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November 24 - 28, 2014

11/28 American Fortitude Tow  in the Pelee Passage - Graham Grattan
5-aftow-11-26-14-gg.jpg.jpg (90045 bytes) 4-aftow-11-26-14-gg.jpg.jpg (103309 bytes) 3-aftow-11-26-14-gg.jpg.jpg (93247 bytes) 2-aftow-11-26-14-gg.jpg.jpg (85112 bytes) 1-aftow-11-26-14-gg.jpg.jpg (86848 bytes)

Soo -
David Kaye
1-amariner-11-23-14-dk.jpg (40410 bytes)
 American Mariner
2-whitefishbay-11-23-14-dk.jpg (80633 bytes)
Whitefish Bay
3-edgarspeer-11-24-14-dk.jpg (83977 bytes)
Edgar Speer
4-aharvester-11-24-14-dk.jpg (56466 bytes)
Algoma Harvester

Welland Canal November 26 -27 -  Barry Andersen
Deltuva-(Ltu)-upbnd-clear-of-L3-(2).jpg (125752 bytes)
Deltuva upbound clear of Lock 3 approaching Bridge 5
Deltuva-(Ltu)-upbnd-heading-for-lock-4.jpg (89955 bytes)
clear of bridge 5 headed to Lock 4
stack-and-IMO-number-on-Deltuva-(Ltu).jpg (104991 bytes)
Deltuva stack and IMO number
Transhawk-(Gib)-dbnd-clearing-L2-(3).jpg (126093 bytes)
Transhawk downbound clear of Lock 1
stack-on-Transhawk-(Gib).jpg (130307 bytes)
stack on Transhawk
Transhawk-(Gib)-outbnd-Port-Weller-harbour.jpg (112258 bytes) pilot-boat-prepares-to-exchange-pilot-for-Transhawk-(Gib).jpg (137155 bytes)
pilot boat does an exchange below Lock 1 with Transhawk
Yulia-(Lbr)-dbnd-headed-for-L1.jpg (96997 bytes)
Yulia - downbound clear of Lock 2 in snow squall
Algoma-Montrealais-tied-below-L2-(2).jpg (87264 bytes)
Algoma Montrealais - upbound moored below Lock 2 waiting turn
 Hamilton-Energy-at-dock-in-Hamilton.jpg (113967 bytes)
Hamilton Energy - at dock in Hamilton

Welland Canal November 26 - Skip Gillham
Jarrett-M.---Bel.-L.-1---Nov.-26-14-(2).jpg (203645 bytes)
Jarrett M. below Lock 1 with 2 barges
Prairieland---Below-L.-1---Nov.-26-14.jpg (163764 bytes)
 Prairieland - stern tug with the two barges
Rt.-Hon.-Paul-J.-Martin---Bel.-L.-2---Nov.-26-14-(2).jpg (147807 bytes)
Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin - upbound tied below Lock 2
Ojibway---L.-2---Nov.-26-14-(3).jpg (118685 bytes)
Ojibway departing Lock 2  downbound
Iryda---Below-L.-7---Nov.-26-14.jpg (100994 bytes)
Deltuva---L.-6---Nov.-26-14-SG.jpg (120974 bytes)
Deltuva rising in Lock 6
Barnacle---Bel.-L.3---Nov.-26-14-(3).jpg (122582 bytes)
Iryda tied between

Welland Canal November 26 - Ian Baker
img_2509.jpg (88684 bytes)
Deltuva  upbound
img_2518.jpg (120786 bytes) img_2520.jpg (77955 bytes)
Federal Welland upbound
img_2532.jpg (98257 bytes) img_2536.jpg (61615 bytes)
Barnacle upbound
img_2538.jpg (93076 bytes) img_2540.jpg (134147 bytes)
Jarrrett M  Warf 1
img_2545.jpg (105158 bytes)
Prairieland Warf 1

Marquette in August -
Jim Henning
021.jpg (110386 bytes) 017.jpg (130770 bytes) 018.jpg (103066 bytes) 014.jpg (141960 bytes) 049.jpg (62256 bytes)

