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June 10, 2014

South Chicago - Lou Gerard
1-Alpena-6-8-14-lg-DSC-0787.jpg (141922 bytes)
 Alpena clear of Torrence Ave. heading out to Lake Michigan Sunday.
2-Alpena-6-8-14-lg-DSC-0142.jpg (109131 bytes)
Alpena passing Atlantic Erie, loading at KCBX.
1-Stmarchall-6-5-14-lg-DSC-0752.jpg (104802 bytes)
The barge St. Marys Challenger last week on her first trip into South Chicago since conversion comes through 95th St.
2-Stmarchall-6-5-14-lg-DSC-0771.jpg (248226 bytes)
The tug Bradshaw McKee in the new notch pushing the Challenger at 100th St.

St. Clair river at Marysville, Saturday
- Kevin Majewski
1.Roge-6-7-14-KM.jpg (99666 bytes)
 Roger Blough upbound at Marysville.
2.Rog-6-7-14-KM.jpg (98194 bytes)
Forward view.
3.Ro-6-7-14-KM.jpg (117347 bytes)
Aft view.
4.RB-6-7-14-KM.jpg (116523 bytes)
Close-up of the unique self-unloading unloading gear in the stern.
5.R-6-7-14-KM.jpg (111233 bytes)
Distinctive stern and stack design makes the Roger Blough easy to recognize.

Welland Canal - Ian Baker
bbcchile6-7-14-ib-(2).jpg (101654 bytes)
BBC Chile Upbound Above Lock 2. June 7
bbcchile6-7-14-ib-(1).jpg (93402 bytes) bbcchile6-7-14-ib-(3).jpg (91294 bytes) Bread6-7-14-IB-(1).jpg (75494 bytes)
Bread Upbound Above Lock 2. June 7
Bread6-7-14-IB-(2).jpg (63436 bytes)
Bread6-7-14-IB-(3).jpg (47900 bytes) federaloshima6-7-14-(2).jpg (73688 bytes)
Federal Oshima Downbound Below Lock 2. June 7
federaloshima6-7-14-(1).jpg (95084 bytes) morrobay6-5-14-ib-(2).jpg (158821 bytes)
USCGS Morro Bay Below Lock 1. June 5
morrobay6-5-14-ib-(3).jpg (156285 bytes)
morrobay6-5-14-ib-(1).jpg (101573 bytes) fioniaswan-6-7-14-ib-(2).jpg (82063 bytes)
Fionia Swan Upbound Above Lock 1. June 7
fioniaswan-6-7-14-ib-(3).jpg (82470 bytes) fioniaswan-6-7-14-ib-(1).jpg (72806 bytes)  

Seaway Saturday at Mariatown - Murray Blancher
1-Rt.Hon.Paul-J-Martin-07-06-14-mb.jpg (110773 bytes)
Rt. Hon. Paul J Martin down
2-Rt.Hon.Paul-J-Matin-07-06-14-mb.jpg (124561 bytes) 3-Algoma-Equinox-07-06-14-mb.jpg (116540 bytes)
Algoma Equinox down
4-Algoma-Equinox-07-06-14-mb.jpg (112405 bytes) 5-Algo-Canada-07-06-14-mb.jpg (100067 bytes)
Algocanada down
6-Algo-Canada-07-06-14-mb.jpg (93837 bytes)        

CGC Buckthorn Sunday picking up buoys in the Upper Keweenaw Waterway at Lily Pond - Michael Kumpula
buckthorn6-8-14-(2).jpg (143268 bytes)
She came in from Isle Royale, picked up buoys and headed back.
buckthorn6-8-14-(1).jpg (258467 bytes)      

Saginaw River - Todd Shorkey
1-jmarie-68-14-ts.jpg (171967 bytes)
Tug Jill Marie
2-leonardm-6-8-14-ts.jpg (112238 bytes)
Leonard M. - Huron Spirit inbound at USCG Station Saginaw River
3-leonardm-6-8-14-ts.jpg (98655 bytes)
Leonard M. close up
4-leonardm-6-8-14-ts.jpg (123342 bytes)
Stern view at Bay Aggregates
5-manitou-6-8-14-ts.jpg (145088 bytes)
Tug Manitou headed to assist the YM Saturn
6-manitou-6-8-14-ts.jpg (127250 bytes)
Manitou along side the YM Saturn as she prepared to spring off the dock
7-saturn-6-8-14-ts.jpg (129674 bytes)
YM Saturn beginning her turn
8-saturn-6-8-14-ts.jpg (93317 bytes)
Across the Saginaw river in the Essexville basin
9-saturn-6-8-14-ts.jpg (98381 bytes)
Almost turned
10-saturn-6-8-14-ts.jpg (82567 bytes)
YM Saturn head on
11-saturn-6-8-14-ts.jpg (121679 bytes)
YM Saturn turned and headed outbound for the lake
1-saturn-6-5-14-ts.jpg (122923 bytes)
YM Saturn at the Port Fisher Fertilizer dock Thursday
2-saturn-6-5-14-ts.jpg (141705 bytes)
Stern view
3-manitou-6-5-14-ts.jpg (146164 bytes)
Manitou tied up at the Lafarge Cement dock also on Thursday

