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April 1 - 2, 2014


4/2 -
Escanaba - Brian Wagoner
josephlblock4-1-14bw.jpg (168529 bytes)
Joseph L. Block
sykes4-14-bw (4).jpg (178994 bytes)
Wilfred Sykes and Erika Kobasic
sykes4-14-bw (3).jpg (139478 bytes) sykes4-14-bw (2).jpg (132975 bytes) sykes4-14-bw (1).jpg (160832 bytes)
sykes4-14-bw (5).jpg (132082 bytes) greatlakestrader-4-1-14bw.jpg (284245 bytes)
Great Lakes Trader

Spring on Lake Erie -
Paul Beesley
1-prad-3-28-14-pb.jpg (97158 bytes)
CCGS Pierre Radisson assisting the Algoeast as the latter worked her way toward Nanticoke.
2-prad-3-28-14-pb.jpg (91232 bytes)
The Radisson speeds by in fairly heavy ice conditions.  The Captain requires good nerves and a good wheelsman to do this.
3-east-3-29-14-pb.jpg (69336 bytes)
Next day saw the Algoeast back into the terminal at Nanticoke. 
4-mait-3-30-14-pb.jpg (90129 bytes)
The Grand River in south Ontario requires a breakout each spring to prevent flooding further up river.  As we worked our way into the mouth of the river this crowd watched from the breakwater.
5-mait-3-30-14-pb.jpg (95230 bytes)
 A view of the unbroken ice in the Grand River at Port Maitland.
6-mait-3-30-14-pb.jpg (86150 bytes)
 Spud barge and the John Spence frozen into the river in Port Maitland.
7-mait-3-30-14-pb.jpg (130144 bytes)
Port Maitland's fish tug fleet waits for spring.
8-mait-3-30-14-pb.jpg (145119 bytes)
Small floating drydock.
9-mait-3-30-14-pb.jpg (97537 bytes)
View of the river after the initial icebreaking pass.
10-ris-3-31-14-pb.jpg (102635 bytes)
In Nanticoke it was necessary to move the self-propelled work barge from its chocks to the after deck.  This gives you a good idea of the ice at the dock on the last day of March.

Charlotte Theresa sailing up the Seaway -
Ron Beaupre
1-theresa-01-04-2014-rb.jpg (100464 bytes)
The first commercial vessel to make the trip this season.

Pierre Radisson in Goderich -
Robert Jeffrey
1-PRadison-1-4-14-rj.jpg (76579 bytes)
Radisson arriving to break ice alongside Algowood on North Harbor slip.
2-PRadisson-1-4-14-rj.jpg (205055 bytes)
Radisson stops short of entering main channel.
3-PRadisson1-4-14-rj.jpg (173937 bytes)
Radisson departing Goderich

Pierre Radisson passing Sarnia -
Dave Frawley
129.jpg (162048 bytes)        

Ice convoy on Lake Superior -
USCG Mackinaw
mack1.jpg (36085 bytes)
Mackinaw escorting of the Cason J. Callaway and the John G. Munson early Monday morning just south of Michipicoten Island in eastern Lake Superior.
mack2.jpg (70819 bytes)
Mackinaw washes ice and relieves pressure along the starboard side of the Cason J. Callaway, allowing them to continue making forward progress.
mack3.jpg (45835 bytes)
Ice conditions still prove challenging in Eastern Lake Superior, where shifting wind creates pressure ridges and rubble fields. Mackinaw navigated the two vessels 9 NM this day through these conditions.
mack4.jpg (19446 bytes)
The John G. Munson (left) waits behind the Cason J. Callaway as Mackinaw preps tracks through the challenging ice conditions. Progress was slow today, as Mackinaw prepped tracks and moved the two vessels approximately 1 NM at a time.
mack5.jpg (46862 bytes)
Mackinaw begins the escort of the John G. Munson just after sunrise on Sunday morning.
mark6.jpg (58587 bytes)
After initially escorting the John G. Munson approximately 30 NM, Mackinaw arrives on scene with the Cason J. Callaway to help free them after sitting two nights in the ice fields of Lake Superior.
mack7.jpg (69529 bytes)
John G. Muson falls in behind the Cason J. Callaway as Mackinaw continues escorting the two vessels from Northern Lake Superior to the Sault Locks.
mack8.jpg (79830 bytes)
Ice thicknesses East of Welcome Island were measured at 18-24 with 6-12 of snow cover.
mack9.jpg (73758 bytes)
Mackinaw passes Welcome Island while breaking the initial track into Thunder bay Harbor
mack10.jpg (74492 bytes)
Breaking the initial track  to the Southern entrance of the Port of Thunder bay.
mack11.jpg (145801 bytes)
Ice inside the harbor was measured to be as thick as 40 with an additional 12 of snow cover.
mack12.jpg (136354 bytes)
Mackinaw was able to make it approx. 140 yards from the Canadian Coast Guard base while remaining in good water.
mack13.jpg (86328 bytes)
A pack of four Wolves ventures across the track Mackinaw cut just outside the break wall of Thunder Bay Harbor.
mack14.jpg (59613 bytes)
Mackinaw works to free the beset Cason J Callaway while transiting Lake Superior towards Whitefish Bay in the early morning hours of 27 March.
mack16.jpg (108476 bytes)
mack20.jpg (98286 bytes) mack21.jpg (157253 bytes)
 Here are the typical conditions experienced in Eastern Lake Superior. Conditions quickly shift from open pools to level plate ice, to large windrows and pressure ridges.

