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July 3, 2014

Algoma Montrealais upbound at the Bluewater Bridges July 1 - Matt Jones
montrealais7-1-14-(4).jpg (127936 bytes) montrealais7-1-14-(2).jpg (133869 bytes) montrealais7-1-14-(3).jpg (127223 bytes) montrealais7-1-14-(7).jpg (103525 bytes) montrealais7-1-14-(1).jpg (163865 bytes)

Holland, Michigan -
Bill Van Appledorn
101_1926.jpg (136682 bytes)
Manistee unloading stone at VerPlanks dock
Manistee.jpg (96767 bytes)
Manistee leaving Holland harbor
Manistee-Passing-Big-Red.jpg (149894 bytes)
Passing Big Red Lighthouse
101_1790.jpg (92899 bytes)
Tug Haskel

Soo -
Jeff Thomas
Algoway-6-24-14-jt.jpg (89386 bytes)
Algoway passing Sherman Park on June 24 in a heavy fog.
Roger-Blough-6-24-14-JT.jpg (84738 bytes)
June 24, the Roger Blough passed Mission Point on a downbound passage in the evening
Ojibway-in-MacArthur-Lock-6-24-14-JT.jpg (284275 bytes)
Ojibway in the MacArthur Lock on Engineer's Day

Cleveland - Lorain action
- Scott Tish
1-JLV-6-15-14-st.jpg (228415 bytes)
After offloading at Jonick Dock the Joyce L. VanEnkevort / Great Lakes Trader backs out of Lorain as a few recreational boaters look on.
2-asc-6-21-14-st.jpg (236886 bytes)
In the never ending cycle the St. Clair builds the pile of iron ore pellets higher at Cleveland Bulk Terminal the American Courage stands by to make it a little smaller.
3-ten-6-21-14-st.jpg (272927 bytes)
The Ryba Marine tug Tenacious with an empty mud barge stands by waiting for drawbridge NS1 and the Petite Forte and barge St. Mary's Cement with a busy Port of Cleveland in the background.
4-smc-6-21-14-st.jpg (310845 bytes)
The Petite Forte-St. Marys Cement heads out of Cleveland.
5-dock24-6-21-14-st.jpg (215141 bytes)
 The Fortunagracht and the Reggeborg in the Port of Cleveland.
6-cle-6-28-14-st.jpg (182806 bytes)
The tug Sarah B stands by with work barges in tow while the Defiance-Ashtabula spins around to head off to Ashtabula to load coal while to the right the Samuel De Champlain / Innovation heads into Cleveland bound for the Lafarge Terminal.
7-sarahb-6-28-14-st.jpg (197589 bytes)
The Sarah B stands by waiting on the Samuel De Champlain / Innovation to pass.
8-cle-6-28-14-st.jpg (242062 bytes)
The Samuel De Champlain / Innovation passes the Huron Service / Energy 6505 which has been running between Toledo and Arc Terminal in Cleveland.
9-lor-6-28-14-st.jpg (211420 bytes)
The Mississagi eases into Jonick Dock in Lorain to lighter before heading off to Cleveland to finish offloading.

Mississagi loading coke at Zug Island - Ken Borg
IMG_5906.jpg (105281 bytes)
In River Rouge, MI on the original channel of the Rouge River on June 30, 2014

Alpena arrives Sturgeon Bay Saturday - Daniel Lindner
1-Alpena-6-28-14-dl.jpg.jpg (364564 bytes)
Alpena arrives Sturgeon Bay via the bay of Green Bay.
2-Alpena-6-28-14-dl.jpg.jpg (100561 bytes)
 Close up.
3-Alpena-6-28-14-dl.jpg.jpg (135544 bytes)
 Alpena passes Sunset Park.
4-Alpena-6-28-14-dl.jpg.jpg (152821 bytes)
5-Alpena&Hhock-6-28-14-dl.jpg.jpg (70297 bytes)
Alpena docking at Bayship.  The USCG Hollyhock can be seen over the building on the right, inside one of Bay Shipbuilding's floating drydock.

