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July 7, 2014

Welland Canal - Barry Andersen
Algoma-Transport-upbnd-clear-of-bridge-21.jpg (111807 bytes)
Algoma Transport upbound clear of bridge 21
Algoma-Transport-passes-fleet-mate-at-IMS-yard.jpg (109585 bytes)
Algoma Transport passes remains of fleetmate at IMS yard
Algoma-Transfer-with-wheelhouse.jpg (125824 bytes) Algoma-Quebecois-whlhse-sits-on.jpg (156833 bytes)
Algoma Quebecois wheel house sits at IMS yard dock as remainder of vessel is scrapped
Algoma-Transport-outbnd-Port-Colborne-harboour.jpg (112184 bytes)
Algoma Transport in outer harbour at Port Colborne
Algoma-Transfer-at-W-17-with.jpg (100012 bytes)
Algoma Transfer at wharf 17 as IMS yard workers use torches to cut off unloader sections
Algoma-Transfer-with-Algoma-Quebecois-whlhse-on-dock-astern.jpg (53908 bytes)
Algoma Transfer with wheelhouse of Algoma Quebecois on dock astern at IMS yard
Algoma-Quebecois-remains.jpg (107706 bytes)
Algoma Quebecois remains at IMS yard -
Algoma-Navigator-raised-in-L6-upbnd.jpg (108311 bytes)
Algoma Navigator raised in Lock 6 upbound
Fionia-Swan-(Den)-dbnd-clear-of-L2-(2).jpg (83519 bytes)
Fionia Swan (Den) downbound clear of Lock 2
yacht-Bliss-(Am)-dbnd-above-L2.jpg (79652 bytes)
Yacht Bliss on her maiden trip only days out of Palmer Johnson yard, she is 170' long.
yacht-Bliss-(Am)-dbnd-entering-L2.jpg (83081 bytes)
Showing American registry downbound entering Lock 2 on delivery voyage
yacht-Freedom-(KY)-dbnd-clear-of-L2-(2).jpg (88196 bytes)
Yacht Freedom downbound above Lock 2  in tandem with yacht Bliss.
Sichem-Beijing-(Sgp)-upbnd-for-L2.jpg (102692 bytes)
Sichem Beijing (Sgp) upbound clear of Lock 1
Sichem-Beijing-(Sgp)-upbnd-for-L2-(3).jpg (102644 bytes)
Federal-Schelde-(Bds)-dbnd-clearing-L1.jpg (108501 bytes)
Federal Schelde (Bds) downbound clear of Lock 2  
Federal-Hudson-(Hkg)-upbnd-clear-of-L1-(2).jpg (102404 bytes)
Federal Hudson (Hkg) downbound clear of Lock 1 headed to wharf 2 to fuel
Federal-Hunter-(Hkg)-upbnd-headed-to-L2.jpg (97918 bytes)
Federal Hunter (Hkg) upbound clear of Lock 1
Strandja-(Mlt)-ex-Federal-Yangtze-upbnd-for-L2.jpg (103139 bytes)
Strandja (Mlt) upbound headed to Lock 2 (former Federal Yangtze)
Eemsborg-(Nld)-upbnd-for-L2.jpg (102944 bytes)
Eemsborg (Nld) upbound above Lock 1
tug-Anglian-Lady-with-barge-PML-2501-heavily-loaded.jpg (119504 bytes)
tug Anglian Lock ady with barge PM Lock  2501 downbound to Lock 1
434.jpg (98224 bytes)
Capt Henry Jackman in ballast above Lock 1 upbound
Birchglen-upbnd-for-L2-formerly-Federal-Richelieu-(2).jpg (93875 bytes)
Birchglen upbound headed to Lock 2
Adfines-Sea-(Mlt)-anchroed-off-Port-Dalhoousie.jpg (80918 bytes)
Adfines Sea (Mlt) anchored off Port Dalhousie  
Manitoba-upbnd-for-L2-at-sunset.jpg (61595 bytes)
Manitoba upbound clear of Lock 1 with sunset astern

Saginaw River- Todd Shorkey
1-undaunted-7-3-14-ts.jpg (100367 bytes)
Undaunted - Pere Marquette 41 inbound on the Saginaw River
2-undaunted-7-3-14-ts.jpg (109958 bytes)
Undaunted close up
3-undaunted-7-3-14-ts.jpg (109286 bytes)
Stern view beginning the turn into the Bay Aggregates slip

Lake St. Clair water spout - Capt. Dan Gallagher
Capt.Dan-Water-Spout.jpg (282731 bytes)        

Recent Soo Traffic - David Kaye
1-drawsko-7-4-14-dk.jpg (62963 bytes)
Drawsko at the Export Dock.
2-algocanada7-3-14-dk.jpg (97922 bytes)
Algocanada downbound at the West Pier.
3-algocanada-7-3-14-dk.jpg (45425 bytes) 4-hjackson-7-4-14-dk.jpg (127102 bytes)
Herbert C Jackson downbound passing Sherman Park.
 Frontenac leaving the MacArthur Lock.
5-frontenac-7-4-14-dk.jpg (136336 bytes)
6-ccg-7-4-14-dk.jpg (124474 bytes)
Canadian Coast Guard.
7-stclair-7-4-14-dk.jpg (81303 bytes)
St Clair downbound for the Locks.
8-juno-6-29-14-dk.jpg (104605 bytes)
Juno upbound at the International Bridge.

