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May 28, 2014

Federal Kivalina stopped in the St. Lawrence Seaway Tuesday - USCG
 1366507.jpg (68334 bytes)
Federal Kivalina lost power during its transit and is anchored near the Thousand Island Bridge.
1366406.jpg (78400 bytes)      

Ships in Sturgeon Bay Saturday - Daniel Lindner 
1-Bliss-5-24-14-dl.jpg.jpg (144441 bytes)
Palmer Johnson's new 170 foot yacht, Bliss, docked at CenterPointe Yacht Service.
2-Bliss-5-24-14-dl.jpg.jpg (184821 bytes)
Bliss is the second in the PJ 170 yacht class.
3-Bliss-5-24-14-dl.jpg.jpg (132745 bytes)
Stern view of the yacht.
4-Tugs-5-24-14-dl.jpg.jpg (100540 bytes)
A view of Sturgeon Bay's harbor tugs.
5-Bayshipyard-5-24-14-dl.jpg.jpg (104940 bytes)
Wide view of the ships in Sturgeon Bay.
6-Espeer&Aspirit-5-24-14-dl.jpg.jpg (89752 bytes)
American Spirit rafted to Edgar B. Speer next to the graving dock.
7-Espeer&Aspirit-5-24-14-dl.jpg.jpg (125544 bytes)
Edgar B. Speer and American Spirit from a different view.  You can see the tilt of the ships' decks because their forward ballast tanks are filled to raise the sterns for propeller work.
8-Aspirit-5-24-14-dl.jpg.jpg (86262 bytes)
American Spirit's accommodation block and stern, high out of the water.
9-Aspirit-5-24-14-dl.jpg.jpg (295150 bytes)
 Close up of work being done.  The port rudder has been removed for the shaft to be replaced.  The propeller blades are also being replaced.
10-Aspiritmarks-5-24-14-dl.jpg.jpg (357203 bytes)
Close up of American Spirit's draft marks amidships, showing that she is drawing 14 feet.
11-Aintegrity-5-24-14-dl.jpg.jpg (97166 bytes)
American Integrity in the large graving dock.
12-Smchallenger-5-24-14-dl.jpg.jpg (314754 bytes)
St. Marys Challenger in one of the slips, looking fresh and ready to go.
13-Smchallenger-5-24-14-dl.jpg.jpg (91454 bytes)
Close up of the new barge, showing the ship's notch.  If you look a little bit forward, you can see where modern welding meets the old hull plating of the barge.
14-Bmckee-5-24-14-dl.jpg.jpg (103385 bytes)
 Close up of the new tug, Bradshaw McKee.  She recently had her upper wheelhouse added for the purpose of pushing the Challenger.  The tug's former names, including Lady Elda on the starboard corner, can be seen on the hull.
15-Prclarke-5-24-14-dl.jpg.jpg (141639 bytes)
 Philip R. Clarke across the slip from St. Marys Challenger, still in winter layup.
16-Prclarke-5-24-14-dl.jpg.jpg (104440 bytes)
Close up of Philip R. Clarke.
17-Sikuliaq-5-24-14-dl.jpg.jpg (132616 bytes)
Sikuliaq, the Marinette-built research vessel that will be based out of Seward, Alaska, was also in port.
18-Sikuliaq-5-24-14-dl.jpg.jpg (142594 bytes)
Stern view of Sikuliaq.  Note the large red cranes on her stern deck.
19-Mobilebay-5-24-14-dl.jpg.jpg (125426 bytes)
The Bay class Coast Guard cutter Mobile Bay arrives, pushing her barge CGB 12002.
20-Mobilebay-5-24-14-dl.jpg.jpg (129687 bytes)
Mobile Bay passes the shipyard on her way to her home dock.
21-Mobilebay-5-24-14-dl.jpg.jpg (120145 bytes)
Mobile Bay passes under the Michigan Street Bridge.
22-Mobilebay-5-24-14-dl.jpg.jpg (150107 bytes)
Passing under both the Michigan Street and Oregon Street Bridges on her way to dock.
23-Prc&Smchallenger-5-24-14-dl.jpg.jpg (107239 bytes)
Later Saturday evening, a shot of the slip where Philip R. Clarke and St. Marys Challenger/Bradshaw McKee are docked.
24-Prclarke-5-24-14-dl.jpg.jpg (98208 bytes)
Close up of Philip R. Clarke.
25-Sikuliaq-5-24-14-dl.jpg.jpg (95323 bytes)
Evening shot of Sikuliaq at her dock.
26-Aspirit-5-24-14-dl.jpg.jpg (112972 bytes)
Wide view of American Spirit next to Edgar B. Speer as the sun sets behind the ships.
27-Footersrow-5-24-14-dl.jpg.jpg (112816 bytes)
A view of the "Footers Row."
28-Allships-5-24-14-dl.jpg.jpg (96755 bytes)
 A final view of the ships in port.

