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May 12 - 14, 2014

5/14 - Laurentia Desgagnes in Montreal - René Beauchamp
Laurentia-Desgagnés-(Mtl-12-5-2014)-RB-(1).jpg (115349 bytes)
Dockside views in Montreal Monday.
Laurentia-Desgagnés-(Mtl-12-5-2014)-RB-(2).jpg (89932 bytes)
One of the two new tankers in the Desgagnes fleet, the Laurentia Desgagnes,  arrived in Montreal on her first trip on Sunday. She will be followed later this year by Epada Desgagnes, formerly the Stena Poseidon.
Laurentia-Desgagnés-(Contrecoeur-11-mai-2014)-S.jpg (102021 bytes)
underway at Contrecoeur on Sunday by Serge Beauchemin.
Stena-Poseidon-180607.jpg (66794 bytes)
Stena Poseidon at Sorel-Tracy on june 18, 2007.

Salties In Welland Canal Monday - Ian Baker
img_0584.jpg (76927 bytes)
Pilca upbound leaving Lock 2 
img_0591.jpg (74653 bytes) img_0594.jpg (85295 bytes)
Adfines sea upbound above Lock 1.
img_0600.jpg (79918 bytes) img_0605.jpg (108217 bytes)
Prosna Downbound Below Lock 1.
img_0611.jpg (102941 bytes) img_0615.jpg (80097 bytes)
Iryda  Upbound  Above Lock 1 
img_0620.jpg (90790 bytes) img_0635.jpg (97787 bytes)
CCGS Martha L Black Downbound Below Lock 1.
img_0638.jpg (125328 bytes)
img_0643.jpg (105166 bytes)        

5/13 - St. Clair River Traffic at Algonac State Park on Monday - Don Detloff
1-lee-12may14-djd.jpg (62563 bytes)
 Lee A. Tregurtha
2-cove-12may14-djd.jpg (100181 bytes)
CCGS Cove Isle
3-black-12may14-djd.jpg (77181 bytes)
CCGS Martha L. Black
4-black-12may14-djd.jpg (81139 bytes) 5-black-12may14-djd.jpg (155209 bytes)

Great Republic Monday downbound at Belle Isle in her new paint - Ted Hanifan
greatrepublic5-12-14-(2) - Copy.jpg (105966 bytes) greatrepublic5-12-14-(3) - Copy.jpg (111589 bytes) greatrepublic5-12-14-(4) - Copy.jpg (94496 bytes) greatrepublic5-12-14-(1) - Copy.jpg (100457 bytes)  

Thunder Bay - John Kuzma
IMG_1375.jpg (96624 bytes)
Algoma Discovery at the newly named Superior Terminal that was Cargill for many years.
IMG_1378.jpg (95628 bytes)
Federal Shimanto at Viterra A.
IMG_1379.jpg (107036 bytes)
Fedreal Yukina at Current River.
IMG_1382.jpg (106836 bytes)
Ojibway at Richardson.

Port Stanley and Port Dover-
Monty Young
Andrea-Marie-I_2.jpg (205357 bytes)
Andrea Marie I at Port Stanley
Katelyn-J.jpg (235215 bytes)
Katelyn J at Port Stanley
Janice-C-No-1.jpg (182669 bytes)
Janice C No 1 at Port Dover
Billie-K.jpg (138452 bytes)
Billie K at Port Dover
 Brian-D.jpg (281948 bytes)
Brian D at Port Dover
Erie-Explorer-.jpg (131665 bytes)
Erie Explorer at Port Dover
Omsteader.jpg (255046 bytes)
Omsteader at Port Dover
R-G.jpg (118478 bytes)
R & G at Port Dover

5/12 - Buffalo unloading coal in Alpena and departing -  Ben & Chanda McClain
Buff-5-11-14-BCM-01.jpg (78421 bytes) Buff-5-11-14-BCM--02.jpg (81236 bytes) Buff-5-11-14-BCM--03.jpg (85258 bytes) Buff-5-11-14-BCM-04.jpg (123265 bytes) Buff-5-11-14-BCM-05.jpg (109266 bytes)

Kimberly Selvick recovery - U.S. Coast Guard photo by Lt. Heidi Braglone
140510-G-ZZ999-001.jpg (94513 bytes)
Kimberly Selvick (left), on the hip of a crane barge, is pushed by a tug through Lake Michigan after being salvaged from the shores of Lake Michigan near Burnham Park outside of Chicago, May 10, 2014. The Kimberly Selvick became partially submerged after taking on water May 5.

