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May 8, 2014

Peter R. Creswell arrived at US Salt in Chicago Tuesday night -  Keith Yearman
1-cresswell-5-06-14-ky.jpg (76355 bytes)
Cresswell and the Colorado at the US Salt dock.
2-colorado&cresswell-5-06-14-ky.jpg (76672 bytes)
Colorado and the Cresswell from Ewing Avenue
3-cresswell-5-06-14-ky.jpg (92809 bytes)
Cresswell tied up at US Salt
4-prentiss_brown&cresswell-5-06-14-ky.jpg (77148 bytes)
Prentiss Brown and St. Mary's Conquest passing the Cresswell

New Salties - Rene Beauchamp
MCT-Breithorn5-6-14-rb.jpg (92851 bytes)
Two new salties entered the Seaway on Wednesday, the MCT Breithorn seen here in Montreal the previous day.
Beatrix-5-6-14-rb.jpg (92652 bytes)
The Beatrix at Beauharnois. Beatrix is the second ship of that name to transit the Seaway. The first one came in 2010 and came back with the name Zealand Beatrix last year.

Seaway South Shore Canal  - Roland Van Bulck
1-Alg_Discovery_05-06-14.jpg (88274 bytes)
Algoma Discovery passing CSC wharf while upbound.
2-Mapleglen_05-06-14.jpg (81261 bytes)
Mapleglen, downbound, coming around the bend.
3-Disc_Maplg_05-06-14.jpg (175909 bytes)
Vessels meeting
4-Mapleglen_05-06-14.jpg (153410 bytes)
Mapleglen passing

Welland canal and Port Dalhousie - Ian Baker 
img_0548.jpg (91701 bytes)
Sichem Defiance Upbound  above Lock 1
img_0540.jpg (99934 bytes) img_0554.jpg (88372 bytes) img_0557.jpg (89923 bytes)
Jana Desgagnes upbound above Lock 3. 
img_0563.jpg (106215 bytes)
img_0569.jpg (105471 bytes) img_0571.jpg (96591 bytes)
CCGS Kelso. Upbound above Lock 2
img_0574.jpg (89854 bytes) img_0576.jpg (93416 bytes) img_0486.jpg (173727 bytes)
Grimsby Aux Marine Rescue Unit #240 at Port Dalhousie May 3rd 
img_0484.jpg (99265 bytes)        

James R. Barker and Stewart J. Cort under the Northern Lights Wednesday morning passing the Keweenaw Peninsula - Jeremy Rowe
keweenaw-northernlights-5-7-14-jr.jpg (508399 bytes)        

Historical Perspectives Fort Henry -  George Lee
Fern-Gagne,-Fort-Henry-1969.jpg (75649 bytes)
Capt. Fern Gagne of the Fort Henry alongside Canada Steamship Lines freight shed at Point Edward, Ontario 1969
Fort-Henry-bow-1969.jpg (95718 bytes)
Upbound on the St. Clair River
Fort-Henry-1969.jpg (59611 bytes) Fort-Henry.jpg (68021 bytes)
At Point Edward


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