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September 17, 2014

Former Bob-Lo Boat Columbia towed from Detroit Tuesday - Capt. Sam Buchanan
columbia9-15-14-sb-c.jpg (80353 bytes)
Towed to Toledo for dry docking.
columbia9-16-14-sb-b.jpg (84298 bytes)
Will eventually be moved to New York
columbia9-16-14-sb.jpg (141392 bytes) columbia9-16-14-sb-g.jpg (139894 bytes) columbia9-16-14-sb-f.jpg (142722 bytes)
columbia9-16-14-sb-h.jpg (164728 bytes) columbia9-16-14-sb-e.jpg (109381 bytes)
Triple expansion engine
columbia9-15-14-sbd.jpg (116563 bytes)

Columbia tow passing Grosse Ile - Kathryn Schroeder
P1040035.jpg (29103 bytes) P1040038.jpg (37629 bytes)      

Welland Canal - Barry Andersen
Algoma-Hansa-upbnd-headed-for-L3.jpg (110930 bytes)
Algoma Hans - upbound nearing bridge 4
BBC-Austria-(Atg)-inbnd-Port-Weller-harbour-(3)1.jpg (116603 bytes)
BBC Austria - inbound Port Weller
BBC-Austria-(Atg)-upbnd-below-L1.jpg (126197 bytes) HR-Maria-(Lbr)-upbnd-at-bridge-4-headed-to-L3-(3)1.jpg (88743 bytes)
HR Constitution Maria
HR-Maria-(Lbr)-upbnd-headed-for-L3.jpg (111525 bytes)
MRS-C---Port-Weller-pilot-boat-inbnd-Port-Weller-harbour.jpg (170139 bytes)
pilot boat Mrs C inbound port Weller harbour headed to her dock
Wigeon-(Cyp)-anchored-off-Port-Weller-in-ballast.jpg (106177 bytes)
Wigeon - anchored several miles west of Port Weller in ballast
Birchglen-upbnd-headed-for-L4.jpg (104033 bytes)
Birchglen upbound clear of bridge 5 headed to Lock  3
Charlotte-C-(IOM)-passes-Manitoba-below-L2-with-smoke.jpg (122407 bytes)
Charlotte H  downbound clear of Lock  2 passes Manitoba
Manitoba-upbnd-clear-of-L1-in-ballast.jpg (81348 bytes)
Manitoba - in ballast clear of Lock  1
Cuyahoga-raising-in-L7.jpg (107505 bytes)
Cuyahoga raising in Lock  7
Algoway-upbnd-headed-for-L2.jpg (107500 bytes)
Algoway in ballast upbound headed for Lock  2
Algoway-in-ballast-lining-up-lower-tieup-wall-for-L2.jpg (84185 bytes) Larsholmen-(Mhl)-slides-wall-below-L1-upbnd.jpg (79592 bytes)
Larsholmen ex Hellespont Crusader-14 - slides wall below Lock  1 at dusk
Margot-dbnd-above-L1.jpg (93422 bytes)
tug Margot downbound above Lock  1 headed back to Erie Canal
Merwedegracht-(Nld)-upbnd-headed-for-L2-(3).jpg (99418 bytes)
Merwedegracht - upbound headed to Lock  2 on first Seaway visit
Peacemaker-(Ame)-on-wall-above-L1-(2).jpg (170542 bytes)
sailing vessel Peacemaer on wall above Lock  1 waiting turn
stack-on-Larsholmen-(Mhl).jpg (149244 bytes)
Larshomen - new stack marking  but remains under Papachristidis management.
Federal-Asahi-(Hkg)-upbnd-headed-to-L2.jpg (103840 bytes) Charlotte-C-(Gib)-sliding-wall-below-L1-(2).jpg (117811 bytes)
Fairchem-Yuka-(Pan)-upbnd-from-bridge-4-headed-to-L3.jpg (104606 bytes) Fairchem-Yuka-(Pan)-upbnd-headed-to-L3.jpg (103667 bytes) Peter-R.-Cresswell-dbnd-clear-of-L3-(2).jpg (119621 bytes) Finnborg-(Nld)-dbnd-clear-of-L4-(2).jpg (103178 bytes) Finnborg-(Nld)-dbnd-entering-L3-(4).jpg (89229 bytes)
IMS-yard-with-Algoma-Transfer,.jpg (132114 bytes) Algoma-Transfer-at-IMS-yartd.jpg (148398 bytes) Algoma-Hansa-upbnd-headed-for-L3-(2).jpg (107024 bytes) Federal-Weser-(Mhl)-tied-at-wharf-16-Port-Colborne-(2).jpg (130173 bytes) Sten-Bergen-(Gib)-dbnd-clear-of-L2.jpg (86257 bytes)
Sten-Bergen-(Gib)-dbnd-clear-of-L2-(3).jpg (97190 bytes) HHL-Congo-(Atg)-upbnd-headed-for-L3.jpg (140167 bytes) HHL-Congo-(Atg)-upbnd-headed-for-L3-(2).jpg (113639 bytes) Nordic-Mari-(Bhs)-upbnd-for-L3-(2).jpg (121573 bytes) Nordic-Mari-(Bhs)-upbnd-for-L3-(3).jpg (107668 bytes)