American Fortitude engineering space
- Mark Veum
IMG_19216126213001.jpg (106391 bytes) IMG_19172795585812.jpg (82730 bytes) IMG_19145707810742.jpg (66051 bytes) IMG_19182769612981.jpg (93907 bytes) IMG_19104821926420.jpg (88526 bytes)
IMG_19116389391702.jpg (103928 bytes) IMG_19160396257306.jpg (85007 bytes) IMG_19090719866297.jpg (86766 bytes) IMG_19129896579249.jpg (95585 bytes)  

11/24 - American Fortitude scrap tow
- Jim Hoffman

These views were taken on Sunday  23 November 2014 at the Lakefront Docks at Toledo, Ohio.  There is more work to be done on the tow yet before it can leave. All of the ships lines are out and appears that an anchor was still down. Gale warnings forecast for Lake Erie on Monday and Tuesday will delay the departure.
a-a-fortitude-a-valor.jpg (83490 bytes) a-a-fortitude-st.jpg (95368 bytes) a-am-fort-bow-closeup.jpg (58975 bytes) a-evans-mckeil.jpg (95809 bytes) a-a-fortitude-scrap-tow.jpg (88400 bytes)

American Fortitude at Toledo, Ohio in 2008 at the Old Interlake Iron Co. Dock - Denny Dushane
IMG_8227.jpg (93711 bytes)
Bow view of the American Fortitude
IMG_8229.jpg (93770 bytes)
Close-up of the Bow
IMG_8212.jpg (137406 bytes)
Stern view of American Fortitude taken from the H. Lee White on 3/16/08 at the Old Interlake Iron Co. Dock in Toledo.
IMG_8213.jpg (110679 bytes)
Close-up of the name American Fortitude on the stern.
IMG_8233.jpg (113559 bytes)
Stern view.

St. Clair River - Bob Markus
Transhawk.jpg (71220 bytes)
Transhawk was downbound for Montreal on Nov 22.
Victoriaborg.jpg (39660 bytes)
Victoriaborg was upbound heading to Chicago on Nov 15

Welland Canal - Barry Andersen
Ara-Rotterdam-(Gib)-dbnd-clear-of-L2-(2).jpg (97762 bytes)
Ara Rotterdam
stack-on-Ara-Rotterdam-(Gib).jpg (73621 bytes)
 stack on Ara Rotterdam
tug-Salvor-with-barge-Lambert-Spirit-below-L1.jpg (166271 bytes)
Tug Salvor - upbound sliding wall below Lock 1 pushing barge Lambert Spirit.
John-B.-Aird-at-wharf-2-waits-for-vessel-to-pass.jpg (79552 bytes)
John B. Aird stopped at wharf 2 waiting for ship to pass
Claude-A.-Desgagnes-(Brb)-dbnd-clear-of-L1-(2).jpg (96798 bytes)
Claude A. Desgagnes
Flinterstar-(Nld)-upbnd-headed-for-L3-(3).jpg (103623 bytes)
Sarah-Desgagnes-in-ballast-headed-for-Lock-1-upbnd-(3).jpg (76877 bytes)
Sarah Desgagnes
Flinter-America-(Nld)-upbnd-approaching-L4.jpg (101123 bytes)
Flinter America
Flinter-America-(Nld)-crew-member-clearing-ice-from-deck.jpg (119671 bytes)
Deckhand on Flinter America clears deck buildup of ice.
stack-on-Flinter-America-(Nld).jpg (195720 bytes)
stack on Flinter America
Erieborg-(Nld)-upbnd-just-clear-of-L1.jpg (68383 bytes)
Ziemia-Ciezynska-(Pol)-upbnd-below-lock-1.jpg (81468 bytes)
Ziemia Cieszynska
Federal-Mayumi-(Mhl)-upbnd-headed-for-L3-(4).jpg (86589 bytes)
 Federal Mayumi
Federal-Mayumi-(Mhl)-upbnd-headed-for-L3-(5).jpg (92633 bytes) Kom-(Mlt)-upbnd-passing-under-high-level-bridge.jpg (115592 bytes)
stack-on-Kom-(Mlt).jpg (106611 bytes)
stack on Kom - logo on red band added since last visit
Kom-(Mlt)-upbnd-headed-to-L3.jpg (99123 bytes)      


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