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April 7 - 8, 2014

4/8 - St Marys River Monday - Paul Beesley
1-cort-4-07-14-pb.jpg (28777 bytes)
As the sun makes its appearance over the river the Stewart J Cort rests quietly awaiting the day's action.
2-gott-4-07-14-pb.jpg (43570 bytes)
Edwin H Gott, second in line also waits.
3-convoy-4-07-14-pb.jpg (48509 bytes)
The last three ships in the convoy.  They were to move part way up the river later in the day.
4-blough-4-07-14-pb.jpg (51980 bytes)
 Roger Blough's unique self-unloading gear.
5-rad-4-07-14-pb.jpg (57732 bytes)
 CCGS Pierre Radisson.  Again.  So far this winter I have watched her break out two salties in the Gulf of St Lawrence, several Algoma tankers and the Samuel Risley on Lake Erie and now she's in the St Marys river.
6-blough-4-07-14-pb.jpg (49916 bytes)
Someone on the Blough has a favorite basketball team.
7-blough-4-07-14-pb.jpg (50046 bytes)
 The bow of the Blough as the Risley passed down her side to get her moving again.
8-blough-4-07-14-pb.jpg (44740 bytes)
Lots of HP to get her going.  The Blough is my favorite US Laker; there is something about her lines and squat appearance that I appreciate.
9-gott-4-07-14-pb.jpg (61402 bytes)
Edwin H Gott making the turn off Sailor's Encampment ranges at Johnson Pt. 
10-gott-4-07-14-pb.jpg (77611 bytes)
The Gott approaching 9-mile.
11-gott-4-07-14-pb.jpg (40407 bytes)
 Drifting to a halt for the night.  Ahead of her on the left are the Anglian Lady, Avenger IV and the PML barge that spent most of the winter stuck in the ice at 9-mile.

Moving the barge Ironmaster from the ice where it spent most of the winter - Bonnie Barnes
1.PML-tugs-Anglian-Lady-(left-at-bow)-and-Avenger-IV-work.jpg (78199 bytes)
PML tugs Anglican Lady (left, near bow) and Avenger IV work the ice around barge Ironmaster, that has been stuck in the ice since late January. 
2.Anglian-Lady-attached-to-tow-line.4.7.2014.blb.jpg (85537 bytes)
PML tug Anglican Lady attached to the barge Ironmaster
3.-USCGC-Mackinaw-backing-up-to-make-track-for-Anglian.jpg (68500 bytes)
USCGC Mackinaw helping widen a track in the ice
4.Roger-Blough-passing-by.4.7.2014.blb.jpg (74972 bytes)
Roger Blough
5.Pierre-Radisson.4.7.2014.blb.jpg (86845 bytes)
Canadian ice breaker Pierre Radisson
6.Anglian-Lady-working-hard-to-free-barge.jpg (70935 bytes)
PML tug Anglian Lady working hard to pull barge Ironmaster free from ice

Mail Boat J.W. Westcott II returned to the water Monday in Detroit - Capt. Sam Buchanan
westcott.jpg (392491 bytes)
24 hour service will return later this week from the Westcott Co. dock below the Ambassador Bridge in Detroit.

Thunder Bay upbound past Belle Isle in the Detroit River - Ted Hanifan
thunderbay4-7-14-(1).jpg (102397 bytes)
Loaded with salt from Windsor for Milwaukee.
thunderbay4-7-14-(2).jpg (82744 bytes)      

Tecumseh turns off Port Huron - Frank Frisk
Tecumseh4-7-14-ff-(1).jpg (288898 bytes)
She proceeded down from her position in lower Lake Huron at 9 a.m. to the Imperial Fuel docks prior to her trip upbound to Thunder Bay.
Tecumseh4-7-14-ff-(2).jpg (65087 bytes)
Photos taken directly in front of Great Lakes Maritime Center, Home Port of, as she was turning to dock at Imperial Fuel Docks.

Prescott Anchorage Sunday - Carl Burkett
PresAncAlgSpirit2.jpg (55079 bytes)
Three downbound lakers sat anchored and pointed upbound into the wind near Prescott, Ontario.
PresAncAlgSpirit11.jpg (80114 bytes)
Algoma Spirit
PresAncAlgGuard1.jpg (81833 bytes)
Algoma Guardian
PresAncBaieCom21.jpg (133021 bytes)
 Baie Comeau

Saltie Lubie at Redpath's in Toronto Monday - Dave Robinson
Saltie-Lubie-at-Redpath4-7-14-dr.jpg (266578 bytes)        