Recent Soo Traffic - David Kaye
1-ojibway-5-10-14-dk.jpg (97338 bytes)
Ojibway upbound at the International Bridge.
2-Iharbor-5-10-14-dk.jpg (106522 bytes)
Indiana Harbor in the Poe Lock.
3-prcresswell-5-10-14-dk.jpg (90976 bytes)
Peter R Cresswell downbound entering the MacArthur Lock.
4-ehgott-5-10-14-dk.jpg (42918 bytes)
Edwin H. Gott upbound out of the Poe Lock.

Group Ocean tow - Ron Beaupre
1-ocean-10-05-2014-rfb.jpg (138549 bytes)
 Ocean Ross Gaudreault leads the two barge tow and Ocean Echo II down through Iroquois Lock.
2-ocean-10-05-2014-rfb.jpg (123823 bytes)
The tow is heading for Trois Rivieres after the Ocean Echo II hit a rock near Quebec Head, Wolfe Island a few days ago.
3-ocean-10-05-2014-rfb.jpg (141800 bytes)
Ocean Ross Gaudreault flies the Montreal Canadiens flag in support of the home team. Too bad they lost to Boston last night.
4-ocean-10-05-2014-rfb.jpg (122865 bytes)
Ocean Echo II was built at Port Weller as the Atlantic.
1-adfines-09-05-2014-rfb.jpg (106284 bytes)
Federal Satsuki glides by the Adfines Sea below Iroquois Lock.
2-adfines-09-05-2014-rfb.jpg (109253 bytes)
Beneath the present name can be seen the former name Osttank Norway.
3-adfines-09-05-2014-rfb.jpg (78884 bytes)
Stack and cabins detail.
4-adfines-09-05-2014-rfb.jpg (88716 bytes)
Adfines Sea sliding the wall into Iroquois Lock.

Buffalo - Brian W.
1-Luedtke-5-7-14-BRW.jpg (137643 bytes)
Dredge equipment in Buffalo. The tugs Paul L Luedtke, Krista S., the pump barge Lucile T, & a few dump scows can be seen all tied up at the Cargil Pool Elevator Pier on the Outer Harbor.
2-Luedtke-5-7-14-BRW.jpg (134783 bytes)
The Paul L. & her little motor boat assistant are rafted to a scow. The smaller boat zips around the larger ones and can assist with maneuvering barges by acting like a bow thruster when they are in tight quarters.
3-English-River-5-7-14-BRW.jpg (103684 bytes)
The cement carrier English River was quietly unloading at LaFarge on the Buffalo River while the sun burned off the last of the morning fog. She came in the pervious evening & was due to depart later that day.
4-English-River-5-7-14-BRW.jpg (130480 bytes)
A protective momma goose keeps her little ones on the move along the bank for an outing on this beautiful Mother's Day.
5-Jamestown-5-7-14-BRW.jpg (207225 bytes)
Here's a scene from the National Train Day celebration at the Jamestown, NY Erie R.R. station featuring Western New York & Pennsylvania locos, the Viscose #6 steamer, some historic rail cars, & vehicles.

Detroit Saturday - Tom Hynes
1-JeffersonStBridge-5-10-14-th.jpg (216488 bytes)
Repairs have not yet started on the Jefferson Street bascule bridge, a year after it closed in front of the Herbert C. Jackson. An engineering contract to design the repairs was recently contracted out and the county hopes to have the  bridge open to highway traffic by the end of 2015.
2-USSSteel-5-10-14-th.jpg (108326 bytes)
Repairs underway for the downcomer for the basic oxygen furnaces at USS Steel Ecorse. The downcomer is a flue carrying hot (1000 degree Celsius) gas from the top of the basic oxygen furnace down to exhaust gas filters near ground level.
3-USSSteel-5-1014-th.jpg (44970 bytes)
Crane lifting a section of the new downcomer into place.  It appeared the cranes had to wait until evening to make this lift due to high winds earlier.
4-Alert-5-10-14-th.jpg (79401 bytes)
Salty Alert heading to the Ojibway anchorage.
5-MississagiMailboat-5-10-14-th.jpg (341537 bytes)
Spring has arrived when the Mailboat is back in service.
6-MississagiMailboat-5-10-14-th.jpg (139494 bytes)
Crew of the Mississagi checking their incoming mail.
7-MississagiMailboat-5-10-14-th.jpg (113060 bytes)
JW Wescott II pulling away from the Mississagi.
8-Stormont-5-10-14-th.jpg (142170 bytes)
Tug Stormont docked in Windsor (Ojibway).  Currently assigned to the Detroit-Windsor truck ferry.
9-PereMarquette10on5-10-14-th.jpg (113442 bytes)
Former railroad ferry Pere Marquette 10 in the Morterm Slip, Windsor.
10-ZugIslandBridgeCranes-5-10-14-th.jpg (82170 bytes)
Silhouette of bridge cranes on Zug Island.  The blast furnaces appear to be in hot idle while repairs are being made to the basic oxygen furnaces down in Ecorse.
11-SichemDefience-5-10-14-th.jpg (88913 bytes)
Sichem Defiance downbound in the evening sun.

