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August 12, 2014

Saginaw River - Todd Shorkey
1-pierson-8-10-14-ts.jpg (92285 bytes)
Robert S. Pierson outbound at Smith Park in Essexville
2-pierson-8-10-14-ts.jpg (95719 bytes)
Another view
3-pierson-8-10-14-ts.jpg (103725 bytes)
Stern view
4-courage-8-10-14-ts.jpg (104303 bytes)
American Courage inbound past the Front Range
5-courage-8-10-14-ts.jpg (116564 bytes)
Stern view nearing Bay Aggregates
1-manitowoc-8-7-14-ts.jpg (102344 bytes)
Manitowoc inbound at Cass Avenue
2-manitowoc-8-7-14-ts.jpg (110295 bytes)
Stern view
1-algorail-8-6-14-ts.jpg (85372 bytes)
Algorail outbound from the Saginaw River
2-algorail-8-6-14-ts.jpg (107949 bytes)
Stern view
3-alpena-8-6-14-ts.jpg (87858 bytes)
Alpena unloading at the Lafarge Cement dock
4-alpena-8-6-14-ts.jpg (87501 bytes)
Another view
1-ljkuber-7-30-14-ts.jpg (102441 bytes)
Olive L. Moore - Lewis J. Kuber outbound on the Saginaw River at the Bay City Boat Lines dock
2-ljkuber-7-30-14-ts.jpg (123280 bytes)
Stern view
3-causley-7-30-14-ts.jpg (188576 bytes)
Causley Marine Contracting working at Skipper Buds Marina in Bay City

Buffalo - Brian W.
dredge8-10-14-bw-(2).jpg (116193 bytes)
 tug Paul Luedtke is seen pushing their dredge up the Buffalo River Entrance Channel through the North & South Piers.
dredge8-10-14-bw-(1).jpg (107465 bytes)
Recently repainted from white to red, the tug has a new look as they head up towards the Watson Basin with downtown in the background.

Wilfred Sykes passing Seul Choix point, to pick up a load of limestone, near Gulliver, Mich. - Jason Renaud
1-WSykes-8-5-14-jr.jpg (185751 bytes)        

Port Colborne
1-Algoeast-and-yacht-o8-06-14-MB.jpg (153520 bytes)
Algoeast and yacht Paolyre above lock 8.
1-Yacht-0806-2014-MB.jpg (103131 bytes)
French yacht Paolyre
3-Algomatransfer-08-06-14-MB.jpg (148765 bytes)
Algoma Transfer

Algorail on the Saginaw River
CAM00071.jpg (61072 bytes)        

Welland Canal Lock 1 -  Ian Baker
img_1611.jpg (104117 bytes)
Lita Downbound
img_1616.jpg (99906 bytes) img_1617.jpg (106526 bytes)
Paolyre  upbound
img_1618.jpg (93459 bytes) img_1621.jpg (119060 bytes)
img_1518.jpg (64036 bytes)
Grand Carib Upbound above Lock 1.
img_1521.jpg (76477 bytes) img_1527.jpg (69888 bytes) img_1553.jpg (57519 bytes)
Fritz Upbound above Lock 1
img_1561.jpg (90958 bytes)
img_1566.jpg (108324 bytes) img_1539.jpg (107625 bytes)
Olza Downbound below Lock 2
img_1543.jpg (95326 bytes) img_1548.jpg (83869 bytes)  

St. Clair River - Don Detloff
1-cuyahoga-06aug14-djd.jpg (76984 bytes)
2-pearl-06aug14-djd.jpg (88770 bytes)
Pearl Mist
1-desgagnes-05aug14-djd.jpg (69540 bytes)
Thalassa Desgagnes
2-unity-05aug14-djd.jpg (118411 bytes)
Yacht Unity
4-birch-05aug14-djd.jpg (57330 bytes)
1-integrity-02aug14-djd.jpg (49677 bytes)
American Integrity at Algonac State Park on Saturday
3-bristol-05aug14-djd.jpg (92879 bytes)
USCGC Bristol Bay (WTGB 102) & CGB 12001
1-victorious-01aug14-djd.jpg (65551 bytes)
Tug Victorious and John J Carrick at Algonac State Park on Friday
1-white-10aug14-djd.jpg (76503 bytes)
H. Lee White at Algonac State Park on Sunday