HHL Elbe upbound in Montreal  - Rene Beauchamp
HHL-Elbe-(Mtl-3-juil-2014)-RB-(2).jpg (97690 bytes)
July 3rd heading for the Seaway bound for Muskegon, Mich. In the Seaway before as BBC Alaska.
HHL-Elbe-(Mtl-3-juil-2014)-RB-(1).jpg (97517 bytes) M.-Bourbonnais-VII-@-Mtl-13-6-2014)-RB-(1).jpg (152678 bytes)
Ferry M.Bourbonnais VII upbound in the Seaway off Longueuil near Montreal on June 13. I wrongly spelled her name M.Bourbonnais IV in the previous News Photo Gallery

Edwin Gott from the Katmai Bay on Engineers Day 2014 - Tyler Brady
gott.jpg (65054 bytes)        

Buffalo - Brian W.
1-Defiance---Ashtabula-7-5-14-BRW-JR.jpg (110489 bytes)
The Defiance - Ashtabula rounding Light House Point & lining up for the Buffalo River Entrance Channel as they come in off the lake on a breezy beautiful, clear, & comfortable summer afternoon.
2-Defiance---Ashtabula-7-5-14-BRW-JR.jpg (94155 bytes)
They are now moving in past the docked Miss Buffalo II,entering the Watson Basin, & just starting a 90 degree turn to Starboard as they swing through the first turn in the river.
3-Defiance---Ashtabula-7-5-14-BRW-JR..jpg (78643 bytes)
Heavy on the bow thruster, the barge is swinging pretty good now as they slow down through their turn into the wider section of the channel inside the Watson Basin.
4-Defiance---Ashtabula-7-5-14-BRW-JR.jpg (152043 bytes)
The tug-barge combo is now lined up to enter the City Ship Canal from the Watson Basin as seen from the Port Look Out Station above the Wheelhouse on the Guided Missile Cruiser USS Little Rock.
5-Canal-side-7-5-14-BRW.jpg (215617 bytes)
The Canal side redevelopment is progressing downtown with the excavated & restored Erie Canal being rebuilt in the foreground along with the new Harbor Center skyscraper going up in the background.
6-Paul-L.-Luedtke-7-5-14-BRW.jpg (144926 bytes)
Different law enforcement agencies have been escorting the dredge tugs up & down the river due to increased summer time public activity & today the Erie County Sheriff's Dept. was leading the way.
7-Paul-L.-Luedtke-7-5-14-BRW.jpg (146725 bytes)
After the officers clear the traffic, the tugs don't waste any time coming through the draw at the Michigan St. Bridge. A lookout stationed on the barge's bow calls out distances for the tug captain.
9-Paul-L.-Luedtke-7-5-14-BRW.jpg (181976 bytes)
The tug Paul L Luedtke roars up the river & under the open draw at Michigan St. on her way to the dredge site with an empty scow.
8-Paul-L.-Luedtke-7-5-14-BRW.jpg (192835 bytes)
Most pleasure boat traffic is located further downriver & the reach up to the dredge site is mostly industrialized so the law enforcement escort has turned back as the tug & her barge head up to Ohio St.
10-Paul-L.-Luedtke-7-5-14-BRW.jpg (134930 bytes)
 The tug Paul L Luedtke, with her barge "on the push", starts the turn for the Ohio St. Bridge. Gas powered pumps were being used to de-water the scow & can be seen discharging over the side.
11-Paul-L.-Luedtke-7-5-14-BRW.jpg (147175 bytes)
As Ohio St. is raised, the tug powers up for the turn under the bridge. These boats run hard & fast all day long & must have well maintained engines to be able to zip around the harbor as much as they do.

Detroit - Capt. Mike Nicholls
1-ALGOWAYb03070514mn.jpg (85652 bytes)
Algoway upbound passing Belle Isle.
2-CRESSWELLPETERRb05070314mn.jpg (85405 bytes)
Peter R Cresswell at the Lafarge Dock in Windsor.
3-CRESSWELLPETERRs11070314mn.jpg (102481 bytes) 4-CARRICKJOHNJb13070314mn.jpg (69255 bytes)
 John J Carrick at Sterling Fuels.
5-FEDERALMAYUMIb08070314mn.jpg (113037 bytes)
Federal Mayumi upbound passing Detroit.
6-GOLDCOASTLADYb02070314mn.jpg (136678 bytes)
Gold Coast Lady downbound approaching the Ambassador Bridge.
Wonder where she is going?
7-GOLDCOASTLADYs03070314mn.jpg (145960 bytes)      


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