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October 24, 2014

Oshawa, Ontario - Lorraine Morrill
0194---Chemtrans-Elbe---Oshawa-10-23-14.jpg (130717 bytes)
Chemtrans Elbe at Oshawa, Ontario Thursday
Juno---Ivy-Lea-10-19-14a.jpg (122719 bytes)
Juno  downbound on the St. Lawrence River at the 1000 Islands Bridge on Oct. 19
Juno---Ivy-Lea-10-19-14.jpg (231284 bytes)    

G tugs Kentucky and North Dakota in tow of the Missouri - USACE
gtugslock10-23-14.jpg (165818 bytes)
Heading for dry docking in the Soo.

St. Clair River - Don Detloff
1-manitou-23oct14-djd.jpg (75254 bytes)
Manitou and barge
2-tugs-23oct14-djd.jpg (70452 bytes)
Manitou and Salvor passing
3-salvor-23oct14-djd.jpg (76992 bytes)
Salvor and Lambert Spirit
1-ostrander-22oct14-djd.jpg (71163 bytes)
G. L. Ostrander and Integrity
2-blough-22oct14-djd.jpg (57867 bytes)
Roger Blough
1-edenborg-19oct14-djd.jpg (78195 bytes) 2-manistee-19oct14-djd.jpg (69297 bytes) 3-white-19oct14-djd.jpg (77117 bytes) 4-jackson-19oct14-djd.jpg (71174 bytes)  
2-olive-18oct14-djd.jpg (69201 bytes) 3-olive-18oct14-djd.jpg (77113 bytes) 5-robertson-18oct14-djd.jpg (96876 bytes) 4-andrew-18oct14-djd.jpg (118108 bytes) 6-robertson-18oct14-djd.jpg (92092 bytes)
1-olive_18oct14-djd.jpg (78038 bytes) 1-gadwall-16oct14-djd.jpg (226133 bytes) 2-robertson-16oct14-djd.jpg (111152 bytes) 3-nova-16oct14-djd.jpg (105492 bytes) 4-jackson-16oct14-djd.jpg (89348 bytes)
1-leitch-14ovt14-djd.jpg (82319 bytes)        

Welland Canal - Barry Andersen
Ida-(Lbr)-stopped-at-wharf-2-port-Weller-harbour.jpg (98499 bytes)
Ida-(Lbr)-stopped-at-wharf-2.jpg (104336 bytes) tug-John-Marshall-upbnd-at-mile-marker-9.jpg (136621 bytes)
Tug John Marshall at mile marker 9 on delivery voyage to new owners
056.jpg (129864 bytes) Algoeast-upbnd-below-L2.jpg (95681 bytes)
Whitefish-Bay-dbnd-just-above-L1-approach-wall-(3).jpg (91508 bytes)
Whitefish Bay
Manitoba-dbnd-just-clear-of-L2-(2).jpg (95441 bytes)
Federal-Satsuki-(Mhl)-upbnd-for-L2-(2).jpg (98726 bytes)
Federal Satsuki
Federal-Satsuki-(Mhl)-upbnd-for-L2-(3).jpg (112563 bytes) Andean-(Cyp)-dbnd-headed-for-L1-(3).jpg (98303 bytes)
barge-PML-2501-with-tug-Wilfred-M.-Cohen-pushing.jpg (128571 bytes)
Barge PML 2501 with tug Wilfred M. Cohen
barge-PML-2501-with-tug-Wilfred-M.-Cohen-pushing-(4).jpg (106562 bytes) Sarah-Desgagnes-upbnd-headed-for-L2.jpg (77353 bytes)
Sarah Desgagnes
Sarah-Desgagnes-upbnd-clear-of-L1.jpg (123059 bytes) Federal-Weser-(Mhl)-upbnd-headed-for-L2.jpg (107859 bytes)
Federal Weser
Algoma-Equinox-dbnd-just-clear-of-L2-(2).jpg (81050 bytes)
Algoma Equinox
Harbour-Fountain-(por)-upbnd-headed-for-L3-(2).jpg (81103 bytes)
Harbour Fountain
Federal-Sakura-(Pan)-upbnd-headed-for-L3-(3).jpg (90111 bytes)
Federal Sakura
Oakglen-upbnd-approaching-bridge-4-headed-to-L3-(5).jpg (88508 bytes)
Mamry-(Cyp)-dbnd-on-wall-waiting-for-vessel-to-clear-L1.jpg (81248 bytes)

