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September 29 - 30, 2014

9/30 - Soo Traffic - Jeff Thomas
jhthompson-7-24-14-jt.jpg (96120 bytes)
Joseph H. Thompson downbound at Mission Point
 montrealais-7-24-14-jt.jpg (95326 bytes)
Montrealais downbound in the MacArthur Lock
Saginaw-7-24-14-jt.jpg (168120 bytes)
Saginaw downbound at Mission Point
arthurmanderson-9-22-14-jt.jpg (108298 bytes)
 Arthur M. Anderson loading at Calcite

Welland Canal - Ian Baker
img_2221.jpg (88985 bytes) img_2232.jpg (89570 bytes)      

Westbound Badger headed for Manitowoc - Ken Kemper
img_0007[1].jpg (108040 bytes)
 5 Miles East of Manitowoc
img_0005[1].jpg (115582 bytes) img_0016[1].jpg (108072 bytes) img_0019[1].jpg (131927 bytes) img_0025[1].jpg (123239 bytes)
img_0046[1].jpg (184539 bytes)
Two Rivers, WI. Point Beach Light House

Hamburg departing Windsor - Graham Grattan
1-ham-9-28-14-gg.jpg.jpg (96966 bytes)        

Alpena Downbound off Cheboygan - Pegg Thomas
1-Alpena-9-21-14-PT.jpg (97130 bytes)        

Federal Nakagawa downbound in Sault Ste. Marie  - Tom Andrews
1-FedNakagawa-9-1-14-ta.jpg.jpg (99875 bytes)
Downbound at Mission Point following a storm on Labor Day.
2-FedNakagawa-9-1-14-ta.jpg.jpg (92541 bytes)
Stern view.

9/29 - Soo Weekend Traffic - Lee Rowe
IMG_9642.jpg (95132 bytes) IMG_9660.jpg (118393 bytes) IMG_9674.jpg (80336 bytes) IMG_9688.jpg (63932 bytes) IMG_9712.jpg (50690 bytes)
IMG_9716.jpg (76698 bytes) IMG_9733.jpg (128343 bytes) IMG_9745.jpg (104135 bytes) IMG_9749.jpg (82288 bytes) IMG_9755.jpg (118137 bytes)
IMG_9759.jpg (135303 bytes) IMG_9763.jpg (102431 bytes) IMG_9774.jpg (57416 bytes) IMG_9776.jpg (125577 bytes)  

Buffalo - Brian W.
1-Mariner-9-27-14-BRW.jpg (132965 bytes)
The tug Kurt Leudtke is pushing her mud scow down the City Ship Canal from the dredge site near the Sand Wharf & past the American Mariner at the General Mills Frontier Elevator.
2-Mariner-9-27-14-BRW.jpg (133196 bytes)
Heading under the Buffalo Skyway, the Leudtke is almost clear of the Mariner & headed for the Watson Basin.
3-Mariner-9-27-14-BRW-004.jpg (118532 bytes)
Now in the open waters of the Outer Harbor, they head South for the Army Corps CDF in Lackawanna.
4-Mariner-9-27-14-BRW.jpg (123443 bytes)
The Mariner backs herself down the Buffalo River Entrance Channel with downtown in the backdrop.
5-Mariner-9-27-14-BRW.jpg (94383 bytes)
Almost clear of the confines of the river she heads stern first past the Buffalo Main Light and Lake Erie.

Four boats departed the Cuyahoga River Sunday Morning - Rich Nicholls and Kate White
1-Petite-Forte-9-28-14-kw.jpg (178806 bytes)
Petite Forte and barge St Marys Cement (approaching Columbus Rd bridge)
2-Pathfinder-9-28-14-rn.jpg (166883 bytes)
Dorothy Ann and Pathfinder (turning in East basin)
3-American-Courage-9-28-12-rn.jpg (67202 bytes)
American Courage (stopped at Dock 20 waiting for John J. Boland to Depart)
4-John-Francis-9-28-14-rn.jpg (83251 bytes)
Tugs in the harbor for construction projects included John Francis and Timberland
5-Goodtimre-III-9-28-14-rn.jpg (94009 bytes)
Goodtime III
1-GreatRepublic-9-26-14-kw.jpg (102366 bytes)
 Great Republic from the Jefferson Street Bridge.