Manitowoc down the Wyandotte Channel of the Detroit River Sunday - Kenneth Borg
manitowoc-5-25-14.jpg (99506 bytes)
With a load of coal for the Detroit Edison Trenton Channel Power Plant in Trenton, MI
The G-Tugs Superior and Idaho went with her to Trenton to assist her.

 St. Clair River at Algonac State Park on Sunday - Don Detloff
1-saginaw-25may14-djd.jpg (75285 bytes)
2-state-25may14-djd.jpg (82993 bytes)
State of Michigan
3-state-25may14-djd.jpg (86153 bytes)    

Detroit Traffic - Mike Nicholls
1INFINITYb02052614mn.jpg (141843 bytes)
Infinity downbound off Harbor Hill Marina.
2INFINITYs04052614mn.jpg (115379 bytes) 3BLOUGHROGERb06052614mn.jpg (91929 bytes)
Roger Blough upbound off Belle Isle.
4BLOUGHROGERs08052614mn.jpg (75506 bytes) 8BOOTHEKENSRb12052614mn.jpg (77832 bytes)
Tug Ken Boothe Sr. and Lakes Contender upbound off Windsor.
7BOOTHEKENSRs14052614mn.jpg (86222 bytes) 9JACKMANHENRYCAPTs17052614mn.jpg (93367 bytes)
Capt Henry Jackman upbound off Windsor for Goderich.
10BBCCELINAb18052614mn.jpg (91772 bytes)
 BBC Celina downbound off Windsor bound for Liverpool.
11BBCCELINAs19052614mn.jpg (96556 bytes) 1WHITEFISHBAYb06052414mn.jpg (70667 bytes)
Whitefish Bay loading salt for Quebec City at Ojibway Salt in Windsor.
2WHITEFISHBAYs09052414mn.jpg (95989 bytes) 3ZIEMIALODZKAb12052414mn.jpg (96281 bytes)
Ziemia Lodzka (Liberia) downbound off Fort Wayne bound for Turkey wit grain.
4ZIEMIALODZKAs14052414mn.jpg (87352 bytes) 5ALGOWOODb17052414mn.jpg (75365 bytes)
Algowood at Sterling Fuel in Windsor.
1KUBERJAMESLb04052114mn.jpg (80390 bytes)
James L Kuber upbound off Windsor, ON.
2KUBERJAMESLs09052114mn.jpg (95308 bytes) 3VICTORYs07052114mn.jpg (137685 bytes)
Tug Victory.
5WESTCOTTJWIIb11052114mn.jpg (165942 bytes)
J W Wescott II delivering mail to the Diamond Queen.
1MERLINb01052114mn.jpg (130336 bytes)
Canadian Hydrographic boat Merlin, upbound at Belle Isle Coast Guard Station.
1HELLESPONTCRUSADERb16050714mn.jpg (102445 bytes)
Hellespont Crusader upbound at Ambassador Bridge May 5.
2HELLESPONTCRUSADERs17050714mn.jpg (90628 bytes)        

