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April 27 - 30, 2014

4/30 - Thunder Bay - Justin Eloranta
1-BlackandElbe-4-28-14.jpg (54892 bytes)
Federal Elbe was the first Saltie to reach Thunder Bay, seen behind the Martha L. Black who has spent the majority of her days in the harbour berthed at Keefer Terminal.
3-FrontenacandPointValour-4-28-14.jpg (60293 bytes)
 Frontenac was moored behind Martha L. Black. A local tug, Point Valour can be seen as well.
2-BlackandFrontenac-4-28-14.jpg (69586 bytes)
Point Valour loosened the already chopped ice inside the breakwall to make Frontenac's journey to Mission Terminals smoother.

Roger Blough at anchor in Lake Michigan
- Joel Service
1-Blough-4-28-14-jgs.jpg.jpg (107186 bytes)
Visible from Stevensville, Mich.

USCG Air Station Traverse City
140422-G-ZZ999-073.jpg (270662 bytes)
The crew of Coast Guard Cutter Katmai Bay escorts shipping traffic through the St. Marys River, April 22, 2014.
140422-G-ZZ999-093.jpg (617086 bytes)
The crew of Coast Guard Cutter Biscayne Bay, breaks ice in the St. Marys River.
 140422-G-ZZ999-119.jpg (116408 bytes)
A Coast Guard Air Station Traverse City, Mich., Dolphin helicopter comes in for a landing at Cherry Capital Airport in Traverse City following an over-flight mission April 22, 2014.
140422-G-ZZ999-002.jpg (144857 bytes)
Coast Guard Air Station Traverse City, Mich., Dolphin helicopters sit ready in the hangar at Cherry Capital Airport in Traverse City April 22, 2014. Crews use the hangar area to keep the Air Station's five helicopters mission ready.

4/28 - Welland Canal - Ian Baker
bbcxingang4-27-14-(1).jpg (129931 bytes)
BBC Xingang upbound Sunday.
bbcxingang4-27-14-(2).jpg (107200 bytes) bbcxingang4-27-14-(3).jpg (94355 bytes) Lubie4-27-14-ib-(2).jpg (104928 bytes)
Lubie downbound Below Lock 2 Welland Canal.
Lubie4-27-14-ib-(1).jpg (107256 bytes)
Anglian-Lady-4-27-14-ib-(2).jpg (72105 bytes)
Anglian Lady Below Lock 2 downbound.
Anglian-Lady-4-27-14-ib-(3).jpg (82668 bytes) Anglian-Lady-4-27-14-ib-(1).jpg (97029 bytes) wixko4-25-14-ib-(1).jpg (91681 bytes)
Wicko upbound April 25.
wixko4-25-14-ib-(2).jpg (71300 bytes)
wixko4-25-14-ib-(3).jpg (67791 bytes)        

Salties on the St. Clair River at Port Huron Sunday - Kevin Majewski
1.Apoll-4-27-14-KM.jpg (106231 bytes)
Greek saltie Apollon, upbound approaching Port Huron.
2.Apol-4-27-14-KM.jpg (108370 bytes)
 Bow profile.
3.Apo-4-27-14-KM.jpg (128086 bytes)
Apollon stern view.  
4.ApOr-4-27-14-KM.jpg (111017 bytes)
 Apollon closely followed by the Polish Steamship Company's Orla.
5.Orla-4-27-14-KM.jpg (94618 bytes)
Orla bow view
6.Orl-4-27-14-KM.jpg (131656 bytes)
Orla continuing upbound, approaching Port Huron.
7.Or-4-27-14-KM.jpg (142798 bytes)
Bow profile.
8.O-4-27-14-KM.jpg (158274 bytes)
Orla stern view.
9.AlDi-4-27-14-KM.jpg (167854 bytes)
Algoma Discovery at the Cargill dock in Sarnia.
10.Man-4-27-14-KM.jpg (192252 bytes)
Manitoba moored at the Government dock in Sarnia.

Sunday at the Welland Canal - Bill Bird
1-Lubie-04-27-14-a-bb.jpg (111987 bytes)
Polish saltie Lubie clear of Lock 8
2-Lubie-04-27-14-b-bb.jpg (105691 bytes)
headed for Montreal
3-Algosoo-04-27-14-a-bb.jpg (93949 bytes)
Algosoo with a load of coal from Ashtabula
4-Algosoo-04-27-14-b-bb.jpg (98472 bytes)
bound for Hamilton
5-Bluebill-04-27-14-a-bb.jpg (107366 bytes)
Cypriot flagged Bluebill headed upbound
6-Bluebill-04-27-14-b-bb.jpg (95320 bytes)
Destination Thunder Bay
7-BBCXingang-04-27-14-a-bb.jpg (103203 bytes)
Flying the flag of Antigua, BBC Xingang, built last year, headed to Lock 2
8-BBCXingang-04-27-14-b-bb.jpg (100855 bytes)
Milwaukee bound
9-Cuyahoga-04-27-14-a-bb.jpg (109250 bytes)
Awaiting traffic, Cuyahoga easing her way clear of Lock One
10-Cuyahoga-04-27-14-b-bb.jpg (92382 bytes)
headed to Marblehead Ohio for a load of stone
11-CuyahogaAnglianLady-04-27-14-a-bb.jpg (82001 bytes)
Cuyahoga takes Lock 2 following departure of Anglian Lady and barge.

