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June 24, 2014

Alpena and Soo - Ben & Chanda McClain
WendA-6-16-14-BCM-01.jpg (192501 bytes)
Tug Wendy Anne
WendA-6-16-14-BCM-02.jpg (124527 bytes) Missig-6-22-14-BCM-03.jpg (138444 bytes)
Mississagi unloading salt
Missig-6-22-14-BCM-04.jpg (132418 bytes) JJBoldMiner-6-21-14-BCM-05.jpg (177477 bytes)
IndHrb-6-21-14-BCM-01.jpg (92406 bytes) JBLock-6-21-14-BCM-02.jpg (98866 bytes) JBlock-6-21-14-BCM-03.jpg (85597 bytes) Lauret-6-21-14-BCM-04.jpg (110559 bytes)  

Detroit River - Mike Mishler
IMG_9350.jpg (107691 bytes) IMG_9264.jpg (120412 bytes) IMG_9302.jpg (118840 bytes)    

Isle Rouge - Skip Gillham
2013-01-(Isle-Rouge)---Pt.-Dal-June-17-14-(4).jpg (98390 bytes)
Former Canadian Coast Guard.  When it was decommissioned, it was renamed 2013 01 but has been sold and it is currently at Port Dalhousie near the former Normac at the marina.  There is talk of modifying the ship to carry passengers. These photos were taken June 17, 2014
2013-01-(Isle-Rouge)---Pt.-Dal-June-17-14-(5).jpg (120553 bytes)      

Soo Traffic - David Kaye
1-espeer-6-17-14-dk.jpg (101644 bytes)
Edgar Speer In the Poe Lock.
2-Iharbor-6-15-14-dk.jpg (88529 bytes)
Indiana Harbor down bound at the west Pier.
3-algomarine-6-15-14-dk.jpg (105056 bytes)
 Algomarine upbound at the International Bridge.
4-scourt-6-16-14-dk.jpg (79494 bytes)
Stewart J Cort downbound near Rotary Park.
5-cdearglen-6-16-14-dk.jpg (203046 bytes)
Cedarglen downbound entering the MacArthur Lock.
6-alpena-6-17-14-dk.jpg (122523 bytes)
Alpena leaving the MacArthur Lock.
7-rlatimer-6-16-14-dk.jpg (136207 bytes)
Radcliffe R. Latimer downbound at the International Bridge.
8-algosoo-6-15-14-dk.jpg (108139 bytes)
Algosoo upbound at the bridge.
9-hjackson-6-17-14-dk.jpg (147735 bytes)
Herbert C Jackson upbound at the bridge.
1-Baiestpaul-6-10-14-dk.jpg (87983 bytes)
 Baie St Paul upbound entering the Poe Lock.
2-acentury-6-10-14-dk.jpg (104745 bytes)
American Century in the Poe Lock.
3-undaunted-6-10-14-dk.jpg (110150 bytes)
Tug Undaunted and Barge Pere Marquette 41 in the MacArthur Lock.
4-untdaunted-6-10-14-dk.jpg (107991 bytes) 5-jdleitch-6-10-14-dk.jpg (113773 bytes)
John D. Leitch upbound at the International Bridge.
6-jlblock-6-10-14-dk.jpg (51770 bytes)
Joseph L. Block downbound at the West Pier.

Saginaw River - Todd Shorkey
1-feature-6-10-14-ts.jpg (98810 bytes)
Manitou approaching the bow of the Harbour Feature
2-feature-6-10-14-ts.jpg (93091 bytes)
Manitou pushing on the bow
3-feature-6-10-14-ts.jpg (105391 bytes)
Harbour Feature headed outbound for the lake
4-feature-6-10-14-ts.jpg (104869 bytes)
Stern view at Smith Park
5-feature-6-10-14-ts.jpg (121198 bytes)
Manitou trailing behind the Harbour Feature

