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July 29, 2014

Federal Rideau grounded in Lake St. Clair - Ken Borg
IMG_6817.jpg (75179 bytes) IMG_6812.jpg (106329 bytes) 1468429.jpg (93134 bytes)
USCG picture
IMG_6766.jpg (121213 bytes)
Cruise ship Pearl Mist in the Detroit River July 24.
IMG_6771.jpg (107762 bytes)

Manistee was in Holland, MI at the Verplank on Sunday - Kevin Brower
1-Manistee-7-27-14-kb.jpg (86195 bytes)
Manistee at Verplank's
2-Manistee-7-27-14-kb.jpg (127265 bytes)
Bow view
3-Manistee-7-27-14-kb.jpg (120714 bytes)
Stern view
4-Manistee-7-27-14-kb.jpg (169246 bytes)
Another stern view
5-Manistee-7-27-14-kb.jpg (95750 bytes)
Unloading stone

Welland Canal Sunday - Bill Bird
1-WhitefishBayPineglen-07-27-14-a-bb.jpg (118432 bytes)
Whitefish Bay clear of Lock 4 east
2-WhitefishBay-07-27-14-a-bb.jpg (90849 bytes)
approaching Glendale Avenue bridge
3-WhitefishBay-07-27-14-b-bb.jpg (106089 bytes)
about to clear the bridge
4-WhitefishBay-07-27-14-c-bb.jpg (85196 bytes)
headed to Quebec
5-FederalMaas-07-17-14-a-bb.jpg (103609 bytes)
Federal Maas at Allanburg
6-FederalMaas-06-27-14-b-bb.jpg (130787 bytes)
through Bridge 11
7-Ojibway-07-28-14-b-bb.jpg (90441 bytes)
closely followed by Ojibway
8-Ojibway-07-27-14-b-bb.jpg (114522 bytes)
9-Pineglen-07-27-14-a-bb.jpg (86243 bytes)
Pineglen upbound
10-Pinglen-07-27-14-b-bb.jpg (89478 bytes)
11-AlgomaEnterprise-07-27-14-a-bb.jpg (83947 bytes)
Algoma Enterprise clear of Lock 2
12-AlgomaEnterprise-07-27-14-b-bb.jpg (83194 bytes)
 coal for Hamilton.

Holland, Mich. - Bill Van Appledorn
101_2000.jpg (123993 bytes)
Manistee running slow during wind and rain storm
101_2001.jpg (95058 bytes)
Passing Kollens Park
101_2004.jpg (85674 bytes)
Approaching Verplank's dock

A quiet afternoon along the Welland Canal Saturday -  Skip Gillham
Americo-Dean---Pt.-W---July-26-14-SG.jpg (98171 bytes)
Tug Americo Dean tied below Lock 1 with Scow No. 2
Americo-Dean---July-26-14---Pt.-W-(2)-SG.jpg (115678 bytes)
Americo Dean
Frontenac---Inbd-Pt.W.-July-26-14-SG.jpg (81987 bytes)
Frontenac inbound below Lock 1.

Port Stanley, Ontario - Monty Young
Lee-Marie--b.jpg (166063 bytes)
Lee Marie
Lee-Marie-.jpg (144204 bytes)
Lee Marie is ex M & A, quite a refit for Lee Marie -
Ethan-P.jpg (114149 bytes)
Ethan P
Ethan-P(2).jpg (164573 bytes)
Ethan P is ex Miss Nicole II
Dorothy-J--(2).jpg (168649 bytes)
Dorothy J
Dorothy-J.jpg (194216 bytes) Mr-Minor2.jpg (116037 bytes)
 Mr Minor

St. Clair River - Don Detloff
1-martin-26jul14-djd.jpg (82984 bytes)
 Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin
2-clarke-26jul14-djd.jpg (99111 bytes)
Philip R. Clarke
1-robertson-27jul14-djd.jpg (100197 bytes)
CCGS Private Robertson V.C. at Marine City
1-algosea-23jul14-djd.jpg (97135 bytes)
2-dorothy-23jul14-djd.jpg (79453 bytes)
 Dorothy Ann and Pathfinder

