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October 14, 2014

Welland Canal - Ian Baker
img_2273.jpg (93142 bytes)
Lady Doris
img_2283.jpg (89060 bytes) img_2295.jpg (107706 bytes)
img_2298.jpg (111016 bytes) img_2302.jpg (95363 bytes)
Harbour Feature 
img_2315.jpg (100409 bytes) img_2321.jpg (92632 bytes)
img_2330.jpg (103220 bytes)    

Point Edward/Sarnia - Marc Dease
1-rog-8-20-14-a-md.jpg (74210 bytes)
Roger Blough on a beautiful summer night.
2-rog-8-20-14-b-md.jpg (227886 bytes)
 Heading into Lake Huron.
3-mont-8-28-14-md.jpg (101918 bytes)
Algoma Montrealais heads into Lake Huron.
4-cuya-8-30-14-md.jpg (124420 bytes)
Cuyahoga taking on a load at the elevator.
5-mont-9-5-14-md.jpg (120537 bytes)
Algoma Montrealais downbound at 1 & 2.
6-keb-9-5-14-md.jpg (82324 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker downbound at 1 & 2.
7-erie-9-18-14-md.jpg (89266 bytes)
Atlantic Erie making the turn at 1 & 2.
8-away-9-18-14-md.jpg (97919 bytes)
Algoway downbound at 1 & 2.
9-ojib-9-18-14-md.jpg (118799 bytes)
Ojibway heads into Lake Huron.
10-nav-9-18-14-md.jpg (117278 bytes)
Algoma Navigator making the turn at 1 & 2.
11-mani-9-20-14-md.jpg (74436 bytes)
Manitoba making the turn at 1 & 2.
12-huron-9-20-14-md.jpg (91283 bytes)
CSL Niagara making the turn at 1 & 2.
13-wood-9-20-14-md.jpg (90929 bytes)
Algowood making the turn at 1 & 2.
14-mont-9-25-14-md.jpg (89550 bytes)
Algoma Montrealais downbound above the buoys.
15-scotia-9-29-14-md.jpg (71126 bytes)
Algoscotia downbound at 1 & 2.
16-jrb-10-7-14-md.jpg (98006 bytes)
James R. Barker heads into Lake Huron
17-towoc-10-7-14-md.jpg (95992 bytes)
Manitowoc making the turn at 1 & 2.

St. Clair River - Don Detloff
1-stclair-12oct14-djd.jpg (45444 bytes)
St. Clair
2-amspirit-12oct14-djd.jpg (32229 bytes)
American Spirit
3-kaye-12oct14-djd.jpg (62470 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker
4-cuyahoga-12ocy14-djd.jpg (83931 bytes)
5-progress-12oct14-djd.jpg (73562 bytes)
Algoma Progress
6-victorious-12oct14-djd.jpg (89325 bytes)
Tug Victorious and John J. Carrick
1-cornelius-11oct14-djd.jpg (81773 bytes)
Adam E. Cornelius at Algonac State Park

Seaway Johnstown & Mariatown - Murray Blancher
1-Ojibway-12-10-14-mb.jpg (105047 bytes)
Ojibway up
2-Salvor&Lambert-Spirit-12-10-14-mb.jpg (64812 bytes)
Salvor & Lambert Spirit down
3-Fritz-12-10-14-mb.jpg (84985 bytes)
Fritz down
4-Fritz-12-10-14-mb.jpg (82313 bytes) 6-Harbour-Fashion-12-10-14-mb.jpg (92581 bytes)
Harbour Fashion up
5-Harbour-Fashion-12-10-14-mb.jpg (77925 bytes)
Harbour Fashion up
7-Kurt-Paul-&Algolake-12-10-14-mb.jpg (86203 bytes)
Kurt Paul & Algolake meet at Mariatown
8-Algoma-Spirit-12-10-14-mb.jpg (98363 bytes)
Algoma Spirit up at Port of Johnstown
9-Hamburg-12-10-14-mb.jpg (83859 bytes)
Hamburg secured at Port of Johnstown
10-Salvor-12-10-14-mb.jpg (87304 bytes)
Salvor down at Mariatown

