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March 22 - 27, 2014

3/27 - Sturgeon Bay departures - Mitch Custer
Anderson-coming-down-past-Shipyard.jpg (129878 bytes) Anderson-Turning_.jpg (40996 bytes) Cort-Turning.jpg (53925 bytes) Cort-at-Oregon-St-Bridge.jpg (80522 bytes) Cort-at-Mich-St-Bridge.jpg (70348 bytes)
CG-Biscayn-Bay.jpg (97270 bytes) CG-Biscayn-Bay-at-Mich-Bridge.jpg (96956 bytes) Paul-T-Turning-2.jpg (37655 bytes) Paul-T-Turning.jpg (46056 bytes) Paul-T-at-Canal-with-Mary-Page.jpg (67504 bytes)
Paul-T-at-Canal-with-Mary-Page-2.jpg (78771 bytes) Paul-T-headed-for-Bay-View-Bridge-2.jpg (38959 bytes) Paul-T-at-Mich-Bridge.jpg (93172 bytes) Paul-T-headed-for-Bay-View-Bridge.jpg (81754 bytes) Paul-T-at-Canal-and-Light-House.jpg (176613 bytes)
Paul-T-leaving-Sturgeon-Bay.jpg (69168 bytes) Paul-T-leaving-Sturgeon-Bay-2.jpg (104321 bytes)      

Heritage Marine tugs moving the John G. Munson from the shipyard in Superior,Wis. Tuesday
- Bob Hom
heritage3-25-14--(2).jpg (100650 bytes)
The Nels J towing the Munson
heritage3-25-14--(3).jpg (138972 bytes)
Helen H clearing ice between the Munson and the Nels J
heritage3-25-14--(1).jpg (289056 bytes)
Nels J pushing on the bow of the Munson 

3/26 - Ice breaker opens St Lawrence River - Ron Beaupre
1-pierre-25-03-14-rb.jpg (72422 bytes)
Canadian Coast Guard Ship Pierre Radisson above Canada Island.
2-pierre-25-03-14-rb.jpg (120584 bytes)
Passing Mariatown.
3-pierre-25-03-14-rb.jpg (139218 bytes)
Entering Iroquois Lock.
4-pierre-25-03-14-rb.jpg (150339 bytes)
Heading for Lake Ontario.

USCG Mackinaw, Katmai Bay and Morrow Bay arrive Duluth - Christian Dalbec photography
uscgarrives3-24-14.jpg (99160 bytes)
The icebreakers will are in port to escort a convoy of freighters downbound through the ice to the Soo.

Great Republic's new paint job in Great Lakes Fleet red at Fraser Shipyard - Stephen Grima
greatrepublic3-24-14-sg.jpg (83322 bytes)        

Arthur M. Anderson departing winter lay-up - Jake and Heather Heffernan
1Anderson_JH_3-23-14.jpg (416353 bytes) 3Anderson3-23-14.jpg (131568 bytes) 5Anderson3-24-14.jpg (56023 bytes) 4Anderson3-23-14.jpg (68521 bytes) 6Anderson3-23-14.jpg (117331 bytes)
7Anderson3-23-14.jpg (94619 bytes) 8Anderson3-23-14.jpg (96276 bytes)      

Alpena, Mich. - Ben & Chanda McClain
ManAlIn-3-21-14-BCM-00.jpg (88293 bytes) ManAlIn-3-21-14-BCM-01.jpg (61858 bytes) ManAlIn-3-21-14-BCM-03.jpg (62599 bytes) ManAlIn-3-21-14-BCM-04.jpg (55947 bytes) ManAlIn-3-21-14-BCM-05.jpg (110501 bytes)
ManAlIn-3-21-14-BCM-06.jpg (108348 bytes) ManAlIn-3-21-14-BCM-07.jpg (147022 bytes) ManAlIn-3-21-14-BCM-02.jpg (65558 bytes)    

Alpena downbound under the Blue Water Bridge March 22 - Capt. John Rigney
1-Alpena-3-22-14-JR.jpg (105433 bytes)        

Whitefish bay now void of the free fall life boat and ramp in Port Colborne Nathan Attard
whitefishbay3-21-14-(1).jpg (202461 bytes) whitefishbay3-21-14-(2).jpg (278410 bytes) baiecomeau3-21-14.jpg (113278 bytes)    

Montreal lay-up on Monday - Michel Saint-Denis
01-Algosoo-20140324msd.jpg (92882 bytes)
02-Algolake-20140324msd.jpg (87406 bytes)
03-Algolake-20140324msd.jpg (161777 bytes) 04-AlgomaMontrealais-20140324msd.jpg (101295 bytes)
Algoma Montrealais
05-AlgomaMontrealais-20140324msd.jpg (88197 bytes)
06-LouisJolliet-20140324msd.jpg (91536 bytes)
Algoma Guardian
07-AlgomaGuardian-20140324msd.jpg (101658 bytes)
Algoma Guardian
08-VMS-Hercules-20140324msd.jpg (102747 bytes)
VMS Hercules

Pictures from the Mackinaw's trek across Lake Superior
Mackinaw-Track-vs-LCA-charted-tracklines.jpg (155765 bytes) Untitled-2.jpg (62654 bytes) Untitled-3.jpg (59853 bytes) Untitled-4.jpg (75845 bytes) Untitled-5.jpg (62415 bytes)
Untitled-6.jpg (54942 bytes)
Plate ice 2 feet thick.

3/22 - Foggy Start to breaking out the upper river at the Soo
- David Kaye
1-mackinaw-3-21-14-dk.jpg (34365 bytes)
USCG Mackinaw in the Poe lock for the first time this year.
2-mackinaw-21-14-dk.jpg (64573 bytes)
Mackinaw off the West Pier.
3-mackinaw-3-21-14-dk.jpg (84761 bytes) 4-morrobay-3-21-14-dk.jpg (67130 bytes)
USCG Morro Bay off the West Pier.
5-morrobay-3-21-14-dk.jpg (54424 bytes)

Tug Helen H. worked Thursday to break ice in the slip where the Presque Isle wintered - Duluth Seaway Port Authority
DSC_2283x.jpg (153697 bytes)
The break out is in anticipation of her weekend departure from the Port of Duluth-Superior

USCG breaks out the Soo Locks - Debbie Jelen and USCG
uscgbreakout-(3).jpg (161486 bytes)
The crew of Coast Guard Cutter Mackinaw maneuvers through ice on the St. Marys River near the Soo Locks in Sault Ste. Marie, Mich., March 20
uscgbreakout-(18).jpg (70335 bytes)
Katmai Bay powers through the ice-covered St. Marys River
uscgbreakout-(2).jpg (146973 bytes) uscgbreakout-(17).jpg (101138 bytes) uscgbreakout-(16).jpg (101359 bytes)
uscgbreakout-(15).jpg (150175 bytes) uscgbreakout-(14).jpg (148642 bytes) uscgbreakout-(13).jpg (449392 bytes) uscgbreakout-(4).jpg (69219 bytes) uscgbreakout-(12).jpg (150045 bytes)
uscgbreakout-(11).jpg (89594 bytes) uscgbreakout-(6).jpg (75840 bytes) uscgbreakout-(9).jpg (144067 bytes) uscgbreakout-(8).jpg (76429 bytes) uscgbreakout-(7).jpg (70965 bytes)
uscgbreakout-(10).jpg (248674 bytes) uscgbreakout-(5).jpg (72761 bytes) uscgbreakout-(1).jpg (62187 bytes)    


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