Detroit River Mail Boat Saturday - Boatnerd Staff
DSCN0387.jpg (346679 bytes)
Frontenac downbound.
DSCN0391.jpg (177081 bytes)
Mississagi downbound
DSCN0393.jpg (126332 bytes) DSCN0395.jpg (288256 bytes)
Saltie Alert in the Ojibway Anchorage
DSCN0414.jpg (260723 bytes)
Along side for a pilot change.
DSCN0419.jpg (199772 bytes)
Capt. Joel Hepola instructing
DSCN0413.jpg (417731 bytes) DSCN0426.jpg (391828 bytes) DSCN0428.jpg (72419 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson downbound
DSCN0423.jpg (172075 bytes)
Sichem Defiance downbound for a pilot change.
DSCN0424.jpg (248437 bytes) DSCN0438.jpg (119991 bytes)
Nightfall on the river
DSCN0456.jpg (117526 bytes) DSCN0434.jpg (64603 bytes)
Moon rise over the station.

Recent Welland Canal - Paul Beesley
1-mrsc-5-07-14-pb.jpg (229271 bytes)
Pilot Boat Mrs C outbound from Port Weller to Lake Ontario.
2-rad-5-07-14-pb.jpg (129178 bytes)
CCGS Pierre Radisson below Lock 1 on her way home to Quebec City after a long winter battling ice.  She started work in December and has been busy the entire winter.  In this photo you can see the damage done to her flight deck in March while digging a ship off a lee shore in the Gulf of St Lawrence.
3-sidef-5-07-14-pb.jpg (97697 bytes)
Sichem Defiance above Lock 2.
4-jandes-5-07-14-pb.jpg (117236 bytes)
Jana Desgagnes above Lock 1.
5-pine-5-07-14-pb.jpg (127866 bytes)
Downbound Pineglen passing the unbound Atlantic Erie below Lock 2.
6-wood-5-07-14-pb.jpg (92993 bytes)
Algowood also below Lock 2 with the Atlantic Erie entering the lock in the background.
7-vlie-5-08-14-pb.jpg (92746 bytes)
Dreadnought-type bow on the Vlieborg.
8-fedsak-5-08-14-pb.jpg (102498 bytes)
 Federal Satsuki approaching Lock 1.
9-spir-5-08-14-pb.jpg (105489 bytes)
 Followed by the Algoma Spirit.
10-kl-5-08-14-pb.jpg (110373 bytes)
Kathy Lynn, pushing two barges, below Lock 2.
11-man-5-08-14-pb.jpg (69904 bytes)
Manitoba showing some of her Voyageur blue.
12-mied-5-09-14-pb.jpg (108087 bytes)
Miedwie above Lock 1.
13-chj-5-09-14-pb.jpg (75431 bytes)
Capt Henry Jackman also above Lock 1.
14-sar-5-09-14-pb.jpg (84510 bytes)
Algosar loaded to her marks above Lock 1.  Port Weller shipyard in background.  Lots of equipment lined up there for auction on Monday.

New USCG fast response boat - USCG
140508-G-ZZ999-002.jpg (93246 bytes)
A boat crew aboard a new 45-foot response boat maneuvers the boat near the St. Joseph, Mich., Lighthouse as the crew of Coast Guard Station St. Joseph accepts the new platform.
140508-G-ZZ999-001.jpg (74625 bytes)      


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