Saturday-Sunday at Sarnia - Bill Bird
RogerBlough1a.jpg (118847 bytes) RogerBlough2a.jpg (119663 bytes) RogerBlough3a.jpg (100992 bytes) JohnGMunson1a.jpg (106063 bytes) JohnGMunson2a.jpg (117347 bytes)
Michipicoten2a.jpg (118053 bytes) Michipicoten3a.jpg (120374 bytes) DefianceAshtabula1a.jpg (109808 bytes) DefianceAshtabula2a.jpg (104178 bytes) IndianaHarbor1a.jpg (113018 bytes)
JamesRBarker1a.jpg (118633 bytes)        

Sturgeon Bay Saturday - Mark Dillenburg
IMG_3831.jpg (94417 bytes)
American Integrity comes to Bay Ship
IMG_3832.jpg (79841 bytes)
Undaunted/PM 41 enters Ship Canal en-route to Marinette
IMG_3837.jpg (129076 bytes) IMG_3838.jpg (104096 bytes) IMG_3841.jpg (115806 bytes)
Undaunted/PM 41 passes American Integrity in front of Bay Ship

Soo - Lee Rowe
IMG_9819.jpg (81251 bytes) IMG_9833.jpg (87837 bytes) IMG_9847.jpg (82684 bytes) IMG_9853.jpg (60186 bytes) IMG_9879.jpg (97021 bytes)
IMG_9861.jpg (64486 bytes) IMG_9867.jpg (118466 bytes) IMG_9871.jpg (89409 bytes) IMG_9893.jpg (78454 bytes) IMG_9899.jpg (92158 bytes)
IMG_9913.jpg (82446 bytes) IMG_9822.jpg (79610 bytes) IMG_9930.jpg (77144 bytes)    

Soo Sunday - M. Young
DSC_3413.jpg (253720 bytes) DSC_3431.jpg (99988 bytes) DSC_3438.jpg (45907 bytes) DSC_3439.jpg (100953 bytes) DSC_3447.jpg (71069 bytes)
DSC_3452.jpg (131422 bytes) DSC_3456.jpg (131804 bytes)      

Andean sliding into Lock 3 downbound Monday afternoon - Skip Gillham
Andean---L.3---Oct.-10-14-(4)-SG.jpg (111230 bytes)        

Toledo - Bob Vincent
1-Puffin-10-13-14-bv.jpg (87429 bytes)
Puffin at ADM Grain Dock
2-Puffin-10-13-10-bv.jpg (98600 bytes)
Another view
3-Puffin-10-13-10-bv.jpg (139742 bytes)
Loading at ADM Grain Dock
4-Cedarglen-10-13-10-bv.jpg (114684 bytes)
Cedarglen under the Andersons Grain Dock
5-Cedarglen-10-13-14-bv.jpg (102167 bytes)
Bow view
6-Cedarglen-10-13-14-bv.jpg (140879 bytes)
Another Bow view
7-Cedarglen-10-13-10-bv.jpg (103411 bytes)
Loading grain at #3 hatch
1-ISA-10-10-14-bv.jpg (145437 bytes)
Isa at ADM Grain Dock
2-SarahSpencer-10-10-14-bv.jpg (100521 bytes)
Sarah Spencer lay up at the ADM Grain Elevators
3-JaneAnnIV-10-10-14-bv.jpg (123590 bytes)
 Articulated tug Jane Ann IV and barge Sarah Spencer lay up at the ADM Grain Elevators
4-Integrity-10-10-14-bv.jpg (113264 bytes)
Barge Integrity and tug G L Ostrander in Toledo unloading
5-GLOstrander-10-10-14-bv.jpg (95378 bytes)
Tug G. L. Ostrander
6-Integrity-10-10-14-bv.jpg (103645 bytes)
Barge Integrity unloading
7-Integrity-10--10-14-bv.jpg (101334 bytes)
Bow shot of Integrity
8-GLOstrander-10-10-14-bv.jpg (122211 bytes)
Tug G. L. Ostrander in the notch of the barge Integrity
9-JohnDLeitch-10-10-14-bv.jpg (112837 bytes)
John D Leitch under CSX coal loader waiting on coal
10-JohnDLeitch-10-10-14-bv.jpg (135929 bytes)
Stern view
11-JohnDLeitch-10-10-14-bv.jpg (107929 bytes)
Another view of the John D. Leitch under CSX coal loader
12-Michipicoten-10-10-14-bv.jpg (150559 bytes)
Next to be loaded, Michipicoten waiting for John D Leitch to finish loading
13-Michipicoten-10-10-14-bv.jpg (180861 bytes)
Another view of the Michipicoten

