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April 26, 2014

Saginaw bringing salt to Alpena - Ben & Chanda McClain
Saginaw-4-25-14-BCM-03.jpg (102813 bytes) Saginaw-4-25-14--BCM-04.jpg (103872 bytes) Saginaw-4-25-14-BCM-05.jpg (85240 bytes) Saginaw-4-25-14-BCM-07.jpg (107752 bytes) Saginaw-4-25-14-BCM-08.jpg (101691 bytes)
Saginaw-4-25-14-BCM-10.jpg (84071 bytes)        

Mackinac Island ferries
- Robert McGreevy
Corsair-f4-24-14-rm-(2).jpg (125848 bytes)
Arnold Transit Line Corsair with a load of freight.
Sacre-Bleu4-24-14-rm-(1).jpg (82823 bytes)
Sacre Bleu started hauling freight and horses.

BBC Xingang at Iroquois Lock
 - Murray Blancher
1-BBC-Xingang-25-04-14-mb.jpg (123862 bytes) 2-BBC-Xingang-25-04-14-mb.jpg (127681 bytes) 3-BBC-Xingang-25-04-14-mb.jpg (68128 bytes) 4-BBC-Xingang-25-04-14-mb.jpg (125476 bytes) 5-Federal-Mayumi-25-04-14-mb.jpg (114650 bytes)
Federal Mayumi loading at the Port of Johnstown

Soo Traffic - David Kaye
1-mesabiminer-4-25-14-dk.jpg (70342 bytes)
Mesabi Miner downbound passing through the Poe Lock.
2-mesabiminer-4-25-14-dk.jpg (100494 bytes) 4-mesabiminer-4-25-14-dk.jpg (123217 bytes) 5-algosteel-4-25-14-dk.jpg (97124 bytes)
 Algosteel downbound at the West Pier.
6-algomaolympic-4-25-14-dk.jpg (81995 bytes)
Algoma Olympic approaching the Poe Lock.

Algoway at the Goderich Salt Mine - Larry Lippert
1-algoway-4-25-14-LL.jpg (67448 bytes)        

CCGS Martha L. Black docked in Thunder Bay Thursday - Justin Eloranta
2-marthablack-4-24-14.jpg (89239 bytes)
She docked  at Keefer Terminal ahead of Radcliffe R. Latimer, who has been waiting for an escort through the reported thick ice remaining at the mouth of the Kaministiquia River.
3-marthablack-4-24-14.jpg (75502 bytes)
Deckhands prepared to tie up as the sun broke over the horizon.


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