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June 4, 2014

St. Marys River - Jim Hoffman (Soo)
1.-Birchglen-6-1-14-jh.jpg (70157 bytes)
Birchglen waiting to enter the locks downbound.
2.-Birchglen--6-1-14-jh.jpg (62031 bytes)
Birchglen crew member going ashore, before locking through.
3.-Coast-Guard-Patrol-6-3-14-jh.jpg (154016 bytes)
Coast Guard patrol boat on the St Marys River.
4.-American-Mariner-5-30-14-jh.jpg (150695 bytes)
American Mariner stopped on St Marys. The Soo is one of the few places a lake freighter has to wait at a train crossing.


Thousand Footers at the end of the rainbow
JRB-Gott-6-2-14-DR.jpg (20325 bytes)
James R Barker and Edwin H Gott upbound in patchy fog on Lake Huron, bound for Detour.  6/2/14.

Soo Traffic - David Kaye
1-aspirit-6-1-14-dk.jpg (86460 bytes)
American Spirit upbound at the West Pier.
2-whitefishbay-6-1-14-dk.jpg (107804 bytes)
Whitefish Bay upbound near Rotary Park
3-orsul-6-1-14-dk.jpg (96499 bytes)
Orsul downbound at the West Pier. 
4-waltermccarthy-6-1-14-dk.jpg (114902 bytes)
Walter J. McCarthy upbound at the international Bridge.
5-Amanderson-6-1-14-dk.jpg (142191 bytes)
Arthur M. Anderson upbound out of the Poe Lock.
6-rcfreighter-6-1-14-dk.jpg (96833 bytes)
 Six Foot RC Freighter downbound off Rotary Park.

St. Clair River on Wednesday Morning - Don Detloff
1-republic-04jun14-djd.jpg (76538 bytes)
Great Republic
2-republic-04jun14-djd.jpg (80953 bytes) 3-ostrander-04jun14-djd.jpg (68580 bytes)
G L Ostrander and Integrity
4-ostrander-04jun14-djd.jpg (68287 bytes) 5-saturn-04jun14-djd.jpg (97632 bytes)
Y M Saturn

Maria Desgagnes at St. Lambert Lock May 31 Michel St-Denis
01-MariaDesgagnes20140531msd.jpg (81670 bytes) 02-MariaDesgagnes20140531msd.jpg (160356 bytes) 03-MariaDesgagnes20140531msd.jpg (94940 bytes)    

St. Mary's Challenger with tug Brad Shaw McKee departing Sturgeon Bay - Sandie Custer
St-Marys-Challenger-Storm-clouds-6.2.14.jpg (43892 bytes) St-Marys-Challenger-at-Sherwood-6.2.14.jpg (49985 bytes) St-Marys-Challenger-Tug-6.2.14.jpg (68957 bytes)    

St. Mary's Challenger departing Sturgeon Bay - Monica Sawyn
1-Challenger-6-2-14-ms.jpg (68753 bytes)
St. Mary's challenger was seen heading away from Bay Shipbuilding in Sturgeon Bay, Wis., on June 2, with the setting sun glinting off the hull. The former self-unloading cement carrier has been converted over the winter to an articulated barge, propelled by a tug.

Toledo - Jim Hoffman (Toledo)
a-sarah-spencer.jpg (136369 bytes)
Sarah Spencer and tug Jane Ann IV at the
ADM Elevator June 1.
a-jane-ann-4.jpg (144465 bytes) a-ja4-sarah-spencer-stern.jpg (140242 bytes) a-a-fort-a-val-ds.jpg (93974 bytes)
American Fortitude and American Valor in layup at the Lakefront Docks that was taken at the end of May.

