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July 23, 2014

Algoma Harvester on her first trip up the Detroit River - Ken Borg
IMG_6672.jpg (910419 bytes) IMG_6676.jpg (917929 bytes) IMG_6678.jpg (983840 bytes) IMG_6696.jpg (1120546 bytes)  

Soo - David Kaye
1-atlantic-erie-7-15-14-dk.jpg (96518 bytes)
Atlantic Erie downbound at the West Pier
2-federalmaas-7-14-14-dk.jpg (140512 bytes)
Federal Maas upbound at the West Pier
3-jhthompson-7-14-14-dk.jpg (184302 bytes)
Joseph H Thompson Jr. downbound at the International Bridge
4-montralais-7-14-14-dk.jpg (93071 bytes)
Algoma Montrealais upbound leaving the MacArthur Lock.
5-johnbaird-7-15-14-dk.jpg (73988 bytes)
John B Aird upbound at the West Pier
6-wilfredncohen-7-15-14-dk.jpg (79364 bytes)
Wilfred M Cohen downbound off the West Pier.
1-casoncalloway-7-19-14-dk.jpg (83471 bytes)
Cason J. Callaway upbound passing Sherman Park.
3-spruceglen-7-19-14-dk.jpg (110772 bytes)
Spruceglen entering the MacArthur Lock.
2-isa-7-19-14-dk.jpg (129822 bytes)
Isa upbound at the International Bridge.
4-defiance-7-21-14-dk.jpg (78682 bytes)
Tug Defiance and Barge Ashtabula downbound at the West Pier.
5-pauljmartin-7-21-14-dk.jpg (74622 bytes)
Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin upbound approaching the Poe Lock
6-acourage-7-21-14-dk.jpg (105537 bytes)
American Courage downbound entering the MacArthur Lock.
7-johngmunson-7-21-14-dk.jpg (73821 bytes)
John G. Munson upbound out of the Poe Lock.
8-montrealais-7-21-14-dk.jpg (69835 bytes)
Montrealais downbound for the Poe Lock.
9-montrealais-7-21-14-dk.jpg (101542 bytes)

Seaway at Mariatown - Ron Beaupre
1-harvest-14-7-2014-rfb.jpg (66231 bytes)
Algoma Harvester on her maiden voyage upbound in Seaway at Mariatown.
2-harvest-14-7-2014-rfb.jpg (110946 bytes)
She meets Manitoba.
3-harvest-14-7-2014-rfb.jpg (95063 bytes)
Salutes were exchanged.
4-harvest-14-7-2014-rfb.jpg (79060 bytes)
Stern view of the Harvester.
5-switz-14-7-14-rfb.jpg (99907 bytes)
BBC Switzerland upbound in Seaway above Canada Island.
6-switz-14-7-14-rfb.jpg (107594 bytes)
Her first trip into the Lakes.
2-krystal-17-07-2014-rfb.jpg (116066 bytes)      

New Salties - Rene Beauchamp
Sten-Bergen-(Mtl-14-7-2014)-RB.jpg (64499 bytes) BBC-Switzerland-(Beauharnois-14-7-2014)-RB.jpg (110843 bytes) Oslo-Bulk-2-(Beauharnois-14-7-2014)-RB.jpg (103461 bytes)    

Holland, Mich. - Bill Van Appledorn
101_1969.jpg (132550 bytes)
Manitowoc unloading Stone at Verplank's dock
101_1975.jpg (113652 bytes)
Manitowoc finished unloading at Brewer's dock
101_1988.jpg (141470 bytes)
At the turning basin
101_1992.jpg (106546 bytes)
Departing Holland

Detroit River - Capt. Mike Nicholls
15ROBERTSONPVTVCb03071514mn.jpg (101543 bytes) 1ALGOCANADAb06071614mn.jpg (76042 bytes) 2ALGOCANADAs07071614mn.jpg (81234 bytes) 4AMERICANSPIRITb13071614mn.jpg (84259 bytes) 5AMERICANSPIRITs17071614mn.jpg (70847 bytes)
13MESABIMINERs03071614mn.jpg (121008 bytes) 11GREATREPUBLICb04071714mn.jpg (104849 bytes) 12GREATREPUBLICs05071714mn.jpg (88367 bytes) 6BBCSWITZERLANDb08071814mn.jpg (91277 bytes) 7BBCSWITZERLANDs05071814mn.jpg (104210 bytes)
14SPRUCEGLENB11071814MN.jpg (81289 bytes) 3ALGOSARs02071814mn.jpg (88568 bytes) 8CSLASSINIBOINEb10071814mn.jpg (97679 bytes) 10FEDERALRHINEs04071814mn.jpg (97781 bytes) 5FEDERALMARGAREEb01071914mn.jpg (80771 bytes)
6FEDERALMARGAREEs02071914mn.jpg (96891 bytes) 8MUNSONJOHNGb07071914mn.jpg (75474 bytes) 10MUNSONJOHNGs05071914mn.jpg (93602 bytes) 9MUNSONJOHNGb10071914mn.jpg (85867 bytes) 1ALGOCANADAb05072014mn.jpg (75728 bytes)
2ALGOCANADAs07072-14mn.jpg (84764 bytes) 3ALGOMAHARVESTERs1.072014mnJPG.jpg (79900 bytes) 4CSLTADOUSSACb08072014mn.jpg (80274 bytes) 7MACASSABAYb04072014mn.jpg (105523 bytes)  