Pilot boat at Detour with the Tim S. Dool - Lee Rowe
IMG_95051.jpg (95901 bytes)        

Welland Canal - Skip Gillham
Algoeast---Ab.-L.7---Aug.-30-14-(2).jpg (103608 bytes)
Algoeast above Lock 7
Manitoba---Above-L.-6---Aug.-30-14.jpg (87410 bytes)
Manitoba below Lock 7
Kaministiqua---Bel.-L.3---Aug.-30-14-(3).jpg (90544 bytes)
Kaministiqua downbound Homer Bridge

Cuyahoga arrived in Alpena to unload salt at the Alpena Oil Dock - Jeff Thomas
1-Cuyahoga-9-2-14--JT.jpg (130176 bytes)
 Cuyahoga inbound at Alpena
2-Cuyahoga-9-2-14-JT.jpg (106977 bytes)
unloading salt at Alpena Oil Dock
3-Cuyahoga-9-2-14-JT.jpg (128397 bytes)
Cuyahoga in the Thunder Bay River unloading salt

Iroquois Lock - Ron Beaupre
1-charlotte-31-08-2014-rfb.jpg (103572 bytes)
Charlotte C departing Iroquois Lock downbound.
2-charlotte-31-08-2014-rfb.jpg (105221 bytes)
She had a cargo for Foynes, Ireland.
3-pacific-31-08-2014-rfb.jpg (97055 bytes)
Pacific Dawn approaching Iroquois Lock upbound.
4-pacific-31-08-2014-rfb.jpg (113375 bytes)
She was bound for Hamilton on her first trip into the Lakes.

Detroit River
westc.otta.m.jpg (137748 bytes) DSCN1873.jpg (84722 bytes) DSCN1878.jpg (114354 bytes) DSCN1889.jpg (112264 bytes) DSCN1891.jpg (81267 bytes)
DSCN1898.jpg (86379 bytes) DSCN1900.jpg (82694 bytes) DSCN1913.jpg (112960 bytes) IMG_9683.jpg (420852 bytes) IMG_9791.jpg (340296 bytes)

July Shipping Activity in Goderich, Ontario - Philip Nash
1-Skawa-10-07-14-pn.jpg (84601 bytes)
Polish vessel Skawa at Goderich Elevator waiting to load wheat.
2-Skawa-10-07-14-pn.jpg (76920 bytes)
Stern of Skawa.
3-Skawa-10-07-14-pn.jpg (117781 bytes)
Skawa registered in Monrovia, Liberia.
4-DebbieLyn-10-07-14-pn.jpg (129586 bytes)
Tug Debbie Lyn inbound Goderich Harbour passing the Algorail at Sifto Salt dock and approaching the Skawa at Goderich Elevator.
5-DebieLyn-10-07-14-pn.jpg (116020 bytes)
Tug Debbie Lyn proceeding out to assist Cuyahoga to the Salt dock after the Algorail departs.
6-Cuyahoga-10-07-14-pn.jpg (89845 bytes)
Cuyahoga being assisted to Sifto Salt dock by MacDonald Marine Tugs (left to right), Donald Bert, Debbie Lyn and Ian Mac.
7-DebLynIanM-10-07-14-pn.jpg (115212 bytes)
Debbie Lyn and Ian Mac pushing on the stern as the crew of the Cuyahoga watch.
8-Cuyahoga-10-07-14-pn.jpg (90952 bytes)
Cuyahoga and tugs final positioning at the salt dock.
9-CapeRescue-10-07-14-pn.jpg (131087 bytes)
Canadian Coast Guard Ship Cape Rescue visiting at Goderich Coast Guard Station.
10-Kelso-10-07-14-pn.jpg (139797 bytes)
Canadian Coast Guard Ship Kelso also visiting Goderich.
11-Cape-Disc-11-07-14-pn.jpg (103164 bytes)
Canadian Coast Guard Ship Cape Discovery returning to home base in Goderich after completing training exercises on Lake Huron.
12-Cape-Disc-11-07-14-pn.jpg (101555 bytes)
 Stern of Cape Discovery as they pass the Algosteel loading at the salt dock.
13-Merlin-16-07-14-pn.jpg (92513 bytes)
Survey vessel Merlin departing from harbour wall in Goderich to continue surveying.
14-Algosteel-11-07-14-pn.jpg (115741 bytes)
Work barge and Tug Chuckie Joe work there way by Algosteel heading out to work on the North Breakwall.
15-ChuckieJ-11-07-14-pn.jpg (112573 bytes)
Tug Chuckie Joe.
16-ChuckieJ-11-07-14-pn.jpg (92335 bytes)
Stern of the Chuckie Joe.
17-Vancou-16-07-14-pn.jpg (145868 bytes)
Vancouverborg at Goderich Elevator.
18-Vancou-16-07-14-pn.jpg (84685 bytes)
waiting to load.
19-Vancou-16-07-14-pn.jpg (132177 bytes)
Bow view
20-GoderichLt-10-07-14-pn.jpg (86568 bytes)
Goderich Main Light with a full moon at sunset.


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