Manistee pulled by tug Iowa in Cleveland - Kate white
1-manistee-8-6-14-kw.jpg (127287 bytes)
From the Hope Memorial Bridge

BoatNerd Detroit River Cruise - Ken Borg
IMG_6844.jpg (128117 bytes)
ex-Bob-Lo boat Ste Clair at Nicholson Slip.
IMG_6851.jpg (105967 bytes)
Progress on reconstructing the Fort St. drawbridge over the Rouge River.
IMG_6856.jpg (148919 bytes)
Canadian National train #144 on NS Bridge over the Rouge River blocking the Friendship.
IMG_6859.jpg (125162 bytes)
G-Tug Superior at their dock on the Rouge River.
IMG_6862.jpg (89500 bytes)
 Saginaw loading coke in old channel of the Rouge River.
IMG_6865.jpg (135453 bytes) IMG_6873.jpg (84276 bytes)
Happy Boatfans with Algoma Enterprise on background.
IMG_6874.jpg (73604 bytes)
Algoma Enterprise upbound after taking fuel at Sterling.
IMG_6887.jpg (93594 bytes) IMG_6888.jpg (118701 bytes)
Pizza being delivered to Friendship by J.W. Westcott II on Detroit River.
IMG_6892.jpg (88231 bytes) IMG_6897.jpg (73876 bytes)
 John B. Aird upbound the Detroit River.
IMG_6902.jpg (71258 bytes) IMG_6905.jpg (106470 bytes)
Tecumseh being unloaded at ADM in Ojbway, Ont.
IMG_6910.jpg (83886 bytes)
Cuyahoga being loaded with salt in Ojibway, Ont.
IMG_6913.jpg (108605 bytes)        

Welland Canal traffic - Barry Andersen
Algolake-dbnd-clear-of-L3.jpg (88985 bytes)
Algolake downbound clear of Lock 3 from bridge
Lady-Doris-(Lbr)-upbnd-headed-for-L3-(3).jpg (95252 bytes)
Lady Doris upbound nearing bridge 4
Lady-Doris-(Lbr)-upbnd-headed-for-L3.jpg (98864 bytes)
Lady Doris and English River meeting just below Lock 3
Fritz-(Lbr)-upbnd-eases-alongside-wall-below-L4.jpg (123426 bytes)
Fritz clear of bridge 5 headed for Lock 4
English-River-dbnd-clear-of-L3-at-the-Homer-bridge.jpg (96898 bytes)
English River downbound clear of Lock 3
MCT-Monte-Rosa-(Swz)-dbnd-headed-for-L2-(3).jpg (101433 bytes)
MCT Monte Rosa downbound clear of bridge 4
Ina-(Lbr)-upbnd-headed-for-L3.jpg (102532 bytes)
Ina upbound headed to Lock 3
Algoma-Olympic-dbnd-clearing-L3-from-yacht-Sea-Cat.jpg (110148 bytes)
Algoma Olympic downbound coming clear of Lock 3
Algoma-Progress-upbnd-headed-for-L2-lower-tieup-wall.jpg (107448 bytes)
Algoma Progress upbound headed for Lock 2
Algoma-Spirit-upbnd-headed-for-L2-(2).jpg (90773 bytes)
Algoma Spirt in ballast upbound for Lock 2

