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May 5 - 7, 2014

5/7 -  Lower St. Clair River Tuesday - Wade P. Streeter and David R. Michelson
 stclairriver5-6-14-wps1.jpg (82728 bytes)
Pierre Radisson downbound in the St. Clair River.
stclairriver5-6-14-wps2.jpg (77971 bytes)
Cutting a fine line.
stclairriver5-6-14-wps3.jpg (85381 bytes)
Stern View
stclairriver5-6-14-wps4.jpg (96060 bytes)
Accommodation block
stclairriver5-6-14-wps6.jpg (73723 bytes)
Algowood downbound
stclairriver5-6-14-wps5.jpg (90582 bytes)
Stern view
stclairriver5-6-14-wps7.jpg (80144 bytes)
Pineglen downbound
stclairriver5-6-14-wps8.jpg (71375 bytes)
Accommodation block
stclairriver5-6-14-wps9.jpg (74891 bytes)
Stern View
stclairriver5-6-14-wps10.jpg (80777 bytes)
Old meets new, ironically the old looks better than the new.
stclairriver5-6-14-wps11.jpg (60522 bytes)
Cedarglen downbound
stclairriver5-6-14-wps12.jpg (76642 bytes)
Captain steps out to wave hello
stclairriver5-6-14-wps13.jpg (68304 bytes)
Accommodation block
stclairriver5-6-14-wps14.jpg (75139 bytes)
Stern View

Kimberly Selvick partially submerged in Lake Michigan off of Burnham Park in Chicago
kimberlyslevickaground5-6-14.jpg (125005 bytes)
The Coast Guard continues to monitor the situation and work with the owner of the vessel to ensure a proper salvage plan.

Goderich Sunday -
John Mackay
2014-Freighters-061.jpg (149828 bytes)
  Mississagi unloading in Sarnia.
2014-Freighters-068.jpg (79803 bytes)
Peter R. Cresswell has just arrived in Goderich, and is getting into position to load salt.
2014-Freighters-069.jpg (88438 bytes)
Now in loading position.
2014-Freighters-070.jpg (156909 bytes)
Vikingbank at the Goderich elevator. MacDonald Marine tug Debbie Lyn in the foreground.

Pilot change on the Federal Elbe under the Ambassador Bridge -
Arne Lindner
1-Federal-Elbe-4-12-2014-AML.jpg (74064 bytes)        

Work Weekend on the City of Milwaukee Carferry in Manistee Michigan -
Bob Strauss & Linda Spencer
cityofmilwaukee001.jpg (72006 bytes) cityofmilwaukee024.jpg (59679 bytes) cityofmilwaukee027.jpg (27539 bytes) cityofmilwaukee029.jpg (84100 bytes) cityofmilwaukee028.jpg (75378 bytes)
cityofmilwaukee031.jpg (83479 bytes)        

5/6 -
 Hellespont Crusader at Oshawa, Ontario Sunday - Andre Blanchard
1-HCrusader-5-5-14-AB.jpg (90230 bytes)
Hellespont Crusader entering the harbor.
2-LManitoba-5-5-14-AB.jpg (104754 bytes)
Lac Manitoba pulling up to Hellespont Crusader.
 3-LMandHC-5-5-14-AB.jpg (121356 bytes)
Lac Manitoba and Hellespont Crusader crews preparing to toss towlines.

Hellespont Crusader
- Lorraine Morrill
Hellespont-Crusader---Oshawa-5-5-14.jpg (128022 bytes)        

Historical Perspectives -
Peter Glazier
Orefax,Battersby-Island-1972..jpg (57904 bytes)
Orefax aground in the Brockville narrows, 1972
Orefax,Battersby-Island-1972.jpg (80685 bytes) Selter-Bay,-Royale-Isl,1967.jpg (106496 bytes)
Shelter Bay,1967 again in the Brockville Narrows. Also helping out were the  barge Mapleheath and the CCGS Simcoe.

5/5 - Sarah Desgagnes - Homer Bridge, Welland Canal Saturday - Riley Gillham photo
Sarah-Desgagnes-Homer-Br.-May-3-14-RG-(3).jpg (70499 bytes)        

St. Clair River Sunday - George Lee
Misc-1995.jpg (113374 bytes)
Alder approaches buoy 38 to replace with lighted buoy
Misc-1997.jpg (119039 bytes)
Most of the red paint was scraped off by ice which dragged it a short distance downstream
Misc-1998.jpg (129860 bytes) Misc-1999.jpg (105179 bytes)
Algoma Equinox passes by
Misc-2000.jpg (100275 bytes)
Misc-2001.jpg (121551 bytes)
Anchor (sinker) as the crew calls them
Misc-2004.jpg (159140 bytes) Misc-2007.jpg (88169 bytes)
On to the next one, #40 at Fawn Island

FedNav's Nunavik departing Rotterdam for the Port of Moerdijk - Jan Oosterboer
2-NUNAVIK-0995.jpg (92730 bytes)
With assistance of the Smit tugs Texelbank and Fairplay 26.
9-NUNAVIK-026.jpg (75318 bytes)      

USCG Bristol Bay's crew deployed 14 buoys in Lake Erie over a two-day period last week during the Coast Guard 9th District's Spring Restore - U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class Levi Read
140501-G-AW789-010.jpg (316603 bytes) 140501-G-AW789-058.jpg (92437 bytes) 140501-G-AW789-137.jpg (282057 bytes) 140501-G-AW789-138.jpg (190996 bytes) 140502-G-AW789-146.jpg (64723 bytes)
140502-G-AW789-159.jpg (353810 bytes) 140502-G-AW789-171.jpg (309150 bytes) 140502-G-AW789-174.jpg (350172 bytes) 140502-G-AW789-179.jpg (157640 bytes)  


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