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July 14, 2014

Cleveland and Lorain - Scott Tish
1-cuya-07-03-14-st.jpg (153239 bytes)
The Cuyahoga heads into Cleveland as an angry Lake Erie pounds the west break wall lighthouse.
2-cuya-07-03-14-st.jpg (133111 bytes)
As the Cuyahoga begins to spin in for towing to Cargill Salt, the G tug Iowa moves in to assist with the process in the high winds
3-cuya-07-03-14-st.jpg (163391 bytes)
As the Cuyahoga begins their trip to Cargill Salt, the Calumet follows closely behind bound for Ontario Stone #4
4-calu-07-03-14-st.jpg (146778 bytes)
The Calumet heads toward Ontario Stone #4 passing the skyline of its registered city
5-vlie-07-06-14-st.jpg (145197 bytes)
The Vlieborg inbound for the Port of Cleveland
6-glost-07-06-14-st.jpg (168088 bytes)
The G. L. Ostrander with the barge Integrity leaves Cleveland behind after offloading at the Lafarge terminal
7-sag-07-09-14-st.jpg (172162 bytes)
The Saginaw offloads into one of the domes at Amcor
8-jht-07-10-14-st.jpg (227431 bytes)
The Joseph H. Thompson Jr. with the barge Joseph H. Thompson offloads stone at Jonick Dock
9-siku-07-12-14-st.jpg (107986 bytes)
The brand new research vessel Sikuliaq at Port of Cleveland Berth 28E on its journey from Wisconsin to Seward, Alaska.

Algoma Montrealais upbound in the Amherstburg channel Sunday bound for Duluth - Ted Hanifan
Str.-Algoma-Montrealais-(170-of-1).jpg (108327 bytes)        

Welland Canal - Bill Bird
1-AlgomaEquinox-07-12-14-a-bb.jpg (74295 bytes)
Algoma Equinox at Thorold
2-AlgomaEquinox-07-12-14-b-bb.jpg (88570 bytes)
headed to Baie Comeau with grain
3-FederalYoshino-07-12-14-a-bb.jpg (75280 bytes)
Federal Yoshino follows Algoma Equinox
4-FederalYoshino-07-12-14-b-bb.jpg (88073 bytes)
AIS says she's bound for Ireland.
5-FederalMaas-07-12-14-a-bb.jpg (87809 bytes)
after waiting for two downbounders Federal Maas heads up the canal
6-FederalMaas-07-12-14-b-bb.jpg (118070 bytes)
on her way to the Soo
7-AlgomaMontrealais-07-12-14-a-bb.jpg (62241 bytes)
Algoma Montrealais at old Bridge 10
8-AlgomaMontrealais-07-12-14-b-bb.jpg (101076 bytes)
Cargo of cement for Duluth.

Welland Canal - Skip Gillham
Spruceglen-(ii)---Ab.-L.-7-July-12-14-(2).jpg (92200 bytes)
Algoma-Montrealais---Ab.-L.7---July-12-14-(1).jpg (120443 bytes)
Classic Algoma Montrealais upbound 
Algoma-Equinox---L.3---July-12-14-(4).jpg (89026 bytes)
Algoma Equinox on the way down.

Port Colborne - Morgan Blagdon
1-scrapyard-07-09-14-MB.jpg (164074 bytes) 2-Seahound-07-09-14-MB.jpg (156589 bytes) 3-AlgomaTransfer-07-09-15-MB.jpg (280070 bytes) 4-Lifeboats-07-09-14-MB.jpg (264813 bytes) 5-Algolake-07-09-14-MB.jpg (94306 bytes)
6-Algoma-Transfer-07-09-14.jpg (88123 bytes)        

Detroit River - Capt. Mike Nicholls
1-BOLANDJOHNJb01071014mn.jpg (124565 bytes)
John J Boland upbound off Detroit.
2-BOLANDJOHNJs02071014mn.jpg (87345 bytes) 3-ALGOMADISCOVERYb04071014mn.jpg (72088 bytes)
Algoma Discovery upbound off Mistersky's.
4-ALGOMADISCOVERYs06071014mn.jpg (85488 bytes) 5-MISSISSAGIb08071014mn.jpg (79449 bytes)
Mississagi turning off Sterling Fuel to Southwest Sales Dock in Windsor.
6-MISSISSAGIs09071014mn.jpg (106337 bytes)        

BBC Kibo upbound Welland Canal - Ian Baker
img_1443.jpg (103645 bytes) img_1450.jpg (87106 bytes) img_1455.jpg (88374 bytes) img_1432.jpg (109179 bytes) img_1439.jpg (100679 bytes)

Fritz at Oshawa, Ontario July 11 - Lorraine Morrill  
3025---Fritz--Oshawa-7-11-14.jpg (90862 bytes)
Originally to arrive in early June, the vessel was in the Wilson Hill anchorage in the St. Lawrence River for nearly a month with engine troubles.
3033---Fritz--Oshawa-7-11-14.jpg (149717 bytes)      

Cleveland - Kate White
1-sikuliaq-7-12-14-kw.jpg (78097 bytes)
The Sikuliaq taken from the Cleveland port authority
1-lake-guardian-7-12-14-kw.jpg (94937 bytes)
The Lake Guardian taken from the 9th street pier