Soo - David Kaye
1-baiestpaul-7-22-14-dk.jpg (87919 bytes)
Baie St. Paul downbound at the West Pier.
2-rpierson-7-23-14-dk.jpg (111041 bytes)
Robert S Pierson upbound leaving the MacArthur Lock.
3-prtregurtha-7-23-14-dk.jpg (74163 bytes)
Paul R Tregurtha upbound approaching the Poe Lock.
4-prtregurtha-7-23-14-dk.jpg (104438 bytes)
Paul R Tregurtha upbound leaving the Poe Lock.
5-nicolet-7-25-14-dk.jpg (134174 bytes)
Barge Nicolet in the MacArthur Lock.
6-samlaud-7-25-14-dk.jpg (81467 bytes)
Sam Laud at the West Pier.
7-daradesgagnes-7-25-14-dk.jpg (114737 bytes)
Dara Desgagnes downbound at the West Pier.

Iroquois Lock - Carl Burkett
photo-12.jpg (142909 bytes)
photo-22.jpg (153581 bytes) photo-32.jpg (151188 bytes) photo-41.jpg (125441 bytes) photo-51.jpg (114754 bytes)
photo-11.jpg (134850 bytes)
Algoma Montrealais night transit
photo-21.jpg (101227 bytes) photo-31.jpg (77123 bytes) photo-4.jpg (54433 bytes) photo-5.jpg (62558 bytes)

Manitowoc in Manistee - Tom McAdam
20140725_173716.jpg (79332 bytes)
July 25th, the Manitowoc came into Manistee to deliver coal to Tondu Energy in Filer City.

Welland canal looking upbound Lock 3 - Nathan Attard
welland-image-(1).jpg (139718 bytes)        

Saginaw Trip - Marc Dease
42-sag-7-5-14-ap-md.jpg (86378 bytes)
 Sunset while downbound on Lake Superior.
43-sag-7-6-14-aq-md.jpg (97532 bytes)
Meeting the Burns Harbor above the locks.
44-sag-7-6-14-ar-md.jpg (133389 bytes)
CSL Assiniboine in the Poe lock.
45-sag-7-6-14-as-md.jpg (155263 bytes)
Tour boats Nokomis and Le Voyageur waiting to begin another day.
46-sag-7-6-14-at-md.jpg (131063 bytes)
Osprey nesting along the St. Mary's River.
47-sag-7-6-14-au-md.jpg (171022 bytes)
The splendidly restored John W. Boardman.
48-sag-7-7-14-av-md.jpg (69667 bytes)
Meeting the CSL Laurentien in the Lake St. Clair.
49-sag-7-7-14-aw-md.jpg (52542 bytes)
Ominous skies over Detroit.
50-sag-7-7-14-ax-md.jpg (87763 bytes)
Downbound in the Livingstone Channel.
51-sag-7-7-14-ay-md.jpg (84810 bytes)
G tugs Mississippi and Nebraska all finished with the saltie Emilie.
52-sag-7-7-14-az-md.jpg (102352 bytes)
Heading back to their dock.
53-sag-7-7-14-ba-md.jpg (166566 bytes)
Nebraska falls in behind us.
54-sag-7-7-14-bb-md.jpg (87219 bytes)
Adam E. Cornelius laid up in the Maumee River.
55-sag-7-7-14-bc-md.jpg (104648 bytes)
Stern view.
56-sag-7-7-14-bd-md.jpg (172611 bytes)
Skillfully passing through the Norfolk Southern bridge.
57-sag-7-7-14-be-md.jpg (262129 bytes)
Deckhand Ben is set ashore at The Anderson's.
58-sag-7-7-14-bf-md.jpg (369569 bytes)
Captain Lozon at the controls. Thanks to all at Lower Lakes for the great trip aboard the Saginaw.


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