St. Clair River at Algonac State Park - Don Detloff
1-erie-11jun14-djd.jpg (81738 bytes)
Atlantic Erie
2-rail-11jun14-djd.jpg (88117 bytes)
3-indiana-11jun14-djd.jpg (60769 bytes)
Indiana Harbor
4-everlast-11jun14-djd.jpg (91532 bytes)
Everlast & Norman McLeod

Welland Canal - Ian Baker
FEEDOM6-10-14-(2).jpg (63581 bytes) FEEDOM6-10-14-(1).jpg (61113 bytes) PEPPER-XIII6-11-14-(1).jpg (83219 bytes) PEPPER-XIII6-11-14-(2).jpg (85152 bytes) SICHEM-BEIJING611-14-(1).jpg (97953 bytes)
SICHEM-BEIJING611-14-(2).jpg (96191 bytes) SICHEM-BEIJING611-14-(3).jpg (95615 bytes) ASI-CLIPPER6-11-14-(1).jpg (98516 bytes) ASI-CLIPPER6-11-14-(2).jpg (108055 bytes)  

Hon James L Oberstar crossing under International Bridge - Jim Hoffman (Soo)
1.-Hon-James-L-Oberstar-6-8-14-jh.jpg (60892 bytes) 2.-Hon.-James-L-Oberstar-6-8-14-jh.jpg (90749 bytes) 3.-Hon-James-L-Oberstar-6-8-14-jh.jpg (100505 bytes) 4.Hon-James-R-oberstar-6-8-14-jh.jpg (88131 bytes) 5.-Hon-James-R-Oberstar-6-8-14-jh.jpg (74719 bytes)

Detroit River - Mike Nicholls
1-AMERICANINTEGRITYs07061214mn.jpg (78405 bytes) 2-AMERICANINTEGRITYb08061214mn.jpg (70699 bytes) 3-RANDOLPHCURTISb22061214mn.jpg (135180 bytes) 4-VOLGABORGs10061214mn.jpg (80016 bytes) 5-VOLGABORGb11061214mn.jpg (86056 bytes)
6-GREATREPUBLICs19061214mn.jpg (91478 bytes) 7-LEITCHJOHNDb06061414mn.jpg (93761 bytes) 8-LEITCHJOHNDs13061414mn.jpg (91853 bytes) 9-MCLEODNORMANs02061114mn.jpg (81859 bytes) 10-CSLASSINIBOINEb06061514mn.jpg (96603 bytes)
11-TITANs03061514mn.jpg (114272 bytes) 1-BAIESTPAULb03060914mn.jpg (72316 bytes) 2-BAIESTPAULs05060914mn.jpg (109158 bytes) 4-PINEGLENb09060814mn.jpg (93219 bytes) 3-ASHTABULAb07060814mn.jpg (91591 bytes)
1-BBCCHILEb01060814mn.jpg (90752 bytes) 2-BBCCHILEs03060814mn.jpg (78065 bytes) 1-MISSISSAGIb03053014mn.jpg (94523 bytes) 2-MUNSONJOHNGb01053014mn.jpg (90457 bytes) 3-WHITEHLEEb02053014mn.jpg (86369 bytes)
4-WHITEHLEEs03053014mn.jpg (105106 bytes) 1-STATEOFMICHIGANb05052914mn.jpg (111166 bytes) 2-STATEOFMICHIGANs02052914mn.jpg (135325 bytes) 1-MANISTEEb14060214mn.jpg (106450 bytes) 3-LEONARDMHURONb02060214mn.jpg (115663 bytes)
5-LEONARDMb07060214mn.jpg (114497 bytes) 6-LEONARDMs09060214mn.jpg (94770 bytes) 7-HURONSPIRITs03060214mn.jpg (138380 bytes) 8-HURONSPIRITs12060214mn.jpg (83016 bytes) 4-HURONSPIRITLEONARDs11060214mn.jpg (83692 bytes)
9-FEDERALWELLANDb17060214mn.jpg (97565 bytes) 2-ATLANTICERIEb07060414mn.jpg (62633 bytes) 3-OVATIONb05060414mn.jpg (121319 bytes) 4-OVATIONs03060414mn.jpg (113066 bytes) 1-SANDERMVb02060414mn.jpg (82485 bytes)
1-WHITEHLEEb01060514mn.jpg (76360 bytes) 2-OJIBWAYb12060514mn.jpg (80617 bytes) 3-ALGOMADISCOVERYb04060514mn.jpg (88863 bytes) 4-ALGOMADISCOVERYs05060514mn.jpg (81621 bytes) 5-VIRGINIABORGb08060514mn.jpg (97574 bytes)
6-VIRGINIABORGs10060514mn.jpg (99666 bytes) 1-MANISTEEb02060614mn.jpg (92286 bytes) 2-KAMINISTIQUAb05060614mn.jpg (88782 bytes) 3-KAMINISTIQUAs08060614nb.jpg (76745 bytes) 4-FEDERAWESERb11060614mn.jpg (95336 bytes)
5-FEDERAWESERs12060614mn.jpg (127345 bytes) 1-AMERICANMARINERs02060714mn.jpg (148443 bytes) 2-AMERICANMARINERb03060714mn.jpg (147990 bytes) 3-AMERICANCOURAGEs11060714mn.jpg (72301 bytes) 4-ALOUETTESPIRITb08060714mn.jpg (102112 bytes)
5-ALOUETTESPIRITs10060714mn.jpg (123681 bytes) 6-SEYMOURWILFs09060714mn.jpg (150171 bytes) 7-2014-01,-C.C.G.S.b12060714mn.jpg (118220 bytes) 8-MARVINOb14060714mn.jpg (181899 bytes)  

