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May 25, 2014

Algoma Transfer tow arrives in Port Colborne Saturday afternoon Bill Bird
1-AlgomaTransfertow-05-24-14-a-bb.jpg (65018 bytes)
Algoma Transfer tow entering Port Colborne harbour and nearing Wharf 17 where it is tied up for the time being. Most tows for IMS from Lake Erie come in stern first, but not this one.
2-AlgomaTransfertow-05-24-14-b-bb.jpg (109849 bytes)
Tug Leonard M is lead tug. 
3-AlgomaTransfertow-05-24-14-c-bb.jpg (127739 bytes) 4-AlgomaTransfertow-05-24-15-d-bb.jpg (111039 bytes) 5-AlgomaTransfer-05-24-14-a-bb.jpg (95607 bytes)
Algoma Transfer closeup 
6-AlgomaTransfertow-05-24-14-e-bb.jpg (102416 bytes)
secured at Wharf 17  
7-Vac&Seahound-05-24-14-a-bb.jpg (142293 bytes)
tugs Vac and Seahound on the stern 
8-AlgomaTransferjook-05-24-14-a-bb.jpg (142367 bytes)
tow complete tug crew begins the unhooking from Algoma Transfer 
9-LeonardMAlgomaTransfer-05-24-14-a-bb.jpg (129775 bytes)
while Algoma Transfer is being winched a bit south, Leonard M makes sure she doesn't get away from the wall. 
10-LeonardM-05-24-14-a-bb.jpg (102173 bytes)
job complete Leonard M ties up north of tow to be fuelled by tanker truck 
11-FederalShimantoLeonardMAlgomaTransfer-05-24-14-a-bb.jpg (104239 bytes)
another view from near Bridge 21 with Federal Shimanto getting ready to leave Wharf 16. 
12-AlgomaQuebecois-05-24-14-a-bb.jpg (81420 bytes)
Before the tow came in I took shots of Algoma Quebecois which is now missing its aft superstructure. 
13-AlgomaQuebecoissuperstructure-05-24-14-a-bb.jpg (131101 bytes)
part of superstructure  
14-AlgomaQuebecoisstack-05-24-14-a-bb.jpg (171338 bytes)

Algoma Transfer tow - Nathan Attard
image10.jpg (67823 bytes) image8.jpg (127203 bytes) image9.jpg (132510 bytes) image11.jpg (118985 bytes)  
Thunder Bay - John Kuzma
IMG_1504.jpg (121751 bytes) IMG_1489.jpg (120047 bytes) IMG_1509.jpg (113560 bytes) IMG_1471.jpg (39392 bytes) IMG_1475.jpg (69244 bytes)
IMG_1462.jpg (92080 bytes) IMG_1469.jpg (103518 bytes)      

Soo - Roger LeLievre
Vancouverborg-5-19-14rl.jpg (189880 bytes) Alder-5-17-14rl.jpg (161277 bytes) Algoma-Equinox-stern-5-17-14rl.jpg (164193 bytes) AmerCourage-5-17-14rl.jpg (152244 bytes) Algoma-Equinox-5-17-14rl.jpg (101654 bytes)
Apollon-5-13-14RL.jpg (133352 bytes) Apollon-5-13-14RL2.jpg (135893 bytes) Boland,-JJ-5-19-14rl.jpg (129853 bytes) Federal-Margaree-5-19-14rl.jpg (174968 bytes) Three-Rivers-5-16-14rl.jpg (160396 bytes)
Federal-Margaree-stern-5-19-14rl.jpg (166512 bytes) Labrador-5-19-14rl.jpg (153748 bytes) Olza-5-16-14rl.jpg (166091 bytes) Tecumseh-5-16-14rl.jpg (175832 bytes) Manitoba-5-21-14rl.jpg (163124 bytes)
BBC-Celina-5-19-14rl.jpg (189564 bytes)        

Bradshaw McKee's new pilot house - Mitch Custer
Tug-McKee-and-new-Singage-(3-of-29).jpg (110991 bytes)
Raised pilot house to push the cement barge St. Marys Challenger.
Tug-McKee-and-new-Singage-(4-of-29).jpg (119121 bytes) Tug-McKee-and-new-Singage-(6-of-29).jpg (95065 bytes) Tug-McKee-and-new-Singage-(8-of-29).jpg (114783 bytes) Tug-McKee-and-new-Singage-(13-of-29).jpg (142350 bytes)

Tug Huron Service and Barge Energy 6506 at Cleveland with new paint scheme - Rich Nicholls
1-Energy-6506-5-24-14-rn.jpg (133881 bytes) 2-Energy-6506-5-34-14-rn.jpg (205102 bytes)      