Point Edward/Sarnia/Port Huron action - Marc Dease
1-rog-7-10-14-md.jpg (100810 bytes)
Roger Blough upbound at Black River.
2-amspi-7-10-14-md.jpg (98467 bytes)
American Spirit making the turn at 1 & 2.
3-tec-7-12-14-md.jpg (98591 bytes)
Tecumseh undergoing repairs at the government dock.
4-cent-7-17-14-md.jpg (106641 bytes)
American Century heads into Lake Huron.
5-sam-7-17-14-md.jpg (83061 bytes)
Sam Laud downbound below 1& 2.
6-ash-7-22-14-md.jpg (97086 bytes)
Tug Defiance and barge Ashtabula downbound below 1& 2.
7-fron-7-22-14-md.jpg (95985 bytes)
Frontenac downbound below 1& 2.
8-ihar-7-22-14-md.jpg (84975 bytes)
Indiana Harbor making the turn at 1 & 2.
9-man-7-22-14-a-md.jpg (85375 bytes)
Manitoba upbound at Port Huron.
10-man-7-22-14-b-md.jpg (74194 bytes)
Heading into Lake Huron.
11-mont-7-22-14-a-md.jpg (70457 bytes)
Algoma Montrealais downbound below 1& 2.
12-mont-7-22-14-b-md.jpg (111088 bytes)
Clear of the bridges.
13-mont-7-22-14-c-md.jpg (105925 bytes)
Stern view.
14-baie-7-26-14-md.jpg (73802 bytes)
Baie Comeau downbound below 1& 2.
15-ojib-8-3-14-md.jpg (85229 bytes)
Ojibway upbound at Black River.
16-ama-8-3-14-a-md.jpg (105927 bytes)
Arthur M. Anderson upbound for buoys 1 & 2.
17-ama-8-3-14-c-md.jpg (118304 bytes)
Heading into Lake Huron.

Cason J Callaway unloading stone at Buffington, Indiana early in the morning - Gary R Clark

callaway-08-03-14-gc.jpg (49131 bytes)        

Seaway - Arnesh Misra
IMG_53342.jpg (527313 bytes)
Algonova down bound St. Lawrence seaway, headed to Cornerbrook, NL.
IMG_52372.jpg (121341 bytes)
Algonova anchored above Quebec City
IMG_53352.jpg (125176 bytes)
Holland America, Maasdam headed Charlotte town, PEI in the St. Lawrence seaway.

Palmer Johnson's newly launched mega yacht in Sturgeon Bay - Daniel Lindner
1-PJyacht-8-02-14-dl.jpg.jpg (124164 bytes)
The 150-foot Palmer Johnson 48M SuperSport mega yacht docked at CenterPointe Yacht Services in downtown Sturgeon Bay. The yacht was launched on Tuesday, July 22, and doesn't yet have a name released to the public.
2-PJyacht-8-02-14-dl.jpg.jpg (101846 bytes)
 A close up view of the yacht. Plastic covering can be seen on various parts of the ship to protect it from weather as the interior is completed. The odd-looking yacht is expected to depart Sturgeon Bay for the Mediterranean Sea in a few weeks.

