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March 17- 20, 2014

March 20 - Ice Breaking at the Soo Wednesday - David Kaye
1-mackinaw-3-19-14-dk.jpg (62024 bytes)
 USCG Mackinaw breaking out Soo Harbor.
2-mackinaw-3-19-14-dk.jpg (60658 bytes) 3-mackinaw-3-19-14-dk.jpg (92126 bytes)
Poe Lock approach
4-mackinaw-3-19-14-dk.jpg (67353 bytes) 5-mackinaw-3-19-14-dk.jpg (76886 bytes)
6-katmaibay-3-19-14-dk.jpg (67955 bytes)
USCG Katmai Bay
7-katmaibay-3-19-14-dk.jpg (57267 bytes)      


Detroit River
- Ted Hanifan
greatlakestrader3-19-14-(2).jpg (144471 bytes)
Joyce L. Van Enkevort upbound at Belle Isle.
greatlakestrader3-19-14-(1).jpg (99918 bytes)
Heading for Escanaba.
alpena3-19-14-(1).jpg (139219 bytes)
Alpena heading for her name sake port.
alpena3-19-14-(2).jpg (136050 bytes)  

Lifeboat and ramp removed on Baie Comeau - Nathan Attard
baircomeau3-19-14.jpg (125124 bytes)
Port Colborne Tuesday the ramp removed from Baie Comeau.
baircomeau3-19-14-(2).jpg (154099 bytes)      

Moving the Barker in Sturgeon Bay
- Zak LaCrosse
1-steward_j_cort-3-9-14-zl.jpg (104130 bytes)
Tugs Manitou, Mary Page Hannah, and Jimmy L moving the Stewart J. Cort and bringing in the James R. Barker in Sturgeon Bay on March 9.
2-steward_j_cort-3-9-14-zl.jpg (66262 bytes) 3-mary_page_hannah-3-9-14-zl.jpg (206886 bytes) 4-manitou_and_mary_page_hannah-3-9-14-zl.jpg (220991 bytes) 5-mary_page_hannah-3-9-14-zl.jpg (177691 bytes)
6-jimmy_l_tugging_mary_page_hannah-3-9-14-zl.jpg (95238 bytes) 7-manitou_and_jimmy_l_and_james_j_barker-3-9-14-zl.jpg (127151 bytes) 8-mary_page_hannah_and_jimmy_l_and_james_j_barker-3-9-14-zl.jpg (130172 bytes) 9-mary_page_hannah-3-9-14-zl.jpg (143128 bytes) 10-mary_page_hannah-3-9-14-zl.jpg (121465 bytes)

March 17 - Wilfred Sykes departs Sturgeon Bay - Mitch Custer
Sykes-leaving-the-ShipYard.jpg (176627 bytes) Sykes-with-ship-yard-in-background.jpg (117832 bytes) Sykes-entering-the-shipping-canal.jpg (82905 bytes) Sykes-entering-the-Oregon-Maple-st-bridge.jpg (116742 bytes) Sykes-entering-the-Michigan-Bridge-SB.jpg (107127 bytes)

USCG Mackinaw crew practicing night rescues
1188092.jpg (159254 bytes)
Flares fired
1188093.jpg (64659 bytes) 1188094.jpg (98259 bytes)    

Detroit River - Mike Koprowicz
1-alpena-03-15-14-mk.jpg.jpg (66453 bytes)
Steamer Alpena gracefully steams along past the lower end of Grassy Island at 4:40 p.m. on her first trip of the 2014 season.
2-alpena-03-15-14-mk.jpg.jpg (54917 bytes)
A warm sunset greeted the oldest active steamer on the Great Lakes as she made her way upbound for Alpena Michigan.
3-alpena-03-15-14-mk.jpg.jpg (115836 bytes)
Photos from Bishop Park, Wyandotte, Mich.

Grounded cargo vessel John 1
- Vernon Munden
Vernon's-iphone-5_IMG_0711.jpg (63384 bytes)
South Coast of Newfoundland. Rose Blanche, NL
Vernon's-iphone-5_IMG_0713.jpg (138250 bytes)
Coast Guard Helicopter hovering over stern of ship.
Vernon's-iphone-5_IMG_0710.jpg (30900 bytes)
Hercules aircraft flying over.

Sturgeon Bay, Wis. - Tom Borkovetz
IMG_0940.jpg (65980 bytes) IMG_0941.jpg (51477 bytes)      

Historical Perspective - D.C. Everest - Engine room views from 1970 -  Dave Benedet
 DC Everest meeting her end at IMS Port Colborne February - Ted Wilush
2-D.C.Everest-Scrapping-2-23-2014-TW.jpg (125749 bytes) 1-D.C.Everest-Scrapping-2-23-2014-TW.jpg (120254 bytes) Upper-Deck-Stbd-100kw-Generator.jpg (125275 bytes) Upper-Engine-Rm.Looking-to-port.jpg (128405 bytes) Upper-Engine-Rm.Port-Generator.jpg (116749 bytes)
Upper-Engine-Rm.Looking-Aft.jpg (102824 bytes) Upper-Engine-Rm.Looking-Fwd..jpg (102599 bytes) Upper-Engine-Rm.Looking-to-Port-Fwd..jpg (101310 bytes) Upper-Deck-Stbd.looking-fwd..jpg (107960 bytes) Upper-Engine-Rm.Looking-to-Stbd-Aft.jpg (115039 bytes)
Steering-Gear-Room.jpg (127708 bytes) Main-Deck-Casing-looking-Fwd..jpg (85754 bytes) Upper-Deck-Engine-Cylinder-Heads.jpg (137679 bytes) Upper-Deck-Engine-50kw-Generator.jpg (155089 bytes) Upper-Deck-Switchboard.jpg (136699 bytes)
Lower-Deck--Back-end-of-Engine.jpg (129244 bytes) Lower-Deck--Telegraph.jpg (134940 bytes) Lower-Deck--Stbd.Side-Engine.jpg (92613 bytes) Lower-Deck-Port-looking-Aft.jpg (106601 bytes) Lower-Deck-looking-Stbd-Fwd..jpg (112124 bytes)
Lower-Deck--Engine-Controls.jpg (138899 bytes) Lower-Deck--Port-Side-Engine.jpg (119589 bytes) Lower-Deck-looking-Port-Side-Controls.jpg (112275 bytes) Lower-Deck-looking-Port-Side-Fwd..jpg (130051 bytes) Lower-Deck-Port-looking-Fwd..jpg (117263 bytes)


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