Soo - David Kaye
1-josephblock-6-7-14-dk.jpg (153741 bytes)
Joseph L. Block upbound out of the Poe lock.
2-burnsharbor-6-7-14-dk.jpg (139675 bytes)
Burns Harbor downbound at the International Bridge.
3-acentury-6-7-14-dk.jpg (152970 bytes)
American Century downbound at the West Pier.
4-presqueisle-6-7-14-dk.jpg (124052 bytes)
Presque Isle upbound at the International Bridge.

Welland Canal - Bill Bird
1-BaieStPaul-06-07-14-a-bb.jpg (116742 bytes)
Baie St Paul approaching bridge at Allanburg
2-BaieStPaul-06-07-14-b-bb.jpg (103437 bytes)
heading to Lock 7
3-FederalOshimaCuyahoga-06-07-14-a-bb.jpg (109601 bytes)
Federal Oshima departing Lock 3 while Cuyahoga has just let go her lines and begins heading towards the lock.
4-FederalOshima-06-07-14-a-bb.jpg (116548 bytes)
Federal Oshima nearing Homer Bridge
5-FederalOshima-06-07-14-a-bb.jpg (112383 bytes)
heading to Lock 2
6-Cuyahoga-06-07-14-a-bb.jpg (87626 bytes)
Cuyahoga heading to flight locks
7-Cuyahoga-06-06-14-b-bb.jpg (81690 bytes) 8-FioniaSwan-06-07-14-a-bb.jpg (96223 bytes)
Danish tanker Fionia Swan at old bridge 9
9-FioniaSwanstern-07-06-14-a-bb.jpg (106296 bytes)
stern detail
10-FioniaSwan-06-07-14-b-bb.jpg (106083 bytes)
on her way to Nanticoke
11-BBC-Chile-06-07-14-a-bb.jpg (94546 bytes)
BBC Chile headed to Duluth
12-BBC-Chile-06-07-14-b-bb.jpg (100596 bytes) 13-BaieComeau-06-07-14-a-bb.jpg (93429 bytes)
Baie Comeau clearing Lock 1
14-Baie-Comeau-06-07-14-b-bb.jpg (68256 bytes)
close up
15-BaieComeau-06-07-14-c-bb.jpg (107891 bytes)
being followed by a family of geese

Seaway - Ron Beaupre
1-bbcchile-06-06-2014-rfb.jpg (99798 bytes)
BBC Chile up bound at Mariatown.
2-bbcchile-06-06-2014-rfb.jpg (339108 bytes)
Owners house flag on side of cabins.
3-bbcchile-06-06-2014-rfb.jpg (115590 bytes)
She was aground a few days ago. Now heading for Duluth.
1-bread-06-06-2014-rfb.jpg (107163 bytes)
The yacht Bread upbound at Mariatown.
She is formerly Aurora, built in Ontario in 2007.
2-bread-06-06-2014-rfb.jpg (72695 bytes)
A 138' luxury yacht recently for sale at $12.5 million. 
That's a lot of dough for the Bread.
1-volga-08-06-2014-rfb.jpg (94148 bytes)
Volgaborg passing Mariatown on her way up to the Lakes.
2-oshima-09-06-2014-rfb.jpg (79725 bytes)
Federal Oshima at Mariatown downbound for the sea.
1-freedom-09-06-2014-rfb.jpg (55978 bytes)
The megayacht Freedom passing Mariatown on her way to Cleveland.

Algoma Progress, upbound at Brockville - Viktor Kaczkowski
Algoma-Progress-2014-06-06-0-Brockville-VK-1.jpg (85020 bytes) Algoma-Progress-2014-06-06-Brockville-VK-2.jpg (51170 bytes)      

Sturgeon Bay, Wis. - James Conlon
0165-photo.jpg (84005 bytes)
Bay Ship Political Slip this Winter
0229-photo.jpg (57082 bytes)
American Integrity with 3 large Atlas Copco air-compressors mounted on the bow for some future testing.

Thunder Bay - John Kuzma
IMG_1535.jpg (174818 bytes) IMG_1543.jpg (125856 bytes) IMG_1545.jpg (146063 bytes) IMG_1552.jpg (127877 bytes)  

Model boat show at Vantage Point  - M. Young
_DSC1642.jpg (87889 bytes) _DSC1648.jpg (96334 bytes) _DSC1655.jpg (52884 bytes) _DSC1657.jpg (72157 bytes) _DSC1654.jpg (77389 bytes)
_DSC1651.jpg (82547 bytes) _DSC1639.jpg (114406 bytes) _DSC1638.jpg (98551 bytes) _DSC1636.jpg (94124 bytes) _DSC1667.jpg (133109 bytes)

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