Detroit River - Capt. Mike Nicholls
1ALPENAb02080514mn.jpg (101654 bytes)
Alpena downbound below the Ambassador Bridge.
2ALPENAs07080514mn.jpg (85430 bytes) 3DESGAGNESTHALASSAb11080514mn.jpg (82214 bytes)
Thalassa Desgagnes upbound above Belle Isle Coast Guard Station.
4DESGAGNESTHALASSAs12080514mn.jpg (74818 bytes) 5STCLAIREVb47080414mn.jpg (106709 bytes)
Ste Claire V approaching the Bob-Lo Island Dock.
6LighthouseBobLo05080414mn.jpg (126447 bytes)
Bob-Lo Island Lighthouse.
1USCG182600b08080714mn.jpg (172906 bytes)
Buoy maintenance off Belle Isle.
1025510USCGCb01080814mn.jpg (147152 bytes)
USCGC 25510 off Belle Isle.
FORDWILLIAMCLAYph03080814mn.jpg (266260 bytes)
William Clay Ford pilot house at the Dossin Museum on Belle Isle.
2CSLASSINIBOINEb06080814mn.jpg (84334 bytes)
CSL Assiniboine upbound off Belle Isle.
3CSLASSINIBOINEs08080814mn.jpg (87652 bytes) 5OBERSTARFRONTENACp02080714mn.jpg (76655 bytes)
Hon James L Oberstar passing Frontenac off Belle Isle Coast Guard Station
6PRESQUEISLEb0080814mn9.jpg (82008 bytes)
Presque Isle, lower Lake St. Clair.
.9ENERGY6506b12080714mn.jpg (109995 bytes)
barge Energy 6506 downbound below the Ambassador Bridge.
7HURONSERVICEb15080714mn.jpg (84818 bytes)
tug Huron Service downbound below the Ambassador Bridge.
8HURONSERVICEs16080714mn.jpg (99190 bytes) 4MCCARTHYWALTERJJRs19080714mn.jpg (100825 bytes)
Walter J Mc Carthy Jr at Mistersky's.
 1JESSIETb02080314mn.jpg (107044 bytes)
Tug Jessie T, ex Elizabeth off Stroh River Place.
2OLZAb06080314mn.jpg (97325 bytes)
Olza during pilot change.
3OLZAs07080314mn.jpg (100517 bytes)
4WindsorPoliceC226440Nb03080314mn.jpg (121903 bytes)
Windsor Police Boat.
1JIIMAANb05080414mn.jpg (69679 bytes)
 Jiimaan docking in Kingsville
2JIIMAANb07080414mn.jpg (74932 bytes) 3JIIMAANb12080414mn.jpg (85157 bytes)  
8LEONARDMb03073114mn.jpg (84393 bytes) 9LEONARDMs02073114mn.jpg (109886 bytes) 14PRIDEb05080114mn.jpg (119408 bytes) 15PRIDEs08073114mn.jpg (109422 bytes) 4ALGOWAYb10080114mn.jpg (79475 bytes)
10MANITOBAb08080214mn.jpg (97798 bytes) 11MANITOBAs11080214mn.jpg (87992 bytes) 12OVATIONb02080114mn.jpg (69878 bytes) 13OVATIONs04080114mn.jpg (76153 bytes) 3ALGOSEAb07080214mn.jpg (74575 bytes)
7GREATLAKESTRADERb05080214mn.jpg (104244 bytes) 2ALGORAILb03080214mn.jpg (78360 bytes) 1AIRDJOHNBb01080214mn.jpg (67282 bytes) 5DESGAGNESVEGAb07080114mn.jpg (92032 bytes) 6DESGAGNESVEGAs08080114mn.jpg (83987 bytes)
3ASHTABULAb0307214mn.jpg (105247 bytes) 9DEFIANCEWESTCOTTs08072214mn.jpg (95290 bytes) CSLASSINIBOINEs22072414mn.jpg (82641 bytes) 6BOLANDJOHNJHb04073014mn.jpg (76455 bytes) 7CSLASSINIBOINEb21072414mn.jpg (99941 bytes)
4BAIESTPAULb03072314mn.jpg (75129 bytes) 5BAIESTPAULs06072314mn.jpg (77553 bytes) 2AMERICANINTEGRITYs09072714mn.jpg (93808 bytes) 23VICTORIABORGb01072314mn.jpg (96407 bytes) 14HURONMAIDb33072714mn.jpg (143018 bytes)
21SUPERIORs14072814mn.jpg (92162 bytes) 22TECUMSEHs02072514mn.jpg (105997 bytes) 1ALGOSEAb30072714mn.jpg (75253 bytes) 19PEARLMISTs09072414mn.jpg (110010 bytes) 20RANDOLPHCURTISs28072714mn.jpg (91332 bytes)
17MCTMONTEROSAs09072914mn.jpg (87419 bytes) 18PEARLMISTb05072414mn.jpg (114387 bytes) 15ISAb01073014mn.jpg (82027 bytes) 16MCTMONTEROSAb08072914mn.jpg (90167 bytes) 10HOEYPATRICIAb20072814mn.jpg (103467 bytes)
11HOEYPATRICIAb24072814mn.jpg (249345 bytes) 12HOEYWILLIAMb14073014mn.jpg (85490 bytes) 13HOEYWILLIAMs41073014mn.jpg (92998 bytes)    

Chemical tanker Nilufer Sultan registered in the Marshall Islands leaving Montreal-East for Clarkson - Rene Beauchamp
Nilufer-Sultan-(Mtl-29-7-2014)-RB-(1).jpg (99974 bytes) Nilufer-Sultan-(Mtl-29-7-2014)-RB-(2).jpg (108147 bytes) Nilufer-Sultan-(Mtl-29-7-2014)-RB-(3).jpg (99412 bytes) Nilufer-Sultan-(Mtl-29-7-2014)-RB-(4).jpg (93604 bytes)  