Federal Welland in Goderich harbor - Bill Blackstone
Federal-Welland-20140607.jpg (156166 bytes)        

Luedtke at the Cargil Pier in Buffalo - Brian W.
1-Leudtke-at-Cargil-6-13-14-BRW.jpg (53348 bytes)
Overall view of the old Cargil Pool Terminal Elevator on the lakefront with Luedtke dredge equipment tied up to the pier.
2-Leudtke-at-Cargil-6-13-14-BRW.jpg (50604 bytes)
Twilight over Lake Erie on a stormy evening.
3-Leudtke-at-Cargil-6-13-14-BRW.jpg (50282 bytes)
Tugs Karl Luedtke, Krista S., & Paul Luedtke, Pump out barge Lucile T, 2 dredge rigs, & scows with new LED lighting.

Alpena at the Lafarge Dock, downtown Toledo - Luke Archer
1-Alpena-6-12-14-la.jpg (106567 bytes)
Seen from the Cherry Street Bridge
2-Alpena-6-12-14-la.jpg (72082 bytes)
Stern view with Col. James M. Schoonmaker, two classic lakers
3-Schoonmaker&Alpena-6-12-14-la.jpg (72637 bytes)
Alpena ready to depart Lafarge, as seen from the deck of the Schoonmaker

Atlantic Erie aground - Erie Media
atlantic-erie-aground.jpg (55234 bytes)        

