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July 11, 2014

St. Clair River - Kevin Majewski
1.Algo-7-9-14-KM.jpg (102478 bytes)
Algowood upbound at St. Clair.
2.Alg-7-9-14-KM.jpg (110784 bytes)
 Lack of new paint only makes her look tougher.
3.PAR-7-9-14-KM.jpg (104413 bytes)
CCGS Samuel Risley joins the "parade" coming out of the Pine River.
4.Sam-7-9-14-KM.jpg (116565 bytes)
Risley continuing upbound.
5.Sa-7-9-14-KM.jpg (110939 bytes)
View of the large buoy crane on the quarterdeck.

CSL Tadoussac upbound coming through the Homer Bridge of the Welland Canal on July 10 -
Skip Gillham
CSL-Tadoussac---Homer-Br.-July-10-14-SG-(2).jpg (107877 bytes)        

Crew member evacuated by USCG off Mackinac Island -
Robert Mcgreevy
P1020953.jpg (132764 bytes)
Atlantic Erie stopped East of Saint Ignace July 7, to medivac a crew member. USCG station Saint Ignace’s 45' RBM transferred the patient to waiting EMS.

Sikuliaq downbound the Detroit River off River Rouge on her way to Alaska -
Ken Borg
IMG_6255.jpg (68565 bytes)        

St. Clair River -
Screen-Shot-2014-07-03-at-2.42.09-PM.jpg (83857 bytes) DSC_3320.jpg (153380 bytes) DSC_3317.jpg (110417 bytes) DSC_3392.jpg (111269 bytes) DSC_3305.jpg (94208 bytes)

St. Lawrence River -  René Beauchamp
Phoenix-Sun-(Sorel-Tracy-5-July-2014)-RB-(1).jpg (175676 bytes)
The departure of Phoenix Sun from Sorel-Tracy seems imminent. Lately, the letters TF were replaced by two stylised birds on her rusty stack. Although flying the Panama flag. the port of registry Quebec was still painted on the stern.
Phoenix-Sun-(Sorel-Tracy-5-July-2014)-RB-(2).jpg (335683 bytes) Peter-Rönna-(Longueuil-5-July-2014)-RB-(2).jpg (167127 bytes)
Two views of the small cargo ship Peter Ronna entering the Seaway on July 5 off Longueuil near Montreal, destination Hamilton. First trip.
Peter-Rönna-(Longueuil-5-July-2014)-RB-(1).jpg (192341 bytes) Erasmusgracht-(Varennes-5-July-2014)-RB.jpg (112314 bytes)
Erasmusgracht off Varennes near Montreal on July 5, destination Pointe aux Trembles anchorage for Seaway inspection and then Valleyfield in the St. Lawrence Seaway. This is her first trip.
BBC-Kibo-(Mtl-9-July-2014)-RB.jpg (113881 bytes)
BBC Kibo shortly after her arrival at the Pointe-aux-Trembles anchorage in Montreal for Seaway inspection on July 9. She was expected to leave for Erie a few hours later. First trip. Sister ship of BBC Xingang which transited the Seaway in April-May.

Buffalo - Brian W.
1-Cuyahoga-7-7-14-BRW.jpg (108717 bytes)
Cuyahoga is being towed in stern 1st by the tug Washington on the evening of July 7th. She's in the Buffalo River Entrance Channel and headed for the first turn by the USS Little Rock in the distance.
2-Cuyahoga-7-7-14-BRW.jpg (120441 bytes)
Now into the turn at Ohio St., the tow has slowed down to make the acute angle curve up and under the bridge as the Washington eases the big freighter's stern into the next reach by the old Electric Elevator.
3-Cuyahoga-7-7-14-BRW.jpg (109808 bytes)
The bow is swinging past the Lafarge Cement dock and entering the draw at Ohio St. as crew members ready a big blue tarp over the unloader frame for grain dust abatement.
4-Cuyahoga-7-7-14-BRW.jpg (112652 bytes)
The tow is rounding the last bend in the river before making the Lake & Rail Elevator Pier at the corner of Hamburg & South St. This facility was built around the inside curve of a 90 degree turn in the river.
5-Cuyahoga-7-7-14-BRW.jpg (102387 bytes)
The Washington is pulling hard now as the ship swings in the turn. The Captain was also using the bow thruster to help bring her around. Ship handling in the tight confines of the river are not for the faint of heart.
6-Cuyahoga-7-7-14-BRW.jpg (135810 bytes)
A panorama view shows the curvature of the river here as the Cuyahoga is carefully being backed into her berth at the Lake & Rail. Debris kicked up by the tow can be seen to the left, floating around in the water.