Federal Satsuki seen in Antwerp on her way to Three Rivers - Chris Rombouts
FedSatsuki-Antw-27-9-14-cr1.jpg (118930 bytes)
Departing Saturday
FedSatsuki-Antw-27-9-14-cr2.jpg (85558 bytes) FedSatsuki-Antw-27-9-14-cr3.jpg (103241 bytes)    

St. Clair River - Don Detloff
1-integrity-28sep14-djd.jpg (42479 bytes)
American Integrity
2-presque-28sep14-djd.jpg (61241 bytes)
Presque Isle
1-boothe-27sep14-djd.jpg (121012 bytes)
Ken Boothe Sr. and Lakes Contender
1-rail-24sep14-djd.jpg (69225 bytes)
Algorail departing Sombra, Ont.
2-paulr-24sep14-djd.jpg (49107 bytes)
Paul R. Tregurtha approaching Marine City, MI.
1-fairchem-21sep14-djd.jpg (135647 bytes)
Fairchem Yuka
2-stclair-21sep14-djd.jpg (75451 bytes)
St. Clair
3-uscg45-21sep14-djd.jpg (135583 bytes)
USCG 45-foot Response Boat-Medium
4-seto-21sep14-djd.jpg (97199 bytes)
Federal Seto

John J. Boland unloading at former government elevators September 18 - Nathan Attard
image11.jpg (56683 bytes)
At 680 feet long it would be a tight squeeze.
image21.jpg (134235 bytes)
It's the longest ship I've seen there in my 50 years.
image12.jpg (56663 bytes)

John J. Boland unloading  - Dave Johnson, Erie Media
John-J.-Boland-.jpg (110261 bytes) John-J.-Boland-2.jpg (178727 bytes)

CSL Tadoussac passing - Julie Fletcher
IMG_20140918_073018.jpg (106701 bytes) IMG_20140918_073055.jpg (120242 bytes) IMG_20140918_073154.jpg (112390 bytes) IMG_20140918_073258.jpg (100382 bytes)  

St. Clair River - Kevin Majewski
1.AlWh-9-18-14-KM.jpg (78212 bytes)
Algoeast downbound passing the upbound Whitefish Bay at Port Huron.
2.DaAl-9-18-14-KM.jpg (113042 bytes)
 Dara Desgagnes upbound passing the downbound Algoeast at Port Huron.
3.GuWh-9-18-14-KM.jpg (67282 bytes)
Algoma Guardian downbound passing the upbound Whitefish Bay at Port Huron.
4.GuDa-9-18-14-KM.jpg (74078 bytes)
 Algoma Guardian downbound passing the upbound Dara Desgagnes at Port Huron.
5.WhDa-9-18-14-KM.jpg (98966 bytes)
Dara Desgagnes upbound holding position as the Whitefish Bay pulls away from the Shell Oil Dock in Corunna, Ontario.

Seaway - Ron Beaupre
1-flora-21-09-2014-rfb.jpg (102648 bytes)
Floragracht passing Mariatown on her first trip up the St. Lawrence.
3-hamburg-25-09-2014-rfb.jpg (82479 bytes)
Hamburg near Mariatown on her way to Toronto.
4-hamburg-25-09-2014-rfb.jpg (57987 bytes)
The new stack colours for Hamburg.
5-mist-23-09-2014-rfb.jpg (103517 bytes)
Pearl Mist above Iroquois Lock.
6-mist-23-09-2014-rfb.jpg (123815 bytes)
Pearl Mist departing Iroquois Lock.
2-lars-21-09-2014-rfb.jpg (87857 bytes)
Larsholmen passing Mariatown while the engine pours out heavy smoke.
1-yuka-19-09-2014-rfb.jpg (58442 bytes)
Fairchem Yuka below Iroquois lock.
2-yuka-19-09-2014-rfb.jpg (128423 bytes)
Sliding the wall into Iroquois Lock.
3-adfines-18-09-2014-rfb.jpg (135701 bytes)
Adfines Star on her first trip into the Lakes. 
4-adfines-18-09-2014-rfb.jpg (392630 bytes)
Stack and cabin details of Adfines Star.
5-exeborg-20-09-2014-rfb.jpg (97984 bytes)
Exeborg in the St. Lawrence River at Mariatown.

6-edzard-23-09-2014-rfb.jpg (107395 bytes)
Edzard Schulte at the Loyalist Park near Mariatown.
7-edzard-23-09-2014-rfb.jpg (84116 bytes)
Edzard Schulte is registered at Douglas, Isle Of Man.
1-austria-27-08-2014-rfb.jpg (118038 bytes)
BBC Austria passing Mariatown on her way up the St. Lawrence.
 2-montrealais-24-08-2014-rfb-.jpg (92115 bytes)
Algoma Montrealais passing Duncan Park at Mariatown.
3-montrealais-24-08-2014-rfb.jpg (109373 bytes)
She was on her way to Clarkson to load cement.
4-hansa-26-08-2014-rfb.jpg (98390 bytes)
Algoma Hansa passing Mariatown on a trip from Halifax to Oakville.

Ryba tug Thomas R Morrish at Pt. Mouille - Capt. Mike Nicholls
MORRISHTHOMASRb30092214mn.jpg (91712 bytes)        

Columbia tow - Graham Grattan
1-colum-9-16-14-gg.jpg.jpg (317732 bytes)
Detroit fireboat Curtis Randolph stands-off outside Nicholson's slip.
2-colum-9-16-14-gg.jpg.jpg (176624 bytes)
Tug Manitou made-up on the stern.
3-colum-9-16-14-gg.jpg.jpg (203479 bytes)
Is this the last time the two running mates will be seen together?
4-colum-8-16-14-gg.jpg.jpg (170024 bytes)
Tug Capt. Keith on the bow as the tow backs out into the Detroit River.

