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October 1, 2014

St. Clair River at Marine City on Tuesday - Don Detloff
1-discovery-30sep14-djd.jpg (61355 bytes)
Algoma Discovery
2-buffalo-30sep14-djd.jpg (56941 bytes)
3-algoeast-30sep14-djd.jpg (75544 bytes)
1-clarke-31aug14-djd.jpg (63483 bytes) 2-clarke-31aug14-djd.jpg (77045 bytes)

Buffalo - Brian W.
image5.jpg (165283 bytes)
Karen Andrie - Endeavor unloading at the Noco Product Terminal as seen from the South Grand Island bridge in Tonawanda. The NRG Huntley plant can be seen in the distance.
image6.jpg (182458 bytes)
closer view of the unloading pier at Noco. This is the furthest down stream active shipping dock on the Tonawanda Channel of the upper Niagara River.
image7.jpg (195445 bytes)
A telephoto view of the tug in the notch of her barge. It was only their 2nd trip here since these two were paired up in 2009

St. Clair River - Ryan Lehr
1-Pathfinder-8-15-14-RL.jpg (92935 bytes)
 Dorothy Ann Pathfinder stern view just before passing the Cedarglen heading downbound.
2-Pathfinder-Cedarglen-8-15-14-RL.jpg (88161 bytes)
Dorothy Ann Pathfinder passing the Cedarglen on the St. Clair River.
3-Cedarglenn-08-15-14-RL.jpg (82973 bytes)
Cedarglen stern view heading up the St. Clair River

Welland Canal - Doug Hyatt
1-pvtrobertson-8-21-14-dh.jpg (101547 bytes)
CCGS  Private Robertson V.C. docked at Port Colborne filling up with potable water.
2-pilot-8-21-14-dh.jpg (123045 bytes)
Pilot boat J.W. Cooper downbound from Lake Erie.
3-whitefishbay-8-21-14-dh.jpg (81105 bytes)
CSL Whitefish Bay upbound  from Lock 8 into Lake Erie.
4-kaministiquabow-8-22-14-dh.jpg (154120 bytes)
Kaministiqua exiting lock 1 as the bridge casts strange shadows on her bow.
5-kaministiquadeck-8-22-14-dh.jpg (93944 bytes)
6-kaministiquastack-8-22-14-dh.jpg (310299 bytes) 7-elbeborg-8-22-14-dh.jpg (86137 bytes)
Elbeborg approaching Lock 1.
8-elbeborgacc-8-22-14-dh.jpg (159772 bytes) 9-everlast-8-22-14-dh.jpg (71302 bytes)
Everlast with the barge Norman McLeod sliding the wall into Lock 1.
11-everlasttower-8-22-14-dh.jpg (278165 bytes)
10-everlastcrew-8-22-14-dh.jpg (145006 bytes)        

Soo and Rotary Park ship images -
Tedd Prater
IMG_2226.jpg (200824 bytes) img_2232.jpg (121047 bytes) IMG_2238.jpg (206033 bytes) img_2198.jpg (80002 bytes) IMG_2206.jpg (88532 bytes)
IMG_2210.jpg (168424 bytes) img_2221.jpg (189309 bytes) img_2188.jpg (76691 bytes) img_2192.jpg (71327 bytes) IMG_2196.jpg (79371 bytes)

Niagara upbound St. Clair River - Charles Miller
Niagra1.jpg (165027 bytes)        

Seaway - Ron Beaupre
1-austria-27-08-2014-rfb.jpg (118038 bytes)
BBC Austria passing Mariatown on her way up the St. Lawrence.
2-montrealais-24-08-2014-rfb-.jpg (82601 bytes)
Algoma Montrealais passing Duncan Park at Mariatown.
3-montrealais-24-08-2014-rfb.jpg (102599 bytes)
She is on her way to Clarkson to load cement.
4-hansa-26-08-2014-rfb.jpg (98390 bytes)
Algoma Hansa passing Mariatown on a trip from Halifax to Oakville.

