-10-14-sb.jpg (117229 bytes)
Backing under the I-794 bridge.
8-Blgh-3-10-14-sb.jpg (85152 bytes)
Passing the Milwaukee pier and harbor lights, almost to the lake.  Next stop Escanaba.  Let the season begin, and safe travels to all who work the lakes.

Historical Perspectives - Mackinaw icebreaking off Chicago on March 11, 1962 by photographer Ralph Arvidson, Chicago Sun Times. Matt Miner Collection
01-DPierce-3-11-62-MM.jpg (240342 bytes)
Breaking along side the Daniel Pierce to relieve ice pressure binding the tanker.
02-DPierce-3-11-62-MM.jpg (212246 bytes) 03-DPierce-3-11-62-MM.jpg (209899 bytes)
The Daniel Pierce is icebound about six miles out from shore. Some of the ice floes were two to three feet thick.
04-DPierce-3-11-62-MM.jpg (218385 bytes) 05-DPierce-3-11-62-MM.jpg (180591 bytes)
William Geiger watches as ice floes reform in the path of the Pierce. Due to the tanker being unable to keep pace with the icebreaker which must maintain a certain pace to plow through the ice.
06-DPierce-3-11-62-MM.jpg (199295 bytes)
Wash from Mackinaw churns up ice to clear path for the Daniel Pierce.
07-DPierce-3-11-62-MM.jpg (285729 bytes) 08-DPierce-3-11-62-MM.jpg (197303 bytes) 09-DPierce-3-11-62-MM.jpg (220683 bytes)
Commander Harry Kosky, executive officer of the Mackinaw, waves farewell to the Sinclair tanker Daniel Pierce as the tanker is just a few feet from free water in Calumet Harbor. Icebreaker Mackinaw is on it's way back to icebound ships still in the lake.
10-Woodbine-3-11-62-MM.jpg (242969 bytes)
Coast Guard ice cutter Woodbine moves out of the way. The Mackinaw moves in to attempt to free the icebound tankers Edward G. Seubert and Chicago Socony.
11-Suebert-3-11-62-MM.jpg (165736 bytes)
Mackinaw crew members looking over icy surface between the icebreaker and the two stuck tankers. They were betting they could walk over to one of the boats but there were no takers. Note car on deck of Mackinaw to the right.

Historical Perspective - D.C. Everest 1992 - Present - This is the final photo history of the D.C. Everest - Dave Benedet
1992-Toronto(1).jpg (88131 bytes) 1992-Toronto(2).jpg (104817 bytes) 1996-(2).jpg (70416 bytes) 1996-(4).jpg (93155 bytes) 1996-Vallyfield(1).jpg (220439 bytes)
1996-Valleyfield(3).jpg (106445 bytes) 1996-Valleyfield(2).jpg (101865 bytes) 1996-(3).jpg (67638 bytes) 1996-Engine-Room.jpg (511815 bytes) 1992-Toronto(3).jpg (374457 bytes)
1996-Engine-Room-Pumps.jpg (482742 bytes) 2006-1.jpg (61332 bytes) 2007-July-Scrapyard.jpg (65155 bytes)    


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