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June 23, 2014

Sunday afternoon in Toronto - Bill Bird
1-CSLTadoussacEmpressofCanada-06-22-14-a-bb.jpg (78001 bytes)
CSL Tadoussac approaching Toronto's eastern gap passing tour boat Empress of Canada. Empress had a big crowd on board and loud music
2-CSLTadoussac-06-22-14-a-bb.jpg (88503 bytes)
CSL Tadoussac having made the turn in the harbor.
3-CSLTadoussac-06-22-14-b-bb.jpg (78444 bytes)
Heading up the Cherry Street slip
4-CherryStreetBridge-06-22-14-a-bb.jpg (128380 bytes)
Bridge being raised.
5-CSLTadoussacbridge-06-22-14-a-bb.jpg (82694 bytes)
bow at the bridge
6-CSLTadoussacloadlight-06-22-14-a-bb.jpg (86529 bytes)
white load light on the stern indicates she's on an even keel.
7-CSLTadoussac-06-22-14-c-bb.jpg (98692 bytes)
CSL Tadoussac through the bridge and heading towards her dock.
8-Cuyahoga-06-22-14-a-bb.jpg (81920 bytes)
Before CSL Tadoussac is tied up, here comes Cuyahoga behind her.
9-Cuyahoga-06-22-14-b-bb.jpg (86722 bytes)
Straightened out in the slip
10-CSLTadoussacCuyahoga-06-22-14-a-bb.jpg (104990 bytes)
With CSL Tadoussac tied up, Cuyahoga angles towards her dock with boom already raised. More salt for Toronto.

Seaway at Mariatown Friday to Sunday 1 & 2 - Murray Blancher
1-Nordic-Mari-20-06-14-mb.jpg (76264 bytes)
  Nordic Mari up (ex) Clipper Mari
2-Nordic-Mari-20-06-14-mb.jpg (61312 bytes) 3-Algoscotia-20-06-14-mb.jpg (64491 bytes)
Algoscotia down
4-Algoscotia-20-06-14-mb.jpg (80933 bytes) 5-Salarium-21-06-14-mb.jpg (101884 bytes)
Salarium up for Port of Johnstown Atlantic Huron up
6-Salarium-21-06-14-mb.jpg (84492 bytes) 7-Atlantic-Huron-21-06-14-mb.jpg (68932 bytes) 8-Larsholmen-21-06-13-mb.jpg (85262 bytes)
Larsholmen up (ex) hellespont crusader
9-Larsholmen-21-06-14-mb.jpg (88554 bytes) 10-Salarium-21-06-13-mb.jpg (60898 bytes)
Salarium down
11-Sloman-Herakles-22-06-14-mb.jpg (83484 bytes)
 Sloman Herakles down
12-Sloman-Herakles-22-06-14-mb.jpg (64546 bytes)      

Welland Canal - Ian Baker
img_1263.jpg (100384 bytes)
Stradja Leaving Lock 2
img_1274.jpg (77455 bytes) img_1290.jpg (93804 bytes)
Eemsborg Below Lock 1
img_1301.jpg (100645 bytes) img_1282.jpg (83721 bytes)
Ex CCG vessel Isle Rouge at Port Dalhousie June 18th
img_1283.jpg (104897 bytes) img_1306.jpg (83954 bytes)
Slloman Herales above Lock 1.
img_1314.jpg (103410 bytes) img_1315.jpg (119047 bytes)
Torrent Above Lock 1
img_1325.jpg (104824 bytes)

Welland Canal - Bill Bird
1-Torrent-06-21-14-a-bb.jpg (104411 bytes)
 Torrent in the Welland Bypass
2-Torrent-06-21-14-b-bb.jpg (102175 bytes) 3-CSLNiagara-06-21-14-a-bb.jpg (73044 bytes)
CSL Niagara at Port Robinson
4-CSLNiagara-06-21-14-b-bb.jpg (96700 bytes) 5-SlomanHerakles-06-21-14-b-bb.jpg (90761 bytes)
Tanker Sloman Herakles clear of the flights and headed to Lock 3
6-SlomanHerakles-06-21-14-b-bb.jpg (95206 bytes) 7-JohnDLeitch-06-21-14-a-bb.jpg (82308 bytes)
John D Leitch on her way to Lock 1
8-JohnDLeitch-06-21-14-b-bb.jpg (84735 bytes) 9-FederalKumano-06-21-15-a-bb.jpg (116268 bytes)
Federal Kumano under Glendale Bridge headed to Lock 3
10-FederalKumano-06-21-15-b-bb.jpg (95204 bytes)

Peter R. Cresswell in Port Colborne at R&P dock - Nathan Attard
image.jpg (251369 bytes)
Loading stone last week