St. Marys River - Scott McLellan
1-ALGHAR-7-21-14-SM.jpg (72224 bytes)
Algoma Harvester upbound at Johnson's Point on her first trip up the St.Marys River.
2-TBAY-7-20-14-SM.jpg (88421 bytes)
|Thunder Bay turning at Johnson's Point with the Roger Blough following close behind.
3-Blough-7-20-14-SM.jpg (95495 bytes)
Roger Blough
4-AMCOUR-7-19-14-SM.jpg (78711 bytes)
American Courage passing Coyle Point
5-JLVAV-7-17-14-SM.jpg (107537 bytes)
tug Joyce L VanEnkevort and Great Lakes Trader

Welland Canal - Barry Andersen
Algoma-Harvester---Bel.-L.-3---July-19-14-(2)-SG.jpg (122742 bytes) HHL-Elbe---Bel.-L.3---July-19-14-(3)-SG.jpg (98775 bytes) Tecumseh---Ab.-L.7---July-19-14-(5)-SG.jpg (73890 bytes) Algoma-Transport---L.7---July-19-14-SG.jpg (106313 bytes) Peter-Ronna-(Gib)-upbnd-headed-for-L1.jpg (104481 bytes)
RV-Sikuliaq-dbnd-in-L3-as-sun-sets.jpg (112692 bytes)
R/V Sikuliaq
RV-Sikuliaq-(Ame)-dbnd-clear-of-L8.jpg (106608 bytes) RV-Sikuliaq-(Ame)-dbnd-entering-L3.jpg (108542 bytes) stack-on-Sikuliaq-National-Science-Foundation.jpg (104588 bytes)
Stack on R/V Sikuliaq - National Scientific Foundation logo
RV-Sikuliaq-(Ame)-dbnd-clear-of-L8-(2).jpg (121527 bytes)
BBC-Switzerland-(Ger)-dbnd-clear-of-L4.jpg (115963 bytes)
BBC Switzerland
Lita-(Lbr)-upbnd-headed-for-L2.jpg (89135 bytes)
Sichem-Melbourne-(Sgp)-upbnd-approaching-L4.jpg (95619 bytes)
Sichem Melbourne
Kailery-headed-to-L2-flying-the-LLT-flag.jpg (107724 bytes)
CSL-Laurentien-eases-out-of-L2-dbnd.jpg (99130 bytes)
CSL Laurentien
Tecumseh-dbnd-tied-on-wall-above-L1.jpg (64370 bytes)
Nogat-(Cyp)-upbnd-headed-for-L3-(3).jpg (102031 bytes)
Nogat-(Cyp)-upbnd-headed-for-L3-(4).jpg (103058 bytes) Reggeborg-(Nld)-dbnd-just-clear-of-L6.jpg (111761 bytes)
Saginaw-dbnd-just-clear-of-L2.jpg (113589 bytes)
Ojibway-upbnd-headed-for-L2.jpg (90843 bytes)
Kirkeholmen-(Mt)-upbnd-clear-of-L7.jpg (88506 bytes)
BBC-Kibo-(Atg)-upbnd-headed-for-L2.jpg (111163 bytes)
BBC Kibo
Federal-Yoshino-(Mhl)-dbnd-clear-of-L2.jpg (89952 bytes)
 Federal Yoshino
Federal-Yukina-(Hkg)-dbnd-clear-of-L2.jpg (115099 bytes)
Federal Yukina
Federal-Yukina-(Hkg)-dbnd-headed-for-L1.jpg (107090 bytes) Algomarine-in-ballast-headed-for-L2.jpg (88740 bytes)
Algoma-Harvester-lining-up-for-Burlington-piers-on-maiden-trip.jpg (86587 bytes)
Algoma Harvester
Algoma-Harvester-with-extra-deck-bracing-for-ocean-crossing.jpg (108030 bytes)
Algoma Harvester with temporary deck strengthening visible for ocean crossing
Algoma-Harvester-passes-under-Burlington-lift-bridge.jpg (166833 bytes)

Roger Blough & James Kuber crossing at Harsens Island Friday - Gerald Victory
photo11.jpg (64770 bytes)        

South Chicago - Lou Gerard
Alpena-7-19-14-lg-DSC-0006.jpg (85033 bytes)
Alpena passing Iroquois Land in Calumet River.
Alpena-7-19-14-lg-DSC-0017-2.jpg (129919 bytes)
Alpena coming under J Bridge.
Alpena-7-19-14-lg-DSC-0022-2.jpg (104973 bytes)
Alpena name in new red letters.
Alpena-7-19-14-lg-DSC-0071.jpg (100202 bytes)
Alpena at 106th St.
Michipicoten-7-17-14-lg-DSC-0908.jpg (115235 bytes)
Michipicoten with G tug Massachusetts is between 92 and 95th St enroute to the Midwest Dock with stone.
Michipicoten-7-17-14-lg-DSC-0129.jpg (160536 bytes)
Approaching 100th St.
Michipictoen-7-17-14-lg-DSC-0141.jpg (136238 bytes)
About to pass the Manitowoc loading at KCBX.
Michipicoten-7-17-14-lg-DSC-0157.jpg (97494 bytes)
At 106th St.

