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June 1, 2014

Soo - David Kaye
1-algowood-5-30-14-dk.jpg (99679 bytes)
Algowood downbound at the International Bridge.
2-saginaw-5-31-14-dk.jpg (139238 bytes)
Saginaw at Mission Point.
3-pilica-5-31-14-dk.jpg (140923 bytes)
Pilica downbound  at Mission Point.
4-espeer-5-31-14-dk.jpg (110444 bytes)
Edgar Speer downbound at Mission Point.
5-espeer-5-31-14-dk.jpg (114889 bytes)
Heavy traffic on the River.
6-Iharbor-5-31-14-dk.jpg (117891 bytes)
Indiana Harbor upbound off of Rotary Park.
7-equinox-5-31-14-dk.jpg (88533 bytes)
Equinox upbound out of the Poe Lock.
8-laurentien-5-31-14-dk.jpg (81123 bytes)
CSL Laurentien downbound for the Poe Lock.
9-billmaier-5-31-14-dk.jpg (115108 bytes)
Army Corp. Billmaier downbound at the West Pier.

Welland Canal - Skip Gillham
Algoma-Enterprise---Lock-6---May-31-14.jpg (106344 bytes)
Algoma Enterprise up
Apollon---Below-L.-7a---May-31-14.jpg (141047 bytes)
Apollon down

Whitefish Bay at Algonac State Park on Saturday - Don Detloff
1-white-31may14-djd.jpg (58676 bytes) 2-white-31may14-djd.jpg (82476 bytes)      

Fionia Swan at the Iroquois Lock on her first trip into the Lakes - Ron Beaupre
1-fionia-30-05-2014--rfb.jpg (120189 bytes) 2-fionia-30-05-2014-rfb.jpg (267802 bytes)
Cabin detail. She appears to be a twin of the LS Jacoba, a tanker that came here in 2007.
3-fionia-30-05-2014-rfb.jpg (135454 bytes)
In the lock at Iroquois.

Soo - Jim Hoffman (Soo)
1.-Avenger-IV-5-30-14-jh.jpg (131138 bytes)
The tug Avenger IV pushing a barge named PML 9000 in the St Marys near Sugar Island.
2.-Algosteel-5-30-14-jh.jpg (101670 bytes)
Algosteel heading up river at Sugar Island
3.-Algosteel-5-30-14-jh.jpg (130337 bytes)
stern view Sugar Island
4.-John-Boland-5-30-14-jh.jpg (117179 bytes)
John Boland heading upbound at Sugar Island
5.-John-Boland-5-30-14-jh.jpg (107496 bytes)
6.-Sugar-Islander-II----John-Boland-5-30-14-jh.jpg (127674 bytes)
The car ferry Sugar Islander II passing the John Boland in the channel.
1.-Carson-Callaway-Victoriaborg-5-30-14-jh.jpg (133957 bytes)
Passed the Saltie Victoriaborg in the St Marys River.
2.-Carson-Callway-5-30-14-jh.jpg (181169 bytes)
Resupplied while underway
3.Carson-Callway-5-30-14-jh.jpg (108267 bytes)
Cason J. Callaway heading downbound St Marys River just before reaching Sugar Island.
4.-Carson-Callway-5-30-14-jh.jpg (122022 bytes)
Bow view
5.-Victoriaborg-5-30-14-jh.jpg (136602 bytes)
 Victoriaborg heading towards Soo Locks
2.-Kaye-E-Barker-5-30-14-jh.jpg (94275 bytes)
Kaye E Barker down bound St Marys River.
1.-Kay-E-Barker-5-30-14-jh.jpg (79359 bytes)
Close up at the West Pier
3.-Tecumseh-5-30-14.jpg (146785 bytes)
 Close up of smoke stack "Tecumseh" St Marys River at West Pier
4.-Tecumseh-5-30-14-jh.jpg (107880 bytes)
Tecumseh downbound approaching International Bridge Soo Michigan.
5.-Tecumseh-5-30-14-jh.jpg (127109 bytes)
Stern view
1-Walther-J-McCarthy-Jr-5-19-30-jh.jpg (48040 bytes)
Walter J McCarthy at sunset on the upper St. Marys River Thursday.
2.-Walther-J-McCarthy-Jr-5-29-14-jh.jpg (76892 bytes) 3.-Walther-J-McCarthy-5-29-14-jh.jpg (146616 bytes)  

Algoma Progress in Toronto - Bobby Davis
algomaprogress-b.jpg (168014 bytes)        

Herbert C. Jackson loading in Marquette Friday with ice still in the harbor - Nick Dupras
SAM_5310.jpg (147469 bytes)        

Historical Perspective - Courtney Burton - Dave Wobser
1-Burton-2-16-92-djw.jpg (119693 bytes)
In drydock at Toledo Merce/Manitowoc Shipyard, February 16, 1992
2-Burton-8-4-93-djw.jpg (72157 bytes)
 Loading pellets at Cyprus Northshore Mining Co, Silver Bay MN, August 4, 1993.
3-Burton-9-11-94-djw.jpg (116533 bytes) Anchor is the St. Marys River due to the Docegulf grounding at the entrance to the Rock Cut, September 11, 1994 4-Burton-Soo-7-1-2001-djw.jpg (151874 bytes)
Up bound at Mission Point, July 1, 2001
5-Burton-Soo-6-28-02-djw.jpg (127285 bytes)
Classic forward profile
6-Burton-Soo-6-28-02-B-djw.jpg (132118 bytes)
Stern view
7-Burton-Toledo-4-5-03-djw.jpg (102660 bytes)
In Layup at the Torco dock in Toledo, April 5, 2003.


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