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November 17, 2014

Please note this is about half the pictures we have to update, the rest will be added tomorrow please continue to send in your pictures.


St. Clair River  - Don Detloff
1-pj265-16nov14-djd.jpg (178902 bytes)
Palmer Johnson Yacht Hull # 265 downbound on Sunday. Was sailing without a name or destination.
1-barker-08nov14-djd.jpg (70290 bytes)
 Kaye E. Barker
2-hudson-09nov14-djd.jpg (74929 bytes)
 Federal Hudson
3-rotterdam-09nov14-djd.jpg (73646 bytes)
Ara Rotterdam
1-assiniboine-11nov14-djd.jpg (74445 bytes)
CSL Assiniboine
2-navigator-11nov14-djd.jpg (64345 bytes)
 Algoma Navigator
1-jackman-15nov14-djd.jpg (85297 bytes)
Captain Henry Jackman
2-white-15nov14-djd.jpg (73074 bytes)
H Lee White
3-algosar-15nov14-djd.jpg (82075 bytes)
4-ccgs-15nov14-djd.jpg (92969 bytes)
CCGS Constable Carrière and CCGS Cove Isle in Sarnia

Toledo - Bob Vincent
1-Algoway-11-12-14-bv.jpg (110549 bytes) Algoway waiting for the Great Lakes tug Mississippi to leave 2-Mississippi-11-12-14-bv.jpg (179655 bytes)
Great Lakes tug Mississippi
3-Mississippi-11-12-14-bv.jpg (115997 bytes)
Mississippi assisting the Algoway
4-Algoway-11-12-14-bv.jpg (110245 bytes)
Algoway making the turn
5-Algoway-11-12-14-bv.jpg (147606 bytes)
Mississippi helping the Algoway line up for the bridge
6-Algoway-11-12-14-bv.jpg (104328 bytes)
Heading for the railroad bridge
7-Algoway-11-12-14-bv.jpg (127918 bytes)
Algoway passing the Oakglen
8-Maccoa-11-12-14-bv.jpg (100990 bytes)
Maccoa loading at ADM grain dock
9-Maccoa-11-12-14-bv.jpg (140727 bytes)
Another view
10-Algolake-11-12-14-bv.jpg (101842 bytes) Algolake at CSX #4 machine
11-Algolake-11-12-14-bv.jpg (82795 bytes)
Bow view
12-Algolake-11-12-14-bv.jpg (103128 bytes)
Another view
13-Oakglen-11-12-14-bv.jpg (114619 bytes)
Oakglen loading at The Andersons
14-Oakglen-11-12-14-bv.jpg (115960 bytes)
Another view
15-Oakglen-11-12-14-bv.jpg (108497 bytes)
Grain in the boat

Skawa and Mitiq - Ron Beaupre
1-skawa-mitiq-16-11-2014-rfb.jpg (104075 bytes)
Skawa at anchor, Wilson Hill, pumping air into holed forepeak tank. Mitiq passing.
2-mitiq-16-11-2014-rfb.jpg (109479 bytes)
Mitiq passing Mariatown on her first trip.
3-mitiq-16-11-2014-rfb.jpg (97072 bytes)
Mitiq stern view.

Algoma Navigator at Port Huron November 14 - Kevin Majewski
1.AlNav-11-14-14-KM.jpg (144825 bytes)
Algoma Navigator downbound below the Blue Water Bridge spans.
2.AlNa-11-14-14-KM.jpg (102788 bytes)
Forward view passing the Point Edward Casino.
3.AlN-11-14-14-KM.jpg (116731 bytes)
Stern view downbound.

Rouge River -
Capt. Mike Nichols
1CALLAWAYCASONJb06111414mn.jpg (80578 bytes)
Cason J Callaway backing into the Rouge Short Cut bound for Carmeuse Lime.
2IDAHOb09111414mn.jpg (134365 bytes)
Idaho in the Rouge River.

