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April 23 - 25, 2014

4/25 - Welland Canal Thursday - Ian Baker
Diana4-24-14-(1).jpg (76043 bytes)
Diana upbound Below Lock 2.
Diana4-24-14-(2).jpg (72324 bytes) CL-Hanse-Gate4-24-14-(1).jpg (84181 bytes)
CL Hanse Gate upbound above Lock 2.
CL-Hanse-Gate4-24-14-(2).jpg (64441 bytes) CL-Hanse-Gate4-24-14-(3).jpg (84941 bytes)

Seven salties on the hook off of Lakeport Michigan waiting for traffic to clear at the Soo - Kevin Majewski
1.RhAl-4-24-14-KM.jpg (65632 bytes)
Algoma Spirit upbound in Lake Huron passing the anchored Federal Rhine.
2.SaLu-4-24-14-KM.jpg (93846 bytes)
Federal Satsuki anchored with the Luebbert  off her starboard side.
3.DaRi-4-24-14-KM.jpg (89102 bytes)
Federal Danube and the Federal Rideau both at anchor.
4.Mir-4-24-14-KM.jpg (69690 bytes)
 Federal Miramichi on the hook.
5.Dr-4-24-14-KM.jpg (77699 bytes)
The  Polish Steamship Company's Drawsko  waits with the other salties for the traffic jams up north to clear.

Soo Traffic - David Kaye
1-stclair-4-24-14-dk.jpg (97383 bytes)
St. Clair at the far end of the West Pier.
2-wjmccarthy-4-24-14-dk.jpg (110886 bytes)
Walter J. McCarthy tied up at the West Pier.
3-aintegrity-4-24-14-dk.jpg (155048 bytes)
 American Integrity at the International Bridge.
4-casoncallaway-4-24-14-dk.jpg (121801 bytes)
Cason J. Callaway at the International Bridge.
5-wjmccarthy-4-24-14-dk.jpg (96175 bytes)
American Steamship Co. At the West Pier.
6-johngmunson-4--24-14-dk.jpg (96887 bytes)
Straits of Mackinac, John G. Munson under the Mackinac Bridge.

Seaway -
René Beauchamp
Palva-210108RBMTL.jpg (116247 bytes)
Last month, Groupe Desgagnes acquired the large Finnish flag tanker Palva which they renamed Laurentia Desgagne. They also acquired a sister ship, the Stena Poseidon which had not been renamed yet. Palva off Vercheres, QC on January 21, 2008.
BBC-Xingang-(Mtl-24-4-2014)-RB-(2).jpg (90662 bytes)
BBC Xingang upbound in Montreal, destination Hamilton.
BBC-Xingang-(Mtl-24-4-2014)-RB-(1).jpg (93706 bytes)
CSC-24-4-2014-RB.jpg (90101 bytes)
At Cote Ste. Catherine, Peter R. Cresswell unloading salt from Goderich and Halit Bey passing by on her way to Valleyfield on Thursday.
CSC-20-4-2014-RB.jpg (90084 bytes) (59222 bytes) Halit-Bey-(CSC-24-4-2014)-RB-(2).jpg (110399 bytes)
Halit Bay upbound at Cote Ste. Catherine for Valleyfield. Two days earlier, she had gone aground near Grondines on the St. Lawrence River.
Halit-Bey-(CSC-24-4-2014)-RB-(1).jpg (98196 bytes) Halit-Bey-(CSC-24-4-2014)-RB-(5).jpg (84306 bytes)  

Welland Canal - Eric Holmes
1-Diana-04-24-14-eh.jpg (98817 bytes)
Diana between Lock 2 and 3
2-Diana-04-24-14-eh.jpg (74857 bytes) 3-Diana-04-24-14-eh.jpg (80176 bytes) 4-CLHansegate-04-24-14-eh.jpg (86408 bytes)
CL Hanse Gate departing Lock 1
5-CLHansegate-04-24-14-eh.jpg (85620 bytes)

Waiting for a upbound convoy at the Soo - Brian Wagoner
IMGP5120.jpg (142308 bytes)
 Kaministiqua, Arthur M. Anderson and Frontenac.

Thunder Bay - John Kuzma
IMG_1139.jpg (67839 bytes)
The next ship to arrive at Richardson Grain
elevator was the Tecumseh.
IMG_1140.jpg (87592 bytes)
She arrived mid afternoon on Thursday she will load grain.
IMG_1161.jpg (55882 bytes)
The tugboat is the Point Valour.
IMG_1191.jpg (86705 bytes) IMG_1194.jpg (71215 bytes)

4/24 - Welland Canal Wednesday - Ian Baker
Olza-4-23-14-ib-(1).jpg (94884 bytes) Olza-4-23-14-ib-(2).jpg (82509 bytes) Olza-4-23-14-ib-(3).jpg (94047 bytes)    

South Chicago - Lou Gerard 
Saginaw-4-21-14-lg-DSC-0662.jpg (102833 bytes)
Saginaw at North American Salt's 92nd St. dock.
Saginaw-4-21-14-lg-DSC-0665.jpg (306744 bytes)
Repairs to ice damage on Saginaw at salt dock on Monday morning.
Salarium-4-22-14-lg-DSC-0677.jpg (119165 bytes)
Salarium being towed to KCBX by G tug Virginia.
Salarium-4-22-14-lg-DSC-0700.jpg (84223 bytes)
H. Lee White passing Salarium at KCBX.
Hleewhite-4-22-14-lg-DSC-0711.jpg (102010 bytes)
H. Lee White heading out to the lake at 95th St.

4/23 - Welland Canal Tuesday - Ian Baker
Vlieborg4-22-14-ib-(1).jpg (64535 bytes)
Vlieborg upbound
Vlieborg4-22-14-ib-(2).jpg (61406 bytes) Vlieborg4-22-14-ib-(3).jpg (69921 bytes) Federal-Rine-4-22-14-ib-(1).jpg (96266 bytes)
Federal Rhine upbound
Federal-Rine-4-22-14-ib-(2).jpg (92420 bytes)
Federal-Rine-4-22-14-ib-(3).jpg (98148 bytes)        

Toledo - Bob Vincent
1-JohnDLeitch-4-22-14-bv.jpg (101160 bytes)
John D. Leitch waiting for transit coal.
2-JohnDLeitch-4-22-14-bv.jpg (184574 bytes)
Stern view
3-Drawsko-4-22-14-bv.jpg (86092 bytes)
Drawsko at Midwest Terminal of Toledo
4-Drawsko-4-22-14-bv.jpg (90258 bytes)
5-Drawsko-4-22-14-bv.jpg (107954 bytes)
Another view
6-Oakglen-4-22-14-bv.jpg (88826 bytes)
Oakglen at Andersons
7-Oakglen-4-22-14-bv.jpg (120410 bytes)
8-Oakglen-4-22-14-bv.jpg (107546 bytes)
Closer look at the loading rig
9-Oakglen-4-22-14-bv.jpg (143838 bytes)
Oakglen bow view

Monday the first ships of the Season Arrived in Thunder Bay  - John Kuzma
thunderbay4-21-14-(2).jpg (49089 bytes)
 Radcliffe R. Latimer went to Keefer
thunderbay4-21-14-(1).jpg (71227 bytes)
Algoma Enterprise went to Richardson grain elevator for a partial load of durum wheat (pasta).
thunderbay4-21-14-(3).jpg (61529 bytes)    


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