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April 9 - 10, 2014

4/10 - St Marys River Wednesday - Paul Beesley
1-mac-4-09-14-pb.jpg (80394 bytes)
Early in the Morning USCGC Mackinaw heads downriver to pick up the Edgar B Speer.
2-vc-4-09-14-pb.jpg (80188 bytes)
Museum ship Valley Camp in Soo, Michigan.
3-purv-4-09-14-pb.jpg (77045 bytes)
Part of the Purvis fleet in Soo, Ontario.  Anglian Lady, Avenger IV and Yankcanuck.
4-sug-4-09-14-pb.jpg (78102 bytes)
Sugar Islander II that connects mainland Michigan to Sugar Island.  It's a short ride, about 600 feet.
 5-mac-4-09-14-pb.jpg (63104 bytes)
In the afternoon the Mac heads up toward the locks and Lake Superior.  With her azimuthal drive and the power in her compact hull she is a good icebreaker.  She can leave a great track and can flush ice from the side of a ship, dock or track simply by turning a drive unit.
6-speer-4-09-14-pb.jpg (38762 bytes)
Behind the Mac was another 1000-footer, Edgar B Speer, also heading for Lake Superior.  This at 9-mile.
7-speer-4-09-14-pb.jpg (58537 bytes)
Superstructure on the Speer.  Part of the St Mary's river involves some very tight spaces with almost no water under the keel.  The Captains on the footers deserve much credit for getting it right trip after trip.
8-disc-4-09-14-pb.jpg (66147 bytes)
Algoma Discovery coming up the Sailor's Encampment ranges behind the Risley.
9-disc-4-09-14-pb.jpg (47132 bytes)
She is very light.
10-disc-4-09-14-pb.jpg (50048 bytes)
Before she came to Algoma she was the Daviken built in the former Yugoslavia.
 11-ent-4-09-14-pb.jpg (40325 bytes)
Last upbounder of the day, Algoma Enterprise. 
12-ent-4-09-14-pb.jpg (43606 bytes)
She made her way up unassisted, although the Risley stood by just in case!

J.W. Westcott Co. returns to service
DSC_0024.jpg (35381 bytes)
Mailboat J.W. Westcott II returned to service on Wednesday
DSC_0046.jpg (437543 bytes) DSC_0032.jpg (157216 bytes) DSC_0028.jpg (93836 bytes)
Backup mailboat Joseph J. Hogan
DSCN0156.jpg (188131 bytes)
DSC_0053.jpg (73150 bytes)
Capt. Sam Buchanan
DSC_0042.jpg (267909 bytes)
Capt. Ryan Gazdecki
DSCN0180.jpg (109879 bytes) DSCN0182.jpg (82107 bytes) DSCN0202.jpg (132326 bytes)
Port of Detroit
DSCN0242.jpg (140095 bytes)
At the dock below the Ambassador Bridge
DSCN0247.jpg (105517 bytes)
Bill Redding working the radio in the Dispatcher's Office.
DSCN0261.jpg (100753 bytes)
Lunch from Lafayette Coney Island
DSCN0269.jpg (195012 bytes)
With no traffic due the Westcott II goes back to the Gregory Boat Co. for an overnight repair.
DSCN0271.jpg (331587 bytes)
Paint scraped off by ice on this can buoy.
DSCN0279.jpg (200853 bytes) DSCN0294.jpg (235874 bytes) DSCN0313.jpg (120498 bytes) DSCN0307.jpg (121766 bytes) DSCN0303.jpg (258116 bytes)
Large rudder


4/9 - St. Marys River Tuesday
- Paul Beesley
1-cort-4-08-14-pb.jpg (106336 bytes)
Today was a Stewart J Cort type of day.  In this photo the Cort is trying to make the turn onto Sailor's Encampment ranges.
2-cort-4-08-14-pb.jpg (141826 bytes)
She was not able to make the turn due to the brash in the track, so CCGS Samuel Risley went down past her to loosen up the ice.
3-cort-4-08-14-pb.jpg (113153 bytes)
As you can see the Cort was able to back up, but the problem is with the stern.
4-cort-4-08-14-pb.jpg (134385 bytes)
At the stern is her self-unloading gear, the door of which was open as the Risley went by.
5-cort-4-08-14-pb.jpg (125167 bytes)
The Cort is trying to turn to starboard (right) but with her stern against the ice edge she cannot do it.  When a ship turns the stern moves over instead of the bow, opposite to a car.  With this much ice the stern can't move over so the ship can't turn.
6-cort-4-08-14-pb.jpg (144569 bytes)
A little farther upriver the ice continued to thwart progress so both the Risley and USCGC Mackinaw assisted her.  The Mac is attempting to make a space for the Cort's bow to fall into.
7-cort-4-08-14-pb.jpg (133928 bytes)
The Cort waits while the Risley moves in to break ice on the port quarter so the Cort's stern has somewhere to go when she turns.
8-cort-4-08-14-pb.jpg (109890 bytes)
The top half of the Mackinaw as she works the starboard side of the Cort.  Fortunately the channel is wide here.
9-cort-4-08-14-pb.jpg (177319 bytes)
The Mackinaw turns onto the Stribling Pt ranges with the Cort unable to make the turn.
10-cort-4-08-14-pb.jpg (144722 bytes)
As the Mackinaw worked the bow of the Cort the Risley moved along her starboard side.  This maneuver proved successful this time; as ice conditions and location change various maneuvers must be used to keep ships moving.

