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October 6, 2014

Toledo - Bob Vincent
1-Algomarine-10-04-14-bv.jpg (145262 bytes)
Algomarine heading out after unloading grain at the Hansen Mueller Dock
2-Algomarine-10-04-14-bv.jpg (78937 bytes)
Bow View
3-Algomarine-10-04-14-bv.jpg (133050 bytes)
Stern View
4-Algomarine-10-04-14-bv.jpg (137786 bytes)
Heading out of Toledo
5-Andean-10-04-14-bv.jpg (120888 bytes)
Andean at the Midwest Terminal Overseas Dock
6-Andean-10-04-14-bv.jpg (108272 bytes)
Stern View
7-Helosie-10-04-14-bv.jpg (129805 bytes)
Heloise at the Midwest Terminal Overseas Dock
8-EvansMckeil-10-04-14-bv.jpg (128499 bytes)
Tug Evans Mckeil with barge Huron Spirit
9-Fritz-10-04-14-bv.jpg (111467 bytes)
Stern view of the Fritz
10-Fritz-10-04-14-bv.jpg (121144 bytes)
Bow View
11-Fritz-10-04-14-bv.jpg (124357 bytes)
Fritz detained in Toledo at the Midwest Terminal Overseas Dock
12-HuronService-10-04-14-bv.jpg (94429 bytes)
Tug Huron Service with barge 6506 at the Midwest Terminal Stone Dock

American Courage spent the week on the Cleveland ore shuttle - Rich Nicholls
1-American-Courage-10-5-14-rn.jpg (91772 bytes)
Backing into the Cleveland Bulk Terminal on Sunday morning for another load.

Ships in Sturgeon Bay September 27 - Daniel Lindner
1-VictoryMack-9-27-14-dl.jpg (89426 bytes)
Tug Victory and USCG Mackinaw, both in floating drydocks at Bay Shipbuilding. Mackinaw has been on the shelf for most of the summer, and it is unknown why she is in port. As of early October, she was off the drydock, but had not yet departed.
2-Victory-9-27-14-dl.jpg (75990 bytes)
Close up of the Victory. She was in port for repairs to her rudders.
3-JLKuber-9-27-14-dl.jpg (123250 bytes)
View of the Victory's barge, James L. Kuber. You can still see the pilothouse of the St. Marys Challenger in the foreground.

St. Clair River at Marine City - Don Detloff
1-mariner-05oct14-djd.jpg (64119 bytes)
American Mariner
2-assiniboine-05oct14-djd.jpg (66642 bytes)
CSL Assiniboine
3-manitoba-05oct14-djd.jpg (83478 bytes)
1-defiance-04oct14-djd.jpg (58086 bytes)
Tug Defiance and Ashtabula
2-bluebill-04oct14-djd.jpg (76609 bytes)
1-noaar5501-02oct14-djd.jpg (120268 bytes)
NOAA R5501 at Algonac State Park on Thursday

Floragracht exiting the St. Lawrence Seaway under the Thousand Islands Bridge - Ron Oliveira
Floragracht10-14-ro-(1).jpg (117697 bytes) Floragracht10-14-ro-(2).jpg (111834 bytes)      

Seaway visitors outbound from Antwerp Chris Rombouts
Merganser-NL-3-10-14-cr1.jpg (109354 bytes)
Merganser Western Schelde River on the 3rd of October.
Merganser-NL-3-10-14-cr2.jpg (115981 bytes) Merganser-NL-3-10-14-cr3.jpg (119986 bytes) Fed-Yoshino-NL-3-10-14-cr1.jpg (92672 bytes)
Federal Yoshino
Fed-Yoshino-NL-3-10-14-cr2.jpg (80997 bytes)
Fed-Yoshino-NL-3-10-14-cr3.jpg (104231 bytes)        

CSL Rt. Hon. Paul E. Martin Pacific bound in the Panama Canal on October 2 - David Wood
CSL-Ret-Hon-Paul-E-Martin-entering-Miraflores-Lock.jpg (69245 bytes) Ret-Hon-Paul-E-Martin-in-Gatun-Lake.jpg (71660 bytes)      

Can you ID the boat on the right?
2014_06_10_005.jpg (202387 bytes)
 35mm Kodachrome slide film 1964. Calgadoc on the left, Chicago River lay-up.


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