St. Clair River - Don Detloff
1-alpena-12jul14-djd.jpg (85217 bytes)
Alpena at Marine City on Saturday.
1-algosoo-12jul14-djd.jpg (106256 bytes)
2-laud-13jul14-djd.jpg (141501 bytes) 3-jackman-13jul14-djd.jpg (80044 bytes) 4-champion-13jul14-djd.jpg (157912 bytes)
5-maas-13jul14-djd.jpg (91871 bytes) 1-courage-13jul14-djd.jpg (64457 bytes) 2-navigator-12jul14-djd.jpg (69691 bytes) 3-kaye-12jul14-djd.jpg (71404 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker
1-moore-12jul14-djd.jpg (90644 bytes)
2-moore-12jul14-djd.jpg (77662 bytes) 3-moore-12jul14-djd.jpg (100529 bytes) 4-moore-12jul14-djd.jpg (115737 bytes)    

Algoway unloading - Ken Borg
IMG_6280.jpg (129565 bytes)
Looking  North up Jefferson Ave, Algoway towering above cement  mixers.
IMG_6274.jpg (96077 bytes)
Algoway in old channel of the Rouge River to load coke from Zug Island in River Rouge, MI on July 11

Mesabi Miner unloading coal at the Cobb power station in Muskegon July 11 - Ian McLauchlan
mesabiminer-7-11-14-im.jpg (148917 bytes)        

Fuel barge Greenstone II relaunched at Port Calcite upon completion of drydocking, repair work, and inspections
IMG_4444.jpg (313558 bytes)
The barge was hauled out at the Port Calcite facility in late May by Port Calcite Collaborative's 440-ton Manitowoc 16000 crane.  Schwartz Boiler of Cheboygan, MI performed the blasting, painting, and repair work.  Upon inspection and approval by the U.S. Coast Guard, the barge was returned to the water in late June.  It has departed for the transit back to its homeport of Houghton, Michigan.
Trip on the Saginaw - Marc Dease
We boarded in Toledo at the Anderson's as she discharged potash. After that was completed we shifted out to load coal for Essar Steel in Sault Set. Marie, Ontario. We then sailed lightship for Thunder Bay to load oats at the Current River elevator destined for Kuhlman's in Toledo.
1-sag-6-30-14-a-md.jpg (79412 bytes)
Lower Lakes Shipping's Saginaw.
2-sag-6-30-14-b-md.jpg (138796 bytes)
Discharging potash at the Anderson's.
3-sag-6-30-14-c-md.jpg (148090 bytes)
G tug Nebraska assists the Alouette Spirit and tug Wilf Seymour out of the Maumee River.
4-sag-6-30-14-d-md.jpg (102337 bytes)
Off loading is complete and we are ready to leave.
5-sag-7-1-14-e-md.jpg (170239 bytes) Loading coal.
6-sag-7-1-14-f-md.jpg (112238 bytes)
Almost done.
7-sag-7-1-14-g-md.jpg (96741 bytes)
 Likely only one more trip left for these two beauties.
8-sag-7-1-14-h-md.jpg (174439 bytes)
A Great Blue Heron flies past with lunch in mouth.
9-sag-7-1-14-i-md.jpg (152894 bytes)
American Integrity unloads while the tug Patricia Hoey and barge William L. Warner refuel her.
10-sag-7-1-14-j-md.jpg (124780 bytes)
G Tug Superior assists the Redhead down bound in the Detroit River.
11-sag-7-1-14-k-md.jpg (484928 bytes)
J.W. Westcott II mail boat alongside.
12-sag-7-1-14-l-md.jpg (90682 bytes)
Meeting the H. Lee White below Belle Isle.
13-sag-7-1-14-m-md.jpg (114299 bytes)
Meeting the Algomarine in the lower St. Clair River.
14-sag-7-1-14-n-md.jpg (124939 bytes)
Meeting the Edwin H. Gott in the St. Clair River.
15-sag-7-1-14-o-md.jpg (92621 bytes)
Walter J. McCarthy back away from the Recors Edison dock while the CSL Assiniboine meets the Paul R. Tregurtha.
16-sag-7-1-14-p-md.jpg (111640 bytes)
The Tregurtha starts her turn into the dock.
17-sag-7-1-14-q-md.jpg (98997 bytes)
Almost around.
18-sag-7-1-14-r-md.jpg (83666 bytes)
Heading for the dock as the McCarthy goes to anchor.
19-sag-7-1-14-s-md.jpg (84731 bytes)
Heading up the St. Clair River.
20-sag-7-1-14-t-md.jpg (125234 bytes)
Approaching the Bluewater Bridges.

Thunder Bay - Roger LeLievre (with thanks to Gene and Cathy Onchuleenko)
1Algoma-Equinox.jpg (163504 bytes)
Algoma Equinox loading at the Superior elevator.
2Algoma-Equinox2.jpg (210942 bytes)
View of loading and grain elevator from the Equinox.
3Birchglen-tug.jpg (149945 bytes)
Birchglen with tug Point Valour.
4Birchglen.jpg (164653 bytes)
Birchglen loading.
5Glenada.jpg (277864 bytes)
Tug Glenada.
6James-Whalen.jpg (146708 bytes)
Museum tug James Whalen.
7Manitoba.jpg (142561 bytes)
Manitoba loading at Richardson's elevator.
8Peninsula.jpg (192691 bytes)
Tug Peninsula.
9Peninsula2.jpg (272369 bytes)
Tug Peninsula
10SailorsMemorial.jpg (205361 bytes)
Memorial to the sailors lost while serving on Paterson fleet vessels in World War II. Paterson was based in Thunder Bay and sent many small vessels to serve on saltwater during the war.
11Spruceglen.jpg (145777 bytes)
Spuceglen loading at Viterra.
12Wolf-River.jpg (134114 bytes)
Long-inactive Wolf River.


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