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April 13 - 18, 2014

4/18 - St. Marys River - Paul Beesley
1-buck-4-16-14-pb.jpg (195838 bytes)
 USCGC Buckthorn at her dock in Soo, Michigan.  The 'Bucky' has already placed a couple of lighted buoys between Mission Pt and the locks.
2-uscg-4-16-14-pb.jpg (243399 bytes)
 On the right, a USCG Search & Rescue cutter.  On the left, a small, high-speed patrol boat.  Both out of the water for the winter.
3-gtug-4-16-14-pb.jpg (254881 bytes)
G-tugs secured at their dock in the Soo.  Closest is Missouri.
4-ris-4-16-14-pb.jpg (166675 bytes)
Putting the windlass in gear on the Samuel Risley.
5-vict-4-16-14-pb.jpg (83624 bytes)
Just before sunset the Risley assisted the Victory/James L Kuber.
6-vict-4-16-14-pb.jpg (50234 bytes)
The Victory was able to move ahead and astern but could not get around the turn at Stribling.
7-vict-4-16-14-pb.jpg (118355 bytes)
Interesting combination.
8-vict-4-16-14-pb.jpg (107155 bytes)
Another view.

Upbound Convoy waiting on
Whitefish Bay - Mary Ann Schallip
Lineup-of-Ships-in-Whitefish-Bay.jpg (116719 bytes)        

4/17 - First new Saltie
- Rene Beauchamp
Fortunagracht-(Mtl-16-04-2014)-René-B-(1).jpg (66560 bytes)
The first new salty of the year in the Seaway . Fortunagracht entered the Seaway on Wednesday afternoon bound for Cleveland.
Duzgit-Endeavour-(Mtl-3-Feb-2014)-René-B..jpg (82796 bytes)
Another new saltie, Duzgit Endeavour, is expected later on this week. She called on Montreal over the winter.

Oshawa, Ontario - Lorraine Morrill
0326---CL-Hanse-Gate---Oshawa-4-16-14.jpg (171795 bytes)
CL Hanse Gate was discharging steel at Oshawa on Wednesday. They arrived that morning about 8 a.m. from the Port Weller anchorage.

Recent Satellite images showing ice coverage
t1.14106.1558.CIS_Great_Lakes.143.250m.jpg (338935 bytes)
a1.14105.1834.CIS_Great_Lakes.143.250m.jpg (548294 bytes)
Click here to view more    

4/16 - Convoy departs Duluth - Ed Labernik 
1-SClair-4-15-14-el.jpg (118980 bytes)
St. Clair falls in behind the CSL Tadoussac as the convoy departs Duluth.
2-ASpirit-4-15-14-el.jpg (51043 bytes)
American Spirit departs Duluth and lines up behind the St. Clair in the convoy.
3-Mack-4-15-14-el.jpg (102587 bytes)
Mackinaw escorts the Tadoussac, St. Clair and American Spirit across Lake Superior.

- Ron Beaupre
1-robbie-15-04-2014-rfb.jpg (94977 bytes)
Tug Robinson Bay holds the work barge BPL6704 in position as the crew disconnect the chain from the winter marker.
2-robbie-15-04-2014-rfb.jpg (76283 bytes)
A lighted buoy is prepared for the next exchange of buoy for spar.
3-jana-15-04-2014-rfb.jpg (85425 bytes)
Jana Desgagnes sweeps past Mariatown as she overtakes the Robinson Bay and tow.

CCGS Pierre Radisson helped clear the ice in Thunder Bay on Monday
- Justin Eloranta
1-Radisson-4-14-14.jpg (82468 bytes)
CCGS Pierre Radisson pulls into dock in Thunder Bay.
2-Radisson-4-14-14.jpg (101287 bytes)
Clearing ice from dockside effortlessly, a powerful and majestic vessel.
3-Radisson-4-14-14.jpg (108985 bytes)
The Radisson reaches the lakehead after leading the first upbound convoy on their way to Duluth.

