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April 12, 2014

St Marys River - April 11 - Paul Beesley
1-ris-4-11-14-pb.jpg (166738 bytes)
Something different today.  A buoy carried off position by early winter ice needed to be put back on advertised position.  The green buoy is just astern of the Risley.
2-ris-4-11-14-pb.jpg (140988 bytes)
Because of the ice surrounding the buoy it was difficult to get close enough to put a hook into the lifting lug, but it was finally captured.  Here the buoy is in the air.  It has 48 ft of chain and a 4000 lb anchor below it, all lifted at once with the Risley's crane.
3-ris-4-11-14-pb.jpg (142023 bytes)
Another view.  This is a USCG buoy and is in US waters but the two Coast Guards co-operate frequently and this was one example.  Once lifted the buoy and mooring is placed on deck and examined for damage.  If all is well, as it was in this case, the buoy is prepared to be placed on advertised position.
4-ris-4-11-14-pb.jpg (108639 bytes)
The buoy is hung over the side, the chain is flaked out on deck and the anchor is hung from a chain stopper.
5-ris-4-11-14-pb.jpg (78258 bytes)
Once the ship is in the correct position the chain stopper is tripped, the anchor and chain go overboard and the buoy is released.  Position is attained using GPS.
6-ris-4-11-14-pb.jpg (106746 bytes)
 The ship backs away and carries on with its icebreaking program.
7-ris-4-11-14-pb.jpg (116687 bytes)
Originally the ship's barge was put in the water to see if it could work through the ice.
8-ris-4-11-14-pb.jpg (153901 bytes)
But the ice was still 18" thick with little space between floes.  The barge, which is propelled by a diesel engine and has a power take off to run lifting winches, was brought back on board after the buoy operation was complete.
9-ris-4-11-14-pb.jpg (147889 bytes)
The Azimuthal (z-drive) drive on the barge.  No rudder required. 
10-ris-4-11-14-pb.jpg (142558 bytes)
The barge weighs 9 tonnes and the Risley's 15 tonne lift is required to pick it up.
11-church-4-11-14-pb.jpg (125201 bytes)
The front range tower and light next to a church at Sailor's Encampment.
11-tecum-4-11-14-pb.jpg (118938 bytes)
 Tecumseh in the lower river with the fleet waiting astern of her.
12-tecum-4-11-14-pb.jpg (101720 bytes)
 Later on with her anchor down at 9-mile.
13-lat-4-11-14-pb.jpg (108114 bytes)
Lee A Tregurtha anchored astern of the Tecumseh.
14-lat-4-11-14-pb.jpg (117555 bytes)
Another view of the Lee A at anchor.
15-steel-4-11-14-pb.jpg (114432 bytes)
Algosteel upbound at 9-mile.  the light was perfect!
16-steel-4-11-14-pb.jpg (149414 bytes)
Forward end.
17-steel-4-11-14-pb.jpg (130909 bytes)
After end.  Saginaw came up too late to get a photo.

St. Marys River and Straits of Mackinac - Brian Wagoner
stmarys-4-11-14-5030.jpg (411170 bytes)
St. Marys River
stmarys-4-11-14-5032.jpg (193226 bytes) stmarys-4-11-14-5034.jpg (307832 bytes) stmarys-4-11-14-P5033.jpg (190914 bytes) stmarys-4-11-14-5036.jpg (157364 bytes)
stmarys-4-11-14-5037.jpg (148361 bytes) stmarys-4-11-14-5035.jpg (87106 bytes) stmarys-4-11-14-5038.jpg (133725 bytes) stmarys-4-11-14-5039.jpg (123433 bytes) stmarys-4-11-14-5042.jpg (271078 bytes)
stmarys-4-11-14-5043.jpg (254311 bytes) stmarys-4-11-14-5025.jpg (116137 bytes) stmarys-4-11-14-5046.jpg (196534 bytes) stmarys-4-11-14-5027.jpg (70330 bytes) lansingshoal4-11-14-4994.jpg (87781 bytes)
SW of Lansing Shoal Thursday.
lansingshoal4-11-14-4998.jpg (129330 bytes) lansingshoal4-11-14-4997.jpg (80344 bytes) lansingshoal4-11-14-5003.jpg (162314 bytes) lansingshoal4-11-14-5005.jpg (155163 bytes) lansingshoal4-11-14-5007.jpg (92379 bytes)
lansingshoal4-11-14-5006.jpg (146950 bytes)        

Great Republic leave the dry dock with a new paint job - Dale Stewart
BolandRepublic-4-11-14-ds.jpg (104375 bytes)
Great Lakes Tug moves the John J. Boland toward the drydock as a Heritage Tug helps the Great Republic out of the shipyard.
Republic-4-11-14-ds.jpg (159221 bytes)
Heritage tug pulls the newly painted Great Republic astern.

Sikuliaq and Mobile bay leaving Menominee - Jim Rastall
20140217_080832.jpg (65412 bytes) 20140411_095441.jpg (60851 bytes)      

Soo - David Kaye
1-Equinox-4-11-14-dk.jpg (179587 bytes)
Algoma Equinox at the International Bridge.
2-Rogerblough-4-11-14-dk.jpg (111451 bytes)
Roger Blough returning to the Soo after having problems near Whitefish Point.
3-ice-4-11-14-dk.jpg (145551 bytes)
 Ice in the upper Lock canal.
4-algosteel-4-11-14-dk.jpg (96234 bytes)
Algoma Algosteel  stopped for the night at the West Pier.

Hollyhock in the Straits - USCG Air Station Traverse City
hollyhock-uscg4-11-14-(5).jpg (160378 bytes) hollyhock-uscg4-11-14-(1).jpg (210799 bytes) hollyhock-uscg4-11-14-(6).jpg (182177 bytes) hollyhock-uscg4-11-14-(3).jpg (188326 bytes) hollyhock-uscg4-11-14-(7).jpg (128226 bytes)
hollyhock-uscg4-11-14-(2).jpg (155666 bytes)        

USCG inspects the Roger Blough after the vessel was damaged in the ice
140410-G-ZZ999-001.jpg (34729 bytes) 1240336.jpg (34773 bytes) 1240333.jpg (39537 bytes)    

Sault Ste. Marie and Area last week of March - Philip Nash
1-SooCarbide-25-3-14-pn.jpg (293410 bytes)
Remaining coal cargo at the Carbide dock in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan as of March 25th, opening day for the Soo Locks
2-Neebish-Is-29-3-14-pn.jpg (250104 bytes)
 Idle Neebish Islander II ferry waiting to resume schedule.
3-DrummondIs-29-3-14-pn.jpg (225397 bytes)
Ferry Drummond Islander IV making her crossing to Drummond Island, Michigan.
4-Detour-29-3-14-pn.jpg (221148 bytes)
Waiting for spring in De Tour, Michigan. Sorry I could not see the name of this vessel.
5-DetoutFerry-29-3-14-pn.jpg (326128 bytes)
Drummond Island ferry schedule and rates.
6-WhitefishLt-30-3-14-pn.jpg (165302 bytes)
Whitefish Point Light as seen from the Lake Superior.
7-WhitefishLt-30-3-14-pn.jpg (174187 bytes)
Whitefish Point Lighthouse.
8-WhitefishLt-30-3-14-pn.jpg (301262 bytes)
Whitefish Point Lighthouse Information Marker
9-Whitefish-30-3-14-pn.jpg (407037 bytes)
Panorama view of Whitefish Point and Lake Superior on March 30th.


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