Lake Huron anchorage above Port Huron - Terry McCullough
1-Alert-5-19-04-TM.jpg (135416 bytes)
2-Federal-Saguenay-5-19-04-TM.jpg (169592 bytes)
Federal Saguenay
3-Ina-5-19-04-TM.jpg (151752 bytes)
4-Iryda-5-19-04-TM.jpg (169564 bytes)
5-MCT-Stockhorn-5-19-04-TM.jpg (147462 bytes)
MCT Stockhorn
6-Pilica-5-19-04-TM.jpg (145088 bytes)
Pilica at Lake Huron anchorage.
7-Virginiaborg-5-19-04-TM.jpg (151980 bytes)
8-Wicko-5-19-04-TM.jpg (172458 bytes)
9-Kaministiqua-5-19-04-TM.jpg (122138 bytes)
Kaministiqua downbound on Lake Huron.
10-Orsula-5-19-04-TM.jpg (154815 bytes)
Orsula upbound in the St Clair River.
11-Manistee-5-19-04-TM.jpg (136525 bytes)
Manistee upbound in the St Clair River.
12-Presque-Isle-5-19-04-TM.jpg (109324 bytes)
Presque Isle upbound in the St Clair River.
13-Kaministiqua-5-19-04-TM.jpg (153440 bytes)
Kaministiqua bow wave.

Saginaw River- Todd Shorkey
1-manitou-5-21-14-ts.jpg (96102 bytes)
 Manitou at the Lafarge dock in Essexville
1-champlain-5-23-14-ts.jpg (87579 bytes)
Samuel de Champlain - Innovation headed for the Essexville Turning Basin.
2-champlain-5-23-14-ts.jpg (93872 bytes)
Tug Manitou off her stern.
3-champlain-5-23-14-ts.jpg (106130 bytes)
Nosing up and getting ready to push.
4-manitou-5-23-14-ts.jpg (172051 bytes)
Pouring on the power.
5-manitou-5-23-14-ts.jpg (99857 bytes)
Stern of the de Champlain.
6-manitou-5-23-14-ts.jpg (107108 bytes)
Manitou approaching the Olive L. Moore in the Airport Turning Basin.
7-manitou-5-23-14-ts.jpg (130800 bytes)
Manitou pushing against the Olive L. Moore
8-manitou-5-23-14-ts.jpg (100025 bytes)
Another view
9-manitou-5-23-14-ts.jpg (122794 bytes)
 Manitou - Olive L.
10-manitou-5-23-14-ts.jpg (126843 bytes)
Prop wash from the Olive L. Moore
11-moore-5-23-14-ts.jpg (101677 bytes)
Olive L. Moore - Lewis J. Kuber turned and headed out for the lake
12-manitou-5-23-14-ts.jpg (108915 bytes)
 Manitou leaving the Lafarge dock in Essexville and headed back home
13-manitou-5-23-14-ts.jpg (137029 bytes)
Stern view

Kaye E. Barker at the Soo - Jim Hoffman (Soo)
1-kay baker 5.24.14 jh.jpg (1925788 bytes)        

Welland Canal - Paul Beesley
1-marin-5-15-14-pb.jpg (112461 bytes)
Frontenac down toward Lock 1.
2-stock-5-15-14-pb.jpg (101970 bytes)
MCT Stockhorn, one of two MCT tankers upbound on this day.
3-front-5-15-14-pb.jpg (101311 bytes)
Frontenac downbound toward Lock 1.
4-breit-5-15-14-pb.jpg (98482 bytes)
MCT Breithorn, the second MCT tanker.  Both registered in land-locked Switzerland.
5-zeal-5-15-14-pb.jpg (91419 bytes)
 Zealand Delilah below Lock 2.
6-tb-5-15-14-pb.jpg (115465 bytes)
Front end of the Thunder Bay.
7-tb-5-15-14-pb.jpg (125819 bytes)
Back end of Thunder Bay, now without a lifeboat

Historical Perspectives - American Fortitude - Brian W.
americanfortitude-(3).jpg (97636 bytes) algomatransfer-(1).jpg (56271 bytes) americanfortitude-(2).jpg (93344 bytes) americanfortitude-(4).jpg (89134 bytes) americanfortitude-(1).jpg (141772 bytes)

Historical Perspectives - Algoma Transfer - Brian W.
algomatransfer-(2).jpg (89390 bytes) algomatransfer-(3).jpg (85382 bytes) algomatransfer-(4).jpg (86008 bytes)    

Historical Perspectives- Bethlehem - Fredric Marineau
ship-Bethlehem-at-Mission-Point.1930s-(pc).jpg (54324 bytes)
Bethlehem around 1940.appeears to be at Mission Point.


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