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May 15 - 19, 2014

Soo Traffic - David Kaye
1-chenryjackman-5-18-14-dk.jpg (122049 bytes)
Capt. Henry Jackman upbound at the West Pier.
2-stclair-5-18-14-dk.jpg (170984 bytes)
St. Clair downbound for the Poe Lock.
3-amandwerson-5-18-14-dk.jpg (88877 bytes)
Arthur M Anderson upbound leaving the Poe Lock.
4-thunderbay-5-18-14-dk.jpg (77482 bytes)
Thunder Bay upbound entering the Poe Lock.
5-prtregurtha-5-18-14-dk.jpg (62460 bytes)
Paul R Tregurtha downbound off the West Pier.
6-acentury-5-18-14-dk.jpg (104312 bytes)
American Century upbound at the International Bridge.
7-mesabiminer-5-18-14-dk.jpg (79873 bytes)
Mesabi Miner upbound leaving the Poe Lock.
8-cjcallaway-5-18-14-dk.jpg (117095 bytes)
Cason J Callaway downbound at the International Bridge.

 M/Y Kathleen Windridge Upbound Lock 7 for Chicago 
Kathleen-Windridge-009.jpg (41760 bytes)
She is 141.6’ x 19.6’
Kathleen-Windridge-003.jpg (18234 bytes)      

Ina below Lock 1, Welland Canal, May 17
- Skip Gillham
Ina---Pt.W---May-17-14-(2).jpg (112125 bytes)        

Salties and a Fireboat on the Welland Canal
- Ian Baker
fireboat3-5-15-14-(1).jpg (173058 bytes)
Port of Houston. Fireboat 3. Upbound Above Lock 1.
fireboat3-5-15-14-(2).jpg (118288 bytes) img_0738.jpg (91410 bytes)
MCT Stockhorn  Upbound Above Lock 1
img_0747.jpg (87528 bytes) img_0755.jpg (72098 bytes)
MCT Breithorn  Upbound Above Lock 1. 
img_0758.jpg (84914 bytes) img_07741.jpg (96793 bytes)
Zealand Delilah Downbound Below Lock 1.  
img_0780.jpg (78728 bytes)    

- Bob Vincent
1-ThunderBay-5-16-14-bv.jpg (122619 bytes)
Thunder Bay unload onto Live Pad at Torco
2-ThunderBAy-5-16-14-bv.jpg (110813 bytes)
Closer look of Thunder Bay
3-ThunderBay-5-16-14-bv.jpg (166871 bytes)
Boom and the pile on the Live Pad
4-TorcoLoadOutTower-5-16-14-bv.jpg (140713 bytes)
Torco's Load Out Tower loading the rail car
5-Ashtabula-5-16-14-bv.jpg (116359 bytes)
Ashtabula waiting for transit coal at CSX
6-Defiance-5-16-14-bv.jpg (104403 bytes)
Look at the tug Defiance in the notch

Algoma Equinox at Richardson Terminal on her first trip to Thunder Bay - John Kuzma
IMG_1448.jpg (90789 bytes) IMG_1437.jpg (85766 bytes) IMG_1439.jpg (74252 bytes)    

Redhead in the Kiel Canal in Germany on May 16 -  Chris Rombouts, Netherlands
1-Redhead-16-5-14-cr.jpg (193614 bytes) 2-Redhead-16-5-14-cr.jpg (194690 bytes)      

5/15 Mississagi coming into to Alpena to unload salt
- Ben & Chanda McClain
Missi-5-14-14-BCM-01.jpg (194894 bytes) Missi-5-14-14-BCM-02.jpg (98634 bytes) Missi-5-14-14-BCM-03.jpg (195482 bytes) Missi-5-14-14-BCM-04.jpg (230519 bytes)  

American Courage departing the fuel dock on the Detroit River
- Mark Bergel
MV-American-Courage-1.jpg (193979 bytes) MV-American-Courage-departing-fuel-dock-in-Detroit.jpg (95310 bytes)      

Manitowoc  in Holland -
Bill Van Appledorn
101_1881.jpg (140026 bytes)
Manitowoc unloading stone at Verplank's dock.
101_1893.jpg (88240 bytes)
52 ft. Tierra being trailer launched, Manitowoc in background.
101_1898.jpg (104638 bytes)
Manitowoc leaving Holland.
101_1902.jpg (145854 bytes)
Passing Big Red lighthouse.

Salties in Canal May 15 -  Ian Baker
img_0652.jpg (80407 bytes)
Drawsko Downbound Above Lock 1. 
img_0663.jpg (77933 bytes) img_0665.jpg (89628 bytes)
Diana Downbound Below Lock 2.
img_0672.jpg (67384 bytes) img_0677.jpg (87830 bytes)

Welland Canal traffic on Sunday between Lock 1 and Lock 3 Doug Hyatt
jonjcarrick-5-11-14-dh.jpg (134591 bytes)
The tug Victorious and the barge John J. Carrick downbound entering Lock 1 with a load of bunker.
carrickpipes-5-11-14-dh.jpg (238011 bytes) victorious1-5-11-14-dh.jpg (354076 bytes) victorious2-5-11-14-dh.jpg (197959 bytes) algolake1-5-11-14-dh.jpg (110123 bytes)
Algolake  downbound approaching Lock 2.
algolake2-5-11-14-dh.jpg (311055 bytes)
Good day for all hands to get some fresh air.
nadro1-5-11-14-dh.jpg (174378 bytes)
Nadro Marine tug Lac Manitoba with spud barge leaving Lock 1, heading upbound.
nadro2-5-11-15-dh.jpg (147514 bytes)    

Olive L. Moore and Lewis J. Kuber tied up at Bay City Wirt Todd Shorkey
1-olmoore-5-14-14-ts.jpg (95906 bytes)        


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