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March 29 - 31, 2014

3/31 - Welland Canal Sunday - Brian W.
1-Welland-Canal-3-30-14-BRW.jpg (104229 bytes)
Algoma Equinox waiting on the wall above Lock 8 while the tug Seahound can be seen tied up in the distance to the right & flushing ice with her prop.
2-Welland-Canal-3-30-14-BRW.jpg (100832 bytes)
The massive bow of the Equinox seems to be of a newer design than any other lakeboat in use at this time with a rounded flare that steps out above the anchor pockets to the vertical combing of the foc'sle. 
3-Welland-Canal-3-30-14-BRW.jpg (95792 bytes)
The aft superstructure block looks like an office building rising from her stern & she retains the inclined life raft system that was recently removed from the Whitefish Bay & Baie Comeau.
4-Welland-Canal-3-30-14-BRW.jpg (103002 bytes)
The Baie Comeau has winded in the canal and is ready to depart upbound from the West tie up wall above Lock 8. Ice breaker assistance in the immediate Lake Erie area was unavailable at the time.
5-Welland-Canal-3-30-14-BRW.jpg (68886 bytes)
Although brand new herself, the bow is the older style seen on CSL ships going back to the 1970's. After assisting some tankers at Nanticoke the Risley & Radison will come back to escort her out.
6-Welland-Canal-3-30-14-BRW.jpg (98157 bytes)
New features of the stern superstructure, including the high visibility pilothouse glass arrangement & jib cranes, give her a different look from other lakers back aft.

Ice breaker to the lakes - Ron Beaupre
1-des-30-03-14-rb.jpg (82626 bytes)
The Canadian Coast Guard ice breaker Des Groseillier passing Mariatown. 
2-des-30-03-14-rb.jpg (102703 bytes)
Her engines provide 13,600 SHP. 
3-des-30-03-14-rb.jpg (91431 bytes)
The Des Groseillier meets the CCGS Griffon near Loyalist Park. 
4-des-30-03-14-rb.jpg (91264 bytes)
The two ships exchanged master's salutes. 

Straits of Mackinac
- Bonnie Barnes
2.Old-Mackinac-Lighthouse.3.28.2014.blb.jpg (152234 bytes)
 Old Mackinac Point lighthouse
3.retired-USCGC-Mackinaw.3.28.2014.jpg (222250 bytes)
Retired USCGC Mackinaw docked at Mackinaw City
4.East-ice-track-from-Mackinac-bridge.3.28.2014.blb.jpg (141227 bytes)
 Ice track looking East from Mackinac Bridge, between Mackinac Island and Round Island. Stewart J. Cort can be seen in the distance waiting for transit up the St. Marys River.
1.west-ice-track-from-Mackinac-Bridge.3.28.2014.blb.jpg (57897 bytes)
Ice track looking West from Mackinac Bridge, St. Helena Island on right

3/30 - CCGS Griffon and the Stephen B Roman breaking a track to Picton
- Paul Papps
1-Griffon-3-29-14-pp.jpg (152603 bytes)
Griffon breaking track near Cole Point on Bay of Quinte.

2-Griffon-3-29-14-pp.jpg (280311 bytes)
crossing ferry track at Glenora.
3-Griffon-3-29-14-pp.jpg (101186 bytes)
Griffon heading towards Essroc Cement Plant at Picton.
Griffon-breaking-track-along-Adolphus-Reach.jpg (109338 bytes)
Glenora Ferry Quinte Loyalist approaching Adolphustown terminal.
5-Ont-Explorer-3-29-14-pp.jpg (144809 bytes)
 Fisheries research vessel Ontario Explorer at Glenora.
 6-S-Roman-3-29-14-pp.jpg (107925 bytes)
Stephen B Roman following track cut by the Griffon.
7-S-Roman-3-29-14-pp.jpg (83493 bytes)
Stephen B Roman heading towards Essroc Plant.
4-Q-Loyalist-3-29-14-pp.jpg (158911 bytes) 8-Ice-Rescue-3-29-14-pp.jpg (97675 bytes)
After the CCGS Griffon and the Stephen B Roman passed up the Bay of Quinte from the Upper Gap, a team of ice rescuers practiced techniques in the open water near the Sandhurst Generating Station.
9-Ice-Rescue-3-29-14-pp.jpg (91067 bytes)
Ice rescuer takes the plunge.
10-Ice-Rescue-3-29-14-pp.jpg (95777 bytes)
practicing techniques for retrieval from water.