USCG Mackinaw at Sturgeon Bay - Michael Karnopp
20140726_110501_resized.jpg (66998 bytes) 20140726_110304_resized.jpg (73812 bytes)      

Pearl Mist at Holland, Mich. - Bill Van Appledorn
101_2008.jpg (96649 bytes)
Pearl Mist at turning basin
101_2010.jpg (99774 bytes)
Leaving Holland
101_2013.jpg (153028 bytes)
Stern view

Canadian visit - Roger LeLievre
1-Segwun.jpg (144850 bytes)
Historic RMS Segwun at Gravenhurst, Ont., readying for a passenger trip on Muskoka Lakes.
2-Segwun,WenonahII-RL.jpg (160898 bytes)
Segwun and fleetmate, the diesel-powered Wenonah II
3-Wenonah-II-RL.jpg (151015 bytes)
Wenonah II
4-Norisle.jpg (174163 bytes)
Museum ship Norisle at Manitowaning on Manitoulin Island. It does not appear to be open to the public this year.
5-Keewatin.jpg (175474 bytes)
Museum ship Keewatin at Port McNicoll.
6-Chi-Cheemaun.jpg (137931 bytes)
Car and passenger ferry Chi-Cheemaun arrives at Tobermory, Ont.

Port Colborne - Morgan Blagdon
1-BaieStPaul-08-29-2014-MB.jpg (143514 bytes) 2-scrapyard-08-30-2014-MB.jpg (108284 bytes) 3-BaieStPaul-08-29-2014-MB.jpg (106449 bytes) 4-BaieStPaul-08-29-2014-MB.jpg (134630 bytes) 5-BaieStPaul-08-29-2014-MB.jpg (102106 bytes)
6-BaieStPaul-08-29-2014.jpg (66254 bytes) 7-Seahound-08-29-2014-MB.jpg (166339 bytes)      

Pearl Mist visits Holland, Mich.
DSCF0790.jpg (114844 bytes) DSCF0791.jpg (121408 bytes)      

Seaway - Ron Beaupre
1-monte-31-07-2014-rfb.jpg (100707 bytes)
MCT Monte Rosa passing Loyalist Park near Mariatown.
2-juliana-31-07-2014-rfb.jpg (101554 bytes)
Zeeland Juliana upbound at Mariatown.
3-nulifer-30-07-2014-rfb.jpg (105400 bytes)
Nulifer Sultan up bound in Seaway at Mariatown.
1-nulifer-30-07-2014-rfb-b.jpg (97541 bytes)
Nulifer Sultan is on her first trip into the Lakes.
1-reestborg-28-07-2014-rfb.jpg (81944 bytes)
Reestborg upbound at Mariatown.
2-reestborg-28-07-2014-rfb.jpg (75140 bytes)
She is on her first trip into the Lakes.

South Chicago - Lou Gerard
DSC_0090.jpg (146950 bytes)
Atlantic Huron at NS5 enroute to KCBX North dock.
DSC_0121.jpg (86393 bytes)
Algoma Progress in Calumet River passing salties Federal Mackinac, Victoriaborg and tug/barge Dauntless/Pere Marquette 41 at Iroquois Landing.
CSC_0178.jpg (98101 bytes)
Algoma Progress passing Atlantic Huron at KCBX.
DSC_0229.jpg (121076 bytes)
Swiss flag tanker MCT Stockhorn comes under the EJ&E bridge enroute to Kinder-Morgan at Lake Calumet.
DSC_03301.jpg (111548 bytes)
Radcliffe R. Latimer at 95th enroute to KCBX South.

Seaway Iroquois, Mariatown & Port of Johnstown - Murray Blancher
1-Atlantic-Huron-03-08-14-mb.jpg (111084 bytes)
Atlantic Huron down at Iroquois
2-Atlantic-Huron-03-08-14-mb.jpg (77856 bytes) 3-Halton-03-08-14-mb.jpg (125744 bytes)
Kehoe MarIne Tug Halton & Barge up at Iroquois
4-Halton&Barge-03-08-14-mb.jpg (203663 bytes) 5-CSL-Niagara-03-08-14-mb.jpg (85207 bytes)
CSL Niagara up at Mariatown
6 & 7
6-Isa-03-08-14-mb.jpg (106497 bytes)
Isa down at Mariatown
7-Isa-03-08-14-mb.jpg (99449 bytes) 8-Spruceglen-03-08-14-mb.jpg (84508 bytes)
Spruceglen up at Mariatown
9-Algoma-Discovery-03-08-14-mb.jpg (89251 bytes)
Algoma Discovery down at Mariatown
10-CCG-Corporal-Teather-CV-03-08-14-mb.jpg (103202 bytes)
CCG Corporal Teather CV passing Mariatown
11-Federal-Elbe-03-08-14-mb.jpg (134731 bytes)
Federal Elbe loading at Port of Johnstown

