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April 3, 2014

Canadian Coast Guard Ship Pierre Radisson locks through the Soo Locks Wednesday - Michelle Hill - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Pierre-Radisson-usace-4-2-14-(1).jpg (98694 bytes)
Canadian Coast Guard Cutter Pierre Radisson leaves the Poe Lock on its way to Eastern Lake Superior.
Pierre-Radisson-usace-4-2-14-(2).jpg (119230 bytes)
Radisson will assist the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Mackinaw currently escorting the Cason J. Calloway and John G. Munson through towards the locks. The convoy left Two Harbors, Minnesota on March 26th.

Pierre Radisson near Rotary Island Wednesday - Debbie Jelen
pierre-Radisson4-2-14-dj-(1).jpg (89984 bytes) pierre-Radisson4-2-14-dj-(2).jpg (90679 bytes) pierre-Radisson4-2-14-dj-(3).jpg (116759 bytes)    

Sturgeon Bay - Mitch Custer
Edgar-Speer-Approching-the-Bay-View-Bridge.jpg (65953 bytes)
Edgar Speer left Sturgeon Bay Wednesday evening and the CSL Niagara was headed back in.
Edgar-Speer-at-Mich-St-Bridge.jpg (118404 bytes) Edgar-Speer-passing-Oregon-St-Bridge.jpg (57196 bytes) Edgar-Speer-up-close.jpg (49471 bytes) Mary-Page-Tug.jpg (84882 bytes)
The CSL Niagara left Sturgeon Bay Wednesday with the help of the tugs Susan L and Mary Page. The Edward Speer was still waiting to leave as it sat in the Bay.
Niagra-Backing-Out.jpg (69177 bytes) Niagra-Headed-Out.jpg (72644 bytes) Niagra-Passing-Mich-Bridge.jpg (95502 bytes) Niagra-with-Speer-in-Background.jpg (77202 bytes) Speer-Niagra-and-Susan-L.jpg (73697 bytes)
Niagra-with-Speer.jpg (83565 bytes) Speer.jpg (82128 bytes) Susan-L-Tug.jpg (129824 bytes)    

Arthur M. Anderson upbound on the Detroit River at Belle Isle Wednesday - Ted Hanifan
Arthur-M.-Anderson-4-2-14th-(3).jpg (212309 bytes)
 With an unusual load, Ore loaded at Zug Island for Gary In.
Arthur-M.-Anderson-4-2-14th-(2).jpg (179264 bytes) Arthur-M.-Anderson-4-2-14th-(1).jpg (210558 bytes)    

Sam Laud heading upbound into Lake Huron Wednesday at Port Huron, Mich. - Mark Edwards
2-Sam-Laud-4-2-14-me.jpg (119181 bytes)
Sam Laud heading upbound into Lake Huron near Port Huron, Mich.
1-Sam-Laud-4-2-14-me.jpg (142135 bytes)
Stern view.

Coast Guard Cutter Pierre Radisson - Marc Dease
1-PIERRE-3-31-14-A-MD.jpg (128612 bytes)
CCGC Pierre Radisson at the elevator in Sarnia.
2-PIERRE-4-1-14-B-MD.jpg (102685 bytes)
Bow view.

Lake Erie ice breaking - Dave Johnson - Erie Media photos
Whitefish-Bay,-CCGS-Pierre-Radisson-and-John-D.-Leitch.jpg (117508 bytes) Whitefish-Bay-and-CCGS-Pierre-Radisson-.jpg (102443 bytes) CCGS-Pierre-Radisson.jpg (116255 bytes) CCGS-Pierre-Radisson-.jpg (109158 bytes) CCGS-Pierre-Radisson-2.jpg (92044 bytes)
CCGS-Pierre-Radisson-3.jpg (97490 bytes) Whitefish-Bay-and-John-D.-Leitch.jpg (121118 bytes) Whitefish-Bay.jpg (91912 bytes) CCGS-Pierre-Radisson-at-Welland-Canal-entrance-Port-Colborne.jpg (1165843 bytes) CCGS-Des-Groseilliers.jpg (100871 bytes)
Algoma-Equinox.jpg (112859 bytes) park.jpg (53996 bytes)      

Sarnia and St Clair River - March 26 - Paul Beesley
1-sarnia-3-26-14-pb.jpg (76978 bytes)
Three Algoma bows waiting for season opening.
2-sarnia-3-26-14-pb.jpg (165608 bytes)
Another view.
3-ris-3-26-14-pb.jpg (98810 bytes)
CCGS Samuel Risley crane in action with Algoway in background.
4-sarnia-3-26-14-pb.jpg (56713 bytes)
Two ships in the north slip.
5-ris-3-26-14-pb.jpg (71190 bytes)
Miranda Davit to launch and recover FRC (fast rescue craft)
6-ris-3-26-14-pb.jpg (83233 bytes)
Buoys ready for placing.  First, though, the ice must go.
7-gott-3-26-14-pb.jpg (52143 bytes)
Edwin H Gott in southern Lake Huron on her way to a long wait at Detour.
8-holly-3-26-14-pb.jpg (72198 bytes)
USCGC Hollyhock at her base in Port Huron.
9-sarnia-3-26-14-pb.jpg (57614 bytes)
Algoma Layup fleet.
10-sarnia-3-26-14-pb.jpg (58213 bytes)
 North slip with CSL, Algoma and LLT ships.

Federal Weser in Mosjoen, Norway -  Wout Dekker, Master Bitland
Federal-Weser4-2-14.jpg (98061 bytes)        


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