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May 21 - 23, 2014

5/23 Algoma Transfer scrap tow - Wade P. Streeter and David R. Michelson
AlgoTransScrap1(5-22-2014)wps.jpg (149094 bytes) AlgoTransScrap5(5-22-2014)wps.jpg (167938 bytes) AlgoTransScrap2(5-22-2014)wps.jpg (159208 bytes) LeonardM1(5-22-2014)wpss.jpg (135703 bytes) PilotLeonardM(5-22-2014)wps.jpg (129666 bytes)
Superior1(5-22-2014)wps.jpg (136303 bytes) AlgoTransScrap4(5-22-2014)wps.jpg (131065 bytes)      

5/21 Point Edward/Sarnia - Marc Dease
1-mani-4-23-14-md.jpg (65696 bytes)
 Manitoba waiting out the ice in April at the Government Dock in Sarnia.
2-man-5-4-14-md.jpg (83346 bytes)
 Manitowoc downbound at 1 & 2.
3-ihar-5-11-14-md.jpg (79398 bytes)
Indian Harbor making the turn at 1 & 2.
4-lat-5-11-14-md.jpg (82338 bytes)
Lee A. Tregurtha below 1 & 2.
5-sag-5-16-14-md.jpg (106560 bytes)
Saginaw taking on a load at the elevator.
6-pres-5-17-14-md.jpg (99266 bytes)
Presque Isle below 1 & 2.
7-chj-5-17-14-md.jpg (109120 bytes)
Capt. Henry Jackman heading upbound after departing the north slip.
8-tec-5-17-14-a-md.jpg (76794 bytes)
Tecumseh downbound at 1 & 2.
9-tec-5-17-14-b-md.jpg (101820 bytes)
Below 1 & 2.
10-eqin-5-18-14-md.jpg (92116 bytes)
Algoma Equniox below 1 & 2.

St. Clair River at Marine City Tuesday afternoon - Don Detloff
1-bristol-20may14-djd.jpg (89449 bytes)
USCGC Bristol Bay (WTGB 102) & CGB 12001
2-navig-20may14-djd.jpg (87557 bytes)
Algoma Navigator

Saginaw in the original channel of the Rouge River loading coke from Zug Island - Ken Borg
IMG_4911.jpg (117984 bytes)        

Seaway - Carl Burkett
photo1.jpg (116717 bytes) photo2.jpg (77550 bytes) photo3.jpg (98981 bytes) photo5.jpg (113076 bytes) photo7.jpg (141074 bytes)
Federal Yukina enters Iroquois Lock.
photo6.jpg (115677 bytes) photo-11.jpg (100428 bytes) photo-21.jpg (169613 bytes) adfinessea5-19-14-(2).jpg (72053 bytes)
Adfines Sea
adfinessea5-19-14-(1).jpg (228009 bytes)
photo4.jpg (122593 bytes)        

Sunday at the Welland Canal - Bill Bird
1-Algosteel-05-18-14-a-bb.jpg (133897 bytes)
 Algosteel departing Lock 2 (108262 bytes) 3-Algosteel-05-18-14-c-bb.jpg (69715 bytes)
headed to the wall above Lock 1 on her way to Hamilton.
4-WhitefishBay-05-18-14-a-bb.jpg (153673 bytes)
Whitefish Bay squeezing her way out of the flight locks
5-WhitefishBay-05-18-14-b-bb.jpg (81585 bytes)
approaching Glendale Avenue bridge
6-WhitefishBay-05-18-14-c-bb.jpg (90638 bytes)
bound for Quebec
7-Mapleglen-05-18-14-a-bb.jpg (92766 bytes)
Mapleglen at Thorold on her way to Montreal
8-Mapleglen-05-18-14-b-bb.jpg (90941 bytes) 9-AdfinesSea-05-18-14-a-bb.jpg (112187 bytes)
Tanker Adfines Sea at old bridge 10 bound for Belgium
10-AdfinesSea-5-18-14-b-bb.jpg (88381 bytes)
11-Tecumseh-05-18-14-a-bb.jpg (86468 bytes)
Tecumseh at Allanburg. Destination Port Cartier
12-Tecumsh-05-18-14-b-bb.jpg (111831 bytes)      