St. Marys River
- Paul Beesley
1-blough-4-14-14-pb.jpg (112931 bytes)
 Roger Blough at Carbide Dock in Soo Michigan, repaired and waiting for upbound convoy.
2-rrl-4-14-14-pb.jpg (81315 bytes)
 Radcliff R Latimer waits below the Soo locks.
3-uscg-4-14-14-pb.jpg (124490 bytes)
USCGC Buckthorn at the Soo.  Lots of buoys ready to be put out if only winter would go away.
4-soo-4-14-14-pb.jpg (96764 bytes)
 Lineup above the Poe Lock.  Algosteel, Algoma Olympic, Algoma Enterprise and, off to the right, Algoma Equinox.
5-steel-4-14-14-pb.jpg (101298 bytes)
 Closer look at the lineup.
6-stef-4-15-14-pb.jpg (44533 bytes)
One of our erstwhile crewmembers dressed warmly to go outside and let go ship lines early in the morning.  It was -11C in the Soo this morning.  That's cold in F.
7-blough-4-15-14-pb.jpg (70660 bytes)
Roger Blough; finally in open water.
9-ent-4-15-14-pb.jpg (69005 bytes)
 Three Algoma ships heading for Whitefish Bay; Enterprise, Olympic and Steel.
8-ent-4-15-14-pb.jpg (70526 bytes)
Beyond the Enterprise is the Algoma Equinox still at the dock.
10-olym-4-15-14-pb.jpg (60746 bytes)
 Algoma Olympic as part of the herd of ships heading to Whitefish Bay.
11-equin-4-15-14-pb.jpg (68219 bytes)
Algoma Equinox at the dock and the former Algonorth, I think, being scrapped.
12-steel-4-15-14-pb.jpg (63651 bytes)
Algosteel found a cloud to hide under.
13-rrl-4-15-14-pb.jpg (60264 bytes)
Radcliff R Latimer just clear of the lock upbound.
14-tec-4-15-14-pb.jpg (71632 bytes)
Tecumseh below the lock upbound to join a convoy.
15-lat-4-15-14-pb.jpg (54169 bytes)
Followed by the Lee A Tregurtha.

4/15 - Duluth - Dale Stewart
1-Mac-4-14-14.jpg (112976 bytes)
USCG Mackinaw arrives under the Aerial Lift Bridge after leading the convoy across Lake Superior.
2-MacN_Laud-4-14-14.jpg (88094 bytes)
The Mackinaw turns toward the DECC as Sam Laud passes behind on the way to the Port Terminal.
3-MacAtDECC-4-14-14.jpg (146040 bytes)
Mac tied up at the Duluth dock.
1-Cort-4-14-14-ds.jpg (195600 bytes)
The Stewart J. Cort departs through the Duluth Ship Canal after loading in Superior

St. Marys River April 11 & 13
- Paul Beesley
 1-sag-4-11-14-pb.jpg (100265 bytes)
Saginaw up at 9-mile on her way to Soo, Ontario.
 2-sag-4-11-14-pb.jpg (122067 bytes)
Another view of the Saginaw.
 3-integ-4-13-14-pb.jpg (66372 bytes)
American Integrity, one of three footers waiting far down-river.
4-integ-4-13-14-pb.jpg (69256 bytes)
The ice is rapidly rotting in this area.
5-integ-4-13-14-pb.jpg (57565 bytes)
The day was foggy and the fog really helps rot the ice.
6-burns-4-13-14-pb.jpg (72298 bytes)
Approaching the Burns Harbor in the fog and ice.
 7-burns-4-13-14-pb.jpg (47783 bytes)
As we  get a little closer you can almost see the wheelhouse.
8-burns-4-13-14-pb.jpg (72747 bytes)Burns Harbor needed some ice moved so she could get out of the centre of the channel. 9-ind-4-13-14-pb.jpg (95226 bytes)
Indiana Harbor and a new decorating scheme.
10-ind-4-13-14-pb.jpg (81333 bytes)
The shoreline is just visible past the stern of the Indiana Harbor.  For much of the day the visibility was about 300 to 600 feet.

