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October 28, 2014

Sunday on the St. Clair River - M. Young
DSC_3707.jpg (101094 bytes) DSC_3710.jpg (89802 bytes) DSC_3773.jpg (134148 bytes) DSC_3784.jpg (104370 bytes) DSC_3796.jpg (96756 bytes)
DSC_3809.jpg (104856 bytes) DSC_3811.jpg (133808 bytes) DSC_3816.jpg (85670 bytes) DSC_3819.jpg (157233 bytes) DSC_3832.jpg (120112 bytes)
DSC_3845.jpg (138996 bytes) DSC_3852.jpg (96254 bytes) DSC_3878.jpg (88783 bytes)    

Soo Traffic - David Kaye
1-orla-20-22-24-dk.jpg (111384 bytes)
Orla in the Soo Lock Canal downbound for the MacArthur Lock.
2-paulbunyan-10-23-14-dk.jpg (135885 bytes)
Paul Bunyan, the Army Corps heavy lifter.
3-edwingott--10-22-14-dk.jpg (137907 bytes)
Edwin H. Gott upbound at the West Pier.
4-valleycamp-10-23-14-dk.jpg (89224 bytes)
Museum Ship Valley Camp.
5-whitefishbay-10-22-14-dk.jpg (62663 bytes)
Whitefish Bay downbound at the west Pier.
6-hleewhite-10-23-14-dk.jpg (96967 bytes)
H. Lee White on a frosty morning.
7-fedmattawa-10-23-14-dk.jpg (88561 bytes)
Federal Mattawa downbound out of the Poe Lock.
8-hhlcongo-10-25-14-dk.jpg (52744 bytes)
HHL Congo and Indiana harbor in the Soo Locks.

Saturday morning in Toronto harbor
- Bill Bird
1-Frontenac-10-25-14-a-bb.jpg (104541 bytes)
Frontenac in Toronto with a load of salt
2-Frontenac-10-25-14-b-bb.jpg (99706 bytes)
straightened out in the Cherry Street slip
3-PorterPlane-10-25-14-a-bb.jpg (38489 bytes)
one of several Porter planes overhead bound for the Island airport
4-Tremolo-10-25-14-a-bb..jpg (141176 bytes)
workmen preparing to lift yacht Tremolo out of the water
5-Frontenac-10-25-14c-bb.jpg (96769 bytes)
Frontenac with CN Tower in the background
6-Frontenacbow-10-25-14-a-bb.jpg (122733 bytes)
at the Cherry Street bridge
7-Frontenacstern-10-25-14-a-bb.jpg (146769 bytes)
8-Frontenac-10-25-14-d-bb.jpg (118247 bytes)
clear of the bridge
9-Tremolo-10-25-14-b-bb.jpg (98445 bytes)
yacht Tremolo lifted out of the water
10-Frontenac-10-25-14-e-bb.jpg (101198 bytes)
Frontenac easing into her dock

Transhawk on her first trip into the Lakes passing Mariatown - Ron Beaupre
1-transhawk-24-10-2014-rfb.jpg (107727 bytes) 2-transhawk-24-10-2014-rfb.jpg (110180 bytes)
Sliding the wall into Iroquois Lock.
3-transhawk-24-10-2014-rfb.jpg (254228 bytes)
Cabin and stack detail.

Ex Bumboat Forrest City looking spiffy on the Old Cuyahoga River - Rich Nicholls
1-Forrest-City--10-25-14-rn.jpg (101743 bytes) 2-Forrest-City-10-25-14-rn.jpg (85865 bytes)      

Detroit River
DSC_0102.jpg (293875 bytes)
Cruise ship Hamburg downbound off Detroit
DSC_0107.jpg (71365 bytes) DSC_0112.jpg (74699 bytes) DSC_0116.jpg (31348 bytes)
Bridge wing
DSC_0115.jpg (96401 bytes)
DSC_0123.jpg (292150 bytes)
Friendly crew
DSC_0127.jpg (86474 bytes) DSC_0129.jpg (58250 bytes) DSC_0138.jpg (76103 bytes)
Pilot onboard
DSC_0133.jpg (133967 bytes)
Fall colors at the J.W. Westcott Co. dock
DSC_0136.jpg (53555 bytes) DSC_0144.jpg (133463 bytes) DSC_0146.jpg (105028 bytes) DSC_0150.jpg (98533 bytes) DSC_0151.jpg (480946 bytes)
DSC_0152.jpg (228614 bytes) DSC_0087.jpg (107241 bytes)
Roger Blough crew change.
DSC_0088.jpg (129807 bytes) DSC_0092.jpg (397032 bytes) DSC_0096.jpg (402198 bytes)
DSC_0098.jpg (66163 bytes)
Newspaper onboard


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