Recent Soo Traffic - David Kaye
1-pearlmist-8-2-14-dk.jpg (131981 bytes)
Pearl Mist downbound at Mission Point.
2-tundra-8-1-14-dk.jpg (112470 bytes)
Tundra downbound at the West Pier.
3-victoriaborg-8-2-14-dk.jpg (111536 bytes)
Victoriaborg upbound at the West Pier.
4-isolda-7-30-14-dk.jpg (100310 bytes)
Isolda at the International Bridge.
1-missouri-7-29-14-dk.jpg (133028 bytes)
 Tug Missouri at work.
2-tadoussac-7-29-14-dk.jpg (151860 bytes)
CSL Tadoussac upbound at the bridge.
3-zealanddelilah-7-27-14-dk.jpg (86964 bytes)
Zealand Delilah upbound out of the MacArthur Lock.
4-Indharbor-7-27-14-dk.jpg (119982 bytes)
Indiana Harbor downbound at the West Pier.
5-algomarine-7-30-14-dk.jpg (152613 bytes)
Algomarine in the MacArthur Lock.
6-drawsko-7-29-14-dk.jpg (130800 bytes)
Drawsko downbound at the International Bridge.
7-aharvister-7-26-14-d.jpg (69078 bytes)
Algoma Harvester downbound at the West Pier
8-baiestpaul-7-31-14-dk.jpg (186123 bytes)
Baie St Paul approaching the Poe Lock.

Port Dover fish tugs - Monty Young
B-B-Miller-.jpg (169372 bytes)
B B Miller
R-&-G.jpg (139883 bytes)
R & G
Lady-Salome-.jpg (108813 bytes)
Lady Salome - She is ex "Isabel Maria"
Erie-Explorer-.jpg (125704 bytes)
Erie Explorer
Donna-F-.jpg (182139 bytes)
Donna F
Leonard-S-.jpg (207041 bytes)
Leonard S
Navegante--2.jpg (139510 bytes)
Navegante - Back to her launch name - She was "Lewis Lass" for awhile

Recent Detroit River
DSCN1404.jpg (71457 bytes)
Blue Moon upbound
DSCN1415.jpg (114098 bytes) DSCN1411.jpg (306822 bytes) DSCN1420.jpg (68991 bytes)
Alpena off the fuel dock.
DSCN1464.jpg (135541 bytes)
Diamond Jack upbound.
DSCN1465.jpg (109365 bytes)
Capt. and artist Paul LaMarre
DSCN1466.jpg (147528 bytes) DSCN1446.jpg (91989 bytes)
Algoma Enterprise downbound
DSCN1449.jpg (92646 bytes)
Algolake upbound
DSCN1452.jpg (95650 bytes)
Mailboat along side Great Republic with the Algolake turning off the Rouge River.
DSCN1456.jpg (137651 bytes) DSCN1461.jpg (130077 bytes) DSCN1472.jpg (89906 bytes) DSCN1473.jpg (83407 bytes) DSCN1478.jpg (85934 bytes)
DSCN1489.jpg (121962 bytes) DSCN1488.jpg (96681 bytes)
Tug Superior
DSCN1485.jpg (94098 bytes) DSCN1494.jpg (85125 bytes)
Paul R. Tregurtha with a rare split load of coal for Monroe.
DSCN1495.jpg (73521 bytes)
DSCN1498.jpg (98258 bytes) DSCN1502.jpg (62231 bytes)
Algolake unloading
DSCN1544.jpg (82514 bytes)
"Super moon" rises over the Ambassador Bridge.
DSCN1516.jpg (128942 bytes)  



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