Soo - Ian McLauchlan
1-StewartCort1-8-23-14-im.jpg (37851 bytes)
Stewart Cort waiting for the Ken Booth Sr./Lakes Contender to pass out of the Poe lock
2-StewartCort2-8-23-14-im.jpg (102884 bytes)
Cort leaving the Poe lock
3-MesabiMiner1-8-23-14-im.jpg (204725 bytes)
Mesabi Miner entering the Poe lock.  Passenger ship Pearl Mist in the background leaving Sault Ste Marie, Ontario for Lake Huron
4-MesabiMiner2-8-23-14-im.jpg (117082 bytes)
Miner has almost filled the lock
5-MesabiMiner3-8-23-14-im.jpg (155479 bytes)
Everyone relaxing (on the bridge and on shore) while the lock fills
6-MesabiMinerTecumseh-8-23-14-im.jpg (61517 bytes)
Miner and Tecumseh pass west of the locks

Seaway - Jacques Gauthier
BBC-EUROPE-011.jpg (94177 bytes) BBC-EUROPE-027.jpg (131566 bytes) 017.jpg (87882 bytes)    

Tugfest in Midland, Ontario - George Lee
Misc-2193.jpg (160233 bytes) Misc-2205.jpg (116944 bytes) Misc-2207.jpg (142583 bytes) Misc-2209.jpg (195249 bytes) Misc-2289.jpg (99752 bytes)
Misc-2298.jpg (102518 bytes) Misc-2308.jpg (96374 bytes) Misc-2316.jpg (124129 bytes) Misc-2319.jpg (108472 bytes) Misc-2324.jpg (120716 bytes)

Goderich - Steve Cudmore
WP_20140824_014.jpg (112392 bytes) WP_20140824_028.jpg (103693 bytes) WP_20140824_023.jpg (588411 bytes) WP_20140824_031.jpg (127056 bytes) WP_20140824_034.jpg (113677 bytes)
WP_20140824_032.jpg (115677 bytes) WP_20140823_007.jpg (52908 bytes)      

Gerald D. Neville downbound at "The Shallows" in the upper St. Marys River - Graham Grattan
1-gdnev-7-27-14-gg.jpg.jpg (86599 bytes)        

Alpena, Cedarville and Calcite - Ben & Chanda McClain
Buff-8-24-14-BCM-01.jpg (81678 bytes) Buff-8-24-14-BCM-02.jpg (120589 bytes) Buff-8-24-14-BCM-03.jpg (221014 bytes) Buff-8-24-14-BCM-04.jpg (110873 bytes) Buff-8-24-14-BCM-05.jpg (102998 bytes)
Buff-8-24-14-BCM-06.jpg (122291 bytes) JBloc-8-22-14-BCM-02.jpg (95013 bytes) AmSpr-8-22-14-BCM-01.jpg (118434 bytes)
American Spirit loading at Calcite
JBloc-8-22-14-BCM-03.jpg (114354 bytes)
Joseph Block & Philip R. Clarke at Cedarville
JBloc-8-22-14-BCM-04.jpg (102434 bytes)
JBloc-8-22-14-BCM-05.jpg (91834 bytes) JBloc-8-22-14-BCM-06.jpg (80878 bytes) JBloc-8-22-14-BCM-07.jpg (96671 bytes) JBLoc-8-22-14-BCM-08.jpg (95189 bytes)  

Herbert C. Jackson towed out by the Washington in the Buffalo River Entrance Channel - Brian W.
hcjimage.jpg (110215 bytes) hcjimage1.jpg (93962 bytes) hcjimage2.jpg (124543 bytes)    

St. Clair River traffic - Kevin Majewski
1.Altr-8-22-14-KM.jpg (72069 bytes) 2.MM-8-22-14-KM.jpg (82431 bytes)      

Tug Manitou and Bramble downbound passing Detroit bound for Nicholson's Ecorse - Capt. Mike Nicholls
MANITOUBRAMBLEb13082314mn.jpg (98274 bytes) MANITOUBRAMBLEs17082314mn.jpg (87226 bytes) HANNAHMARYEb02082314mn.jpg (88952 bytes)
Mary Hannah and barge downbound passing Detroit.