Phoenix Sun hoisted the Panama flag sometime last week - Rene Beauchamp
phoenixsun4-25-14-rb.jpg (85874 bytes)
The new port of registry of Panama had not been painted on yet.

Tug Evans McKeil with the barge Metis entering Rochester on April 23 - Tom Brewer
metis4-23-14-(2).jpg (103096 bytes) metis4-23-14-(1).jpg (92007 bytes)      

FedNav's newest ship Nunavik at the Port of Rotterdam, Saturday - Huug Pieterse
Nunavik-RotterdamWaalhaven26042014.jpg (112103 bytes)
She was there to unload part of her cargo to reduce her draft so she can continue the voyage to the Port of Moerdijk, her original destination.
Nunavik-RotterdamWaalhaven26042014hpb.jpg (97151 bytes)      

Soo traffic - David Kaye

1-mackinaw-4-26-14-dk.jpg (112593 bytes)
USCG Mackinaw at the West Pier.

2-kboothesr-4-26-14-dk.jpg (79532 bytes)
Ken Boothe Sr. upbound leaving the Poe Lock.

3-prtregurtha-4-26-14-dk.jpg (116754 bytes)
Paul R Tregurtha at the International Bridge.

4-ojibway-4-26-14-dk.jpg (89378 bytes)
Ojibway delivering supplies to the Paul R Tregurtha.

5-chjackman-4-26-14-dk.jpg (97575 bytes)
Capt. Henry Jackman downbound leaving the MacArthur Lock.

6-hleehite-4-26-14-dk.jpg (102201 bytes)
H Lee White upbound at Mission point.

7-aenterprise-4-26-14-dk.jpg (109439 bytes)
Algoma Enterprise at downbound Mission Point.

8-rblough-4-26-14-dk.jpg (105667 bytes)
Roger Blough downbound passing Rotary Park.

Mackinaw doing a 180 deg. turn in the Poe/MacArthur Lock canal 

Grand Opening of the National Museum of the Great Lakes in Toledo, Ohio, Friday, April 25 -  Roger LeLievre
1NatlMuseumSign.jpg (167404 bytes)
Museum sign greets visitors.
2NatlMuseum.jpg (162306 bytes)
Front of the museum, with the propeller from the John Sherwin on display, donated by the Interlake Steamship Co.
3Schoonmaker.jpg (167567 bytes)
1911-vintage steamer Col. James M. Schoonmaker is a key component of the museum and is open to the public for touring.
4Schoonmaker..jpg (151451 bytes)
Schoonmaker celebrating with flags flying.
5LaMarreArt.jpg (236575 bytes)
Commemorative artwork of the Shenango Furnace fleet by Paul C. LaMarre Jr.
6LaMarre,SnyderIII.jpg (193273 bytes)
Board of Directors member Paul C. LaMarre III with 92-year-old William P. Snyder III, a descendant of industrialist William P. Snyder, founder of Shenango Furnace Co., which once owned the Schoonmaker and other Great Lakes vessels.
7Lobby.jpg (187587 bytes)
Lobby view of the national museum.
8DIsplay.jpg (178556 bytes)
9DIsplay.jpg (266139 bytes) 10Display.jpg (196683 bytes)
11DisplayFitz.jpg (198126 bytes) 12DisplayFitz.jpg (193004 bytes) 13DisplayFitz.jpg (185727 bytes) 14DisplayBradley.jpg (182421 bytes) 15Display.jpg (205813 bytes)
16DIsplay.jpg (189589 bytes) 17Models.jpg (186385 bytes)
What would a museum be without ship models? The model of the James R. Barker is by Capt. Sam Buchannan of the J.W. Westcott Co.
18Models.jpg (169485 bytes)    

Great Lakes museum in Toledo
toledo4-26-14-(1).jpg (120553 bytes) toledo4-26-14-(2).jpg (121500 bytes) toledo4-26-14-(3).jpg (142871 bytes) toledo4-26-14-(4).jpg (69082 bytes) toledo4-26-14-(5).jpg (131122 bytes)
toledo4-26-14-(6).jpg (158135 bytes) toledo4-26-14-(7).jpg (92666 bytes) toledo4-26-14-(8).jpg (129210 bytes) toledo4-26-14-(9).jpg (104005 bytes) toledo4-26-14-(10).jpg (112637 bytes)


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