Straits of Mackinac - M. Lemon
Mack-July-2014.jpg (85737 bytes)
Mackinaw in the Straits.
Mac-and-Bridge.jpg (90739 bytes)
Under the bridge
Coast-Guard.jpg (116169 bytes)
USCG overtaking tug and barge.

South Chicago - Lou Gerard
Thunderbay-7-7-14-lg-DSC-0883.jpg (392640 bytes)
G tug Massachusetts taking line from Thunder Bay at Morton Salt dock after being informed by dock personnel that the ship had to be turned.
Thunderbay-7-7-14-lg-DSC-0891.jpg (156796 bytes)
The Massachusetts and Thunder Bay coming up to 95th St. on their way to Calumet Harbor to turn around.
Thunderbay-7-7-14-lg-DSC-0044.jpg (107279 bytes)
Thunder Bay heading under the J Bridge.
Thunderbay-7-7-14-lg-DSC-0048.jpg (59078 bytes)
Turning in Calumet Harbor.
Thunderbay-7-7-14-lg-DSC-0073.jpg (128833 bytes)
Heading back to Morton Salt, Thunder Bay approaches 95th St.
schicagotugs7-7-14-lg-(1).jpg (139822 bytes)
 Tug "The Mule" in the slip near 92nd St.
schicagotugs7-7-14-lg-(2).jpg (117697 bytes)
The Barbara Andrie pushing a tanker barge with the G tug Colorado assisting. The Andie and barge are heading for East Chicago IN.

Soo - David Kaye
1-pineglen-7-3-14-dk.jpg (71649 bytes)
Pineglen upbound for the Poe Lock.
2--buffalo-7-5-14-dk.jpg (86186 bytes)
Buffalo in the MacArthur Lock.
3-ptregurtha-7-7-14-dk.jpg (113074 bytes)
Paul R Tregurtha rounding Mission Point.
4-jrbarker-7-7-14-dk.jpg (135441 bytes)
James R Barker downbound passing Sherman Park.
5-equinox-7-7-14-dk.jpg (105721 bytes)
Algoma Equinox upbound passing Sherman Park.
6-jloberstar-7-7-14-dk.jpg (105355 bytes)
Hon James L Oberstar upbound at the West Pier.

Saginaw River - Todd Shorkey
1-olmoore-7-7-14-ts.jpg (145640 bytes)
Olive L. Moore out of the notch of the Lewis J. Kuber in the Bay Aggregates slip Monday. 
2-olmoore-7-7-14-ts.jpg (241973 bytes)
Unloading close up
3-zeus-7-7-14-ts.jpg (115824 bytes)
Tug Zeus out of the notch of the Robert F. Deegan at the Dow Chemical dock
4-manitowoc-7-7-14-ts.jpg (53866 bytes)
Manitowoc inbound Monday at the Saginaw River Front Range
5-manitowoc-7-7-14-ts.jpg (115879 bytes)
 Tied up at Burroughs North
6-manitowoc-7-7-14-ts.jpg (142391 bytes)
Stern view
1-manitowoc-7-9-14-ts.jpg (103069 bytes)
 Manitowoc outbound from the Saginaw River at Cass Avenue Wednesday.
2-manitowoc-7-9-14-ts.jpg (105780 bytes)
Stern view at Lafayette Bridge

American Mariner unloading coal in Munising on a sunny Monday morning - Luke Archer
American-Mariner7-7-14-la-(2).jpg (62823 bytes) American-Mariner7-7-14-la-(1).jpg (108303 bytes) Munising7-7-14-la.jpg (100523 bytes)    

St. Clair River at Algonac - Don Detloff
1-Sikuliaq-08jul14-djd.jpg (100144 bytes)
R/V Sikuliaq
2-Sikuliaq-08jul14-djd.jpg (88492 bytes) 3-Sikuliaq-08jul14-djd.jpg (72548 bytes) 4-Sikuliaq-08jul14-djd.jpg (43382 bytes)
 Sikuliaq passing the Blough
5-Sikuliaq-08jul14-djd.jpg (83763 bytes)
1-blough-08jul14-djd.jpg (64748 bytes)
Roger Blough
1-buffalo-06jul14-djd.jpg (91834 bytes) 2-niagara-06jul14-djd.jpg (86054 bytes) 3-republic-06jul14-djd.jpg (89287 bytes) 4-presque-06jul14-djd.jpg (72557 bytes)