Maritime Academy of Toledo Admiral's Ball Weekend
Ribbon-Cutting with Caption.jpg (165483 bytes)        

4/14 - Toledo - Bob Vincent
1-Alpena-4-13-14-bv.jpg (120955 bytes)
Alpena unloading at Lafarge
2-Alpena-4-13-14-bv.jpg (110164 bytes)
Stern View
3-Aplena-4-13-14-bv.jpg (107954 bytes)
Another view of unloading
4-Aplena-4-13-14-bv.jpg (135286 bytes)
Alpena heading out, going through the Craig Memorial bridge
5-Alpena-4-13-14-bv.jpg (86909 bytes)
Leaving Toledo, heading for Alpena to load
6-AmerCentury-4-13-14-bv.jpg (90148 bytes)
American Century (All footers pull in)
7-USCG49424-4-13-14-bv.jpg (146299 bytes)
U. S. Coast Guard 49424 putting the summer buoys in the shipping channel
8-USCG49424-4-13-14-bv.jpg (142926 bytes)
Another View
9-NatGLMaritimeMus-4-13-14-bv.jpg (149422 bytes)
The National Great Lakes Maritime Museum, opening April 26.

Marquette Sunday
- Heather Arpoika
IMG_4596_bn.jpg (71923 bytes)
Bay class cutters arrive from Duluth to break out the harbor.
IMG_4606_bn.jpg (70274 bytes) IMG_4620_bn.jpg (78711 bytes) IMG_4619_bn.jpg (87079 bytes) IMG_4590_bn.jpg (128513 bytes)

- Mike Mishler
IMG_2847.jpg (119255 bytes) IMG_2969.jpg (82221 bytes)      

Sarnia Saturday
- Philip Nash
1-MikeJ-12-4-14-pn.jpg (140199 bytes)
Fish Tug Mike J downbound St. Clair River at Sarnia.
2-Calumet-12-4-14-pn.jpg (113499 bytes)
Installation of replacement blades on the prop of the Calumet in the North Slip in Sarnia.
3-Calumet-12-4-14-pn.jpg (123149 bytes)Closer view of the work being done. 4-Sarnia-12-4-14-pn.jpg (89527 bytes)
New blades waiting to be installed.
5-Sarnia-12-4-14-pn.jpg (206626 bytes)
Two old blades removed and sitting on the dock, the left one has some damage near the top.
6-CSLAssin-12-4-14-pn.jpg (92062 bytes)
CSL Assiniboine tied up at the North Slip waiting to proceed upbound to a Lake Superior Port when traffic and ice conditions permit.
7-CalCuyOjib-12-4-14-pn.jpg (78934 bytes)
Three Lower Lakes vessels in the North Slip.
8-Ojibway-12-4-14-pn.jpg (92917 bytes)
Ojibway arrived earlier on Saturday from Windsor, Ontario then departed on Sunday to anchor in Lake Huron Anchorage North of Sarnia.
9-Ojibway-12-4-14-pn.jpg (103137 bytes)
Some painting is required on the Ojibway.

Historical Perspective Edmund Fitzgerald 1972
 - Daniel W. Harbaugh 
fitz1.jpg (43184 bytes)
I was an Oiler on the Fitzgerald in 1972.
fitz2.jpg (34662 bytes) fitz4.jpg (44254 bytes) fitz3.jpg (43606 bytes) fitzcontrol.jpg (39741 bytes)
 fitzturbins.jpg (49086 bytes) fitzenginerm.jpg (38840 bytes) fitzballastrom.jpg (40532 bytes)    

4/13 - Toledo - Bob Vincent
1-AmerMariner-4-12-14-bv.jpg (125748 bytes)
American Mariner unloading iron ore on to Torco Live Pad
2-AmerMarine-4-12-14-bv.jpg (199582 bytes)
End of boom view
3-AmerMariner-4-12-14-bv.jpg (74038 bytes)
Bow View
4-TorcoLoadOutTower-4-12-14-bv.jpg (142637 bytes)
Load Out Tower
5-TorcoLoadOutTower-4-12-14-bv.jpg (157726 bytes)
Closer View
6-AmerCentury-4-12-14-bv.jpg (113437 bytes)
American Century under CSX ship loader
7-AmerCentury-4-12-14-bv.jpg (148102 bytes)
Bow View
8-Manistee-4-12-14-bv.jpg (146204 bytes)
Manistee at Winter Lay-up

Frontenac at Welland Dock Saturday - Steve Waller
1--Frontenac-at-Welland-Dock-2014-0412-3430.jpg (138361 bytes) 2-John-D-Leitch-passing-Welland-Dock-2014-0412-3444.jpg (145538 bytes)
John D. Leitch passes
3-Frontenac-and-John-D-Leitch-2014-0412-3459.jpg (63945 bytes)    


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