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September 14 - 15, 2014

Note, we had a busy summer off line with family and work, we are about a month behind on the News Galleries. Please continue to send pictures.

John B. Aird aground in Seaway - Ron Beaupre
1-aird-13-09-2014-rfb.jpg (136487 bytes)
The John B Aird can be seen ashore on Doran Shoal. She is down by the bow and up at the stern. Boat alongside is Ministry of Transport.
2-aird-13-09-2014-rfb.jpg (119701 bytes)
The light off the bow is No. 81, marking Doran Shoal. The red light is across the channel marking Broder Island.
1-scotia-14-09-2014-rfb.jpg (106059 bytes)
Algoscotia about to pass John B Aird aground on Doran Shoal.
2-scotia-14-09-2014-rfb.jpg (94341 bytes)
The wheelhouse of the Ocean Ross Gaudreault can be seen above the deck of the Aird.
3-scotia-14-09-2014-rfb.jpg (87239 bytes)
Algoscotia heads down the channel as divers work on repairs to the hull of the Aird.

John B. Aird - Dave Bessant
01-JBAird-09-14-2014-wdb.jpg (109509 bytes)
Close up from Morrisburg park of bow of John B Aird with the superstructure of a tug behind her.
02-JBAird-09-14-2014-wdb.jpg (129862 bytes)
Whole ship with the tug.

Seaway at Mariatown Ont. - Murray Blancher
1-John-B-Aird-14-09-14-mb.jpg (49056 bytes)
John B Aird aground on Doran Shoal.
2-HR-Maria-14-09-14-mb.jpg (86000 bytes)
HR Maria down.
3-Algoma-Harester-14-09-14-mb.jpg (79729 bytes)
Algoma Harvester up.
4-Algoma-Harvester-14-09-14-mb.jpg (76109 bytes) 5-Sarah-Desgagnes-14-09-14-mb.jpg (73502 bytes)
Sarah Desgagnes down.

John B. Aird -  Julie Fletcher
IMG_20140914_154109.jpg (89830 bytes) IMG_20140914_154450.jpg (75662 bytes) IMG_20140914_154611.jpg (99379 bytes) IMG_20140914_154604.jpg (51840 bytes) IMG_20140914_154703.jpg (111207 bytes)
IMG_20140914_154626.jpg (58353 bytes)        

St. Clair River - Don Detloff
1-spirit-14sep14-djd.jpg (47978 bytes)
Algoma Spirit
2-algosar-14sep14-djd.jpg (79829 bytes)
3-algocan-14sep14-djd.jpg (95308 bytes)
1-anderson-13sep14-djd.jpg (63139 bytes)
Arthur M. Anderson at Algonac State Park
1-defiance-07sep14-djd.jpg (64889 bytes)
Tug Defiance and Ashtabula
2-barker-07sep14-djd.jpg (78193 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker
3-boothe-07sep14-djd.jpg (68260 bytes)
Ken Boothe Sr. and Lakes Contender
4-manitoba-07sep14-djd.jpg (63614 bytes)
5-pineglen-07sep14-djd.jpg (79596 bytes)
1-montrealais-06sep14-djd.jpg (92546 bytes)
Algoma Montrealais
2-rehead-06sep14-djd.jpg (92097 bytes)
3-volgaborg-06sep14-djd.jpg (85888 bytes)


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