Salties in Welland Canal - Ian Baker
img_2341.jpg (89927 bytes)
Puffin  Oct. 17 below Lock 3
img_2345.jpg (101983 bytes) img_2348.jpg (112359 bytes)
Harbour Fountain Oct. 21 Below Lock 1.
img_2356.jpg (89965 bytes)  

Detroit River
DSCN2188.jpg (75146 bytes) DSCN2165.jpg (93962 bytes) DSCN2184.jpg (80210 bytes) DSCN2202.jpg (35120 bytes)
Detroit Free Press Marathon runners on the Ambassador Bridge

Olive L. Moore and Lewis J. Kuber aground in the St. Clair River Saturday - George Lee
Misc-2399.jpg (89548 bytes)
Olive L. Moore and barge Lewis J. Kuber drifted aground in a brisk north wind below Marine City while preparing to turn and unload their aggregate cargo.
Misc-2400.jpg (111621 bytes)
Tug Manitou was able to push the stern into deep water within about 30 minutes.
Misc-2408.jpg (115837 bytes)
Once released, the Manitou assisted turning the vessel 180 degrees.
Misc-2411.jpg (95975 bytes) Misc-2412.jpg (99175 bytes)

Vessels anchored due to winds in northern Lake Michigan last week Roger LeLievre
Anderson-10-18-14rl.jpg (85541 bytes)
Arthur M. Anderson off Manistique.
Federal-Sakura-10-18-14r.jpg (78133 bytes)
Federal Sakura off Port Inland.

Soo - David Kaye
1-johndleitch-10-16-14-dk.jpg (77355 bytes)
John D. Leitch at the Carbide Dock.
2-ojibway-10-16-14-dk.jpg (84075 bytes)
Ojibway, Soo Marine Supply.
3-ojibway-10-16-14-dk.jpg (78186 bytes)
Ojibway servicing the Stewart Cort.
4-stewartcort-10-16-14-dk.jpg (89050 bytes)
Stewart J. Cort downbound out of the Locks.
5-peremarquette-10-17-14-dk.jpg (108144 bytes)
Tug Undaunted and barge Pere Marquette 41 in the MacArthur Lock.
6-manitoba-10-17-14-dk.jpg (107048 bytes)
Manitoba in the MacArthur Lock.
7-amspirit-10-17-14-dk.jpg (61066 bytes)
American Spirit downbound off the West Pier.

Point Edward/Sarnia - Marc Dease
1-mich-10-11-14-md.jpg (101265 bytes)
Michipicoten heads into Lake Huron.
2-assi-10-11-14-md.jpg (101914 bytes)
CSL Assiniboine downbound at 1 & 2.
3-rog-10-12-14-a-md.jpg (99417 bytes)
Roger Blough making the turn at 1 & 2.
4-rog-10-12-14-b-md.jpg (112549 bytes)
Downbound at 1 & 2.
5-cuya-10-15-14-a-md.jpg (93544 bytes)
Cuyahoga downbound at 1 & 2 with a load of stone.
6-cuya-10-15-14-b-md.jpg (88885 bytes)
Having made the turn at the Black River she slides over to the City dock in Sarnia.
7-miss-10-15-14-a-md.jpg (128125 bytes)
Mississagi taking on a load at the elevator.
8-miss-10-15-14-b-md.jpg (124121 bytes)
Departing the elevator for Toledo, Ohio.
9-tad-10-16-14-md.jpg (103930 bytes)
CSL Tadoussac downbound below 1 & 2.

Ida in Oshawa, Ontario  early Friday morning - Andre Blanchard
1-Ida-10-17-14-ab.jpg (82178 bytes)
 Ida docked and loading at Oshawa harbour.
2-Ida-10-17-14-ab.jpg (62391 bytes)
Ida's smokestack flying the colors of the company: Johann M. K. Blumenthal GmbH.

