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April 11, 2014

St Marys River Wednesday - Paul Beesley
1-equin-4-10-14-pb.jpg (35371 bytes)
Algoma Equinox makes her way along the track.
2-olym-4-10-14-pb.jpg (45535 bytes)
Followed by the Algoma Olympic.
3-tecum-4-10-14-pb.jpg (43342 bytes)
Tecumseh stopped in the ice at the lower river.
4-jrb-4-10-14-pb.jpg (48150 bytes)
James R Barker, one of four Interlake ships lined up for transit.
5-rrl-4-10-14-pb.jpg (50790 bytes)
Radcliffe R Latimer falls in behind the icebreaker to proceed upbound.
6-rrl-4-10-14-pb.jpg (111715 bytes)
The Latimer waiting in the ice for support.
7-eagle-4-10-14-pb.jpg (62959 bytes)
 Over the last few days there have been at least two bald eagles hanging around the track along with two snowy owls.
9-hcj-4-10-14-pb.jpg (103778 bytes)
Paul R Tregurtha with her starboard anchor down.
8-prt-4-10-14-pb.jpg (40077 bytes) Herbert C Jackson also with an anchor down. 10-convoy-4-10-14-pb.jpg (47338 bytes)
Parking lot.
11-lat-4-10-14-pb.jpg (48962 bytes)
Lee A Tregurtha waits in the ice.
12-tecum-4-10-14-pb.jpg (51033 bytes)
The Tecumseh is now first in line to come up river.
13-rrl-4-10-14-pb.jpg (62576 bytes)
Bow of the Radcliffe R Latimer comes out from beyond the trees at Sailor's Encampment.

Welland Canal Thursday - Bill Bird
1-Seahound-04-10-14-a-bb.jpg (154961 bytes)
For the second day in a row tug Seahound tries to break ice to allow Federal Nakagawa to clear Lock 8
2-SeahoundFederalNakagawa-04-10-14-a-bb.jpg (139664 bytes)
On the second pass Seahound is sideways and there's open water.
3-FederalNakagawa-04-10-14-a-bb.jpg (145602 bytes)
But a strong south wind blows the ice back towards the lock despite warm temperatures and Federal Nakagawa is forced to back out of Lock 8
4-FederalNakagawa-04-10-14-b-bb.jpg (118338 bytes)
Another warm day tomorrow and perhaps a third time will be the charm.
5-Brant-04-10-14-a-bb.jpg (116586 bytes)
Meanwhile Brant is tied at the stone dock awaiting her turn.
6-AlgomaQuebecois-04-10-14-a-bb.jpg (94691 bytes)
At IMS cutting is underway on Algoma Quebecois.
7-AlgomaQuebecoisstern-04-10-14-a-bb.jpg (113650 bytes)
Stern closeup
8-JohnDLeitch-04-10-14-a-bb.jpg (120489 bytes)
John D Leitch at Allanburg
9-JohnDLeitch-04-10-14-b-bb.jpg (95308 bytes)
headed to Bowmanville

Soo Traffic - David Kaye
1-discEnterprise-4-9-14-dk.jpg (74189 bytes)
Algoma Enterprise and Discovery spending the night at the West Pier.
2-aenterprise-4-9-14-dk.jpg (61088 bytes) 3-aenterprise-4-9-14-dk.jpg (63231 bytes) 4-edgarspeer-4-9-14-dk.jpg (103082 bytes)
Edgar Speer at the International Bridge.
5-equinox-4-10-14-dk.jpg (67099 bytes)
Algoma Equinox up bound approaching the Poe lock.
7-discvery-4-10-14-dk.jpg (123583 bytes)
Algoma Discovery

Seaway - Ron Beaupre
1-nassau-10-04-201-rb.jpg (163711 bytes)
Nassauborg loading grain at the Johnstown grain elevator.
2-redhead-07-04-2014-rb.jpg (101404 bytes)
Redhead passing Mariatown on her way up to Toronto.

 Nakagawa stuck at lock 8 - Nathan Attard
Federal-Nakagawa4-9-14-(4).jpg (226715 bytes) Federal-Nakagawa4-9-14-(3).jpg (182082 bytes) Federal-Nakagawa4-9-14-(2).jpg (275316 bytes)    


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