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April 19 - 20, 2014

4/21 - St. Clair River Saturday - Don Detloff
1-salvor-19apr14-djd.jpg (77919 bytes)
Tug Salvor and Lambert Spirit
2-black-19apr14-djd.jpg (80452 bytes)
CCGS Martha L. Black
3-black-19apr14-djd.jpg (86496 bytes) 4-black-19apr14-djd.jpg (96314 bytes)  

 Welland Canal - Ian Baker
Vikingbank4-18-14-ib-(3).jpg (76244 bytes)
Vikingbank upbound April 18 above Lock 1.
Vikingbank4-18-14-ib-(2).jpg (66375 bytes) Vikingbank4-18-14-ib-(1).jpg (73357 bytes) Drawsko4-19-14ib-(1).jpg (98760 bytes)
Drawsko above Lock 1.
Drawsko4-19-14ib-(2).jpg (91932 bytes)

 Detroit River- Ken Borg
marthalblack4-19-14-kb.jpg.jpg (77210 bytes)
  Canadian Coast Guard Ice Breaker.  Martha L. Black upbound the Detroit River on April 19, 2014
Baie-Comeau4-19-14-kb.jpg (90114 bytes)
Baie Comeau follows

St. Marys River - Paul Beesley
1-prt-4-17-14-pb.jpg (116066 bytes)
Paul R Tregurtha upbound.  The ice in this photo is mostly 'Brash', which is very difficult to get a ship through.
2-prt-4-17-14-pb.jpg (88098 bytes)
But the Paul R did get through.  Greetings and Thanks from the Master of the Paul R.
3-prt-4-17-14-pb.jpg (103930 bytes)
 On her way up to the Soo for supplies and fresh water.
4-jrb-4-17-14-pb.jpg (72988 bytes)
  Then it was time for the James R Barker.
5-usace4-17-14-pb.jpg (160107 bytes)
The USACE survey launch and trailer secured to the deck.
6-jrb-4-17-14-pb.jpg (106751 bytes)
 Stern of the Barker showing the method of ensuring the stern anchor comes up correctly - two vertical grooves in the stern.
7-jrb-4-17-14-pb.jpg (134249 bytes)
Clearing ice at the stern so the ship can turn.
8-jrb-4-17-14-pb.jpg (93029 bytes)
  'Try coming ahead now, Cap'.
9-stcl-4-18-14-pb.jpg (108662 bytes)
 St Clair's unique stern anchor stowage.
10-stcl-4-18-14-pb.jpg (104373 bytes)
The St Clair was downbound.
11-soo-4-18-14-pb.jpg (49146 bytes)
Before working any more ships we went to the Soo.  Walter J McCarthy waiting to move downbound and Paul R waiting to go upbound.
12-uscg-4-18-14-pb.jpg (91793 bytes)
At USCG Soo they have a number of buoy lanterns ready for spring deployment.  Note also the snow blower on treads:  up this way wheels just won't cut it in the massive amounts of snow that fall.
13-usace-4-18-14-pb.jpg (63719 bytes)
Off-loading the USACE survey launch.  With the vibrations caused by working in ice it was risky to leave the launch on board with all its sensitive electronic equipment.
14-amspir-4-18-14-pb.jpg (45022 bytes)
American Spirit down at Stribling.  This proved to be an all day escort as the Spirit had no end of trouble making the turns.  The St Clair, which followed directly behind, had no trouble at all thanks to the Spirit's track.
15-amspir-4-18-14-pb.jpg (63159 bytes)
 Sometimes up-close and personal is the only way to do the job.
16-amspir-4-18-14-pb.jpg (73268 bytes)
Interesting how the lifeboat davit has been incorporated into the superstructure.
17-amspir-4-18-14-pb.jpg (90707 bytes)
Below Mud Lake Junction the Spirit encountered the American Integrity and Algocanada.  A new track was made so the Spirit would be able to avoid these two.
18-cana-4-18-14-pb.jpg (114274 bytes)
Algocanada has a high ice classification, good power to length ratio and the current master has much experience in the ice.  She should be able to move up the river without escort.
19-cana-4-18-14-pb.jpg (108982 bytes)
Stopped in ice for the night.
20-convoy-4-18-14-pb.jpg (73304 bytes)
American Spirit passing American Integrity and Algocanada.

4/20 - Welland Canal Friday - Bill Bird
1-ThunderBay-04-18-14-a-bb.jpg (90847 bytes)
Thunder Bay in the Welland bypass
2-ThunderBay-04-18-14-b-bb.jpg (98187 bytes)
stern view
3-ThunderBay-04-18-14-c-bb.jpg (103483 bytes)
headed to Toronto likely with salt
4-Fortunagracht-04-18-14-a-bb.jpg (99858 bytes)
Fortunagracht-making her Welland Canal debut
5-Fortunagracht-04-18-14-b-bb.jpg (90536 bytes)
unusual bow construction
6-Fortunagracht-04-18-14-c-bb.jpg (69401 bytes)
stern detail
7-Fortunagracht-04-18-14-d-bb.jpg (99286 bytes)
Cleveland bound
8-JohnDLeitch-04-18-14-a-bb.jpg (90394 bytes)
John D Leitch clear of the flight locks
9-JohnDLeitch-04-18-14-b-bb.jpg (87986 bytes)
headed to Hamilton with coal
10-JohnDLeitchMarthaLBlack-04-18-14-a-bb.jpg (60244 bytes)
Leitch with a passing entry above Lock 3 with Martha L Black
11-MarthaLBlack-04-18-14-a-bb.jpg (91609 bytes)
headed to Lake Superior for ice breaking duties
12-MarthaLBlack-04-18-14-b-bb.jpg (86443 bytes)
stern view complete with helicopter
13-Mississagi-04-18-14-a-bb.jpg (88556 bytes)
Mississagi clear of Lock One
14-Mississagi-04-18-14-b-bb.jpg (91656 bytes)
headed to the tieup wall below two and passing entry with the Leitch

Welland Canal - Nathan Attard
Fortunagracht4-18-14-na-(2).jpg (80968 bytes)
Fortunagracht4-18-14-na-(3).jpg (59113 bytes) Fortunagracht4-18-14-na-(1).jpg (244882 bytes) marthalblack4-18-14-na-(3).jpg (211644 bytes)
Martha L. Black
marthalblack4-18-14-na-(1).jpg (184974 bytes)
marthalblack4-18-14-na-(2).jpg (132516 bytes)        

Martha L. Black in the Welland Canal - Ian Baker
MarthaLBlack4-18-14-ib-(1).jpg (226060 bytes) MarthaLBlack4-18-14-ib-(5).jpg (82117 bytes) MarthaLBlack4-18-14-ib-(4).jpg (65483 bytes) MarthaLBlack4-18-14-ib-(3).jpg (74263 bytes)  

Icebreaker Des Groseilliers off Buffalo - Brian W.
1-Des-Groseilles-4-18-14-BRW.jpg (63676 bytes)
The Canadian Coast Guard Ship Des Groseilliers was stopped in the ice field off the Buffalo piers waiting to escort the Peter R Cresswell from Lackawanna Friday.


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