Saginaw River - Todd Sorkey
1-olmoore-5-18-14-ts.jpg (75461 bytes)
Olive L. Moore - Lewis J. Kuber at Bay City Wirt
2-olmoore-5-18-14-ts.jpg (61371 bytes)
Another view

Detroit and Rouge Rivers - Mike Nicholls
1ALGOMAEQUNIOXb04051714mn.jpg (79782 bytes)
Algoma Equinox downbound passing Detroit.
2ALGOMAEQUNIOXs05051714mn.jpg (110951 bytes) 1MCTBREITHORNb08051614mn.jpg (80580 bytes)
MCT Breithorn
2MCTBREITHORNs09051614mn.jpg (81577 bytes) 3MCTSTOCKHORNb12051614mn.jpg (85400 bytes)
MCT Stockhorn
4MCTSTOCKHORNs14051614mn.jpg (91652 bytes) GREATREPUBLICb02051514mn.jpg (54781 bytes)
Great Republic backing into the Rouge bound for Carmeuse Lime.

Holland, Mich. - Bill Van Appledorn
101_1903.jpg (90602 bytes)
Undaunted and barge PM 41 with load of scrap iron from the  Padnos Terminal
101_1914.jpg (128029 bytes)
 Exiting Holland past Big Red lighthouse

Bluewing in the Kiel Canal in Germany May 19 -  Chris Rombouts, Netherlands
1-bluewing-19-5-14-cr.jpg (171099 bytes) 2-bluewing-19-5-14-cr.jpg (482191 bytes) 3-bluewing-19-5-14-cr.jpg (189890 bytes)    

Welland Canal - Paul Beesley
1-helles-5-11-14-pb.jpg (77551 bytes)
 Hellespont Crusader just below Lock 2.
2-naka-5-11-14-pb.jpg (104714 bytes)
Federal Nakagawa glides toward Lock 1.
3-pf-5-11-14-pb.jpg (103283 bytes)
 Funnel on the Petite Forte.  G.L.I.T.S., Burlington, Ontario.
4-maple-5-11-14-pb.jpg (124769 bytes)
 Bow of the Mapleglen.  The former name, Federal Maas, can still be seen.
5-equin-5-11-14-pb.jpg (74650 bytes)
Algoma Equinox below Lock 2.
6-equin-5-11-14-pb.jpg (107454 bytes)
Equinox glides towards Lock 1.
7-lake-5-11-14-pb.jpg (119684 bytes)
Bow of the Algolake as she passed on her way to Lock 1.
8-vict-5-11-14-pb.jpg (142927 bytes)
Victorious pushing the John J Carrick below Lock 2.
9-lacman-5-11-14-pb.jpg (104647 bytes)
Lac Manitoba upbound toward Lock 2 with a rather large crane.