Welland Canal - Barry Andersen
Harbour-Pioneer-(Por)-upbnd-below-L1-(2).jpg (83163 bytes)
Harbour Pioneer (Por) inbound Port Weller harbor below Lock 1
MCT-Breithorn-(Swz)-dbnd-clear-of-L1.jpg (127065 bytes)
MCT Breithorn downbound clear of Lock 1
stack-on-Harbour-Pioneer-(Swz).jpg (189607 bytes)
Stack on Harbour Pioneer (Por) 
stack-MCT-Breithorn-(Swz).jpg (213761 bytes)
Stack on MCT Breithorn (Swz
713.jpg (112339 bytes)
Algoma Transfer tied at wharf 17 awaits scrapping at IMS 
720.jpg (102552 bytes)
stern of Algoma Transfer and remains of Algoma Quebecois quickly disappear
Algoscotia-dbnd-clear-of-L2-just-out-of-DD-at-Toledo-(4).jpg (106336 bytes)
Algoscotia sports new paint - downbound
Algoscotia-dbnd-clear-of-L2-just-out-of-DD-at-Toledo-(7).jpg (108898 bytes)
Algoscotia stern view downbound clear of Lock 2 after drydocking at Toledo
Federal-Margaree-(Mhl)-dbnd-clear-of-L2-(3).jpg (86394 bytes)
Federal Margaree (Mhl) downbound clear of Lock 2
Apollon-(Grk)-dbnd-clear-of-L2-(2).jpg (121804 bytes)
Apollon (Grk) downbound clear of Lock 2 headed to Italy 
stack-on-Apollon-(Grk)-(2).jpg (177688 bytes)
stack on Apollon (Grk)
CCGS-Martha-L-Black-dbnd-clear-of-L2.jpg (92894 bytes)
CCGS Martha L. Black downbound clear of Lock 2
barge-Witte-2301-on-maiden.jpg (78789 bytes)
Witte 2301 with tug Rebecca Ann (new barge just left Don Jon in Erie) in Lock 3
tug-Rebecca-Ann-departs-L3-dbnd-with-barge-Witte-2301.jpg (163483 bytes)
tug Rebecca Ann lowered in Lock 3 with barge Witte 2301 
MCT-Stockhorn-(Swz)-upbnd-below-L1.jpg (114811 bytes)
MCT Stockhorn (Swz) inbound Port Weller harbour 
Zealand-Delilah-(Nld)-dbnd-entering-L3-(3).jpg (110356 bytes)
Zealand Delilah (Nld) entering Lock 3 downbound 
Radcliffe-R.-Latimer-dbnd-clear-of-L2-(3).jpg (90386 bytes)
Radcliffe R. Latimer downbound clear of Lock 2
Sichem-New-York-(Sgp)-inbnd-Port-Weller-harbour-(4).jpg (113309 bytes)
Sichem New York (Sgp) inbound Port Weller harbour upbound

Sarah Spencer & CSL Niagara in Erie, Pa. - Al Endelmann
Sarah-Spencer-&-CSL-Niagara-sleeping-in-Erie-5-30-14.jpg (56063 bytes)        
Welland Canal - Ian Baker
img_0987.jpg (108099 bytes)
Apollon downbound May 31 below Lock 2.
img_0996.jpg (91967 bytes) img_0999.jpg (94200 bytes)
Nordic Oslo downbound below Lock 2.
img_1008.jpg (98763 bytes) img_1013.jpg (87922 bytes)
img_1016.jpg (96822 bytes)
Ina downbound above Lock 1.
img_1019.jpg (104712 bytes) img_1022.jpg (109839 bytes)
Pilica downbound below Lock 2.
img_1026.jpg (70881 bytes) img_1030---Copy.jpg (101863 bytes)
img_1033.jpg (58578 bytes)
Orsula downbound below Lock 2.
img_1039.jpg (93949 bytes)      

Sarnia and Port Huron Bill Bird
1-Solina-05-30-14-a-bb.jpg (102260 bytes)
Solina approaching the bridges
2-SolinaHuronBelle-05-30-14-a-bb1.jpg (79211 bytes)
Having turned at buoys 1 and 2, Solina takes on new pilot.
3-AlgomaEquinox-05-30-14-a-bb.jpg (75285 bytes)
Algoma Equinox gave a Shipmasters salute at Vantage Point followed by one long and 2 short at the bridges.
4-AlgomaEquinox-05-30-14-b-bb.jpg (91919 bytes) 5-FederalSaguenay-05-31-14-a-bb.jpg (98011 bytes)
Federal Saguenay about to leave Lake Huron
6-FortGratiotlighthouse-05-30-14-a-bb.jpg (119394 bytes)
Fort Gratiot lighthouse from where you can take pictures.
7-FederalEms-05-30-14-a-bb.jpg (107750 bytes)
from about 70 feet in the air shots of Federal Ems
8-FederalEms-05-30-14-b-bb.jpg (110592 bytes) 9-Tecumseh-05-30-14-a-bb.jpg (107846 bytes)
Tecumseh about to enter St. Clair River.
10-KayeEBarker-05-31-14-a-bb.jpg (96493 bytes)
Kaye E Barker having made the turn at the buoys
11-KayeEBarkerAmericanCourage-05-31-14-a-bb.jpg (96752 bytes)
Barker meeting American Courage at the Black River
12-AmericanCourage-05-31-14-a-bb-.jpg (95543 bytes)
American Courage with a bone in her teeth
13-JohnGMunson-05-30-14-a-bb.jpg (100710 bytes)
John G Munson
14-JohnGMunson-05-30-14-b-bb.jpg (94098 bytes) 15-Frontenac-05-31-14-a-bb.jpg (89465 bytes)
16-Frontenac-05-31-14-b-bb.jpg (87183 bytes) 17-PaulRTregurtha-05-31-14-a-bb.jpg (90568 bytes)
Paul R Tregurtha
18-Mississagi-05-30-14-a-bb.jpg (120304 bytes)