Point Edward/Sarnia - Marc Dease
1-ama-8-5-14-md.jpg (69545 bytes)
Arthur M. Anderson downbound at 1 & 2.
2-sag-8-5-14-md.jpg (85360 bytes)
Saginaw making the turn at 1 & 2.
5-erie-8-10-14-md.jpg (99625 bytes)
Spruceglen takes on a load at the elevator.
4-wood-8-10-14-md.jpg (73417 bytes)
Algowood downbound at 1 & 2.
3-spru-8-7-14-md.jpg (100459 bytes)
Atlantic Erie downbound at 1 & 2.
6-spirit-8-10-14-md.jpg (87710 bytes)
Algoma Spirit downbound at 1 & 2.
7-prt-8-14-14-md.jpg (88192 bytes)
Paul R. Tregurtha downbound at Black River entrance.
8-buff-8-14-14-md.jpg (107186 bytes)
Buffalo heads into Lake Huron.
9-pine-8-14-14-md.jpg (90758 bytes)
Pineglen downbound at 1 & 2.
10-harv-8-15-14-md.jpg (78923 bytes)
Algoma Harvester making the turn at 1 & 2.
11-kam-8-15-14-md.jpg (73265 bytes)
Kaministiqua downbound at 1 & 2.
12-sam-8-17-14-md.jpg (91435 bytes)
Sam Laud heads into Lake Huron.
13-stel-8-17-14-md.jpg (88132 bytes)
Algosteel making the turn at 1 & 2.
14-away-8-17-14-md.jpg (88008 bytes)
Algoway making the turn at 1 & 2

Seaway - Ron Beaupre
1-zhuang-24-08-2014-rfb.jpg (122208 bytes)
Zhuang Yuan Ao passing Loyalist Park, below Iroquois Lock.
3-zhuang-24-08-2014-rfb.jpg (127279 bytes)      

The Chestnut visits South Chicago - Lou Gerard
DSC_0883.jpg (101364 bytes) DSC-0901.jpg (133588 bytes)      

Manistee in Holland - Marc & Jill Vander Meulen
MANISTEE_Holland_08172014_mvm_01.jpg (139436 bytes)
She arrived with a load of stone and the appreciative spectators at Kollen Park received two salutes as she passed.
MANISTEE_Holland_08172014_mvm_02.jpg (153047 bytes)
Forward end crew on deck
MANISTEE_Holland_08172014_mvm_03.jpg (97676 bytes)
Aft end crew
MANISTEE_Holland_08172014_mvm_04.jpg (145817 bytes)
darn salt

Seaway - Murray Blancher
1-Thalassa-Desgagnes-17-08-14-mb.jpg (66186 bytes) 2-Thalassa-Desgagnes-17-08-14-mb.jpg (65253 bytes) 3-Spartan-&-Spartan-II-17-08-14-mb.jpg (65915 bytes) 4-Lady-Sandals-17-08-14-mb.jpg (94418 bytes) 5-John-D-Leitch-17-08-14-mb.jpg (105988 bytes)
6-Manitoba-17-08-14-mb.jpg (79927 bytes) 7-Manitoba-17-08-14-mb.jpg (123256 bytes) 8-Sten-Bergen-17-08-140mb.jpg (89633 bytes) 9-Sten-Bergen-17-08-14-mb.jpg (104160 bytes) 10-Sten-Bergen-17-08-14-mb.jpg (61051 bytes)
11-Steb-Bergen-17-08-14-mb.jpg (91866 bytes) 12-John-J-Carrick-&-Victorious-17-08-14-mb.jpg (92847 bytes) 13-Federal-Yoshino-17-08-14-mb.jpg (89425 bytes) 14-Algoma-Harvester-17-08-14-mb.jpg (56463 bytes)  

Soo - David Kaye
1-anavigator-8-13-14-dk.jpg (139103 bytes)
Algoma Navigator upbound at the International Bridge.
2-pineglen-8-13-dk.jpg (153514 bytes)
Pineglen downbound at the West Pier.
3-algoscotia-8-13-14-dk.jpg (172062 bytes)
Algoscotia upbound at the Bridge.
4-mesabaminer-8-14-14-dk.jpg (158008 bytes)
Mesabi Miner downbound approaching the Poe Lock.
5-mesabiminer-814-14-dk.jpg (110290 bytes)
Mesabi Miner in the Poe Lock.
6-baiestpaul-8-15-14-dk.jpg (107559 bytes)
Baie St Paul downbound approaching the Poe Lock.
1-ladydoris-8-16-14-dk.jpg (113572 bytes)
Lady Doris downbound at the West Pier.
2-isolda-8-17-14-dk.jpg (97275 bytes)
Isolda downbound at the West Pier.
3-stewartcort-8-18-14-dk.jpg (87529 bytes)
Stewart J. Cort downbound passing Rotary Park.
4-adiscovery-8-18-14-dk.jpg (138521 bytes)
Algoma Discovery upbound at Rotary Park.
5-samlaud-8-23-14-dk.jpg (53670 bytes)
Sam Laud tied up at the west Pier.
6-alpena-8-23-14-dk.jpg (275049 bytes)
Alpena upbound leaving the MacArthur Lock.