Detroit River weekend from the tour boat Friendship and Mail Boat J.W. Westcott II
DSCN0464.jpg (77052 bytes)
Algocanada off Windsor waiting for the Sterling Fuel Dock Friday.
DSCN0463.jpg (111794 bytes) DSCN0466.jpg (89233 bytes)
Baie Comeau at Sterling Fuel.
DSCN0468.jpg (94773 bytes) DSCN0474.jpg (105923 bytes)
Upbound on a 3 hour tour from the Portofino Restaurant in Wyandotte to Detroit and back.
DSCN0475.jpg (159725 bytes)
Westcott Company & Fireboat dock below the Ambassador Bridge.
DSCN0479.jpg (144372 bytes)
J.W. Westcott II coming out to meet us.
DSCN0480.jpg (127308 bytes)
Capt. Joel Hepola.
DSCN0484.jpg (134418 bytes) DSCN0483.jpg (129138 bytes)
Along side.
DSCN0485.jpg (206162 bytes) DSCN0490.jpg (83920 bytes)
Integrity downbound for their Detroit dock.
DSCN0495.jpg (81643 bytes) DSCN0492.jpg (105880 bytes)
Federal Rhine passing the Detroit Princess off Belle Isle.
DSCN0497.jpg (97210 bytes)
DSCN0506.jpg (110115 bytes)
Baie Comeau has cleared the fuel dock.
DSCN0509.jpg (74145 bytes)
Algocanada eases to the dock.
DSCN0499.jpg (106419 bytes)
Baie Comeau allowed the Federal Rhine to pass...
DSCN0510.jpg (138388 bytes)
and then turning for the ADM dock in Windsor.
DSCN0512.jpg (141351 bytes)
Saturday morning the Alpena downbound.
DSCN0515.jpg (117665 bytes)
Flying the
Gadsden Flag
DSCN0516.jpg (101863 bytes)
Stern view.
DSCN0517.jpg (120394 bytes)
Along side the barge Joseph H. Thompson.
DSCN0522.jpg (62164 bytes)
Along side the Ina for a pilot change.
DSCN0524.jpg (88634 bytes)
Boarding ladder.
DSCN0528.jpg (37863 bytes)
Nice sunny day.
DSCN0533.jpg (131529 bytes) DSCN0532.jpg (87806 bytes)
Crew out for pictures of Detroit and Windsor.
DSCN0536.jpg (66880 bytes)
Under the Ambassador Bridge.
DSCN0535.jpg (124090 bytes)
Pilot change compete we head for the dock.
DSCN0542.jpg (145734 bytes) DSCN0539.jpg (125725 bytes) DSCN0550.jpg (150505 bytes)
State of Michigan upbound.
DSCN0555.jpg (98662 bytes) DSCN0558.jpg (142310 bytes)
Baie St. Paul downbound.
DSCN0560.jpg (115090 bytes) DSCN0559.jpg (122189 bytes) DSCN0562.jpg (114529 bytes) DSCN0563.jpg (119893 bytes)
Tug Leonard M. and barge Huron Spirit.
DSCN0565.jpg (145179 bytes)
DSCN0569.jpg (170059 bytes)
Quiet evening on the dock.
DSCN0571.jpg (185718 bytes)
Tilley the Mail Boat cat working (knocking things off tables and chewing on papers).
DSCN0575.jpg (101857 bytes)
New parents.
DSCN0576.jpg (103813 bytes)
Algoma Equinox downbound.
DSCN0582.jpg (95842 bytes)
DSCN0583.jpg (118540 bytes) DSCN0585.jpg (107699 bytes) DSCN0592.jpg (109296 bytes) DSCN0594.jpg (113339 bytes)
Hon. James L. Oberstar upbound.
DSCN0598.jpg (92938 bytes)
DSCN0597.jpg (72395 bytes) DSCN0603.jpg (123113 bytes) DSCN0607.jpg (96608 bytes) DSCN0609.jpg (151459 bytes) DSCN0616.jpg (88949 bytes)
Saginaw turning into the Rouge.
DSCN0617.jpg (147260 bytes)
Karen Andrie and barge Endeavour upbound.
DSCN0618.jpg (197210 bytes) DSCN0614.jpg (140604 bytes) DSCN0619.jpg (160075 bytes) DSCN0620.jpg (111607 bytes)
DSCN0624.jpg (171964 bytes) DSCN0635.jpg (102618 bytes)
American Courage downbound followed by the Cuyahoga.
DSCN0640.jpg (125563 bytes) DSCN0641.jpg (86125 bytes) DSCN0647.jpg (138065 bytes)
DSCN0648.jpg (88044 bytes) DSCN0649.jpg (211737 bytes) DSCN0650.jpg (178781 bytes) DSCN0653.jpg (145215 bytes)
Cuyahoga passing.
DSCN0657.jpg (133920 bytes)
DSCN0658.jpg (160742 bytes) DSCN0665.jpg (114887 bytes)      


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