Saginaw River - Todd Shorkey
1-algoway-7-18-2014.jpg (96497 bytes)
Algoway inbound on the Saginaw River approaching the Sargent dock in Zilwaukee
2-algoway-7-18-14-ts.jpg (116960 bytes)
Stern view
3-olmoore-7-18-14-ts.jpg (113364 bytes)
Olive L. Moore out of the notch of the Lewis J. Kuber in the Bay Aggregates slip

Saginaw Trip - Marc Dease
21-sag-7-2-14-u-md.jpg (152114 bytes)
Upbound on Lake Huron.
22-sag-7-2-14-v-md.jpg (119242 bytes)
Meeting the Mississagi.
23-sag-7-2-14-w-md.jpg (85363 bytes)
Meeting the tug Victory and barge James L. Kuber.
24-sag-7-2-14-x-md.jpg (178314 bytes)
Meeting the Soo Locks tour boat Nokomis below the Mac lock.
25-sag-7-2-14-y-md.jpg (162466 bytes)
Departing the MacArthur lock.
26-sag-7-2-14-z-md.jpg (111526 bytes)
Meeting the American Mariner above the locks.
27-sag-7-2-14-aa-md.jpg (158860 bytes)
The American Mariner heads for the locks as the American Spirit departs.
28-sag-7-2-14-ab-md.jpg (156276 bytes)
What's left of the Algonorth.
29-sag-7-2-14-ac-md.jpg (130874 bytes)
 Saginaw unloads coal at the Essar Steel dock.
30-7-3-14-ad-md.jpg (150111 bytes)
After a 6 hour delay overnight we continue unloading the next day.
31-sag-7-3-14-ae-md.jpg (77245 bytes)
Departing Essar Steel.
32-sag-7-3-14-af-md.jpg (80575 bytes)
Stewart J. Cort meets the Algosteel.
33-sag-7-4-14-ag-md.jpg (79985 bytes)
Arriving at Thunder Bay.
34-sag-7-4-14-ah-md.jpg (53892 bytes)
Another view.
35-sag-7-4-14-ai-md.jpg (64335 bytes)
Sunrise at Thunder Bay as the Kaministiqua awaits an elevator.
36-sag-7-4-14-aj-md.jpg (57572 bytes)
 Juno at anchor awaiting an elevator.
37-sag-7-4-14-ak-md.jpg (51634 bytes)
 Federal Seto at anchor awaiting an elevator.
38-sag-7-4-14-al-md.jpg (131914 bytes)
Taking on a load of oats at the Current River elevator.
39-sag-7-4-14-am-md.jpg (272202 bytes)
Another view.
40-sag-7-5-14-ao-md.jpg (125192 bytes)
41-sag-7-4-14-an-md.jpg (110535 bytes)
Night view with Kaministiqua still at anchor

Buffalo - Brian W.
buffalo7-20-14.jpg (137771 bytes)
The tug Kurt Luedtke downbound on the Buffalo River at the Entrance Channel headed for the CDF in Lackawanna as seen from the Coast Guard Base looking back towards downtown.

St. Clair River - Don Detloff
1-anglian-20jul14-djd.jpg (59970 bytes)
Anglian Lady and Ironmaster
2-3boats-20jul14-djd.jpg (38308 bytes)
Sam Laud, Algoma Transport and Algoma Harvester
3-laud-20jul14-djd.jpg (49513 bytes)
Sam Laud
4-2boats-20jul14-djd.jpg (60381 bytes)
Algoma Harvester overtaking Algoma Transport
5-harvester-20jul14-djd.jpg (57031 bytes)
Algoma Harvester
6-transport-20jul14-djd.jpg (62854 bytes)
Algoma Transport

Southampton, Ont. - Ron Ormson
2-HFitzgerald-15-7-14-RO.jpg (80209 bytes)
Former Massport fire boat Howard W. Fitzgerald tied up at Southampton.
1-HFitzgerald-18-7-14-RO.jpg (87101 bytes)
all fire monitors still onboard and in place.
3-RCMP-18-7-15.jpg (91930 bytes)
Royal Canadian Mounted Police patrol RIB pays evening visit to Southampton

Algoma Harvester Christening in Hamilton, Ont.
14490882440_46cae7df81_o.jpg (72311 bytes) 14677780295_5982308a29_o.jpg (72911 bytes) 14697659553_1ce92f503c_o.jpg (108213 bytes) 14697658763_0b8f6488b9_o.jpg (96205 bytes) 14677777085_557fb7cbe4_o.jpg (100639 bytes)
14649257173_d5427d5014_o.jpg (101396 bytes) 14629409225_7281b3ea19_o.jpg (119789 bytes) 14443001167_12d0dc6f0d_k.jpg (83836 bytes)    


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