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April 21, 2014

4/22 - St Marys River April 19 & 20 - Paul Beesley
1-ris-4-19-14-pb.jpg (114740 bytes)
One of the things moving ice does is carry buoys, complete with their anchors, off position.  This is buoy #55 and it was much too close to the centre of the channel.  Rather than attempt to replace it on advertised position where it may again drift away the decision was made to remove the buoy and return it to USCG Soo.  Soo Traffic issued a Notice to Shipping (Notship) to advise mariners of the missing buoy. 
2-ris-4-19-14-pb.jpg (145872 bytes)
With the American Integrity astern we continue up to Hay Lake as the deck crew secure the buoy and it's anchor to the deck to prevent movement.
 3-ris-4-19-14-pb.jpg (232507 bytes)
While this is a US buoy we noticed a lot of wear in the mooring chain so we measured it to pass the information along.  In fresh water buoy chains to wear thin, usually where they thrash about on the bottom as the buoy moves with wind and current.
4-integ-4-19-14-pb.jpg (111682 bytes)
The Integrity passes us at 9-Mile on her way to the Carbide Dock.
5-tad-4-19-14-pb.jpg (101175 bytes)
CSL Tadoussac and Kaye E Barker were both waiting at Hay Lake anchorage to move downbound.  The Barker went without issue but the Tadoussac needed some plate ice around her bow broken so she could turn downstream.
6-wjm-4-19-14-pb.jpg (106863 bytes)
This photo of the Walter J McCarthy Jr at Stribling turn illustrates how the brash (slush) fills in the track as soon as the icebreaker passes through.
7-indhar-4-19-14-pb.jpg (123957 bytes)
Below the Junction the McCarthy prepares to pass the Indiana Harbor...
8-cslassin-4-19-14-pb.jpg (120771 bytes)
...and CSL Assiniboine...
9-burns-4-19-14-pb.jpg (105288 bytes)
...and Burns Harbor, who has been waiting there for a very long time.
10-cslass-4-20-14-pb.jpg (87560 bytes)
Next morning the Assiniboine tries to move upriver by herself but the brash quickly closes in because of an easterly wind and inhibits her progress.
 11-track-4-20-14-pb.jpg (121601 bytes)
The track on Sailor's Encampment Ranges with brash filling a good section of it.  (Guy wire to Risley foremast is the diagonal line you can see)
12-indian-4-20-14-pb.jpg (94202 bytes)
Well, the Indiana Harbor had her problems at the Junction and could not get turned.  It's easy to see why.
13-mlb-4-20-14-pb.jpg (104332 bytes)
CCGS Martha L Black worked the IH's port side while the Risley worked the starboard.  Both icebreakers had difficulties backing up in this ice as well.
14-indian-4-20-14-pb.jpg (88132 bytes)
After a long struggle the IH approaches Johnson Pt.
15-katmai-4-20-14-pb.jpg (112354 bytes)
Waiting in the ice at Hay Lake was USCGC Katmai Bay.  Once all the upbounders were clear she went downbound to work the corner at the Junction some more.
 16-mlb-4-20-14-pb.jpg (113243 bytes)
CCGS Martha L Black at 9-Mile on her way to Lake Superior.  This class of ship, the 1100, have nearly 9000 HP, work with an AC-AC drive system, are great icebreakers and very comfortable sea boats.  They can also do buoys and have a 20 ton lift on their crane.  As with most Canadian Coast Guard  ships they are helicopter-capable.
 17-jana-4-20-14-pb.jpg (98649 bytes)
Jana Desgagnes upbound at 9-mile in deteriorating visibility.  Bound for the Canadian Soo.
 18-morro-4-20-14-pb.jpg (106290 bytes)
USCGC Morro Bay leaves Hay Lake on her way down to Detour.  These little ships are very good at what they do, helped by their bubbler system.  Heavy ice deters them because of their low displacement and single propeller but they are built for lighter ice and harbor / river work and they perform yeoman service in those areas.

Sarnia and Point Edward -
Marc Dease
1-bern-4-16-14-md.jpg (105072 bytes)
SCL Bern taking on a load at the elevator.
2-cal-4-16-14-a-md.jpg (106202 bytes)
Calumet arriving at the government dock.
3-cal-4-16-14-b-md.jpg (86908 bytes)
Moving alongside the Ojibway.
4-cal-4-16-14-c-md.jpg (103541 bytes)
Wide view.
5-ojib-4-16-14-md.jpg (83611 bytes)
Kaministiqua and Ojibway at the government dock.
6-bern-4-16-14-md.jpg (94562 bytes)
SCL Bern night shot.
7-jgm-4-17-14-md.jpg (73488 bytes)
John G. Munson downbound at 1 & 2.

