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April 4 - 6, 2014

4/6 - St. Marys River Saturday - Lynn & Bill Hauptmann
Icebreaker--Ships--Barge1.jpg (124510 bytes)
Cason J. Callaway, John G. Munson, Pierre Radisson, Algocanada between Six and Nine Mile on the St. Marys River on Saturday.
Icebreaker--Ships--Barge5.jpg (101060 bytes) Icebreaker--Ships--Barge3.jpg (137385 bytes) Icebreaker-Ships--Barge4.jpg (96294 bytes) Icebreaker---Ships--Barge2.jpg (119805 bytes)

Seaway - Murray Blancher
1-Sarah-Desgagnes-05-04-14-mb.jpg (67398 bytes)
Sarah Desgagnes up passing the Port of Johnstown
3-Isolda-05-04-14-mb.jpg (124641 bytes)
Isolda at Iroquois
2-Isolda-05-04-14-mb.jpg (132022 bytes) 4-Isolda-05-04-14-mb.jpg (122368 bytes)  

Canadian ice Breaker Pierre Radisson passing PML Barge Ironmaster St. Marys river. - Bonnie Barnes
1.Radisson-passing-Ironmaster.4.5.2010.blb.jpg (61362 bytes) 2.-Radisson-approaching-Calloway.4.5.2014.jpg (65923 bytes) 3.Algocanada-4.5.2014.blb.jpg (102267 bytes)    

4/5 - St. Marys River Friday - Graham Grattan
1-prad-4-4-14-gg.jpg.jpg (63201 bytes)
Pierre Radisson stopped above Pointe Louise.
2-prad-4-4-14gg.jpg.jpg (126091 bytes)
 Pierre Radisson waits while Mackinaw "loosens-up" the turn at Lt.#26.
3-mack-4-4-14-gg.jpg.jpg (57975 bytes)
Mackinaw widens the track.
4-cjcall-4-4-14-gg.jpg.jpg (29681 bytes)
Cason J. Callaway downbound.
5-jgmun-4-4-14-gg.jpg.jpg (31965 bytes)
John G. Munson downbound.

Sarnia & Detroit River Photos
- March 27 - Paul Beesley
1-sarnia-3-27-14-pb.jpg (45290 bytes)
Algoma Olympic at her winter berth in Sarnia at sunrise.
2-cuyah-3-27-14-pb.jpg (79659 bytes)
Cuyahoga in the North Slip with workers on board.
3-cuyah-3-27-14-pb.jpg (91478 bytes)
Some of the workers watch the breakout of the slip.
4-cuyah-3-27-14-pb.jpg (49481 bytes)
Cuyahoga's CP prop.
 5-sarnia-3-27-14-pb.jpg (84088 bytes)
Cuyahoga and Calumet rafted together.
6-sarnia-3-27-14-pb.jpg (63797 bytes)
Backing down to break the ice around the CSL Assiniboine and the Algosar.
7-sarnia-3-27-14-pb.jpg (81958 bytes)
Two totally different sterns.
8-sarnia-3-27-14-pb.jpg (64183 bytes)
View of the North Slip after the ice has been broken.
9-sarnia-3-27-14-pb.jpg (57305 bytes)
All four ships still at their layup berths.
10-stor-3-27-14-pb.jpg (58573 bytes)
Stormont pushing the dangerous goods barge from Windsor to Detroit.
11-lat-3-27-14-pb.jpg (48935 bytes)
Lee A Tregurtha and fleetmate at their layup berth.  This was March 27.

4/4 - Toledo
- Bob Vincent
1-AmerIntegity-4-3-14-bv.jpg (88705 bytes)
American Integrity loading at CSX
2-AmerIntegrity-4-3-14-bv.jpg (88543 bytes)
Another View
3-AmerIntegrity-4-3-14-bv.jpg (138498 bytes)
Bow view
4-AmerIntegrity-4-3-14-bv.jpg (94735 bytes)
American Integrity backing out
5-AmerIntegrity-4-3-14-bv.jpg (59960 bytes)
Getting ready to back into the channel
6-LJKuber-4-3-14-bv.jpg (86113 bytes)
Lewis J. Kuber at winter lay-up
7-Buffalo-4-3-14-bv.jpg (91066 bytes)
 Buffalo bow at winter lay-up

Ice convoy heads for the Soo Thursday - U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Traverse City
Pierre Radisson4-3-14-uscg6.jpg (55696 bytes) Pierre Radisson4-3-14-uscg5.jpg (63833 bytes) convoy4-3-14.jpg (42594 bytes) convoy4-3-142.jpg (55026 bytes) convoy4-3-14-3.jpg (61329 bytes)
Pierre Radisson4-3-14-uscg4.jpg (59475 bytes) Pierre Radisson4-3-14-uscg3.jpg (52635 bytes) Pierre Radisson4-3-14-uscg2.jpg (51187 bytes) callaway4-3-14.jpg (40833 bytes) mackinaw4-3-14-6.jpg (42266 bytes)
mackinaw4-3-14-4.jpg (45150 bytes) mackinaw4-3-14.jpg (60835 bytes) callaway4-3-14-2.jpg (50549 bytes) mackinaw4-3-14-5.jpg (67220 bytes) mackinaw4-3-14-3.jpg (63317 bytes)
mackinaw4-3-14-7.jpg (60967 bytes) mackinaw4-3-14-2.jpg (62843 bytes) Pierre Radisson4-3-14-uscg.jpg (62334 bytes)    

Duluth - Dale Stewart
1-PresqueIsle-4-3-14-ds.jpg.jpg (104550 bytes)
Presque Isle leaving Duluth a second time after repairs were made on her first venture of the year into the ice covered Lake Superior.
2-KBarker-4-3-14-ds.jpg-(1).jpg (97686 bytes)
Kaye Barker with Fraser Shipyard welders on her bow.


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