USCG Cutter Adler moving the  Morro Bay to the DECC Dock in Duluth Friday evening
- Darryl Stewart
 AdlerMorroBay-3-28-14-DS.jpg.jpg (71314 bytes)
Her rudder was damaged while breaking out Thunder Bay

Toledo -
Bob Vincent
 2-HLeeWhite-3-29-14-bv.jpg (92605 bytes)
H Lee White, first coal boat for CSX 2014  loading season
1-HLeeWhite-3-29-1bv.jpg (104487 bytes)
Another view
3-Pighole-3-29-14-bv.jpg (129301 bytes)
Coal cars at the pig hole

3/29 - Welland Canal opening
- Barry Andersen
Algoma-Quebecois-at-IMS-yard-awaits-scrapping.jpg (119138 bytes)
Algoma Quebecois - taken at IMS yard
Whitefish-Bay-astern-of-Baie-Comeau-above-L8.jpg (99212 bytes)
Whitefish Bay tied up at winter berth with fresh paint on hull stern lifeboat removed
Whitefish-Bay-preparing-for-2014-season.jpg (98828 bytes) Baie-Comeau-with-Whitefish-Bay-astern-above-L8.jpg (76703 bytes)
Baie Comeau
 Baie-Comeau-without-lifeboat-and-frame.jpg (113757 bytes)
 tied up at winter berth with fresh paint on hull stern lifeboat removed
John-D.-Leitch-as-winter-work-nears-completion-(2).jpg (145966 bytes)
John D. Leitch - on W12 with winter work being completed
pierreradisson3-27-14s.jpg (114443 bytes)
CCGS Pierre Radisson - pours on power above Lock 7 in ice
pierreradisson3-27-14.jpg (122578 bytes)
CCGS Pierre Radisson - approaches Port Robinson with minimal ice
Algoma-Equinox-at-Lock-3-Welland-Canal.jpg (114121 bytes) Dignitaries-at-Canal-opening.jpg (121696 bytes)
dignitaries at opening of Welland Canal pose for a photo with winds gusting
  Algoma-Equinox-departs-L3-to-open-2014-shipping-season.jpg (114115 bytes)
Algoma Equinox clears lock 3 headed for Thunder Bay
Algoma-Equinox-headed-for-L4-after-canal-opening-2014.jpg (64195 bytes)
Algoma Equinox approaching bridge 5 after opening Canal

Opening day at the Welland Canal for 2014 - Bill Bird
1-FlagsAlgomaEquinox-03-28-14-bb.jpg (83582 bytes)
Colourful flags alongside the first ship Algoma Equinox
2-AlgomaEquinox-03-28-14-a-bb.jpg (112466 bytes)
Raised in Lock 3 awaiting official opening
3-Openingofficials-03-28-14-bb.jpg (108599 bytes)
Company and Seaway officials for the opening include Brian Benko, vp ArcelorMittal Dofasco, Terence F Bowles, president and CEO of  St. Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation, Algoma Equinox Chief Engineer Francois Tremblay, Algoma Equinox Captain Ross Armstrong, Betty Sutton, Administrator, St. Lawrence Seaway Seaway Development Corporation, Greg Wight, President & CEO Algoma Central Corporation.
4-Captain-Ross-Armstrong,-Chief.jpg (82621 bytes)
Captain Ross Armstrong and CE Francois Tremblay
5-AlgomaEquinox03-28-14-b-bb.jpg (66303 bytes)
Algoma Equinox clear of Lock 3
6-AlgomaEquinox-03-28-14-c-bb.jpg (61527 bytes)
another view
7-AlgomaEquinoxflags-03-28-14-bb.jpg (36955 bytes)
heading into a stiff breeze
8-AlgomaEquinoxbridge-03-28-14-bb.jpg (76394 bytes)
bow thruster on as she arrives at Glendale Ave bridge
9-AlgomaEquinox-03-28-14-d-bb.jpg (87922 bytes)
Algoma Equinox headed to Port Colborne for a few days because of ice conditions before resuming her trip to Thunder Bay and a cargo of grain.

Welland Canal opening - John van der Doe
Opening-58-th-season-of-the-Welland-Canal-28032014-(4).jpg (143916 bytes) Opening-58-th-season-of-the-Welland-Canal-28032014-(13).jpg (58523 bytes) Opening-58-th-season-of-the-Welland-Canal-28032014-(18).jpg (145814 bytes) Opening-58-th-season-of-the-Welland-Canal-28032014-(20).jpg (100280 bytes)  

Opening ceremony of the St. Lawrence Seaway at the Welland Canal - Kevin Richard Hotte
seawayopening3-27-14-(3).jpg (93798 bytes)
 (Left to right) Brian Benko, VP of ArcelorMittal Dofasco, Terence Bowles, CEO of St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation, Algoma Chief Engineer Francois Tremblay, Algoma Captain Ross Armstrong, Betty Sutton, Administrator of the Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation and Greg Wight, CEO of Algoma Central Corporation.
seawayopening3-27-14-(2).jpg (76532 bytes) seawayopening3-27-14-(4).jpg (78718 bytes)
(left to right)  Brian Benko, VP of ArcelorMittal Dofasco, Terence Bowles, CEO of St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation, Betty Sutton, Administrator of the Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation and Greg Wight, CEO of Algoma Central Corporation.
seawayopening3-27-14-(5).jpg (80498 bytes) seawayopening3-27-14-(6).jpg (100414 bytes)

Ice breaking at the Soo March 20 - Steve Welch
soo3-20-14-(1).jpg (96953 bytes) soo3-20-14-(5).jpg (115399 bytes) soo3-20-14-(2).jpg (68740 bytes) soo3-20-14-(3).jpg (63378 bytes) soo3-20-14-(4).jpg (79585 bytes)

Ice conditions on Lake Superior
satice3-27-14.jpg (128577 bytes)        


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