Seaway - Ron Beaupre 
1-fritz-20-06-2014-rfb.jpg (136492 bytes)
Fritz anchored at Wilson Hill, Lake St. Lawrence.
2-fritz-20-06-2014-rfb.jpg (379839 bytes)
Cabin detail. The crew have plenty of time to paint the ship.
3-fritz-20-06-2014-rfb.jpg (121184 bytes)
She has been here since June 4.
1-nordicmari-20-06-2014-rfb.jpg (124828 bytes)
Nordic Mari upbound at Mariatown.
2-nordicmari-20-06-2014-rfb.jpg (349983 bytes)
Old stack markings painted out. This ship always has music broadcast on the sound system out on deck.
3-nordicmari-20-06-2014-rfb.jpg (102166 bytes)
Registered in Nassau.
1-challenge-20-06-2014-rfb.jpg (108512 bytes)
Songa Challenge on her way back down the Seaway after delivering a cargo to Hamilton.
2-challenge-20-06-2014-rfb.jpg (102193 bytes)
Passing Mariatown in ballast.
1-reggeborg-14-06-2014-rfb.jpg (123176 bytes)
 Reggeborg sliding the wall into Iroquois Lock.
2-reggeborg-14-06-2014-rfb.jpg (297216 bytes)
The unique style of bow on the Reggeborg.
3-reggeborg-14-06-2014-rfb.jpg (109836 bytes)
Very modern cabin structure on Reggeborg.
1-fritz-15-06-2014-rfb.jpg (102289 bytes)
Strandja passing the broken down Fritz.
2-fritz-15-06-2014-rfb.jpg (100399 bytes)
 Fritz is anchored at Wilson Hill, a few miles down river from Morrisburg, Ont.

Detroit - Capt. Mike Nicholls
1-ALGOSTEELb02061614mn.jpg (94940 bytes)
Algosteel unloading at the Lafarge Dock in Windsor.
2-ALGOSCOTIAb05061614mn.jpg (88179 bytes)
Algoscotia at the Sterling Fuel Dock.
3-ALGOSCOTIAs06061614mn.jpg (83509 bytes) 4-MOBYDICKKIMBERLYANNEb07061614mn.jpg (128860 bytes)
Tug Kimberly Anne and barges downbound off Nicholson's Detroit.
5-KIMBERLYANNEMOBYDICKs09061614mn.jpg (97953 bytes)
6-KIMBERLYANNEb08061614mn.jpg (120933 bytes)        

Detroit Tug Race Saturday
DSCN1112.jpg (79289 bytes)
Tug line up
DSCN1120.jpg (128673 bytes) DSCN1108.jpg (136235 bytes) DSCN1116.jpg (129545 bytes) DSCN1111.jpg (164948 bytes)
DSCN1107.jpg (146077 bytes) DSCN1165.jpg (383539 bytes)
Capt. Sam Buchanan on the J.W. Westcott II
DSCN1118.jpg (125705 bytes) DSCN1122.jpg (122564 bytes) DSCN1119.jpg (158187 bytes)
DSCN1131.jpg (98263 bytes)
rolling start.
DSCN1125.jpg (100540 bytes) DSCN1124.jpg (120188 bytes) DSCN1140.jpg (153670 bytes) DSCN1136.jpg (89056 bytes)
DSCN1137.jpg (103289 bytes) DSCN1138.jpg (83891 bytes) DSCN1134.jpg (61814 bytes) DSCN1141.jpg (132127 bytes) DSCN1139.jpg (97852 bytes)
DSCN1148.jpg (110858 bytes) DSCN1168.jpg (127878 bytes)
Joseph J. Hogan surfing through the wake.
DSCN1169.jpg (149413 bytes) DSCN1181.jpg (126649 bytes) DSCN1149.jpg (74519 bytes)
DSCN1154.jpg (188830 bytes)
Sinbad speeds away for first over all winner.
DSCN1147.jpg (147806 bytes) DSCN1152.jpg (70252 bytes)
Field spreads out.
DSCN1179.jpg (87093 bytes) DSCN1192.jpg (134594 bytes)
DSCN1184.jpg (108918 bytes) DSCN1190.jpg (123651 bytes) DSCN1185.jpg (140664 bytes) DSCN1173.jpg (152290 bytes) DSCN1186.jpg (153478 bytes)
River Days was going on in Detroit.
DSCN1196.jpg (90530 bytes) DSCN1202.jpg (127842 bytes) DSCN1204.jpg (16953 bytes) DSCN1194.jpg (41795 bytes) DSCN1176.jpg (13755 bytes)
DSCN1209.jpg (110475 bytes)        

Oil Painting of Daniel J. Morrell - Michael Stewart
S.S.-Daniel-J.-Morrell.jpg (133353 bytes)
The oil painting I did of the S.S. Daniel J. Morrell was selected to be displayed in "Artprize 2014", an art show in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  It will be displayed at "Leo's Restaurant" in the downtown area behind the Grand Rapids Art Museum. Above I have attached a picture of the selected oil painting I did. The show runs from the Middle of September thru the Middle of October.


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