Detroit - Capt. Mike Nicholls
1-SIKULIAQb04070814mn.jpg (90119 bytes)
Sikuliaq downbound off Rivard Plaza.
2-SIKULIAQs08070814mn.jpg (105089 bytes) 3-PRIDEMENASHAb11070814mn.jpg (132439 bytes)
tug Pride towing Menasha off Cobo Hall, heading for Dean Construction in La Salle.
4-PRIDEMENASHAs15070814mn.jpg (127671 bytes) 5-PRIDEb12070814mn.jpg (144233 bytes)
6-MENASHAb13070814mn.jpg (136903 bytes) 6-PINEGLENb01070714mn.jpg (93404 bytes)
Pineglen downbound off Zug Island.
7-PINEGLENs03070713mn.jpg (108879 bytes) 8-ALGOSCOTIAb05070714mn.jpg (83055 bytes)
Algoscotia downbound off Lafarge Springwells Dock.
9-ALGOSCOTIAs06070714mn.jpg (107096 bytes)
10-WHITEFISHBAYb09070714mn.jpg (88691 bytes)
Whitefish Bay downbound off Lafarge Springwells Dock.
11-WHITEFISHBAYs11070714mn.jpg (100979 bytes) 12-ANDERSONARTHURMb12070714mn.jpg (81611 bytes)
Arthur M Anderson downbound off Zug Island.
13-ANDERSONCARRICKp14070714mn.jpg (97224 bytes)
 Anderson passing John J Carrick in the Rouge River.
1-PATHFINDERb01070614mn.jpg (82094 bytes)
Pathfinder and Dorothy Ann upbound off Belle Isle.
2-PATHFINDERs03070614mn.jpg (86242 bytes) 3-LAKEGUARDIANb10070614mn.jpg (96364 bytes)
Lake Guardian downbound off Miliken State Park.
4-LAKEGUARDIANs11070614mn.jpg (118024 bytes) 5-MANITOWOCb07070614mn.jpg (89093 bytes)
Manitowoc at Sterling Fuel.

HHL Elbe arriving in Muskegon on July 7 with a load of Windmill Blades - Captain Jacob Zalewski
windmill-muskegon.jpg (32870 bytes) windmill-muskegon-2.jpg (42145 bytes) AR-ZBR.jpg (30336 bytes)    

Buffalo Grain Elevator Tour - Brian W.
1-Grain-Elevators-7-6-14-BRW.jpg (103596 bytes)
This shot shows the ADM Standard Elevator on the Buffalo River. The old Marine Legs are no longer used to unload straight deck grain ships, but the blue hopper now receives wheat by self-unloader.
2-Grain-Elevators-7-6-14-BRW.jpg (160287 bytes)
Looking out over the roof of the American Elevator, the Electric Elevator is seen in the distance along with the Ohio St. Bridge & Lake Erie in the distance. The acute angle turn through the bridge is evident.
3-Grain-Elevators-7-6-14-BRW.jpg (158315 bytes)
 Inside the head House of the American Elevator, the conveyor belts and the skip car for moving grain across the top of the silos is seen. The metal hatch plates lead straight down into the bins below.
4-Grain-Elevators-7-6-14-BRW.jpg (135826 bytes)
This view shows the Lake & Rail Elevator, built inside a bend in the Buffalo River. This building still stores grain, received by boat and sent out by train & truck, living up to it's nearly 100 year old name.
5-Grain-Elevators-7-6-14-BRW.jpg (145827 bytes)
The abandoned Marine "A" is to the left & the American Elevator is to the right in this shot looking out towards the Burrow's Lot railyard. Way off in the distance is the Cargil Pool Elevator out on the lakefront.
6-Grain-Elevators-7-6-14-BRW.jpg (117664 bytes)
Kayakers passing by on the Buffalo River give scale size to the NW corner of the Lake & Rail, showing just how large these looming structures stand over the area. The river bends off to the right around the building.

Winter flash back
1439939.jpg (101083 bytes)
The crew of the Coast Guard Cutter Mackinaw take some spray as they pilot the cutter through Owen Sound into Northeast Lake Huron after escorting lakers during Operation Coal Shovel, Jan. 29, 2014.


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