Detroit - Mike Mishler
IMG_8952.jpg (120323 bytes)
Atlantic Huron Detroit River..
IMG_8966.jpg (132610 bytes)
Edwin Gott unloading at Zug Island with the CSL Laurentien in the back ground.
IMG_8986.jpg (74408 bytes)
Edgar Speer at windmill point Detroit river.

Lady Pirate memorial bench on station in Port Huron
Lady-Pirate-Bench-full-view.jpg (103687 bytes)
Thanks to all who donated
Lady-Pirate-Bench-Close-Up.jpg (115702 bytes)
 The bench is located at the South Entrance of the BlueWater River Walk, just above the "River Rat's Club"
Lady-Pirate-Bench-Close-Up---Copy.jpg (66631 bytes)    

Recent Detroit River Traffic
DSCN0932.jpg (175083 bytes)
Departing Portofino Restaurant in Wyandotte aboard the tour boat Friendship.
DSCN0821.jpg (120046 bytes)
Capt. Sam Buchanan takes us up river on a 3 hour cruise.
DSCN0896.jpg (134116 bytes)
Algocanada heads for the Sterling Fuel Dock.
DSCN0950.jpg (160434 bytes) DSCN0951.jpg (141704 bytes)
DSCN0907.jpg (153709 bytes)
Edwin H. Gott unloading at Zug island
DSCN0903.jpg (193974 bytes) DSCN0902.jpg (148244 bytes)
Zug coal pile
DSCN0906.jpg (85091 bytes) DSCN0909.jpg (15725 bytes)
WWII aircraft fly over
DSCN0916.jpg (218600 bytes)
Mailboat J.W. Westcott II comes out to deliver pizzas.
DSCN0919.jpg (225774 bytes)
Along side.
DSCN0944.jpg (122634 bytes)
Ina downbound.
DSCN0922.jpg (184783 bytes)
Vintage wooden speed boat.
DSCN0924.jpg (180698 bytes)
Tug Idaho waiting off the Rouge River to assist the Manistee in.
DSCN0931.jpg (129456 bytes)
Manistee upbound
DSCN0947.jpg (163366 bytes)
Tug in Nicholsons slip
DSCN0948.jpg (138855 bytes)
Former Bolo boat Columbia.
DSCN0949.jpg (202203 bytes)
Fleet mate Ste. Clair.
DSCN0957.jpg (162546 bytes)
CSL Laurentian downbound with fleet mate following.
DSCN0959.jpg (144541 bytes) DSCN0965.jpg (152677 bytes) DSCN0861.jpg (187330 bytes)
Back at the Portofino Restaurant for another cruise.
DSCN0834.jpg (78175 bytes) DSCN0838.jpg (158366 bytes)
DSCN0826.jpg (144440 bytes) DSCN0827.jpg (114728 bytes) DSCN0828.jpg (122171 bytes) DSCN0829.jpg (126399 bytes) DSCN0814.jpg (108452 bytes)
DSCN0815.jpg (138721 bytes) DSCN0812.jpg (121212 bytes) DSCN0849.jpg (85508 bytes) DSCN0859.jpg (223427 bytes) DSCN0855.jpg (137303 bytes)
DSCN0750.jpg (155699 bytes)
Diamond Belle on a loud charter cruise passing the J.W. Westcott Co. dock
DSCN0764.jpg (190061 bytes)
Ziemia Lodzka downbound for a pilot change
DSCN0765.jpg (150009 bytes) DSCN0766.jpg (39360 bytes) DSCN0772.jpg (69388 bytes)
DSCN0775.jpg (169536 bytes) DSCN0784.jpg (45783 bytes) DSCN0789.jpg (69230 bytes)
Miedwie downbound for a pilot change at dusk.
DSCN0790.jpg (84303 bytes) DSCN0801.jpg (59464 bytes)
DSCN0794.jpg (51658 bytes)
Waiting for the pilot to come off.
DSCN0803.jpg (71868 bytes)
Speeding back to the Westcott Co. Dock.
DSCN0807.jpg (83396 bytes) DSCN0757.jpg (104994 bytes)
Tilley the mailboat cat greets the returning boat crew.


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