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October 2, 2014

Onboard the Algoma Equinox - Jeff Marchant
algomaEquinox2014-41.jpg (63130 bytes)
Crossing Lake Superior, and it's flat calm.
algomaEquinox2014-1.jpg (75312 bytes)
Exiting Lock 7, Welland Canal
 algomaEquinox2014-2.jpg (75932 bytes)
Passing "Cap de la Tete du Chien" on the lower St. Lawrence
algomaEquinox2014-31.jpg (96690 bytes)
Passing Cap Brule in the lower St. Lawrence where the water becomes mostly salt. 

Alpena - Ben & Chanda McClain
Missg-10-1-14-BCM-01.jpg (108316 bytes)
Mississagi unloading Wednesday
Missg-10-1-14-BCM-02.jpg (114698 bytes) Missg-10-1-14-BCM-03.jpg (262537 bytes) Missg-10-1-14-BCM-04.jpg (86865 bytes) AlpeMst-9-30-14-BCM-01.jpg (104384 bytes)
AlpeMst-9-30-14-BCM-02-(2).jpg (99632 bytes) AlpeMst-9-30-14-BCM-03.jpg (92073 bytes)
AlpeMst-9-30-14-BCM-04.jpg (110499 bytes)    

St. Clair River on Wednesday - Don Detloff
1-kimberly-01oct14-djd.jpg (49519 bytes)
Tug Kimberly Anne and barges
2-kimberly-01oct14-djd.jpg (80158 bytes)
The little guy is helping too
3-cormorant-01ocy14-djd.jpg (67791 bytes)
Tug Cormorant and barge
4-blough-01oct14-djd.jpg (69625 bytes)
Roger Blough
5-champlain-01oct14-djd.jpg (66650 bytes)
Tug Samuel de Champlain and Integrity
1-discovery-30sep14-djd.jpg (61355 bytes)
Algoma Discovery
2-buffalo-30sep14-djd.jpg (56941 bytes)
3-algoeast-30sep14-djd.jpg (75544 bytes)

Seaway at Mariatown - Murray Blancher
1-Nogat-28-09-14-mb.jpg (72945 bytes)
Nogat down
2-Nogat-28-09-14-mb.jpg (62858 bytes) 3-Jo-Spirit-28-09-14-mb.jpg (68186 bytes)
Jo Spirit up
4-Thunder-Bay=28-09-14-mb.jpg (75688 bytes)
Thunder Bay up
5-Redhead-28-09-14-mb.jpg (72637 bytes)
Redhead down

Atlantic Superior in San Francisco Bay - Clinton Textor
1-atlanticsuperior9-21-14-ct.jpg (69855 bytes)        


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