Green Bay - Steve Bauer
1-Munsn-8-9-14-sb.jpg (100512 bytes)
After departing South Chicago the day before with a load of coal, the John G. Munson slowly navigates through the Canadian National (former GBW) bridge on the Fox River in Green Bay just after sunrise on Saturday morning.  Thank goodness for the Boatnerd AIS, as she took a shortcut through Deaths Door and arrived at Green Bay an hour or so earlier than I had anticipated.
2-Munsn-8-9-14-sb.jpg (81007 bytes)
Clear of the bridge, she slides through the calm waters approaching Dousman Street.
3-Munsn-8-9-14-sb.jpg (98908 bytes)
Passing the visiting Tall Ship Peacemaker approaching Walnut Street. 
4-Munsn-8-9-14-sb.jpg (102231 bytes)
There isn't much traffic to stop this time of morning on Mason Street as the John Munson passes through the bridge.
5-Munsn-8-9-14-sb.jpg (73152 bytes)
Unloading at the Reiss Dock.
6-Alpn-8-9-14-sb.jpg (82843 bytes)
About three hours behind the John G. Munson, the Alpena approaches the entrance to the Fox River with a load of cement for Lafarge.
7-Alpn-8-9-14-sb.jpg (176278 bytes)
Fishermen go about their morning routines as the Alpena passes.
8-Alpn-8-9-14-sb.jpg (113916 bytes)
The Alpena catches the attention of patrons at the local eateries and shops along the river near Walunt Street.
9-Alpn-8-9-14-sb.jpg (141465 bytes)
Setting up for the move through the former Milwaukee Road bridge.  The crew made it look easy.

Welland Canal - Skip Gillham
Peter-R.-Cresswell---L.3---Aug.-16-14.jpg (96813 bytes)
Peter R. Cresswell leaving Lock 3
Peter-R.-Cresswell---Algoma-Harvester---Aug.-16-14.jpg (126416 bytes)
Peter R. Cresswell passing Algoma Harvester above Lock 3
Algoma-Harvester---L.3---Aug.-16-14-(3).jpg (103406 bytes)
Algoma Harvester entering Lock 3
Huron-Spirit---Pt.-Col.-Aug.-21-14-(2a).jpg (146460 bytes)
Huron Spirit
Leonard-M.---Pt.-Col.-Aug.-21-14-(1).jpg (126953 bytes)
Leonard M. - Port Colborne
Whitefish-Bay-(ii)---Pt.-Col.-Aug.-21-14-(3).jpg (116434 bytes)
Whitefish Bay - Port Colborne
Private-Robertson-V.C.---Pt.-Col.-Aug.-21-14-(1).jpg (124733 bytes)
Private Robertson V.C. - Port Colborne
Finnborg---Pt.-Col.-Aug.-21-14-(1).jpg (83215 bytes)
Finnborg - Port Colborne
1---Baie-Comeau---Ab.-L.3---Aug.-20-14-(2).jpg (214630 bytes)
Baie Comeau - Above Lock 3

Busy day last Sunday at the International Bridge, in the Soo - Jim Hoffman (Sault Ste Marie Michigan)
1.--Atlantic-Erie-08-14-jh.jpeg.jpg (116545 bytes)
Atlantic Erie with Soo Locks Tour Boat
2.-Lake-Contender-08-14-jh.jpeg.jpg (227772 bytes)
Lake Contender under International Bridge
3.-Algoma-Spirit-08-14-jh.jpeg.jpg (39422 bytes)
Algoma Spirit near sunset
4.-Paul-Tregutha-James-Barker-08-14-jh-.jpeg.jpg (85501 bytes)
 Paul Tregurtha and James Barker
5.-Buffalo-08-14-jh.jpeg.jpg (75531 bytes)
Buffalo night view
4.-james-l-kuber-08-14-jh.jpeg.jpg (123129 bytes)
James L Kuber tug barge waiting under the International Bridge Sault Ste Marie Michigan.
2.-james-l-kuber-08-14-jh.jpeg.jpg (71531 bytes)
3.-james-l-kuber-8-14-jh.jpeg.jpg (80461 bytes)
With James L Oberstar passing


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