St. Clair River -
Mike Mishler
Martha-Black4-19-14-mm-(1).jpg (94086 bytes)
Martha L. Black
Martha-Black4-19-14-mm-(2).jpg (105292 bytes) Baie-Comeau4-19-14-mm.jpg (99693 bytes)
Baie Comeau

Welland Canal - Morgan Blagdon
2-scrapyard-4-18-14-mb.jpg (71431 bytes) 3-scrapyard-04-18-14-mb.jpg (186086 bytes) 1-cuyahoga-4-18-14--mb.jpg (126454 bytes) 4-seahound-04-18-14-mb.jpg (302046 bytes)  

Capt. Henry Jackman in Thunder Bay Sunday
- John Kuzma 
thunderbay4-14-jk-(6).jpg (57221 bytes)
She is getting ready to leave the drydock after some ice breaking by the USCG
thunderbay4-14-jk-(3).jpg (54588 bytes) thunderbay4-14-jk-(2).jpg (46845 bytes) thunderbay4-14-jk-(1).jpg (34263 bytes) thunderbay4-14-jk-(7).jpg (102404 bytes)
thunderbay4-14-jk-(8).jpg (45257 bytes) thunderbay4-14-jk-(4).jpg (68545 bytes)      

4/21 - Seaway Ships - Rene Beauchamp
Sorel-Tracy-16-4-2014)-RB.jpg (80134 bytes)
Phoenix Sun laid up at Sorel-Tracy on Thursday. Some activities were observed. She may leave soon for overseas.
Düzgit-Endeavour-(CSC-20-4-2014)-RB-(2).jpg (113032 bytes)
Duzgit Endeavour upbound on her first trip.
Düzgit-Endeavour-(CSC-20-4-2014)-RB-(1).jpg (119028 bytes) Griffon-(CSC-20-4-2014)-RB-(2).jpg (99704 bytes)
Griffon heading downbound for a point between Cote Ste. Catherine Lock and St. Lambert Lock to install buoys.
Griffon-(CSC-20-4-2014)-RB-(1).jpg (128912 bytes)
SCL-Bern-(CSC-20-4-2014)-RB-(3).jpg (110203 bytes)
SCL Bern downbound in the Seaway near Montreal.
SCL-Bern-(CSC-20-4-2014)-RB-(2).jpg (101599 bytes)
She had to go around a very large tree floating in the middle of the canal.
SCL-Bern-(CSC-20-4-2014)-RB-(1).jpg (95553 bytes) Prosna-(Mtl-19-4-2014)-RB-(1).jpg (88822 bytes)
Prosna upbound in Montreal for Toledo on Saturday but made an unexpected stop at Cote Ste. Catherine . Departed Sunday afternoon.

USCG Alder in Thunder Bay Sunday - Beverly Soloway
1-Alder-by-Soloway-20-April-2014-Thunder-Bay.jpg (46950 bytes) 2-Alder-by-Soloway-20-April-2014-Thunder-Bay.jpg (58676 bytes) 3-Alder-by-Soloway-20-April-2014-Thunder-Bay.jpg (89761 bytes)    

Onboard Baie Comeau in Sarnia - Matt Jones
100_0744.jpg (138488 bytes) 100_0748.jpg (131266 bytes) 100_0750.jpg (124620 bytes) 100_0751.jpg (101072 bytes) 100_0752.jpg (121940 bytes)
100_0753.jpg (99369 bytes) 100_0755.jpg (139849 bytes) 100_0759.jpg (99476 bytes) 100_0760.jpg (96553 bytes) 100_0761.jpg (87094 bytes)
100_0764.jpg (121178 bytes) 100_0765.jpg (154757 bytes) 100_0766.jpg (109269 bytes) 100_0768.jpg (170582 bytes) 100_0769.jpg (114199 bytes)
100_0770.jpg (109387 bytes) 100_0771.jpg (104512 bytes) 100_0772.jpg (125169 bytes) 100_0773.jpg (195355 bytes) 100_0774.jpg (212612 bytes)
100_0775.jpg (121271 bytes)        


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