Manitowoc in Cleveland - Kate White
1-Maintowac-10-10-14-kw.jpg (127509 bytes)
Oct. 10th, from the Hope Memorial Bridge.

Recent Soo traffic - David Kaye
1-adanac-10-7-14-dk.jpg (154427 bytes)
Tug Adanac lll in MacArthur Lock.
2-frontenac-10-6-14-dk.jpg (114162 bytes)
Frontenac upbound at the International Bridge.
3-esta-desg-7-10-14-dk.jpg (113692 bytes)
Esta Desgagnes in the Poe Lock.
4-Indianh-10-10-14-dk.jpg (99162 bytes)
Indiana Harbor in the Poe Lock.
5-Joycevan-10-10-14-dk.jpg (101327 bytes)
Joyce Van Enkevort downbound at the West Pier.
6-federalmattawa-10-8-14-dk.jpg (111841 bytes)
Federal Mattawa Passing Edgar Speer.
7-cuyahoga-10-9-14-dk.jpg (117924 bytes)
Cuyahoga entering the MacArthur Lock.

Detroit Traffic - Capt. Mike Nicholls
1PUFFINb03100814mn.jpg (91041 bytes)
Puffin in Belle Isle Anchorage.
2PUFFINs04100814mn.jpg (82017 bytes) 3WICKOb06100814mn.jpg (92810 bytes)
Wicko at DMT2.
4WICKOs08100814mn.jpg (94930 bytes) 5ASHTABULAs11100814mn.jpg (90007 bytes)
Ashtabula in the Rouge Shortcut Canal.
6DEFIANCEs13100814mn.jpg (93330 bytes)
Defiance in the Rough Short Cut Canal.
8RANDOLHCURTISb23100814mn.jpg (172636 bytes)
Curtis Randolph in the Rouge River outbound approaching Fort Street.
9RANDOLHCURTISs28100814mn.jpg (174600 bytes)    

Detroit River from the J.W. Westcott Co. Dock
DSCN2104.jpg (108509 bytes) DSCN2115.jpg (147323 bytes) DSCN2109.jpg (110836 bytes) DSCN2114.jpg (154937 bytes) DSCN2110.jpg (82054 bytes)
DSCN2127.jpg (95985 bytes) DSCN2130.jpg (117888 bytes) DSCN2134.jpg (114013 bytes) DSCN2144.jpg (120814 bytes) DSCN2131.jpg (209524 bytes)
DSCN2147.jpg (84221 bytes) DSCN2097.jpg (61824 bytes) DSC_0071.jpg (710929 bytes)    

Historical Perspectives - Emsstein Collision -  George Lee
Emstein-1966.jpg (132660 bytes)
Emsstein 1966 collision with Olympic Pearl on the St. Clair River
Emstein-1966-2.jpg (89071 bytes) Emstein-with-tugs-1966.jpg (123762 bytes) Emstein-port-side.jpg (164975 bytes)  


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