2014 Detroit River Tug Race - Aaron Thomson
9218.jpg (173360 bytes) 9234.jpg (144640 bytes) 9247.jpg (133784 bytes) 9275.jpg (166191 bytes) 9240.jpg (122941 bytes)
9356.jpg (157045 bytes) 9358.jpg (131449 bytes) 9349.jpg (189035 bytes) 9367.jpg (153197 bytes) 9369.jpg (171061 bytes)
9372.jpg (149783 bytes) 9376.jpg (230158 bytes) 9379.jpg (148337 bytes) 9382.jpg (203986 bytes) 9394.jpg (215656 bytes)
9398.jpg (209082 bytes) 9416.jpg (223432 bytes) 9420.jpg (191582 bytes) 9422.jpg (195336 bytes) 9426.jpg (116810 bytes)
9446.jpg (147293 bytes) 9457.jpg (197625 bytes) 9466.jpg (142919 bytes) 9586.jpg (122475 bytes) 9593.jpg (149564 bytes)
9594.jpg (260718 bytes) 9597nn.jpg (123838 bytes) 9600nn.jpg (124788 bytes) 9602nn.jpg (119168 bytes) 9607nn.jpg (129189 bytes)
9613nn.jpg (119375 bytes) 9617nn.jpg (120271 bytes) 9621nn.jpg (147944 bytes) 9625nn.jpg (123883 bytes) 9640nn.jpg (106468 bytes)
9634nn.jpg (101590 bytes) 9667nn.jpg (119207 bytes) 9646nn.jpg (112659 bytes) 9652nn.jpg (117151 bytes) 9658nn.jpg (130407 bytes)
9677nn.jpg (130201 bytes) 9685nn.jpg (145911 bytes) 9706nn.jpg (191479 bytes)    

Recent Photos from San Francisco, California - Paul Beesley
1-jero'b-6-08-14-pb.jpg (59199 bytes)
SS Jeremiah O'Brien is a Liberty Ship built during WW2 and named for American Revolutionary War ship captain Jeremiah O'Brien  (1744?1818). Now based in San Francisco, Jeremiah O'Brien is a rare survivor of the 6,939-ship armada that stormed Normandy on D-Day, 1944, and one of only two currently operational World War II Liberty ships afloat of the 2,710 built during the war (the other being the SS John W. Brown based in Baltimore).
2-gg-6-08-14-pb.jpg (28002 bytes)
Passing under the Golden Gate bridge in the fog.  The bridge has its own fog horn.
3-horn-6-08-14-pb.jpg (76123 bytes)
Hornblower Hybrid and Alcatraz Clipper with the Bay bridge in the background.   The Hybrid is a rebuilt dive boat powered by solar panels, wind turbines and fuel-efficient diesel engines.
4-alcat-6-08-14-pb.jpg (119885 bytes)
 Alcatraz Clipper at the dock on the island.
5-sf-6-08-14-pb.jpg (64786 bytes)
San Fran is one busy harbour as evidenced by this photo.
6-jero'b-6-08-14-pb.jpg (149879 bytes)
Another view of the SS Jeremiah O'Brien.
7-sffb-6-08-14-pb.jpg (77971 bytes)
Phoenix Fireboat #1 out for a sail.
8-royalp-6-08-14-pb.jpg (78926 bytes)
Royal Prince backing away with another load of sightseeers.
9-epphall-6-08-14-pb.jpg (97196 bytes)
Eppleton Hall is a paddlewheel tugboat built in England in 1914. The only remaining intact example of a Tyne-built paddle tug, and one of only two surviving British-built paddle tugs (the other being the former Tees Conservancy Commissioners' vessel, PS John H Amos), she is preserved at the San Francisco Maritime national Historic Park. 
10-ivana-6-08-14-pb.jpg (40756 bytes)
MSC Ivana pops out of the fog at the Golden Gate.

Special Memorial - Chiefs last trip through the ice on Mackinaw

Here are some pics from Brent "chiefs" Michaels last trip through the ice of the Upper St. Marys river note the Callaway waiting for her escort Westward patiently waiting for us to spread dads ashes. There were 4 ships that waited the additional 3 hours Mackinaw to begin the escort while they escorted Chief to his final resting place. They were the Walter J McCarthy Cason Calloway Gott and St Clair.
020.jpg (93479 bytes) 023.jpg (70834 bytes) 024.jpg (49827 bytes) 025.jpg (91649 bytes) 028.jpg (99085 bytes)
031.jpg (109760 bytes) 034.jpg (87296 bytes) 036.jpg (99871 bytes) 049.jpg (70851 bytes) 052.jpg (102387 bytes)
053.jpg (97261 bytes)        


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