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May 30, 2014

Sault Ste. Marie - Recent images - Roger LeLievre
Jumbo-Spirit-RL.jpg (165837 bytes) American-Century-RL.jpg (103239 bytes) American-Century-2-RL.jpg (134063 bytes) Valley-Camp-Paint-2-rl.jpg (166505 bytes)
Crews have been busy painting the museum ship Valley Camp. The stack and hull were being finished up this week.
Valley-Camp-Paint-1-rl.jpg (189918 bytes)
Cort,-SJ-5-27-14.jpg (163693 bytes) Tecumseh-Cort2-5-27-14rl.jpg (113035 bytes) Tecumseh-Cort-5-27-14.jpg (138422 bytes) Saginaw-5-28-14rl.jpg (227435 bytes) Speer,-Edgar-5-28-14rl.jpg (237823 bytes)
Speer,-Edgar-B2-5-28-14rl.jpg (109885 bytes) CSL-Laurentien-5-28-14rl.jpg (211288 bytes) Birchglen-Dool-5-28-14RL.jpg (148652 bytes) Mission-Signage-1.jpg (263469 bytes)
New signage at Rotary Park (Mission Point) tells the history of the area and even mentions the Boatnerds.

Mission-Signage-2.jpg (192316 bytes)

New Saltie - Rene Beauchamp
Fionia-Swan-(Mtl-29-5-2014)-RB.jpg (55711 bytes)
Fionia Swan anchored in Montreal on Thursday for Seaway inspection . Was expected to leave for Hamilton later during the day becoming the twelfth new saltie in the Seaway this year so far.

Federal Kivalina anchor and aground in the St. Lawrence Seaway - U.S. Coast Guard photo courtesy of Robert Fratangelo, Coast Guard Auxiliary
1369952.jpg (120130 bytes) 1369951.jpg (105458 bytes)      

Alpena, Mich. - Ben & Chanda McClain
Missig-5-25-14-BCM-01.jpg (58252 bytes)
Mississagi unloading salt early Sunday morning
Calumet-5-28-14-BCM-02.jpg (136470 bytes)
Calumet departing Lafarge

St. Marys River - Jim Hoffman (Soo)
1-Zealand-Delilah5-16-14-jh.jpg (87040 bytes)
Zealand Deliah down bound on St Mary's River at West Pier.
2-Zealand-Delilah-5-16-14-jh.jpg (98398 bytes)
bow view
3-Zealand-Delilah5-16-14-jh.jpg (90646 bytes)
Zealand Delilah approaching International Bridge downbound
4-Bluebill-Tug-Florida-5-16-14-jh.jpg (163463 bytes)
Bluebill and tug Florida
5--Bluebill-and-Tug-Florida-5-16-14-jh.jpg (113455 bytes)
Bluebill and tug Florida approaching International Bridge
4-Emile-5-5-14-jh-.jpg (108932 bytes)
 Emile headed up bound Upper S. Mary's River. Federal Satsuki in background, heading to lock thru. May 5, 2014.
5-Federal-Satsuki--5-5-14-jh-.jpg (215062 bytes)
Federal Satsuki headed downbound  under the International Bridge in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan May 5, 2014.
2-Walther-J-McCarthy-Jr-4-25-14-jh-.jpg (68288 bytes)
Walter J McCarthy tied up on the Upper St Mary's River Sault Ste. Marie Michigan, April 25, 2014
3-Walther-J-McCarthy-Jr--4-25-14-jh-.jpg (85843 bytes)
Close up of the stern .
1-Presque-Isle-4-18-14-jh-.jpg (116877 bytes)
Presque Isle tied up for the night waiting on April 18th, 2014.


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