4/7 - St Marys River Sunday
- Paul Beesley
1-chart-4-06-14-pb.jpg (83332 bytes)
CCGS Samuel Risley was tasked to proceed to the St Mary's River and assist USCGC Mackinaw and CCGS Pierre Radisson to break out the river and escort ships in both directions.  As the Risley approached Detour she discovered new ice, not a good sign in April. 
2-beset-4-06-14-pb.jpg (128711 bytes)
Once around the corner she was greeted by 5 ships waiting to go upbound:  Edgar B Speer, Sam Laud, Stewart J Cort, Edwin H Gott and Roger Blough.
3.    The Risley came up astern of the ships.  First was the Speer.
3-speer-4-06-14-pb.jpg (113885 bytes)
4-speer-4-06-14-pb.jpg (123479 bytes)
Another view of the Speer.  The ice in this area was 4 feet thick in places with snow cover.  Tough sledding.
5-laud-4-06-14-pb.jpg (114171 bytes)
 Sam Laud was next in line.  They managed to keep open water astern to ensure their prop and rudder did not get frozen
6-laud-4-06-14-pb.jpg (134584 bytes)
Another view of the Laud.
7-cort-4-06-14-pb.jpg (104339 bytes)
 Good old #1, Stewart J Cort.
8-cort-4-06-14-pb.jpg (115564 bytes)
 The back half of what was once called Stubby.  The Risley made a separate track to port of the beset ships.  She proceeded upbound as far as Mud Lake Junction buoy.
9-rad-4-06-14-pb.jpg (117365 bytes)
Meanwhile the Radisson and Mackinaw were bringing down the Cason J Callaway and the John J Munson.  Here we see the Callaway following the Radisson.
10-callaw-4-06-14-pb.jpg (115608 bytes)
Callaway blows by at 6 knots.  The Mac was assisting the Munson which got stuck on a turn.
11-callaw-4-06-14-pb.jpg (87635 bytes)
Another view of the Callaway.  The Radisson took her to open water at Detour.
12-blough-4-06-14-pb.jpg (81794 bytes)
The Risley "ran the track" downbound to break up some of the heavier pieces and to widen the track.  The Mac got the Munson moving then went upbound to pick up the Algocanada.
13-blough-4-06-14-pb.jpg (114048 bytes)
The Risley continued to groom the track until the Algocanada arrived, then she took the Algocanada to open water.  All icebreakers shut down for the night.  Monday an attempt will be made to move the 5 upbounds and to continue improving the track.

Hamilton and Toronto Recent - John McCreery
1-Volgaborg-4-6-14-jm.jpg (79153 bytes)
Volgaborg off the Burlington piers April 14
2-Volgaborg-4-6-14-jm.jpg (78887 bytes)
Another view bound for the harbor anchorage
3-Latimer-Robertson-4-6-14-jm.jpg (100453 bytes)
Latimer entering the piers with Private Robertson following.
4-PrivateRobertson-4-6-14.jpg (172401 bytes)
Private Robertson V C under the bridges
5-Mississagi-3-21-14-jm.jpg (112958 bytes)
Mississagi still under wraps
6-AlgomaDiscovery-3-31-14-jm.jpg (61444 bytes)
Algoma Discovery departing to begin her season
7-Toronto-Ferries-3-14-14-jm.jpg (188422 bytes)
The Toronto Island ferries in winter layup.
8-Inglis-Rennie-McBride-3-14-14-jm.jpg (182080 bytes)
Left to right the Inglis, Rennie and McBride.
9-Trillium-3-14-14-jm.jpg (157029 bytes)
The Trillium at her winter berth.
10-Trillium-Jadran-3-14-14-jm.jpg (207457 bytes)
Trillium with the Jadran which still remains at her berth despite efforts to remove her.

CSL Niagara departs Sturgeon Bay Sunday - Mitch Custer
Niagara-at-the-Mich-Bridge.jpg (91429 bytes)
She had returned for unknown reasons on Saturday.
Niagara-at-the-Oregon-Maple-St-Bridge.jpg (62189 bytes) Niagara-at-the-Bay-View-Bridge.jpg (54659 bytes)    

Toledo - Bob Vincent
1-Nebraska-4-5-14-bv.jpg (136165 bytes)
Tug Nebraska going out to meet the Thunder Bay
2-ThunderBay-4-5-14-bv.jpg (59369 bytes)
Thunder Bay with tug Nebraska
3-ThunderBay-4-5-14-bv.jpg (70213 bytes)
Another view
4-ThunderBay-4-5-14-bv.jpg (87913 bytes)
Thunder Bay making the turn into Torco
5-ThunderBay-4-5-14-bv.jpg (82569 bytes)
Bow view
6-ThunderBay-4-5-14-bv.jpg (159672 bytes)
First ore boat for CSX Torco for the 2014 season
7-ThunderBay-4-5-14-bv.jpg (109369 bytes)
Another view unloading iron ore onto the Lay Pad
8-Manistee-4-5-14-bv.jpg (148515 bytes)
Manistee bow view at winter lay up
9-Manistee-4-5-14-bv.jpg (135773 bytes)
Another view
10-JamesLKuber-4-5-14-bv.jpg (126270 bytes)
James L. Kuber bow view
11-JamesLKuber-4-5-14-bv.jpg (163048 bytes)
Another view of  the James L. Kuber at winter lay up
12-Defiance-4-5-14-bv.jpg (279340 bytes)
Tug Defiance
13-Defiance-4-5-14-bv.jpg (157101 bytes)
Tug Defiance sitting in front of barge Ashtabula
14-Ashtabula-4-5-14-bv.jpg (76247 bytes)
Stern view of the barge Ashtabula

Buffalo by Air - Brian W.
06-marina.jpg (304639 bytes)
Inner harbor clear of ice but Erie Basin Marina is still iced in.
09-buf-lake-erie.jpg (346363 bytes)
City of Buffalo and the endless stretch of ice on Lake Erie.
10-elevators.jpg (330530 bytes)
Elevator district along the Buffalo River.
14-buf-east-end-of-lake-erie.jpg (269155 bytes)
This is our return leg heading NE. Overlooking the east end of Lake Erie with the mouth of the Niagara River and City of Buffalo in the background.


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