Tug John Marshall upbound in the Seaway near Montreal on Friday on its delivery trip to new owners at Chicago - Rene Beauchamp 
John-Marshall-(Kahnawake-2014-10-17)-(4).jpg (139717 bytes) John-Marshall-(Kahnawake-2014-10-17)-(6).jpg (225066 bytes)      

Detroit River Thursday - Graham Grattan
1-atlerie-10-16-14-gg.jpg.jpg (74749 bytes)
Atlantic Erie with Detroit River Light astern of her.
2-atlerie-10-16-14-gg.jpg.jpg (84028 bytes)
Atlantic Erie downbound in the Detroit River East Outer Channel.
3-aterie-10-16-14-gg.jpg.jpg (80996 bytes)
Atlantic Erie in the East Outer Channel.
4-brisbay-10-16-14-gg.jpg.jpg (132601 bytes)
USCGC Bristol Bay with her ATON (aids to navigation) barge.
5-brisbay-10-16-14-gg.jpg.jpg (124206 bytes)
USCGC Bristol Bay approaching Detroit River Light.
6-art-10-16-14-gg.jpg.jpg (98367 bytes)
The beautiful classic yacht Artagia II.
7-fedmir-10-16-14-gg.jpg.jpg (108802 bytes)
 Federal Miramichi loading grain at the ADM Elevator in Windsor.
1-amcent-10-16-14-gg.jpg.jpg (126688 bytes)
American Century turning and approaching the U. S. Steel Zug Island Dock in the Detroit River.
2-amcent-10-16-14-gg.jpg.jpg (115633 bytes) 3-amcent-10-16-14-gg.jpg.jpg (148411 bytes)

Toledo - Bob Vincent
1-BaieComeau-10-18-14-bv.jpg (132092 bytes)
Baie Comeau (Monday 10/20) Still not being loaded.
2-BaieComeau-10-18-14-bv.jpg (139847 bytes) 3-BaieComeau-10-18-14-bv.jpg (108734 bytes)
Another view
1-JohnJBoland-10-21-14-bv.jpg (83028 bytes)
John J. Boland under the CSX ship loader
2-JohnJBoland-10-21-14-bv.jpg (90741 bytes)
Another view
3-JohnJBoland-10-21-14-bv.jpg (91781 bytes)
Shuttle Car at CSX
4-CSXPig-10-21-14-bv.jpg (104624 bytes)
Coal cars being pushed up to the Dumper by the mechanical pig
20-CSLAssiniboine-10-16-14-bv.jpg (100122 bytes) 19-CSLAssiniboine-10-16-14-bv-(2).jpg (109556 bytes) 18-CSLAssiniboine-10-16-14-bv.jpg (123538 bytes)
12-AmericanFortitude-10-16-14-bv.jpg (82470 bytes) 8-AmericanFortitude-5-9-14-bv.jpg (141530 bytes) 7-BaieComeau-10-16-14-bv.jpg (126437 bytes) 10-BaieComeau-10-16-14-bv.jpg (99327 bytes) 9-BaieComeau-10-16-14-bv.jpg (79648 bytes)
17-Cuyahoga-10-16-14-bv.jpg (90544 bytes) 13-Mississagi-10-16-14-bv.jpg (162371 bytes) 14-Mississagi-10-16-14-=bv.jpg (95865 bytes) 16-Columbia-10-16-14-bv.jpg (157882 bytes) 15-Columbia-10-16-14-bv.jpg (166961 bytes)
6-CDesGagnes,HLWhite-10-16-14-bv.jpg (124521 bytes) 4-CatherineDesGagnes-10-16-14-bv.jpg (93545 bytes) 5-CatherineDesGagnes-10-16-14-bv.jpg (123201 bytes) 1-HLeeWhite-10-16-14-bv.jpg (101741 bytes) 2-HLeeWhite-10-16-14-bv.jpg (130126 bytes)
3-HLeeWhite-10-16-14-bv.jpg (124924 bytes) 6-Victory-10-15-14-bv.jpg (127768 bytes) 1-JamesLKuber-10-15-14-bv.jpg (85796 bytes) 5-Victory-10-15-14-bv.jpg (107534 bytes) 2-JamesLKuber-10-15-14-bv.jpg (101451 bytes)
3-CSXBuckYard-10-15-14-bv.jpg (190360 bytes) 4-PigPusher-10-15-14-bv.jpg (104415 bytes) 11-TorcoLoadOut-10-15-14-bv.jpg (154883 bytes) 7-Torco-Portable-10-15-14-bv.jpg (108409 bytes) 8-TorcoCat-10-15-14-bv.jpg (136858 bytes)
9-TorocPortable-10-15-14-bv.jpg (130239 bytes) 10-TorcoCat-10-15-14-bv.jpg (186180 bytes) 11-TorcoCat-10-16-14-bv.jpg (154719 bytes)    

Simushir as the Munteborg  - Bill Bird
1-Munteborg-04-26-10-a-bb.jpg (90638 bytes) 2-Munteborg04-26-10-b-bb.jpg (101124 bytes)      


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