Johnson Point - Graham Grattan
1-sjcort-4-8-14-gg.jpg.jpg (64532 bytes)
 Mackinaw is close alongside Stewart J. Cort at Johnson Point.
2-sjcmac-4-6-14-gg.jpg.jpg (78826 bytes)
Samuel Risley can be seen in the distance. She has been "working" the Winter Point turn.
3-sjcmac-4-8-14-gg.jpg.jpg (63915 bytes)
At Johnson Point the ships pass very close to Neebish Island.
4-sjcmac-4-8-14-gg.jpg.jpg (104343 bytes)
Mackinaw is flushing the ice alongside Cort.
5-mac-4-8-14-gg.jpg.jpg (89813 bytes)
Mackinaw passes close ahead of Cort.
6-sjcort-4-8-14-gg.jpg.jpg (110280 bytes)
Stewart J. Cort comes ahead on her.
7-sjcmac-4-8-14-gg.jpg.jpg (74902 bytes)
Cort is stopped and Mackinaw is backing down towards her.
8-mac-4-8-14-gg.jpg.jpg (94708 bytes)
Mackinaw moves ahead quickly.

Canadian Coast Guard Ship Pierre Radisson leads the Roger Blough at the Soo - Detroit District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
soo4-8-14.jpg (90150 bytes)
The Blough was the first upbound freighter of the 2014 season.

Recent Soo traffic - David Kaye
1-bloughgott-4-8-14-dk.jpg (89698 bytes)
Roger Blough and Edwin H. Gott waiting to pass through the Poe lock.
2-ewingott-4-8-14-dk.jpg (110854 bytes)
Edwin H. Gott.
3-rogerblough-4-8-14-dk.jpg (66510 bytes)
Roger Blough.
4-edwingott-4-8-14-dk.jpg (119992 bytes)
Edwin H Gott at the Carbide dock.
5-pierrerad-4-8-14-dk.jpg (89339 bytes)
Canadian Coast Guard Ship Pierre Radisson breaking out the west end of the Lock Canal.
6-Pierrerad-4-8-14-dk.jpg (108471 bytes) 7-rogerblough-4-8-14-dk.jpg (111712 bytes)
Roger Blough passing under the International Bridge.
8-edwingott-4-8-14-dk.jpg (153723 bytes)
Edwin H. Gott passing under the International Bridge.
9-armycorp-4-8-14-dk.jpg (121737 bytes)
Work still going on at the Locks.

James R. Barker departing Sturgeon Bay Tuesday - Mitch Custer
Barker-Coming-Down-the-Bay.jpg (60260 bytes) Barker-at-the-Mich-St-Bridge.jpg (124527 bytes) Barker-at-the-Mich-St-Bridge-2.jpg (88090 bytes) Barker-Headed-for-Bayview-Bridge.jpg (65871 bytes) Barker-Exits-Shipping-Canal.jpg (96645 bytes)
Barker-Exits-Shipping-Canal-2.jpg (79864 bytes) Barker-Exits-Shipping-Canal-3.jpg (84725 bytes) Barker-Exits-Shipping-Canal-6.jpg (104401 bytes) Barker-Exits-Shipping-Canal-5.jpg (60321 bytes) Barker-Exits-Shipping-Canal-7.jpg (43667 bytes)

Milwaukee - Cathy Drexler
2-arkansas-1-8-14-cmd-jpg.jpg (103725 bytes)
The G Tug Arkansas at the Port of Milwaukee during the entry of the Burns Harbor into port for winter lay-up.
1-burnsharbor-1-8-14-cmd-jpg.jpg (94881 bytes)
Burns Harbor entered the Port of Milwaukee Jan. 8 for winter lay-up.  It was extremely cold with sea smoke rising off the water's surface.  This photo was taken just after passing under the Hoan Bridge.
3-leonab-12-31-13-cmd-jpg.jpg (51133 bytes)
Leona B leaving the harbor in December with Christmas lights on; ice on Lake Michigan.


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