Detroit River - Capt. Mike Nicholls
1-BAIESTPAULb11062714mn.jpg (114455 bytes) 2-BAIESTPAULs13062714mn.jpg (88082 bytes) 3-CALUMETb14062414mn.jpg (89408 bytes) 4-CALUMETs15062414mn.jpg (81482 bytes) 5-CUYAHOGAb22062714mn.jpg (99301 bytes)
6-CUYAHOGAs24062714mn.jpg (104160 bytes) 7-DIAMONDBELLEb05062414mn.jpg (113655 bytes) 8-DIAMONDBELLEs07062414mn.jpg (114055 bytes) 9-MANITOBAb14062714mn.jpg (95777 bytes) 10-MANITOBAs17062714mn.jpg (103750 bytes)
11-OJIBWAYb04062814mn.jpg (92474 bytes) 12-PATHFINDERb12062414mn.jpg (69438 bytes) 13-PATHFINDERs13062414mn.jpg (79028 bytes) 14-REGGEBORGb0606214mn.jpg (83081 bytes) 15-REGGEBORGs08062714mn.jpg (78146 bytes)
16-SPEEREDGARBb09062814mn.jpg (110111 bytes) 17-SPEEREDGARBs10062814mn.jpg (96337 bytes) 18-VIRGINIABORGb09062414mn.jpg (83310 bytes) 19-VIRGINIABORGs10062414mn.jpg (82529 bytes) 20-WHITEHLEEb01062414mn.jpg (91375 bytes)
21-WHITEHLEEs02062414mn.jpg (79065 bytes) 22-FEDERALMAYUMIs06062914mn.jpg (97933 bytes)      

Calumet in Manistee and of the Edwin H. Gott at Engineers Day at the Soo - Matt Wohlfeill (150779 bytes)
Calumet passing through downtown Manistee on the Manistee River
Calumet-06-22-14-kh.jpg.jpg (298830 bytes)
Calumet passing the Municipal Marina in Manistee
Gott-06-27-14-kh.jpg.jpg (94238 bytes)
 The Edwin H. Gott in the Poe Lock on Engineers Day.

Engineers Day at the Soo Locks - Mike Mishler
IMG_9602.jpg (125685 bytes) IMG_9650.jpg (152581 bytes) IMG_9765.jpg (137313 bytes) IMG_9860.jpg (141634 bytes) IMG_9910.jpg (198635 bytes)
IMG_9933.jpg (119946 bytes)        

Algoma Montrealais approaching Lock 1 Welland Canal taken from the Algolake - Vernon Munden
montrealis6-29-14.jpg (136096 bytes)        

Sam Laud coming up the Wyandotte Channel of the Detroit River - Ken Borg
IMG_5881.jpg (60699 bytes)
After discharging a load of coal at the Detroit Edison Trenton Channel Power Plant on June 28, 2014 meeting the Friendship who is heading back to their dock in Wyandotte.
IMG_5888.jpg (56354 bytes) IMG_5891.jpg (40141 bytes)    

Soo - David Kaye
1-jrbarker-6-28-14-dk.jpg (115676 bytes)
James R Barker upbound out of the Poe Lock.
2-laurentien-6-28-14-dk.jpg (122492 bytes)
CSL Laurentien downbound for the Poe Lock.
3-michipicoten-6-28-14.jpg (93532 bytes)
Michipicoten in the MacArthur lock.
4-scottpurvis-6-28-14-dk.jpg (79291 bytes)
Tug Scott Purvis headed for the MacArthur Lock.
5-kenboothesr-6-28-14-dk.jpg (170500 bytes)
Ken Boothe Sr. downbound at the International Bridge.
6-mesabiminer-6-28-14-dk.jpg (121527 bytes)
Mesabi Miner upbound at the International Bridge.
7-kaebarker-6-28-14-dk.jpg (142498 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker downbound for the Poe Lock.
8-Avengeriv-6-28-14-dk.jpg (91875 bytes)
 Tug Avenger IV at the West Pier.

Buffalo - Brain W.
1-Rebecca-Lynn-6-28-14-BRW.jpg (207377 bytes)
A small push tug and a derrick barge were moored near the Noco Pier in Tonawanda with the Rebecca Lynn-A-397 unloading asphalt in the background on the hot & steamy afternoon of June 28th.

Port Colborne and Lake Muskoka - Skip Gillham
Algoma-Transfer---Port-Col.-June-27-14-SG.jpg (90366 bytes)
Algoma Transfer at Port Colborne on June 27, 2014.  Looks like they are about to remove the some of the self-unloading equipment.
Segwun---Gravenhurst---June-26-14a.jpg (231032 bytes)
The beautiful Lake Muskoka steamer Segwun at Gravenhurst on June 26, 2014