Soo Traffic - David Kaye
1-algolake-5-26-14-dk.jpg (97400 bytes)
 Algolake in the MacArthur Lock.
2-ltregurtha-5-26-14-dk.jpg (46295 bytes)
Lee A Tregurtha upbound at the West Pier.
3-presqueisle-5-26-14-dk.jpg (92192 bytes)
Presque Isle upbound at the the International Bridge.
4-algomspirit-5-26-14-dk.jpg (146921 bytes)
Algoma Spirit downbound at the International Bridge.
5-acentury-5-24-14-dk.jpg (89178 bytes)
American Century upbound out of the Poe Lock.
1-pmarquette-5-25-14-dk.jpg (83527 bytes)
Pere Marquette 41 upbound approaching Mission Point.
9-ehgott-5-25-14-dk.jpg (102668 bytes)
Vancouverborg and Edwin H Gott in the Locks.
10-iryda-5-25-14-dk.jpg (117826 bytes)
Iryda downbound at the International Bridge.
4-kivalina-5-24-14-dk.jpg (109858 bytes)
Federal Kivalina at the West Pier.
6-bbccelina-5-24-14-dk.jpg (89073 bytes)
BBC Celina downbound for the MacArthur Lock.
7-acourage-5-24-14-dk.jpg (108171 bytes)
American Courage upbound at the Bridge.
8-kayebarker-5-24-14-dk.jpg (106108 bytes)
 Kaye E Barker downbound at the Bridge.
2-tadoussac-5-23-14-dk.jpg (86051 bytes)
CSL Tadoussac upbound out of the Locks.
3-margaree-5-23-14-dk.jpg (118700 bytes)
Federal Margaree downbound at the International Bridge.

Vancouverborg heading downbound on the St Marys River under the International Bridge - Jim Hoffman (Soo)
1-Vancouverborg-5-25-14-jh.jpg.jpg (100099 bytes) 2-Vancouverborg-5-25-14-jh.jpeg.jpg (85899 bytes)
A great day for the crew to do some sight seeing.
3-Vancouver-5-25-14-jh.jpg.jpg (241120 bytes) 4-Vancouver-5-25-14-jh.jpeg.jpg (327702 bytes) 5-Vancouver-5-25-14-jh.jpeg.jpg (87810 bytes)

Welland Canal traffic between Lock 1 and Lock 3 - Doug Hyatt
regalica1-5-22-14-dh.jpg (160417 bytes)
 The wind is up and the light is frequently changing. Regalica upbound leaving Lock 1.
regalica2-5-22-14-dh.jpg (203876 bytes)
Hatches on Regalica.
regalica3-5-22-14-dh.jpg (133506 bytes)
Crew getting some Ontario air.
meeting-5-22-14-dh.jpg (139014 bytes)
The meeting
sichemnewyork1-5-22-14-dh.jpg (139591 bytes)
Sichem New York downbound,  heading into Lock 1.
sichemnewyork2-5-22-14-dh.jpg (222131 bytes)
Sichem New York plumbing.
sichemnewyork3-5-22-14-dh.jpg (242219 bytes)
Sichem New York stern
jdleitch1-5-22-14-dh.jpg (294269 bytes)
John D. Leitch downbound, sliding into Lock 3. The flight locks are in the busy background.
jdleitch2-5-22-14-dh.jpg (260514 bytes)
John D. Leitch aft cabins.

Historical Perspective - Algoma /Canadian Transfer - Nathan Nietering
ULS-Canadian-Transfer-12-23-1998-nn-H.jpg (125833 bytes)
12-23-1998 - With paint still glossy, the "new" Canadian Transfer is only a few months into her first season of operation. The Transfer is pictured in the Rouge River unloading a timely salt cargo to the Morton Salt Dock in Detroit, for upcoming winter use.
ULS-Canadian-Transfer-12-23-1998-nn-V.jpg (307125 bytes)
Bow-on shot.
ULS-Canadian-Transfer-7-14-2007-nn-A.jpg (139713 bytes)
7-14-2007 - Nearly 10 years later, a G tug leads the Canadian Transfer stern first out of the Rouge River in the Short Cut Canal. Her prior Columbia ore red colors from her days at the Crispin Oglebay are now showing through the black bow paint.
ULS-Canadian-Transfer-7-14-07-nn-B.jpg (103221 bytes)
3/4 view
ULS-Canadian-Transfer-7-14-2007-nn-D.jpg (349339 bytes)
Bow view


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