Welland Canal - Ian Baker
img_2170.jpg (93976 bytes) img_2176.jpg (92936 bytes) img_2180.jpg (81962 bytes) img_2181.jpg (88125 bytes) img_2188.jpg (66946 bytes)
img_2192.jpg (75787 bytes) img_2198.jpg (89667 bytes)      

New salties in the Seaway - Rene Beauchamp
Morgenstond-I-(Mtl-2014-09-15)-RB.jpg (84721 bytes)
Morgenstond I
Ebony-Ray-(Mtl-2014-09-16)-RB.jpg (122883 bytes)
Ebonay Ray
IMG_2427.jpg (104757 bytes)
Adfines Star
Julie-C-(CSC-26-8-2014)-RB-(7).jpg (98682 bytes)
 New salties in August were Julie C going to Cote Ste. Catherine on August 26 to load scrap metal and Selandia Swan bound for Sarnia in ballast on August 28.
Julie-C-(CSC-26-8-2014)-RB-(9).jpg (133162 bytes)
Selandia-Swan-(St.Lambert-28-8-2014)-RB-(4).jpg (90805 bytes)
Selandia Swan
barge-Chaulk-Lifter-(T.-R.-20-8-2014)-RB.jpg (80192 bytes)
The barge Marinelink Explorer laid up at Trois-Rivieres and sold last year had her new name Chaulk Lifter painted on the hull last month.

Can you ID Huron Cement freighter in this picture?
WW7108-18-e-brine-well-collapse,-Grosse-Isle.jpg (715688 bytes)
 1971 aerial shot of the brine well collapse on the north end of Grosse Isle. 

Recent Detroit River
DSCN2063.jpg (116174 bytes) DSCN2050.jpg (171644 bytes) DSCN2053.jpg (145722 bytes) DSCN2016.jpg (115288 bytes) DSCN2019.jpg (327014 bytes)
DSCN2024.jpg (100564 bytes) DSCN2032.jpg (124972 bytes) DSCN2021.jpg (121750 bytes) DSCN2042.jpg (116873 bytes)  

Seaway at Mariatown - Murray Blancher
1-Nordic-Stockholm-31-08-14-mb.jpg (92869 bytes)
Nordic Stockholm up
2-Nordic-Stockholm-31-08-14-mb.jpg (60880 bytes) 3-Nordic-Stockholm-31-08-14-mb.jpg (122300 bytes) 4-Federal-Mattawa-31-08-14-mb.jpg (72503 bytes)
 Federal Mattawa up
5-Federal-Mattawa-31-08-14-mb.jpg (113352 bytes)
6-Federal-Sakura-31-08-14-mb.jpg (96110 bytes)
Federal Sakura down
7-Federal-Sakura-31-08-14-mb.jpg (69966 bytes) 8-Zhang-Yuan-AO-31-08-14-mb.jpg (73092 bytes)
Zhang Yuan AO down
9-Zhang-Yuan-AO-31-08-14-mb.jpg (63505 bytes) 10-Zhang-Yuan-AO-31-08-14-mb.jpg (89359 bytes)

Arthur Anderson heading down river in the fog - Jim Hoffman, Sault, Michigan
a-anderson-8-22-14--jh.jpg (38027 bytes)
St Marys River  under the International Bridge Sault Ste Marie, Michigan.

Boats at Tobermory and Manitoulin Island - Ian Baker
img_1859.jpg (145634 bytes) img_1888.jpg (130734 bytes) img_1868.jpg (75213 bytes) img_1875.jpg (90357 bytes) img_1908.jpg (96599 bytes)
img_1917.jpg (99426 bytes) img_1929.jpg (102246 bytes) img_1991.jpg (86151 bytes) img_1850.jpg (143280 bytes) img_1943.jpg (97449 bytes)
img_1950.jpg (154076 bytes) img_1983.jpg (167286 bytes)      

Algoma Montrealais at Port Huron August 28 - Kevin Majewski
1.ALMo-8-28-14-KM.jpg (69335 bytes)
Algoma Montrealais upbound at Port Huron. She is the last Canadian flagged steam-powered freighter on the Great Lakes.
2.ALM-8-28-14-KM.jpg (160016 bytes)
Approaching the twin Blue Water Bridge spans.
3.Al-8-28-14-KM.jpg (88538 bytes)
 Entering Lake Huron with a flock of geese crossing her stern.
4.A-8-28-14-KM.jpg (95724 bytes)
Continuing upbound in Lake Huron. So far, reports of her demise have been greatly exaggerated. Let's hope she sees a few more seasons on the Lakes.


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