Boatnerd Cruise at the Soo - Roger LeLievre
1-Group.jpg (131334 bytes)
Early risers at the locks on Engineers Day. (Photo by Glenn Blaskiewicz).
2-Lee,-Cathy.jpg (94934 bytes)
Picnic organizers Lee Rowe and Cathy Kohring.
3-Jack-Cork.jpg (67603 bytes)
LeVoyageur Captain Jack Cork.
4-Leitch.jpg (71243 bytes)
Passing the John D. Leitch.
5-Wendy-Ann.jpg (95761 bytes)
Tug Wendy Ann.
6-Cort1.jpg (65065 bytes)
Stewart J. Cort up ahead.
7-Cort-Engineer.jpg (70461 bytes)
Cort Chief Engineer Mark Sipper gives a wave.
8-Cort--Rebecca.jpg (51818 bytes)
Cort mate Rebecca Hancock greets the Nerds.
9-Cort.jpg (106754 bytes)
Cort, stern view.
10-Cort-tugs.jpg (103209 bytes)
Tug Parade passing the Cort.
11-Algonorth-1.jpg (68214 bytes)
Algonorth scrapping continues.
12-Algonorth-2.jpg (77276 bytes)
Algonorth up close.
13-Leitch-Cort.jpg (66811 bytes)
Leitch leaves the Mac Lock and the Cort enters the Poe.
14-Missouri-locks.jpg (86278 bytes)
Missouri locks through behind us.
15-Dorothy-Ann-wave.jpg (75991 bytes)
Friendly wave from the Dorothy Ann.
16-Missouri-Pathfinder.jpg (94956 bytes)
Missouri-Pathfinder in the lower harbor.
17-Lelia-Mae-Ojibway.jpg (116154 bytes)
DeTour-based Lelia Mae meets the supply boat Ojibway.
18Graham-tug.jpg (129583 bytes)
J.D. Graham is the former Detroit tug Magnetic, now based in Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.

Soo - David Kaye
1-manatoba-6-26-14-dk.jpg (103048 bytes)
Manitoba downbound near Rotary Park.
2-ltregurtha-6-26-14-dk.jpg (129709 bytes)
Lee Tregurtha downbound near Rotary Park.
3-poelock-6-27-14-dk.jpg (99519 bytes)
Lower river entrance to the Poe Lock.
4-ojibay-6-27-14-dk.jpg (113707 bytes)
Ojibway in the MacArthur Lock.
5-chjackman-6-27-14-dk.jpg (109459 bytes)
Capt. Henry Jackman in the Poe Lock.
6-sjcort-6-27-14-dk.jpg (143405 bytes)
Stewart J. Cort  waiting at the International Bridge.
7-jdleitch-6-27-14-dk.jpg (140715 bytes)
John D Leitch passing the Cort.

River traffic at St. Clair - Kevin Majewski
1.Mani-6-27-14-KM.jpg (71470 bytes)
 Manitoba downbound at St. Clair.
2.Man-6-27-14-KM.jpg (64373 bytes)
Bow view.
3.Ma-6-27-14-KM.jpg (91779 bytes)
Forward profile.
4.Baie-6-27-14-KM.jpg (83226 bytes)
Baie St. Paul downbound.
5.Bai-6-27-14-KM.jpg (78995 bytes)
Forward profile.

Seaway & St. Lawrence River shipping - René Beauchamp
Tina-Theresa-(St.Lambert-26-6-2014)-RB-(2).jpg (88879 bytes)
Tina Theresa shortly after leaving the lock at St. Lambert and coming back from her first voyage in the Seaway on June 26.
Tina-Theresa-(St.Lambert-26-6-2014)-RB-(1).jpg (90228 bytes) M.-Bourbonnais-VII-@-Mtl-13-6-2014)-RB-(2).jpg (143744 bytes)
Small ferry M. Bourbonnais IV entering the Seaway on June 13 on her delivery trip and bound for Masson on the Ottawa River a few miles downstream from Ottawa.
IMG_1794.jpg (88673 bytes)
 Small ferry Peter-Fraser arriving at L’Isle Verte near Rivière du Loup on the south shore of the St. Lawrence River on June 20.

Detroit River Traffic from the J.W. Westcott Co. Dock -
DSCN1227.jpg (283298 bytes)
Pilot boat Huron Maid is back on station.
DSCN1233.jpg (110534 bytes) DSCN1235.jpg (169704 bytes) DSCN1253.jpg (146295 bytes) DSCN1255.jpg (137724 bytes)
DSCN1258.jpg (104331 bytes) DSCN1225.jpg (165118 bytes) DSCN1223.jpg (112943 bytes) DSCN1229.jpg (84541 bytes) DSCN1236.jpg (185487 bytes)
Mailboat cat Tilly keeping an eye on the fleet.
DSCN1243.jpg (126703 bytes) DSCN1244.jpg (133282 bytes) DSCN1247.jpg (106175 bytes) DSCN1251.jpg (122812 bytes) DSCN1264.jpg (135998 bytes)
DSCN1268.jpg (92391 bytes) DSCN1270.jpg (95602 bytes) DSCN1271.jpg (44121 bytes)    


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