4/1 - Seaway opening Monday -
Rene Beauchamp
Martha-L.-Black-(CSC-31-3-2014)-Rene-B-(2).jpg (118277 bytes)
Martha L. Black escorting.
Martha-L.-Black-(CSC-31-3-2014)-Rene-B-(1).jpg (120107 bytes) Charlotte-Theresa-Cote-Ste-Catherine-31-3-2014)-R.jpg (98267 bytes)
Charlotte Theresa
Charlotte-Theresa-(CSC-31-3-2014)-Rene-B-(2).jpg (99588 bytes) Charlotte-Theresa-(CSC-31-3-2014)-Rene-B-(3).jpg (102628 bytes)
Charlotte-Theresa-(CSC-31-3-2014)-Rene-B-(4).jpg (108498 bytes) Charlotte-Theresa-(CSC-31-3-2014)-Rene-B-(1).jpg (111092 bytes) Charlotte-Theresa-(CSC-31-3-2014)-Rene-B-(5).jpg (127316 bytes)
Charlotte Theresa was escorted all the way from the St. Lambert Lock to the lower Beauharnois Lock.
Harbour-Feature-(Cote-Ste-Catherine-31-3-2014)-Ren.jpg (110062 bytes)
Harbour Feature

Seaway opener - Murray Blancher
1-Frontenac-31-03-14-mb.jpg (132530 bytes)
Frontenac First ship of the season down at Crossover Island.
2-Whitefish-Bay-&-Crossover-Island-31-03-bm.jpg (110605 bytes)
Whitefish Bay down at Crossover.

Pierre Radisson upbound Detroit River at Belle Isle Monday morning - Ted Hanifan
Pierre-Radisson3-31-14-th-(1).jpg (66742 bytes) Pierre-Radisson3-31-14-th-(4).jpg (209792 bytes) Pierre-Radisson3-31-14-th-(3).jpg (92164 bytes) Pierre-Radisson3-31-14-th-(2).jpg (79152 bytes)  

CCGS Pierre Radisson Upbound in St. Clair River on Monday - Don Detloff
1-radisson-31mar14-djd.jpg (88982 bytes)
 Pierre Radisson at Algonac
2-radisson-31mar14-djd.jpg (112862 bytes)
passing at Algonac
3-radisson-31mar14-djd.jpg (72215 bytes)
At Marine City
4-radisson-31mar14-djd.jpg (95334 bytes)
At St. Clair
5-radisson-31mar14-djd.jpg (107531 bytes)
Pierre Radisson arriving at Sarnia

Des Groseillier upbound above Lock 8 Welland Canal Monday - Nathan Attard
des-groseilliers-3-31-14-na-b.jpg (105527 bytes) des-groseilliers-3-31-14-na.jpg (77134 bytes)      

Federal Saguenay on the Western Schelde River on its way to the Port of Antwerp Sunday - Chris Rombouts
Federal-Saguenay-30-3-14-cr1.jpg (109992 bytes) Federal-Saguenay-30-3-14-cr2.jpg (103189 bytes) Federal-Saguenay-30-3-14-cr3.jpg (91196 bytes) Federal-Saguenay-30-3-14-cr4.jpg (108887 bytes)  

Edwin H Gott headed East about 5 miles from DeTour following the USCG Biscayne Bay  - Bonnie Barnes
1Edwin-H.-Gott-heading-East-to-DeTour.3.31.14blb.jpg (78305 bytes)        

USCG Alder assists the Damaged Morro Bay into Duluth - D. Stewart
USCG_IceWarriors_3-28-14-ds.jpg (191686 bytes) DSCF0085.jpg (157625 bytes)      

Neah Bay Breaking ice old South Channel Harsens Island - Christine Kujawski
neahbay3-31-14-(1).jpg (76742 bytes) neahbay3-31-14-(2).jpg (279560 bytes)      


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