Wigeon unloading salt at the ex-McLouth Steel dock in Trenton, Mich. - Ken Borg
IMG_9552.jpg (67663 bytes)
Road salt was loaded in Damietta, Egypt

St. Lawrence River South Shore Canal - Roland Van Bulck
IMG_0029.jpg (85260 bytes)
Ojibway bow view
IMG_0033.jpg (136850 bytes)
passing by
DSC00279.jpg (96207 bytes)
stern view
IMG_0025.jpg (104714 bytes)
Oakglen approaching Cote-Ste-Catherine lock, downbound

Saginaw River
- Todd Shorkey
1-mississagi-11-16-14-ts.jpg (112565 bytes)
Mississagi coming around the corner at Cass Avenue
2-mississagi-11-16-14-ts.jpg (112019 bytes)
Another view
3-mississagi-11-16-14-ts.jpg (130118 bytes)
Stern view

Algoma Enterprise in Lock 7 - Nov. 15 - Skip Gillham
Algoma-Enterprise---L.-7---Nov.-15-14-(2).jpg (119059 bytes)        

Welland Canal - Barry Andersen
Kirkeholmen-(Pan)-dbnd-clear-of-L2-(2).jpg (105821 bytes)
stack-on-Kirkeholmen-(Pan)-(2).jpg (192073 bytes)
stack on Kirkeholmen
Kirkeholmen-(Pan)-dbnd-headed-for-L1.jpg (84598 bytes) Maccoa-(Cyp)-dbnd-clear-of-L3.jpg (97540 bytes)
Yulia-(Lbr)-upbnd-in-ballast-headed-for-lock-3.jpg (99865 bytes)
1512.jpg (103025 bytes) Vlieborg-(Nld)-upbnd-clear-of-L1.jpg (76167 bytes)
Vlieborg-(Nld)-upbnd-headed-for-L2.jpg (77275 bytes) tug-Huron-Service-with-Energy-6506-in-Genesis-Marine-colours.jpg (110172 bytes)
tug Huron Service with barge Energy 6506
Federal-Sakura-(Pan)-dbnd-clear-of-L2.jpg (101616 bytes)
Federal Sakura
Atlantic-Power-(Cyp)-upbnd-headed-for-L3.jpg (112995 bytes)
Atlantic Power
Atlantic-Power-(Cyp)-upbnd-headed-for-L3-(3).jpg (98155 bytes) Larshomen-(Mhl)-upbnd-about-to-enter-L1.jpg (118720 bytes)
Strandja-(Mlt)-upbound-headed-for-L2-in-ballast.jpg (103368 bytes)
Muntgracht-(Nld)-upbnd-headed-for-L2.jpg (97225 bytes)
Hamburg-(Bhs)-dbnd-clear-of-L2-(5).jpg (85537 bytes)
stack-on-Hamburg-(Bhs).jpg (158772 bytes)
stack on passenger ship Hamburg
Federal-Margaree-(Mhl)-dbnd-clear-of-L2.jpg (84060 bytes)
Federal Margaree
Alert-(Atg)-dbnd-clear-of-L2-(2).jpg (99084 bytes)
Wigeon-(Cyp)-upbnd-clear-of-L1.jpg (103333 bytes)

Broken boom on the Algorail in Parry Sound
DSC_1206.jpg (106922 bytes)
Algorail was unloading salt at Parry Sound, Ont., on Nov. 6 when the boom buckled just forward of the reinforcing beam and came to rest on the top of the pile of salt.

Canada Wheat Board’s first Equinox-class laker, the CWB Marquis departing the builder's yard in China for Canada
CWB Marquis (3).jpg (29814 bytes) CWB Marquis (1).jpg (36635 bytes) CWB Marquis (2).jpg (45821 bytes)    

Historical Perspective - USS Sable -
Mike Garvey
converted-D-&-C-ship.jpg (35634 bytes)
Upbound in the St. Clair River in 1942.  They were taken by my dad, Tom Garvey who was third mate on the Joe Wood at the time. 
aircraft-carrier.jpg (44411 bytes)
USS Sable (IX-81) was a training ship of the United States Navy during World War II.[3] Originally built as the Greater Buffalo, a sidewheel excursion steamer, she was converted in 1942 to a freshwater aircraft carrier to be used on the Great Lakes. She was used for advanced training for naval aviators in carrier takeoffs and landings.


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